Draw Mohammed Artist Takes a Stand for Free Speech

Pamela Geller has become a “polarizing” figure according to several in the media, following a free speech conference held in Garland, Texas where she hosted a ‘Draw Mohammed Contest’. Minutes after the contest concluded, two armed gunmen attempted to storm the event with the intention of killing as many people as possible in the name of jihad. Fortunately, Pamela was well prepared and had armed security guarding the premises. The wannabe jihadists were killed on site. Two less murderous barbarians in the world. Thank you Texas Law Enforcement!

Pamela’s endured countless attacks from the media and self-righteous elitists who feel free speech should be limited as to not offend a protected class of people who, guess what? Aren’t a protected class. It’s infuriating to listen or watch the “free speech, but” crowd lecture someone on limits they’ve imposed upon free speech. Who are “they” anyway? Since when did the media decide what acceptable free speech was? I believe that’s covered by the US Constitution, but what do I know? It’s as if we’re living in an alternate universe where the media and offended crybabies have rewritten the First Amendment when no one was looking. Wait. Is that even legal? Nope!

Which brings me to my next series of obvious, yet important questions. Why are Americans allowing such infringements upon their first amendment rights? It doesn’t matter if you agree with one’s speech or not, you must respect his or her right to exercise it. Why are Americans afraid of offending Muslims who themselves should accept free speech as part of being an American citizen? If they reject freedom of speech they’re essentially imposing Sharia law in America. No thank you! It’s NOT compatible with the US Constitution and is absolutely unacceptable to freedom-loving Americans!

If we lose freedom of speech in America, where shall we go? The Middle East? Good luck with that! I enjoy freedom, having a voice, driving and not wearing scarves. I’ll never be a slave to any man or country who believes me to be half a person. If that’s for you, more power to you! I refuse to allow my freedom to be dictated by anyone and neither should you! Americans need to wake up and smell their rights eroding away before it’s too late.

Take a look at Pamela Gellar defend herself, yet again to a pompous Juan Williams. If we’re not careful, this could be any one of us who value freedom of speech, defending ourselves against an overreaching government. Chew on that for a minute.

Right to Free Speech: ‘Pamela Geller SCHOOLS Juan Williams Again on Hannity’

I’ve been an outspoken advocate for Pamela Geller and her right to hold free speech conferences in the face of terrorist threats. I’m especially critical of a duplicitous, elitist media with its head in the sand. Freedom of the Press under the First Amendment guarantees the news media are not subject to censorship by the government. In other words, the government does not have the right to try to control or block certain things from being published by the press. So why on earth would they want to chastise Pamela for what they consider “incendiary or provocative” speech? The media, of all people, should support Pamela 100 percent, whether they agree with her or not.

Like-minded people tend to flock together. I consider myself an outspoken advocate of free speech and protector of our beloved Constitution. A few days ago, I met a man on social media (for the security and safety of his family we’re using an anonymous name) ‘Phil’. After several conversations about freedom of speech in America, Phil informed me his drawing had placed 7th in Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Mohammed’ Contest in Garland, Texas. I asked if we could showcase his cartoon and tell his story.

Phil is just like any other freedom-loving American. He believes in America and what it stands for, but most of all, he’s a God-fearing Christian who supports the US Constitution. Like me, he’s disturbed by the loss of our freedom in this great country; the fact one can be jailed fined or even killed for standing by one’s closely held beliefs. Our First and Second Amendment rights are slowly being stripped away by a politically correct culture, devoted to restructuring America as we know it.

After the murder of Charlie Hebdo and his staff, Phil was furious. ISIS began claiming the heads of Christians all over the Middle East and Europe. Phil decided he would defy these pathetic terrorists by grabbing his markers, drawing for freedom of speech and his right to bear arms in America. His voice, silent no more!

Here’s a sample of his first two drawings:


1st Phil Drawing after Charlie Hebdo

And the next… ‘ISIS destroying Freedom of Speech’

ISIS kills Freedom of Speech

It wasn’t until after the murder of Charlie Hebdo that Phil heard of Pamela Geller. After learning of Garland’s “Draw Mohammad’ Contest, Phil decided to draw Mohammed in order to express his right to free speech in America. He emailed his cartoon directly to Ms. Geller and to his surprise, she liked the drawing and personally entered it into Garland’s ‘Draw Mohammed’ Contest.

To be clear, Phil’s never had a problem with Muslims. As a matter of fact, he has many friends who are Muslim. He does, however; have a problem with radicals killing innocent people in the name of Jihad, along with those who terrorize men and women simply for not being Muslim or refusing their brand of radical Islam. These psychotic lunatics threaten our way of life and our very existence. They hate what we stand for and specifically the freedom we enjoy in America.

May 3rd, the day of Pamela’s ‘Draw Mohammed’ Conference, all arrangements were made; Phil was all set to go to the free speech conference. His intention, in addition to the contest, was spreading the word of God to Muslims who just so happened to attend the conference. In a last minute phone call, as if it were of divine nature, a friend called him and requested his presence elsewhere. (Names, places and organizations are withheld for the sake of anonymity) Phil ultimately had to skip the conference to be with his friend. It was a life-changing experience to say the least.

Phil received a phone call about the shooting before he arrived home. To say he was shocked isn’t exactly the words he used to describe his feelings about the attack. He’s never been one to watch much news, but felt as I did that the media’s focus was too much on Pamela Geller’s free speech rally, instead of the two would-be terrorists who tried to kill her. When I asked Phil if he felt the attacks against Ms. Geller were unwarranted, he quoted his Papa. “My Papa always said, “The higher up on the ladder you are, the more people take shots at your ass.” Wise words from his Papa.

After everything was settled, Phil learned he placed 7th in the contest. What an amazing accomplishment! I’m thoroughly impressed with his artistic talent, along with his commitment to expressing his first amendment rights. Here’s the cartoon Phil drew earning him 7th place out of hundreds of applicants:

Phil 7th

In my final questions, I asked Phil what he had to say to those who wish to stifle his free speech and impose Sharia Law in his great state of Texas. This was his response:

“Texas! Go Longhorns! I pray to God Sharia Law never finds a place in Texas or anywhere in our great United States. If Pamela ever does another conference in Garland, I’ll be there. I’ll be the guy wearing a red shirt standing next to her. God bless America!”

This is just one person’s story of how the shooting attack in Garland, Texas affected his life forever. It’s also a testament to the American spirit found within each of us who value freedom and liberty. May God continue to bless Phil and his lovely family.

I hope to see more ‘Draw Mohammed’ contests in the future. My version of art would most likely be a stick figure, but I’ll draw and call it Mohammed if I want to. Hear that MSNBC? CNN? I’ll draw Mohammed because I CAN! It’s called the First Amendment just in case you forgot while dwelling at the bottom for so long. That goes for you too, Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and other Fox News windbags who value their own opinion over our Constitution. Sorry guys, the Constitution trumps your feel-good opinion.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with another quote from one of the greatest leaders of our time:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” ~ Ronald Reagan

First Published on The Liberty Eagle

Angela Sanders is a Contributor to The Liberty Eagle and Rebooting Liberty

Find her on Twitter @angelacarwile or @RNRKentucky

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