Do you stand for Freedom & Liberty or Sharia in America?

Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”
Abraham Lincoln

Take a look at this diverse group of Americans attending a “Fight Islamophobia Conference” in Garland, Texas. A reporter for United West.Org, Damon Rosen, asked several attendees if they condemned blasphemy laws according to Sharia Law.

The Islamist Conference’s designated spokesman outright lied, claiming “there’s no such law in Islam”. Oops! Sharia Islamiyah ring a bell? Every other Muslim asked to condemn blasphemy laws either refused to comment or walked away. Not one single Muslim American condemned the barbaric blasphemy laws imposed by Sharia Law. Was it out of fear or do they honestly believe hanging, beheading, flogging, mutilation or amputation of those accused of blasphemy is “proper” punishment?

One American woman joining the cause did admit however, “Everyone in America has choice of speech.” When asked if blasphemy should be punishable by death; she responded, “We don’t have Sharia. They should not be put to death. So no. It wouldn’t work in America.” To clarify, Damon reiterated blasphemy laws according to Sharia should be condemned. She became a bit perturbed and suggested he was trying to “pin her in a question”…Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

This is the heartland of America! We’re actually having this conversation? Sharia Law isn’t compliant with the US Constitution. If these Americans believe in the Constitution, Damon’s questions should have been a no brainer. Instead, we have a group of people who say they believe in “free speech”, but when it comes to offending Muslims, that’s where they draw the line.

Have I missed the boat somewhere? It’s okay to offend Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu’s, or any other secular religion EXCEPT Islam? Since when? Is it because some psycho Imam says it’s punishable by death in accordance with Sharia? What is an Imam anyway? A religious leader who provides religious guidance? If you listen to Imam Mobasher Ahmed speak, he acts as if he’s above God himself. He said, “I think there needs to be change to the law where people do not disrespect spiritually high people.” Spiritually high on drugs? Mr. Ahmed, you live in America. If you don’t like the First Amendment, feel free to leave. As a matter of fact, if you even think of imposing your barbaric Sharia Law in Texas, of all places, I know plenty of people more than willing to help you pack! Heck, I’ll buy your plane ticket!

According to CBN News,[linked video] Sharia is rising in America. Since 2012, 50 court cases in 23 states have seen conflicts between Sharia and American Law. 4 States have adapted legislation protecting US citizens from Sharia. Have I entered the Twilight Zone? Or a Sharia Zone, rather? This is America, not Great Britain. For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what Sharia Law looks like, here’s a three minute clip describing a tiny fraction of the cruelty imposed on Muslim people, women in particular. Warning: The images you are about to see are horrific.

“Sharia Law – She’s buried chest high”

Watch how women are treated under Sharia Law in the Middle East…yet not ONE American Muslim woman spoke out against it at the ‘Fight Islamophobia Conference’. Why? Why am I brought to tears? Why am I outraged by their torture, humiliation and murder, while they remain silent? Why? Because I’m an American woman! I believe in freedom for ALL people. I believe we are all created as equal human beings under God. A woman doesn’t count as half of a man. She has a voice in America! I weep for these people; these innocents born into a barbaric culture who only know servitude and violence.

In Great Britain, Muslim areas exist. They literally patrol these areas and drive out non-Muslims, threatening their lives. “This is our area! Go away and don’t come back!” It’s happening in France and Australia as well. Muslim women are afraid to speak out for fear they may receive a beating from their husband. I’m not joking. It’s acceptable for men to beat their wives in accordance with Sharia.

Coming soon to an American city near you… Is this what you want? A complete loss of freedom? A world where women are second class citizens? A culture where men have the “right” to rape women simply because they’re not wearing a scarf? Don’t believe me? Watch this about 3 minutes in:

How many times have we heard about a “War on Women” in the United States? Or Hillary Clinton’s “equality” speeches…time and again? It’s laughable in comparison. For those of you who think America is so bad, please look at the atrocities committed in the Muslim world. It’s not just happening in the Middle East! Great Britain, France, Africa, Asia, Australia and the list is ever growing as radical Muslims implement Sharia Law.

If you honestly believe drawings of their “prophet” is provocative? Try walking down a street in Great Britain with a non-Muslim woman, carrying a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag. These men would rather kill you than look at your “unclean” face.

I’ve been speaking out against the Medias attack on free speech since the attempt on Pamela Geller’s life took place May 2nd. It’s time all freedom-loving Americans raised their voice! We cannot allow radical Islam to take over America! Most importantly, we must fight back against any sort of implementation of Sharia Law in America. Do you stand for freedom and liberty or will you cower to Sharia? For the sake of our children and our great country, stand up America!

We live by the US Constitution. Period! If Muslims want to live by Sharia, they’re free to move to a country where Sharia is permitted. If they want to break away from the chains of a cruel law and become equal, productive members of an American culture – I welcome them with open arms.

I believe in America’s greatness! I believe in our Constitution I swore an oath to uphold, but most of all; I believe in American exceptionalism. In the words of Ronald Reagan:

“The United States remains the last best hope for a mankind plagued by tyranny and deprivation. America is no stronger than its people — and that means you and me. Well, I believe in you, and I believe that if we work together, then one day we will say, “We fought the good fight. We finished the race. We kept the faith.” And to our children and our children’s children, we can say, “We did all what could be done in the brief time that was given us here on earth.”

Wake up America!!

“God Bless the USA!” Lee Greenwood

First published on The Liberty Eagle

Angela Sanders is a contributor to The Liberty Eagle and Rebooting Liberty

You can find her on Twitter @angelacarwile or @RNRKentucky

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