U.S. Foreign Policy: A Time for Questioning

Red Millennial

It is long past time for the American republic to start asking some very difficult questions about its foreign policy, with the Middle East specifically; questions that have long been ignored or disregarded as “propaganda.”

One of the core tenets of American foreign policy has been to arm those who oppose the side which the United States government opposes. Maybe it has worked in a few instances. However, recent revelations now confirm that the policy is detrimental to both the United States and the actors involved.

On September 25, 2015, U.S. Central Command issued a memo detailing the fact that approximately 1/4 of the weapons provided to “moderate Syrian rebels” were handed over to Al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

The Hill- Syrian fighters voluntarily handed over equipment, including six pickup trucks and ammunition, to al Qaeda’s Syria arm, Jabhat al Nursa, according to a statement.

The admission comes days after…

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