Politically Correct Culture, Obama and America’s Destruction

On December 2, 2015, we witnessed a terrorist attack on our soil where fourteen innocent people lost their lives and twenty-one people were injured. Fourteen people who were an after thought for the President and the mainstream media because, dear Heaven, the narrative of Islam as a religion of peace that they have been forcing down our throats is at risk, again. Fourteen people whose lives were marginalized because showing the face of the Muslim woman who decided to rip families apart, was a violation of Muslim modesty. Fourteen people who are now no longer with their families and deserve our prayers are now a political platform for gun control laws. Fourteen people who I argue are victims of not only Islamic terrorists, but of the Obama administration, political correctness, and the mainstream media. If it wasn’t for the three latter mentioned, these victims may still be with us.

ISIS — and those who support the Islamic call of jihad — tell us repeatedly that they are coming for the infidels. We see their videos, read about their operations, hear about it on TV, and yet we as Americans are detached from it. We know the threat, however, it is dismissed because we are told by Obama that ISIS is contained. Then comes the very next day of Obama uttering that statement comes news of an Islamic terrorist attack in Paris; a nation where guns are not allowed by its citizens. ISIS has penetrated our security and that of all nations because the world is competing in a race among to see who can be more PC and therefore viewed as the most compassionate. With this PC and compassion comes promises that each and every person is going to be “vetted” in order to appease the citizens worried about their security.

For those who are loud in voicing their concern with the vetting process, then they are deemed to not be compassionate, racist, and Islamophobic. Even with the terror attack in Paris and the one that just happened here, it is clear to see those vetting systems have failed. We will continue to witness these systems fail as long as we have a leadership who refuse to call our enemy what it is. We have a war going on with Islamic extremists. For anyone to tell you we are not, they are either delusional or have fallen for Obama’s and the mainstream medias PC narrative. By not calling our enemy what they are, we are giving the enemy more power and more protection to continue their mission.

Now that this terrorist attack has happened there is more noticeable concern over gun control legislation than the victims. We are being told by Pelosi that we are not allowed to offer prayers, and we are witnessing news outlets telling us God is not helping. In California they bolster one of the more strict gun laws in the nation, and yet these murderers were able to assemble a weapons arsenal that contained more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Before names of the victims were even released Obama was on TV saying we’re allowing people on the no fly list abilities to have guns and once again demanding stricter legislation. Want to go that route? Ok, let’s do that.

If Paris does not allow their own citizens to arm themselves, then how would tougher gun control laws have helped them? If guns really are the problem, then how is it possible that a report of a man in London was wielding a machete in a subway this week and injured 3 people while claiming his actions were for Syria If Obama really cared about this issue, why isn’t he using his pen and phone and issuing an executive action? It’s because guns are not the problem, it is the PEOPLE getting the guns that are, and Obama knows that just as we “normal” citizens do. Tell me the last attack in America where guns were used that were purchased illegally by the attacker. Yes the NRA does put in a lot of money to Washington and our politicians, but how were these terrorists in Paris and California able to compile their weapons where guns aren’t allowed or there is a lot of regulation to limit gun access? It’s because those who intend to do the most harm will always find a way. Whether it be guns, biological weapons, knives, bombs, whatever. Evil always finds a way.

Before the reports finally came out confirming that this was indeed a terrorist act, CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, held a press conference with Farook’s brother in law, doing damage control. The media was so nervous that even when terrorism was named the culprit, they were still saying it is a mix of “work place violence.” Obama is adding fuel to the growing sense of fear in American by sticking to his talking points that this attack and what happened in Paris, and even ISIS themselves, are not a part of Islam. Try as they might, these attackers, these “extremists” hold their core beliefs in Islam. The lawyers for Farook and his family even asked us to take the Islamic religion out of it. To this I say, we will once they will.

The Islamic religion is being used as a base to justify the actions of these terrorists. Are all Muslims, terrorists? No. Do all Muslims agree that they should kill in the name of Allah? No, however, their religion is being used as a basis for ISIS. Extremist Islamic views are being used to train kids to become brainwashed with the joys of becoming a martyr and wanting to be a suicide bomber. ISIS is using texts in the Koran to justify the selling of women and children as sex slaves. CAIR, Obama, and the MSM can say it is a religion of peace, however, there is a version of their Koran that is fueling these beliefs of these terrorists.

To say these terrorists aren’t acting in the name of Islam is delusional and detrimental to our security. Just as detrimental as Obama and his administration not only calling ISIS a JV team, and saying that solving climate change would put an end to ISIS and all extremists. (Insert eye-roll here.)

If the neighbor of Farook wasn’t so afraid of the PC police coming after them, then maybe they would have spoken up and an investigation would have come to fruition. Obama, CAIR, and the MSM are so busy defending their Islamic religion narrative, they have entirely forgotten the victims. The administration and MSM are so concerned over not acknowledging home grown terrorism, that they are placing all of the radicalization on the wife, Malik. Obama and his administration are so concerned over their narrative being ruled as incorrect, that they are putting us in even more danger. We’re supposed to not worry about Syrian refugees coming here but the vetting system we have is clearly not working for those in non-war torn nations.

What we saw this past week was a nation that is growing more concerned over Islamic terrorism, and a government with a media who refuses to acknowledge what is really happening. They are sweeping any concerns we have under the rug and are calling us racists and Islamophobic in the process. We have families who have lost loved ones, yet Obama, politicians, or the MSM care about them but more about their credibility of their narrative by protecting our PC culture and having one more reason to ask for more gun laws. No, no longer do the victims matter. No longer are we blaming those who decided to commit the crime, Obama, his administration, and the MSM find excuses for their behavior. It is because of their attitudes towards protecting their narrative that these fourteen people lost their lives and that we continue to be an easy target, primed for an attack.

Written by: @redbluewitham

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