When Words Mean Nothing, the Rule of Law is Nothing

Red Millennial

The Supreme Court has gone full Supreme Court again. Words were made to be something entirely different from their literal meaning, and the judiciary saved a massive federal takeover of the health care system (again). But yet again, are any of us surprised?

The Affordable Care Act was the federal governments ‘all-in’ move. And for them, it paid off (out of our pockets, mind you). They got what they wanted: effective government control of the health care industry, leaving 300 million+ at the mercy of a Leviathan bureaucracy.

Garrett Humbertson, Assistant Editor for Red Millennial, delivered the following statement regarding the ruling:

The Supreme Court has forsaken its responsibility to check executive overreach while rewriting existing law and thus corrupted the constitutional structure. We are at a very dangerous time in American history where the three branches of government are working in tandem to empower each other, instead of…

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