The New Communist Man

By Dr. Randy Arrington –

No systematic examination of politics and societal relations can be productive unless it is based on an attempt to fully understand human nature and the behavioral motivations that compel man to act.

Although somewhat archaic in this 21st Century era of self-identifying social constructs and smart phone selfies, Greek philosopher Plato’s unique perception of the intricacy of human nature remains quite extraordinary. This is perhaps the primary reason that the ancient Athenian theorist continues to have such a strong impact on western political thought, precisely because his explanation of politics and political behavior is grounded on a theory of man’s fundamental nature.

Social relations and the political dilemmas they typically engender must never be studied or managed in segregation. At their core, political problems are human conundrums, permeated with all the rational, irrational and conflicting components intermingled in the web of human existence. Taming and domesticating man’s unreasonable forces and channeling them into socially desirable demeanor, is and should be an overarching goal of political science research and analysis. As such, the manner in which a nation state could best achieve freedom, security, strength and cohesion from proper ordering of society was the undergirding question of Social Contract political philosophers.

In the field of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud explained man’s behavior in modern civilization as emanating from two basic categories of motivation: Man’s natural impulse to Love and Cooperate (the Eros instinct) and Man’s natural impulse to Attack and Destroy (the Death instinct).

Modern civilization arose out of the chaotic State of Nature because man eventually learned the value of re-directing his narrow love of family into a broader allegiance for the group, the community, the society and finally the state. And yet this redirection of love by man tends to simultaneously produce the type of disappointment and hostility that reinforce the aggressive instincts of human nature. Thus the march of civilized society is a relentless battle between the collective and the hostile compulsions of mankind. Freud argues that this natural, all-encompassing conflict in social relations and the frustrations it creates, compel human beings to adopt antagonistic viewpoints toward themselves and others.

In his Manifesto, Karl Marx argued that abolishing private property would eliminate personal and collective aggressions because there would be no need for oppression and alienation in a Communist utopia. But in any nation where a pseudo Marxist Revolution has succeeded, a reign of Socialist tranquility has never been realized. In fact, persecution of conquered people by professional Communist Revolutionaries, further motivated these political elites to direct their onslaught against the entire world, in keeping with the Marxist blueprint.

To reiterate, Freud stipulates that cultural evolution cannot be fully controlled because of the constant struggle between the competing, instinctual forces of Love and Death, and that these psychoanalytic models are the primary instigators of human behavior. But in the minds of many Communist philosophers, if this battle between rival behavioral stimuli could be eliminated through human re-engineering, a loving, cooperative, Socialist utopia could eventually be established worldwide. This is the undergirding principle in the concept known as The New Communist Man and it fuels Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness today in the enlightened world.

I argue that all human behavior is motivated by need, not by primitive instincts as Freud postulates. In reality, human behavior follows Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the letter of his theory. Maslow’s hierarchy implies that human beings are prompted to satisfy basic needs before progressing on to other, more complex requirements. Maslow was a Humanist Psychologist who firmly believed that man has an inborn desire to be self-actualized and to eventually be all that he can be (as U.S. Army commercials always say). But in order to achieve this pinnacle goal, a number of more basic needs must first be satiated; rudimentary necessities such as food, safety, love, and self-esteem.

Maslow’s pyramid depiction of his thesis starts with the fundamental needs situated at the bottom of that psychological paradigm, progressing up to the top where the highest human necessity of all is located. Physiological essentials of primitive survival like air, food, water, and sleep represent the foundation of this pyramid. Next up are the Security Needs like safety, shelter, employment, and health care. Followed by the Social Needs of belonging, love and affection.

Esteem Needs like accomplishment, individual value, and social recognition are the fourth plateau in the hierarchy leading upward to the peak demands which are the Self-Actualization desires of mankind. The apex of Maslow’s Pyramid is the point in human existence when people are self-aware and secure enough in their lower cravings having been met that they can now safely pursue things like personal growth and fulfilling their destiny.

Dr. A teaches that all human behavior is motivated by need. For example, I drink from a water fountain at Disneyland because I am thirsty. I take classes at a community college so that I can eventually find a good job, buy bottled water and feed myself. I hand you a bouquet of fresh flowers so that you might develop affection for me, then perhaps we can raise a family for which we will keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. I donate money to a local charity in order to be formally recognized by my community as a philanthropist. I teach at a university and write scholarly articles so that I can grow as a human being and pass on traditional values like Freedom, Patriotism and The Truth thus enabling others to reach their highest individual potential.

Unfortunately there are men and women in our nation who satisfy their needs in a more nefarious manner. For instance, I knock you out with a hammer so that I can steal your wallet and buy myself dinner. I sell illegal narcotics on the street so that I can pay my rent. I join the Bloods street gang because my single Mom abandoned me at age 13. I am a professional agitator protesting at hot spots around America because of my need to be recognized as a fighter for oppressed people. I use the “Mind Rape” tactics of Cultural Marxism to human re-engineer a New Communist Man and foment the eventual Socialist Revolution.

If a professional revolutionary can successfully re-program your mind and body, he can control and manipulate your behavior. This premise is at the heart of Cultural Marxism and the Political Correctness war being waged on weak-minded individuals in contemporary America.

Political Correctness as a clandestine tactic of Cultural Marxism seeks to eradicate dissent and generate homogeneity of thought, attitude and demeanor by all Americans. As such, it is indeed totalitarian at its very core, because the objective is the inevitability of Communist domination penetrating deeply into the culture and character of men and women.

Cultural Marxism attempts to absorb individuals then re-cast them as a new creature in the image of Marxist dogma. As described by Mikhail Heller this New Altruistic, Communist Man would be sacrificial to the common good in his labor activities, have a collective outlook on life, and be boundless in his desire for worldwide revolution.

Therefore, all social norms and cultural institutions of liberal democracy must be obliterated because they insulate individuals from experiencing the assault of alienation, rendering them with a false consciousness with regard to class struggle. To produce this contrived level of conscience in the New Communist Man, the old attitudes had to be systematically chipped away leaving people socially and culturally unprotected, utterly defenseless and thus receptive to the human re-engineering process.

Cultural Marxists could then utilize their vast arsenal of propaganda tools to complete the process of creating socialist zombies. Intimidation and extreme violence are likewise a vital component of the Mind Rape of Communist brainwashing. Islam uses the same brutal strategy and tactics to manipulate its adherents, as well as the infidels.

This newly interpreted version of Marxism views the dominant political culture of society as the primary catalyst of class struggle, not oppressive economic conditions. This innovative interpretation was adopted and honed by Cultural Marxists like Gramsci, Lukacs, and Marcuse because workers of the world did not rise up, unite and bring about the proletarian Revolution as was predicted by Karl Marx. Poor Leadership, Christianity, Liberal Democracy, Workers Rights, and False Consciousness were ultimately blamed for this failure, not the obvious flaws contained in Marxist philosophy.

Therefore, Cultural Marxists devised a cleverly reinterpreted theory of Communist Revolution, focusing their efforts on subverting culture and individual character. As such, the dominant culture of America had to be effectively abolished then supplanted with a dominant socialist culture. As the glue that holds any society together, if the dominant culture could be perverted in favor or Marxism, the economic base would naturally crumble.

Cultural Marxists actively attempt to manipulate man’s thought process using constant bombardment of brainwashing “Mind Rape” tactics to control and direct behavior. If they successfully alter and corrupt what a man or woman believes their human needs to be the result would be Marxist cultural supremacy. As Herbert Marcuse argued, a new attitude of thought and behavior had to take root in America for a Communist Revolution to proceed and be successful.

Primary targets of Communist infiltration and Political Correctness in America include: Conservatism, family lineage and heredity, education, capitalism, social justice, sexual restraint, media, entertainment, political institutions, national loyalty, patriotism, police, military, poor blacks, university students, alienated groups, a-social groups.

From this cultural hegemony, a fresh consciousness, and a New Communist Man would be created and be ripe for a Marxist Revolution. This is the ultimate goal of Cultural Marxism and its human re-engineering tactic of Political Correctness. Everything about Western culture was to be constantly ridiculed so that eventually this new man would loathe America and the manner in which he had been raised.

Here is Dr. A’s final analysis:

– The very nature of Political Correctness and the Cultural Marxist message of Sensitivity, Diversity, and Tolerance are tantamount to snake oil salesmen of the old west days in America. Don’t let the Communist infiltrators Rape your Mind people.
– Don’t buy their re-packaged bottle of Marxist Oil.
– Mr. Obama IS a “Communist” Community Organizer in the mold of Vladimir Lenin.
– Mrs. Clinton IS a radical Marxist whose mind was raped by Saul Alinsky.
– Bruce Jenner is NOT a woman.
– Rachel Dolezal is NOT an oppressed black female.

Let Freedom Ring.
God Help Us.

Speak the Truth.
Endure the Consequences.
Randy Arrington, PhD

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