What is Destroyed When You Eliminate Discrimination?

Red Millennial

Now that the definition of marriage has become more inclusive (with more new friends likely to join the party), the states can no longer discriminate between hetero and homosexual marriage cases. Now the question turns to the private sector, and the unruly amount of discrimination that plagues every single person living on this earth.

Yes, I’m looking at you; and yes, I am looking at myself. We all discriminate. That’s the way that it is. Whether the discriminators or discriminatees admit it or not, they discriminate or have been discriminated against.

I am about to make a radical claim. One that may just make a few heads explode. There is another word for discrimination out there, a word that we all love to hear. A word touted by both the right and the left as being ideals for our society. A word so simple in spelling and meaning…

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