Ahmed: The Next Soros Symbol of “Racist America”

The Trayvon Martin case gave us the “Dream Defenders” a group of activists built to rally support and awareness for the Martin case which employed radical leftist groups, many of whom are still funded by George Soros through groups such as the SEIU, the Tides Foundation, and the “Occupy” movement.  After Trayvon, the Michael Brown/Ferguson scenario produced the “Black Lives Matter” movement which included “at least $33 million in one year to support (it)…according to the most recent tax filings of (George Soros’s) nonprofit Open Society Foundations”. One might consider the next Soros human capital sponsored “movement” to push hate for division as Ahmed Mohammed, the 14 year old freshman from Texas who was accused of bringing a bomb to school disguised as a clock. The incident is being labeled as “racist” and “intolerant” as Ahmed is Muslim. Anyone familiar with the George Soros plan to take down America is, however, aware of his use of race baiting and Islamophobia as a mean to divide and distract while destroying us from within.

The information from Texas regarding Ahmed and his father work against the facts, not for them, as is true with most of these Soros funded hate endeavors. First of all, the engineering class Ahmed was supposedly in is reserved for upper classmen, not freshmen. Did he get special permission to take it? Could be. However, based on the information listed in the course description, the course is not for freshmen. In addition, that course is not available at his high school in McArthur.

Irving TX EndorsementsAhmed course description

Secondly, his father is a bit of a character.  His dad, Mohamed El-Hassan, ran for the Sudanese Presidency in 2010 and 2015. His Presidential campaign biography seems a bit non-descriptive. In 2012, Mohamed also made headlines for his bizarre role in Rev. Terry Jones’ Quran trial. In 2012, when the Florida pastor made good on his threat to burn a Quran in his Gainesville church and put the Quran on “trial,” Mohamed, who “refers to himself as a sheik, was apparently the one Muslim willing to play along as the defense in the mock trial. ‘[The church] put an ad on their channel: ‘Whoever feels in himself he has the power to defend Quran is welcome,’” he told the Dallas Observer.”  From this, one might accuse Ahmed’s dad of being a bit of a famewhore.

Ahmed Dad No Justice No Peace“No justice, no peace”?  Hmmm…..

That said, let’s say hypothetically a member of an upcoming Soros based (not) “grassroots” group, knowing how desperate for attention he seems, approached Mr. El-Hassan about furthering the Islamophobia (not) running rampant in the country via a fake bomb hoax in order to push the anti-American, anti-Christian agenda, with the promise of making him and his kid instant media and Hollywood superstars?  Not too farfetched when one considers the responses and events of the White House and media since this event occurred.

First, Obama not only addressed this issue within HOURS of it occurring, an invitation to the White House was extended, as well.  A 10-year-old gets suspended for carving a gun out of a Pop Tart. Nothing. Katie Steinle murdered in front of her father by a five times deported illegal in the sanctuary city of San Francisco? Nothing. Chris Kyle? Nothing. Brian Terry? Nothing. Benghazi? Threw the first amendment under the bus and an innocent man in prison. A Muslim gets arrested? A tweet followed by an invitation to visit within hours due to supposed Islamophobia in the U.S. How convenient Obama seemed so ready with his response. Not only that, there was the media response. It was almost instantaneous.  Outlets had his father’s history, the apparent talking points, and the “Islamophobia America” statements all aligned almost immediately to the point that one might think there were pre-written press releases.  Talk show invitations were extended as were Tweets from celebrities for support, in which the two reveled.

In addition, the timing of this incident is suspect. He was arrested on Monday, September 14th; however, the story didn’t gain traction in the press until the Wednesday the 16th, the same day of the second GOP debate in which a woman, Carly Fiorina, labeled the “anti-Hillary” by many, handily won, thus deterring any Republican “War on Women” call to arms. During this debate, democrat support for the recently uncovered abominations provided by Planned Parenthood was called out.  The Iran deal was put front and center. Overall policies with which the legal American voters are concerned that democrats refuse to discuss not only came up but so did the truth about them since our media is now a propaganda mouthpiece for the left, most notably Soros’s Media Matters.  The GOP debate also had record ratings for CNN, so a lot of voters heard what they had to say. To distract from it, the left very well could have seized this event or even created it as a pre-planned distraction knowing the debate loomed. After all, dividing and distracting is what they do.

Ahmed ClockThe “Clock”

Then we find out that during the debate, Valerie Jarrett hosted “Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists at the White House to discuss their mutual agenda for America…..  Also in attendance was Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders”  Two days after Ahmed was arrested as the GOP debate raged on topics about which democrats wish to avoid, Jarrett was meeting with the aforementioned Soros groups to plot “a mutual agenda for America. The next day this kid was all over the news.  Coincidentally (or not) Ahmed happens to live in the same city that, back in May of this year, “in a very close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any religion, but it’s a huge defeat for Sharia supporters, as such courts are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.” God bless strong, Republican female mayor Beth Van Duyne for not only signing off on such legislation but not backing down in the face of threats by the extremists then or now as she defends the school and the police for being vigilant. It would have been the first city in the country to pass such legislation effectively rendering our Constitution null and void.

Now we have Hollywood, Obama, the state run media, and CAIR, a TERROR ORGANIZATION, parroting the “Islamophobia” chants instead of holding accountable a kid who took a box with a ticking appliance inside it to school over the safety of the kids in the school.  Isn’t this “safety of all Americans” excuse the reason I have to all but strip naked to get on a plane? Isn’t the “for the children” mantra the one they spew for gun control? Oh…he’s Muslim? So NOW using religion as an “excuse” is fine, but when Christian bakers and florists are being put out of business for politely declining to cater a homosexual wedding and people like Kim Davis go to PRISON, the non-existent “separation of church and state” comes into play?  The logical fallacy arguments of the left are never-ending which is perhaps why they seem to confused, get off tangent and distract…as planned.  Regardless, the war on Christianity in this country is real as is the Islamization of it.  The step from race division to religious division is here in all it’s probably Soros funded glory in Irving, TX.  Saddle up.

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