Memorial Day Honors

From Dr. Randy Arrington

Memorial Day is not about a fancy car race in Indiana. It is not about a bunch of gay people strolling down the streets of San Francisco in unison. It is not about sleeping in for an extra couple of hours until it’s time to get your family ready for that barbecue cookout on the charcoal grill in the backyard.

Memorial Day is when we pause and remember those brave men and women who have given the last full measure of allegiance to our nation. On Memorial Day we celebrate those heroic Americans who have lost their lives while protecting our freedom in this great country. Without their dedicated service and courageous sacrifice, our liberty would be severely curtailed by empires with evil designs against the people of the United States of America.

In military aviation when a pilot is killed, squadron mates fly a Missing Man Formation at the funeral service of the fallen hero. In the picture attached to this article, you’ll notice that it is a four- plane wedge formation. But then just as the four jets arrive at the gravesite, one pilot pulls up and out of the wedge to create an obvious hole in this precision flight. The Missing Man Formation is flown in order to honor their lost squadron mate and to convey that they will always miss him or her and never forget the ultimate sacrifice that was made.

So the next time you see four military jets flying fast and low overhead, and one of them pulls up and out of the group to create the Missing Man Formation; or if you see a picture of a bunch of M-16’s stacked neatly in a row with a combat helmet on top of each rifle and a pair of combat boots on the ground in front of each weapon; or if you see a man tearing up at the Vietnam Memorial as he is using a pencil to etch the name of a fallen comrade onto a white sheet of paper, your heart should skip a beat as you recall Page 2 of 2those gallant heroes and the awful price they willingly paid to preserve your individual freedom and the American way of life.

Freedom is not free and the proverbial tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of both patriots and tyrants. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I HUMBLY SALUTE YOU……!

Randy Arrington, PhD

Dr. Arringtons’s most recent guest appearance on #RedNationRising Radio:

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