The “Virtual Gulag”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote The Gulag Archipelago after serving as a prisoner in the brutal, forced labor camp system of the Soviet Union known as the Gulag. Vladimir Lenin first created the Gulag structure of Corrective Labor Camps to deal with political prisoners and common criminals in 1918, shortly after the Revolution in Russia when Bolshevik’s successfully consolidated their totalitarian stranglehold over power in the peasant nation. Joseph Stalin perfected and magnified the heinous brutality of these camps during his tenure as General Secretary for the Central Committee of the Communist Party.VIRTUAL GULAG PIC

As a direct result of Stalin’s notorious purges and Show Trials, the Gulag population soared and 40 million Russians were summarily executed for phony, trumped up crimes against the USSR. The atrocities of the Gulag Prisons and Solzhenitsyn’s unrelenting indictment of Communist ideology literally stunned the world when the literary piece was finally published in 1973. I have often argued that the Gulag prisons were a natural result of ruthless Communist ideology combined with the dominant Russian political culture, the roots of which had been grossly authoritarian for over a thousand years.

After being expelled from his native land, Solzhenitsyn spent the last seventeen years of his life in the United States as an official guest of Stanford University. During that timeframe, he routinely praised individual liberty but likewise warned Americans about the dangers of Communist aggression, and the concomitant weakening of the moral fiber in the West, due to infiltration of Cultural Marxism and its primary weapon of Political Correctness.
The premise having been set, lets examine and analyze some aspects of political culture present in our nation today.

The Civic Culture written by Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba was the seminal work that created the sub-discipline in political science known as Political Culture. In this book, Almond and Verba examine and analyze different societal arrangements to uncover the attitudes, values, morals and principles that combine to sustain a participatory democracy and its associated institutions. They determine that “The Civic Culture” is pluralistic and based primarily on communication and persuasion. It is a culture of consensus and diversity, a culture that permits change but moderates that change.

Significant in this type of stable, tranquil, political culture are specific attitudes toward the governing apparatus and the feelings that each individual in society holds regarding his role in the overall political system. As such, a dominant political culture is cultivated, nurtured, and sustained as the connecting link between micro and macro-politics in any society.

In their research, Almond and Verba identified three broad types of political culture: Parochial, Subject, and Participatory. Parochial Culture has no clear differentiation of specific political roles and expectations among the members of society. Political life in the Subject Culture has institutional and role demarcation but citizens are predominantly passive.

Participatory Culture features relationships between specialized institutions that encourage and include citizen opinion and activity. These endeavors are non-recursive with the governing apparatus, meaning that political activity in a Participatory Culture is interactive, with influence traversing in both directions.

A Participant is assumed to be aware of and informed about the political system in both its governmental and political aspects. A Subject tends to be oriented primarily to the output side of government. The Parochial tends to be unaware, or only dimly aware, of the political system in all its aspects.

In contemporary America we have combinations of all three of these political cultures embedded within our citizenry. What has kept the USA as a stable society for more than 230 years is that our dominant political culture is Participatory, and based on rationality, so as to maintain congruence between political culture and political structure.

But today, because of the infiltration of Cultural Marxism and the rise of radical Islamism in America, our Participatory Civic Culture is under constant attack and is in dire jeopardy of imminent collapse into chaos then tyranny. Communist Revolutionaries and Islamic Jihadists are actively destroying American’s confidence in and love of our basic traditions, values, morals, undergirding principles, national political culture and Christian underpinnings.

WE ARE AT WAR on two fronts with Cultural Marxism and Islamism, and as I have argued previously, these two totalitarian ideologies are almost identical. In fact, many of our fellow citizens are already “virtual” Prisoners of War only they don’t even realize it. They are already locked deep inside the “Virtual Gulag” created by the primary assault weapon of the Cultural Marxists: pervasive, stifling, runaway Political Correctness.

In the mega-liberal dominated, mainstream American media, nobody has the courage to speak up and tell the truth about this Communist Scourge or the Islamic Menace that are rapidly putting our citizens into virtual chains. And the vast majority of our politicians are Cowards, who apparently don’t have the guts to stand up and fight, much less identify the Islamic and Communist Cancers that are eating away and consuming our cherished, traditional American values.

As I have stated before, in an age of massive deception, telling the truth is revolutionary behavior. So-Called Political Correctness is the Primary Attack Method of both Cultural Marxism and the Islamic “Civilization Jihad” against Western Society, Capitalism and Christianity.

Cultural Marxists and Muslim radicals must continuously smear The Truth in American society because it exposes their deception to the light of day. I am arguing that Political Correctness is tantamount to a “Virtual Gulag.” It is a Re-Education Camp with “virtual” walls, prison cells, Wardens, guards, bed checks, barbed wire, solitary confinement, no parole hearings, and only capital punishment for offenders. And that capital punishment can take the form of a “Soft Kill” (stifling rational discussion and honest debate), or an actual “Hard Kill” (murder of American Citizens).

To reiterate, in a time of gross deception, telling the Truth is revolutionary behavior. Cultural Marxists and Islamic Civilization Jihadists must denounce The Truth at all times and in all venues, if their nefarious plans to destroy America is to come to fruition.

And please realize this: When those holding political power in a society allow, foment and encourage so-called protected groups to spew venomous statements that incite criminal behavior with impunity, the relative tranquility of a Civic Culture will soon unravel into revolutionary anarchy.

“Give them room to destroy”

“The police acted stupidly”

“Hands up, Don’t shoot”

“We must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and Kill them, our 400 year old enemy, the white folks, who give hamburgers to our children’s killers” (Paraphrased from Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan’s sermon given on August 5, 2015).

Here is Dr. A’s final analysis on August 30, 2015:

ALL LIVES MATTER……..! But as John Locke taught us, if you become the enemy of mankind and a threat to its survival, all people have the right and the obligation to remove you from society by any means necessary.

The Virtual Gulag is the prison people are placed into because of Cultural Marxism and its primary human re-engineering weapon Political Correctness. It has the ability to totally control both behavior and thought. As such, it’s worse than the Tyranny of the Majority. It’s a Tyranny of the Minority, as Tocqueville taught us in his book Democracy in America.

The euphemisms contained within Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism and Islamic Civilization Jihad, make abhorrent behavior easier to accept and easier to sell to “Mind Raped” loser-parasites. It’s self-deception for dummies.

Viewed from a political perspective, there are three kinds of people in American society today. There are those people who retain individual freedom and KNOW they are FREE. There are those people who DO NOT retain individual freedom, KNOW they are slaves in the “Virtual Gulag” and as such are NOT FREE. There are those people who DO NOT retain individual freedom but they DO NOT KNOW they are slaves in the “Virtual Gulag” and are NOT FREE.

The last group of people is the most dangerous in our society, because they know not what they do. They are unwitting accomplices to the collapse of America. These Mind Raped people do not realize they are prisoners living in a “Virtual Gulag” complete with the Chains of Communist slavery and forced labor.

Today, America has been completely infiltrated by Cultural Marxists and Islamic Civilization Jihadists who actively foment worldwide Communist and Islamic Revolution. Tomorrow, you will be brutally executed or become a brainwashed peasant ruled by the Communist Party or the Muslim Mullahs, and their totalitarian ideology. UNLESS you stand up with courage and conviction to defeat this “Twin Totalitarian Plague” that threatens the longevity of our nation and the sovereignty of our individual FREEDOM…!

Trust Dr. A on this one subject: “Debbie Does Socialism” because she’s been Mind Raped to not realize the difference between socialism and Democratic principles. There use to be huge differences between Socialism and the Democrat Party. But not today. In contemporary America, the Democrat Party is completely Socialist due to the infiltration of Cultural Marxism. Some Democrats know this. Most do not know this because they’ve been successfully Mind Raped by Cultural Marxists and Islamic Civilization Jihadists who actively provoke upheaval in a clandestine manner using political correctness as their primary attack weapon on our society and political culture.

If the Cultural Marxists and Islamic Civilization Jihadists can successfully “Mind Rape” our people to HATE America, it makes the nation ripe for Revolution.


Let Freedom Ring. God Help Us.

Speak the Truth. Endure the Consequences.

Randy Arrington, PhD
– A special thanks to Lu Esposito for suggesting the title of this article

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