Congress Members Dialing For Dollars

“Dialing For Dollars” isn’t the name of a new game show, it’s the segment title of an upcoming 60 Minutes piece about newly elected legislator-telemarketers pressured to raise funds from boiler rooms during their lunch breaks.  

Of course, candidates must raise funds to get elected and making telephone calls to fulfill their goals is expected.  But once elected, we expect them to do the job hired for, right?  Taxpayers pay a salary of $174k+ (plus per diem) for their Congressmen/women and send them to Washington to represent them and the values of their district community.  Their job is to handle the people’s business.

Newly elected congressmen being directed to spend 30 hours a week working in a “Congressional Call Center” seems more like the people have hired the nation’s most expensive telemarketers and not professional legislators.  It seems unbecoming for men and women we’d hope be held in esteem for representing us, the regular folk, and doing their civic duty.

Earlier this week Rocky Top Politics broke news out of #TNGOP #TNLeg which is threatening “The Establishment” secret society Tennesseans suspect it to be.  The 60 Minutes story on Congress Members Dialing for Dollars is exposing the national establishment and it is why more and more people are getting involved in the grassroots and why so many good, decent Americans are demanding Term Limits as one possible solution.  

Knowledge is power and knowing your role in what “the establishment” has set up to compromise our elected representatives is the first step in solving the serious problems coming from Washington, D.C.

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– Grace King, @RNRTennessee

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