Interactions with Cruz, Carson before Super Tuesday

In a general election, sometimes we have to hold our nose to case our vote.  But not in a primary.  We have choices.  We can vote the person who is most considered & best represents the person casting the vote.  #WeThePeople have been moaning and groaning, if not raging about not being “represented.”  Well, here’s our chance.

The MSM only shows us that which is dramatic and controversial.  They steer us towards the drama, much of it manufactured.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be drama free.  Comflict may make for good ratings & polititainment, but does it make for good presidential material?

#RedNationRising is a organic grassroots phenomenon that started from a single tweet.  From that one lone tweet, born of frustration, RNR now boasts 1+Billion SM impressions per month.  It presents a chance to be heard.  Really heard.  We have a chance to effect the outcome of our nation in the most important election of our lives.

Over this election cycle RNR has had numerous folks gain access directly with the candidates.  We’ve asked questions.  We’ve watched.  We’ve listened.  We’ve observed them in action, both on stage and off, and we talk about it.

Earlier this season we published an Editorial, “Interactions With Cruz and Trump” that you can read here.

Recently we had opportunity to visit with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson as I attended a Press Conference at #Proclaim16.  The non partisan NRB Presidential Forum was moderated by acclaimed radio host and best-selling author Eric Metaxas, with Star Jones as part of the on stage panel asking questions of candidates Cruz & Carson.  Each candidate had their own segment (Salem Media Group and NRBTV broadcast the Presidential Candidates Forum by radio and television) and had equal time to answer the same questions.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was engaging, as always & fiery in his responses.  He spoke more to the fact that the next president will have as many as 4 SCOTUS nominees to appoint and the importance that the right person be in office to make those appointments.

Mr. Cruz also reflected on growing up as a Pastor’s son, he oft times worked the pantry & had to interview those in poverty, the homeless … America’s #HomeGrownRefugees.  He hit a homerun by describing how welfare needed reformed, and the “safety net” should be more like a trampoline than a dumpster.

Dr. Ben Carson

To my surprise and great thrill, I was the first person Dr. Carson called on.  But it was his response to the follow up question that struck me.  I asked, as a follow up – in 140 characters what is the one thing you would want the RNR supporters to know about you?

“That I am genuinely & sincerely about doing the right thing.”

It struck me because he momentarily left his “laid back” personality aside.  There was passion in his voice.  There was a gleam in his eye.  You could feel it resonate thru out the room.

Dr. Carson was equally engaging to Ted Cruz, but I was struck by how relaxed he was.  I had never seen this on the televised debates.  He had all the time he wanted to talk and wow – what he had to say was deeply considered.  I was struck by his intelligence.  It might not play well to a 20 second sound bite – but it was clear, whatever topic came up, he had a plan, and it was one worth hearing!  Both Forbes and Cato Institute reviewed Carson’s plans back in January, and if you haven’t looked at them – I strongly recommend that you do.

Dr. Carson had the single biggest grassroots movement petitioning to draft him into this race.  Over 5000 petitions of signatures asking him to run!  He also has raised more money than any other candidate via small, “regular people” donations and if you look at the social media metrics & analytics, he has more SM agreement than any other candidate!  According to metrics analysis, if Facebook “likes” were votes, we’d be saying hi to President Carson!  Even over Bernie Sanders!

So why isn’t he making a bigger splash on the national stage?  Well, at one point he was up there in the polls.  So much so that Mr. Trump himself felt need to make fun of  & attack him. But the fact is … he’s not scandalous.  There’s simply nothing controversial about Dr. Carson.  Thus, nothing to bring MSM ratings.  The media, by & large, chose to ignore him. As a result you didn’t get to hear much from Dr. Carson, but what you did hear, it came straight from him & he meant every word of it.

When Carson is asked a direct question, he gives a direct answer – not a mouthful of mumbo jumbo that, in the end, tells us absolutely nothing like some of the other candidates.  He doesn’t speak to himself, but rather, to the country.  To us, as a nation.

In the end, it’s just you in that voting booth.  You, your heart and your conscious.  I sincerely encourage you vote!  We don’t have to hold our noses in the primary.  We have choices.  Please vote for the one candidate who muct closely represents YOU.  If each of us does that, I have a feeling we’ll all be okay.

Written by:
– Grace King, @RNRTennessee

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