Scandal Plagued Blue Dems Debate

Running for the Oval Office is a high-stakes game.  Anyone who runs for the No. 1 seat has to be prepared to face the scandals that opponents and watchdogs dig up from their past.  

The Corrupt and the Crazy

In Hillary Clinton’s case, you don’t need a shovel to find her dirt.  

At the forefront of Hillary’s plagued campaign is her now-notorious and still-developing email scandal.  Hundreds of emails she sent and received using a private server while in her public charge as Secretary of State were classified at birth, and subsequently formally classified by State.  The FBI investigation is ongoing and the agency has recovered “personal” emails she deleted before handing over that server.  Reports abound that her email was targeted by foreign hackers.

Hillary’s shadiness and carelessness breached national security and, more importantly, national trust.   And that’s on top of her already scandal-plagued term as Secretary of State and her entire career in the public eye.  People just need to wake up to it.

Need-to-Know Scandals

In fairness, Hillary isn’t the only Big Government Blue Dem bogged down by controversy.  Four of the five Democrat candidates will appear in tonight’s debate.  They all seem to have moral, legal, and/or political wrongs which they must explain to the people.

CNN is hosting the debate — no Early Bird Special — starting at 9 p.m. EST and it’s scheduled to run two hours.  Live from Las Vegas, there may be an over/under on what time Hillary and the Bernie parlay pull a Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fall asleep live on national TV.  CNN will live stream the debate on its website and mobile.

If the moderators are honest, they’ll pose the hard questions which make the Blue Dems squirm at their podiums.  Then you be the judge.  Is anyone in this group fit to be President of the United States of America at this critical time when the health, safety and security of our nation is in serious jeopardy?

Infographic Detailing Dirty Dems

To keep track of who’s who and what’s what, check out this infographic below detailing some of the Democrat candidates’ notable scandals.  Review and share the information while watching and Tweeting the first Blue Dem Debate of the 2016 Presidential Race.  There’s lots to work with.

(Click on image for larger view.)

Dem scandals Inforgraphic

Keep Rising,

Many, many thanks to all supporters delving deeper with Red Nation Rising, including our @RNRState Twitter Accounts and thank you to @HeidiRedlitz and Instant Checkmate for the Intro and Infograph on the Scandal Plagued Blue Dems above.  Please feel free to share.

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