With “Marriage Equality” Now Achieved, What Comes Next?

Red Millennial

Lo and behold, the Supreme Court has effectively redefined the legal meaning of marriage here in the United States. Marriage is not the union of one man and woman, but of either one man and one woman, one man and one man, or one woman and one woman. And all the equality crowd said Amen.

So, now there are different venues by which one can express their fluid sexuality (or is it something we’re born with? Or maybe it’s Maybeline…). Everything is all good on that end and we can move on to other endeavors, right?


Here’s a question that maybe these equality freaks didn’t ask: what’s next? Yes, this is a legitimate question to ask. Why is that? Well I’m glad you asked.

At the center of the marriage equality debate is the idea of equality itself. I have written in brief on this topic before. The marriage…

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