Four Things for which to be Thankful

Red Millennial

In the 21st century, we often take a lot for granted. We have luxuries that were inconceivable even a few decades ago. Our level of comfort and ease has never been better. But there are more important things than just our material well-being for which we need to be grateful. The immaterial is what really matters in life, and we must never forget that. In lieu of this, I think there are at least four important things we should all be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Family

When, on leaving the agitations of the political world, the American returns to the bosom of his family, he immediately meets the image of order and peace. There, all his pleasures are simple and natural, his joys innocent and tranquil; and as he arrives at happiness through regularity of life, he becomes habituated to regulation his opinions as well as his tastes without…

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