U.S. to Begin Military Operations in Iraq and Syria… Again…

Red Millennial

On October 27, NBC News reported that the United States will now begin to take “direct action on the ground” against the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This was stated by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, with the aim of pressuring the group as they continue to progress in their destructive power in the region.

NBC News- “We won’t hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” Carter said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services committee, using an alternative name for the militant group.

So now that the United States is directly becoming involved, the Islamic State will be crushed and we will not have further issue, right? Wrong.

What we have here is a two sided problem, both of which deal with the execution of…

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