Say it ain’t Joe…!

By Dr. Randy Arrington

Karl Marx envisioned economics as the primary vehicle that instigated social change in human history, and it did so in a predictable, dialectic manner.

In his Communist Manifesto Marx theorized: “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.” He boldly predicted that workers of the world (the “proletariat”) would eventually unite and rise up to start an inevitable, unstoppable, global war against the alienating oppression emanating from Capitalist economic systems. As such, Marx believed that the eventual upheaval must be an ongoing aggression, a synchronized, worldwide calamity.

Because advanced economic development took primacy over politics in his philosophy, this violent Communist Revolution would begin first in the rich, Capitalist, industrialized nations of Europe then quickly spread internationally. “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of Communism” was Marx’s chilling warning.

Therefore, Marxists were advised to be patient and wait for Capitalism to build up its grand economic superstructure, as it simultaneously alienated the proletariat more and more with each passing day, thereby digging its own grave during this maturation process. When economic conditions were ripe for revolution, all capitalist nations and their existing societal relationships would collapse under the weight of Capitalism, eventually resulting in a peaceful, classless, new world order, once the violence subsided.

This societal transformation to harmony and bliss would evolve during two generations of human engineering managed by socialist rulers (“social democrats”), but orchestrated by the proletariat. Ultimately, Karl Marx predicted a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” and that the state (the governing apparatus) would incrementally disappear and finally “wither away” because there would be no need for alienation and oppression in the newly established, Communist utopia.

To date, a Communist Revolution has never occurred the way Karl Marx hypothesized. So from his perspective, Marxist sycophants still need to be patient for Capitalist economic systems to naturally ripen then decay, and fall from the societal vine.

Unfortunately, most Communist politicians, activists, and academics are not a tolerant bunch of guys and dolls. But they are adept at making excuses, engaging in demagoguery and fomenting revolution in a more surreptitious fashion.

Intolerant Progressives (think Communists) typically look for minor flaws in Marxist Theory and for ways to explain away, re-interpret, or bypass elements that Marx argued were crucial for Communism to successfully inherit the world. Re-interpretation of Marxism has been a conduit through which thousands of professors have earned tenure at various universities all over the globe.

In the empirical realm, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks brought Marxism to a forced fruition in Tsarist Russia, an extremely backward, peasant, agrarian nation; the exact opposite of what Marx had foreseen. Lenin did so out of expedience and because of an adjusted understanding of Marxism, outlined in his pamphlet What is to be Done.

In this piece, Lenin argued that politics was the undergirding catalyst in history that provoked social change, not solely economic conditions. He likewise postulated that the Russian peasantry was not ready for revolution and that sustaining socialism in one nation was how Communist insurrection would be initiated.

From this inauguration, Communist tentacles could then unfurl globally in an incremental fashion from the source society. Therefore, political revolutionaries must lead, nurture and coerce Communist hostility by creating a “vanguard of the people.”

Lenin called this a “Dictatorship over the Proletariat” and their job was to keep the populace in a constant state of turmoil, distrust and unrest. Lenin’s addition of this full-time, professional revolutionary was his most important contribution to Marist Theory.
Since Lenin adamantly believed Marxism would consume humanity and rule over all the Earth, shortly after the 1917 Russian Revolution, he immediately created a transnational organization called the Communist International. In Lenin’s thinking, the COMINTERN would begin the slow process of planting seeds and actively cultivating the international community, rendering it eventually suitable for Communist revolt.

This is where and how Cultural Marxism first came into existence, and been promoted worldwide in covert fashion to disguise the true goal of individuals and groups who enthusiastically and relentlessly promulgate it. Although first created by Lenin, Cultural Marxism was refined at the Frankfurt School of Marxism in 1923, then perfected by Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, and several Columbia University Professors (think Cloward & Piven).

In contemporary America, the political term “Progressive” is nothing more than a euphemism for clandestine Communists who utilize the principles of Cultural Marxism to nurture Socialist rebellion. Progressives engage in this nefarious, secretive behavior without having the guts to admit their true, revolutionary goals in public.

So, how long have Cultural Marxists been scattering the seeds of Communist Transformation in the United States of America, the most powerful and politically stable nation of The West? And what are their basic tactics?

First, Cultural Marxism continuously throws darts of destructive criticism at Western civilization and the undergirding values that bolster it. Convincing weak-minded people that they are innocent victims in their plight is key to the success of Cultural Marxism.

During their recruitment process, the Cultural Marxist identifies a culprit causing the predicament of the gullible, demoralized people in the masses. Then he promises that once entrusted with absolute power, he will avenge those oppressed people in society by exacting a well-deserved revenge against their nemesis.

The goal is to successfully inculcate this psychological “victim” ideology into the minds of a requisite number of individuals within the population, so they will learn to hate their birth nation and their own upbringing. This mindset renders these people ripe for Communist insurgency.

Cultural Marxism is also the birthplace of political correctness in American society today, and Progressives have used this tactic to infiltrate and corrupt the traditional family, schools, churches, government, entertainment, media, civic organizations, science, literature and to actually re-write human history.
Using the tactics of Political Correctness, everything about Western civilization must be attacked, mocked and ridiculed. All of the world’s problems were to be blamed on the failings of Western culture in general and Capitalism in specific. To reiterate, through the construct of Cultural Pessimism, citizens begin to despise their own society, despite having experienced tremendous personal success in life.

For instance, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels was convinced that if a lie was repeated often enough and loud enough it becomes the truth in many people’s minds. Joseph Stalin firmly believed this premise as well, and it has proven to be a highly effective tool to brainwash and control naive people. Thus, using the strategy and tactics contained in Cultural Marxism, terrified human beings could be manipulated into desiring, or actually begging for a Socialist makeover.

Instead of a disgruntled working class being the ultimate instigator of a Communist Revolution, marginalized groups would be the stimulus leading the way toward violent, socio-economic change. Alienated groups like activist homosexuals, feminists, and black militants would use Political Correctness and Cultural Terrorism to wage war against white males, Christians, heterosexuals, capitalists and all things that were founded on traditional Western values and morals. Of course the so-called victim groups would be defended and exalted, as public debate was stifled and suffocated.

Due to the perfection of the strategy and tactics contained in Cultural Marxism, there have been and currently are untold numbers of undercover Communists operating in every sector of American society. And they are still percolating the coffee grounds of an inevitable (in their minds) Communist overthrow of the USA as I write this article.

For example, in the 1950’s during opening volleys of The Cold War, Senator Joe McCarthy was absolutely correct in his assertion that Communists had penetrated into our federal government. This result was due primarily to Soviet espionage but was likewise successfully partnered with both witting and unwitting American accomplices to heinous treason. In retrospect, the vilified politician from Wisconsin was merely attempting to uncover the true nature of the Communist Party of the United States, and to root out a vast Left-Wing conspiracy of pro-Soviet agitators. In reality it was a network of Communist subversion agents, actively lobbying Congress, answering directly to Joseph Stalin.

Today, the man and the myth are not easily understood because Cultural Marxists have successfully frozen McCarthy in time and made his name tantamount to an Ebola virus infecting the body politic. Say it Ain’t So Joe! But it was indeed the case. Joe McCarthy was a good man and he was correct in his assertions about Communist infiltrators.

But because of the effectiveness of Cultural Marxism, the Communist infiltration has gone much deeper and is much more widespread today in contemporary America. In 2015, we have an Islamo-Communist who occupies The White House, aggressively pushing a radical socialist agenda on a daily basis into every sector of American life. And nobody in Washington has the courage to stop Mr. Obama’s assault on our Constitution or his diminishing of traditional American values. It seems as though nobody in a position of political power wants to stop the destruction of our country and our freedom.

I argue that there are a significant number of undercover Communists, Progressives, Democrats, Mega-Liberals, Islamists (they are basically the same ideologically) who are still working in a vast Left-Wing conspiracy to destroy America and transform us into a Communist society.

Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out to Americans that Barack Hussein Obama was a liar. In my humble opinion, Mr. Obama is the equivalent of Mrs. Clinton. They are both sociopaths and pathological liars who can’t stop lying. And neither one can be cured by any known pharmaceutical, psychological or “beads and rattles” remedy.

Even Joe Biden warned us that Mr. Obama was not ready to be president because he is incompetent to handle any type of foreign affairs crisis. But Uncle Joe, tagging along for the roller-coaster ride of his life, wasn’t intelligent enough to realize that Obama is simply a Communist Revolutionary seeking to destroy the USA.

Cultural Marxism has been a slow growing cancer for almost one hundred years. In the past half century, that cancer has rapidly metastasized into every part of the United States of America. We must use all means available to eradicate this Marxist Communist tumor once and for all to cure the body of the American nation and ensure our continued longevity as a free society.

Socialism has a record of failure so blatant, so utterly abysmal that only a so-called intellect, only an academic, only an activist, only a politician could ignore it or evade it. Then they brainwash unwitting accomplices within the general population into believing Communism would be utopia on Earth.

Here is Dr. A’s advice:

Why is this important to you personally?

Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamo-Communist. He is trying to destroy America and transform our nation into a Communist dictatorship not a socialist utopia.

Wake up. Get informed. Get educated. Learn the truth before our nation is flushed down Obama’s Communist toilet. Don’t remain brainwashed by the Cultural Marxists. Don’t remain conveniently ignorant.

It’s never a good time to be ignorant, with your head buried deep in the sand like a cowardly ostrich. Ignorance is NOT Bliss. Wallowing in ignorance is stupid, and you just can’t fix stupid. Don’t set yourself, your family and your nation up for failure.

The “Five Joes” discussed in the article were all CORRECT in their assertions….!

Let Freedom Ring, God Help Us.

Speak the Truth.
Endure the Consequences.

Randy Arrington, PhD.

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