Twitter Resources for the #GOPDebate

The Second Republican Primary Debate is tonight, Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  It’s YOUR duty to watch or at least read up and wake people up!  To that end, here’s some debate information and Twitter resources…

Debate Times:

  • 8pm ET / 5pm PT – Primetime #GOPDebate (the Main Event)

Get the @CNN Live Stream Here –>

The Debates are Live From: Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA

Moderators Twitter Handles:

Jake Tapper  /  @jaketapper

Dana Bash  /  @DanaBashCNN

Hugh Hewitt  /  @hughhewitt

Good luck to all the candidates.  If you are attending a Watch Party, please DO NOT Drink and Drive!

Written by:

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism.  From a single Tweet to 14 BILLION Social Media Impressions, Red Nation Rising™ is an Internet phenomenon which has transitioned to a serious, national, grassroots organization. 

Many, many thanks to everyone delving deeper with Red Nation Rising across our growing channels, including our growing Twitter State Accounts.

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Keep Rising!

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