The Clooneys Bad Globalist Week



I was going to wait until the end of summer to connect the dots on all the latest Clooney endeavors to their globalist agenda and add it to “The Clooneys:  Enemies of Democracy”. It takes a lot of time as there are a lot of smoke and mirrors, and I have a “real” job. However, last week brought more failure of Clooney politics–SCOTUS ruled against Obama’s amnesty in the US and Britain voted to leave the EU.  As such, the globalists, including the Clooneys, are in full meltdown mode.  Until I can get to a full update of the larger piece, let’s recap the Clooneys no good, very bad couple of months in their quest to squash democracy while establishing themselves as some sort of “humanitarian” UN supercouple.

The open border supporting Clooneys arrived in Italy yesterday to their mega mansion with special privacy laws after a few weeks of attempting to re-establish themselves as the great “humanitarian supercouple” they seem to think they are destined to become, this time on the backs of educating the world’s children.  They met with the pope! They are going to tackle ISIS to help “THE CHILDREN”!!  Wrong. The Clooneys are always about the Clooneys.  The only people they help are themselves and the 1%.  This new phase as “humanitarians helping THE CHILDREN’!” by “fighting ISIS” was as predictable as much as it is repulsive, especially as it seems to center on warmongering for intervention in Syria which they can then use as a further push for a “humanitarian” “open society”. I have not spent a whole lot of time digging into this deeply, but it doesn’t take long to connect the very basic dots

First, we must address the updates to the “greatest human rights attorney to ever walk the planet”’s career. One of the great “wins” her husband likes to brag about involves Muslim Brotherhood backed Mohammed Nasheed of the Maldives. In summary, he was jailed, his statute of limitations expired, and then Amal was called in with the press after signing up with JMP Verdant, the same PR firm that represents Nasheed, for pap walks and PR shots. Then she hit D.C. to meet up with “Republicans” John McCain and Pat Leahy (longtime Soros buds) to “work” with John Kerry to get Nasheed “released” for medical treatment for his back that the Maldivian government said could have been taken care of there but…Nasheed’s family had already been re-located to Britain. Anyway…he was “released”.  His back didn’t seem to bother him as he skipped through the airport with Amal and NBC when he landed in London. Pres conference and pap walks followed as did meetings with politicians including PM David Cameron.  His back? Never heard about that surgery. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when Nasheed was seen “enjoying a spot of office CHAIR racing at the Hay Festival” after being granted ASYLUM.  Yeah…his back is either really bothering him or he had a miraculous recovery.  This was after Soros’s “Democracy Now” let him spew his political propaganda about being pro “justice” and “democracy”.  No, he’s not. He, like the Clooneys, manipulates these words to mock democracy in order to fulfill their handler’s political agendas. . With this guy, it’s the “Climate”/”green” part of the three pronged Clooney approach to globalization as a means to a financial and political end for them, regardless of which sovereign nations and the citizens of them are destroyed. Whatever strings Amal has been attempting to pull or threats made behind the scenes, the Maldives isn’t buying it.  They recently upheld his sentence, which means England can keep him, they don’t want him, and if he tries to go back to run for office, he will be thrown back in prison.

Then there was the jailed Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy who recently regained his Egyptian nationality after renouncing it in favor of Canadian citizenship (which he got on February 2, 2015) in hopes of “benefiting from the same decree through which Greste was released”. The hope was to use the Greste decree to get him extradited and then, no doubt, be granted asylum (see:  Nasheed).  Amal has no legal skills of which to speak, so instead Amal claimed that Egypt threatened to arrest her. However, Egypt denied this happened and demanded proof from Clooney the government issued that warning. Eventually she retracted her statement. Amal Clooney lied to the international press about a phony threat of arrest by a national government to garner public sympathy for her cause.  She has turned into a security risk.  Eventually, though, the prime minister admitted to the public pressure working to gain Fahmy’s release (not pardon). Now that he does not need this Canadian citizenship to achieve his goal, he revoked it. Shortly after leaving Egypt, Fahmy filed a request with the interior ministry to regain his citizenship, arguing he was under exceptional pressure when he renounced his native nationality. Once again, Amal used laws of a sovereign nation and mocked democracy to get her handlers guy out of prison.

Then there was an update on Uncle Ziad.  There is now verification that the “document in which Libyan leader (Qaddafi) pledges to donate £42million to bring former French President (Sarkozy) to power is genuine meaning claims that the 61-year-old former president of France was in the pay of the former Libyan dictator, and then turned against him during the Arab Spring revolution of 2011”. Amal’s uncle, Ziad Takeddine, was the go-between France and Libya negotiating these deals.  This revelation has huge significance, especially in Britain, because “it was the RAF who assisted the French airforce in bombing Gaddafi’s dictatorship into oblivion…. Prime Minister David Cameron has always claimed the UK went to war against Gaddafi for purely humanitarian reasons”.  Turns out they did not as this development suggests Mr. Sarkozy may have wanted Gaddafi killed in 2011 because he feared evidence of their ‘financial arrangement’ being made public.  A lot of those dots are connected in “The Clooneys:  Enemies of Democracy”, many still need connecting, but know that the Clooneys supported the “Responsibility to Protect” Act which allowed the UN to overthrow Qaddafi as the “humanitarian” crisis Cameron and Sarkozy claimed it was. Surely they knew nothing of this agreement in which her uncle was a major player?  This has, of course, resulted in disaster for the country, Benghazi and the rise of ISIS.  Today, the final report from the House Select Committee on Benghazi reveals that not only did Obama and Hillary support taking out Gaddafi, they sent no one to help our guys when a pre-planned Al Qaeda attack on our embassy resulted in the death of four Americans.  Know who did attempt to help them? Gaddafi loyalists. Yes, those loyal to the guy the Obama admin deposed still managed to find a sense of humanity to help Americans under attack by terrorists.  Libya is now the homebase to ISIS.  Amal’s uncle brokered the arms deal that lead to it, meaning he is partially responsible for not only aiding the rise of ISIS but making money off it. This falls right in line with the Clooneys and their handlers/political partners as warmongers for financial and political gain as ‘humanitarians”.  Up next? Syria.

In the fall of 2015, Amal Clooney visited the UN in NYC to advocate for the “Restrain the Veto” initiative which is basically the “R2P” for Syria.  The situation in Syria is very complicated but in very general terms, Amal’s mother and her family are Sunni Muslims. They are one of the ethnic groups fighting against Assad.  Her mother, who claims to be a “journalist”, is very much anti-Assad.  No doubt the guy is a monster but who else fights on the side of the Sunnis against him? Isis.  Imagine if Amal gets her way and Assad is overthrown?  Libya has already turned into an Isis hotbed. Same would happen in Syria.  Then again, her uncle is an arms dealer, so it’s probably good for one of the family’s businesses. It is something to behold, then, the Clooneys pretending to care about “refugees” and the “Syrian children” when they advocate for further war in that area which would make their situation even more dire. In addition, never do they call on the rich Arab nations in the Middle East refusing to take said “refugees” to do so, saving them the horrible trip across the globe where many of these “children” die as boats collapse, nor do they take any themselves, donate themselves, or even VISIT a camp. Nope. The west is just “xenophobic” for questioning their unvetted arrival en masse.  As I mapped out in “The Clooneys:  Enemies of Democracy”, this “xenophobic” platform has been in the works for many years now, with Clooney’s help, as a means to silence speech while facilitating the “open society” that globalists such as George Soros and Vartan Gregorian advocate.

As with everything else globalists touch, “the children” are just a special interest group to advance political agendas.  The Clooneys are using the children via “education” to create the “village” Hillary Clinton spoke of in It Takes a Village. The globalists believe that they know better than us how to raise our children.  Hillary Clinton once said, “I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role”. It’s no shock, then, that Hillary Clinton is one of the primary leaders on the federalization of educational standards via the Common Core curriculum. Yes, the same Common Core standards into which George Clooney “100 Lives” co-founder Vartan Gregorian, also a one time member of the QFI (Qatar Foundation International), has poured tens of millions of dollars to indoctrinate our children on the virtues of Islam while at the same time successfully erasing American history in favor of  “social (justice) science”. However, the common core standards are not just federal standards as many international figures have paid big money to impact the content, as well, to form “equal” “global” citizens.  They could/will lead to an eventual UN type of “global” standard.

This leads to the Clooney’s latest “humanitarian” mission via “education” with Vartan Gregorian via the “100 Lives” initiative which was crafted as a “humanitarian” initiative regarding genocide, especially the one of Armenians in 1915.  The event itself was so important to the Clooneys that neither showed up for the 100 year commemoration event. George showed up this year, though, with Vartan, Gareth Evans, and several of his other handlers in tow as the “humanitarian” PR push was in full mode with the “Aurora Prize” giveaway.  I have not covered Gareth Evans in the other Clooney pieces of yet, but I will when I update the piece since it’s worth noting that as the President Emeritus of the International Crisis Group, he is a member of the selection committee for the Aurora Prize as well as the co-chair of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty.  This commission created the “Responsibility to Protect” initiative used in Libya that, as discussed, made Uncle Ziad very rich and allowed the UN to topple Qaddafi which led to the rise of ISIS.  In fact, Evans led the movement for its worldwide adoption and application (Congo, Sudan, Darfur, Syria…you know…all the place “Clooney humanitarianism” exists).  So these guys who helped create the legislation that has resulted in some of the worst genocides in modern history via Muslim extremism were in Armenia to commemorate the Armenian Genocide committed by Muslim extremists supposedly in hopes of keeping future genocides from occurring…and they did so with a straight face. Wow.

After the commemorative wreath laying, most of the days of conferencing focused on “education” through the United World College in Dilijan, Armenia.  First, there was the “Amal Clooney Scholarship” given to “one female student from Lebanon to United World College in Dilijan, Armenia, each year to enroll in a two-year international baccalaureate program”.  This school opened in 2013, the year Amal supposedly entered George’s life.  Relevant? Maybe. I’ll check.  This 2 year program costs about $70,000.  Why?  If the Clooneys are so concerned about “education” for the “disadvantaged”, why attach their names to a school only the 1% can afford?  If they’re so concerned about descendants of those negatively affected by the Armenian genocide, why not award it to one of them?  If Amal really wanted to “give back” to Lebanon, why not educate a girl there or, better yet, donate a large sum of their own money to poor schools there?  In addition, there is no confirmation that Amal’s scholarship covers that whole amount or from where the money comes. The Clooneys never pay for anything out of pocket. They fundraise and/or demand the UN tax “rich” nations to pay for their ‘humanitarian” work as part of a forcible wealth redistribution scheme.  So what gives? Time will tell; however, this very well might tie to their globalization goals through education as with the common core curriculum.  Take this United World College, which has quite the UN sounding title.  Checking the “mission” statement, many of the UN approved terms used are also Common Core aligned:  “Sustainability”, “compassion”, “respect for the environment”, “idealism”, “diversity”, “peace”, “justice”…”social indoctrination”. All of these terms are, of course, keywords to the UN 2020 Agenda. There is nothing in the mission statement or on the “values” page about academics. Nada.  The site continues, “That baccalaureate program again takes a holistic approach to educate the young mind not only in the curriculum, but tend to their emotional needs as well as inculcate a sense of internationalism in them”.  “Internationalism”?  There is a difference between identifying as a citizen of a sovereign nation who part takes in a global economy. It’s not the same as being a ‘global citizen” ruled by a global governing body.  Pushing this globalist agenda has made George very, very rich as well as his 1% handlers by forcibly redistributing the “wealth” of the 99% in the west to themselves via the UN while doing pretty much close to nothing for the environment or the “human rights” missions he claims to support. This “education” initiative in Armenia is just one more way to indoctrinate the UN agenda into children thousands of miles away from their families…because it takes a (UN) village with the parental role secondary.

Keep in mind that on April 21th, three days before Clooney awarded the Aurora Prize in Armenia, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) , the George Soros backed and Ed Miliband “humanitarian” organization currently under investigation for fraud, announced a joint partnership with the 100 LIVES to “fund a research program that will enable the IRC to provide vital assistance in the form of reliable and accountable cash distribution to those affected by the conflict in Syria”.  Perhaps this “Cash First Roadmap” is the reason for the fraud investigation. It is listed as a “yearlong campaign which will propose a methodology to identify the country-level barriers to wider cash transfer programming but also inform the means to address them”. The IRC, which currently “deploys cash assistance to more than 113,000 beneficiaries in 19 countries, will use the Roadmap to further increase its capacity to implement cash programming, and shift focus away from the provision of less-effective, in-kind assistance”. They’re not even trying to hide their charity as a possible money laundering scheme anymore.  Miliband is getting a six figure salary as President of this non-profit. Anyway, these “affected by the Syrian conflict” individuals are not necessarily Syrian and are being dropped off by the busloads unvetted in rural areas in the U.S such as Montana and Idaho.  Maybe not IRC affiliated, but as a result of the Clooney “open border” push “for the children”, take, for instance, the ‘migrant” Iraqi and Sudanese boys who raped and urinated on a disabled five year old girl in Idaho. Haven’t heard about that? “Control the narrative”.  The press has covered it up and an Obama appointed federal judge has threatened the locals if they speak out. You know…”xenophobia’ and all…but “the children”!!  The Clooneys are a humanitarian and free speech advocating joke.

The Clooneys took this “humanitarian education” bullshit one step farther in May when the atheist and the Muslim who hate the west and work to undermine Christian values met with open borders supporting pope Francis in May trying to cement their new “educating humanitarian” role. Interesting that anti-open borders supporter Pope Benedict “retired” in 2013, the first pope to step down in 600 years, paving the way for Francis. 2013. Same year George “met’ Amal. Same year the Armenian school opened. Anyhow, the pope spoke at a Vatican gathering for the Scholas Occurentes global educational initiative that he launched August 13th, 2013, which, in ten years, the website states, “We want to have 30% of the world’s population participating in this new concept of open-sided education, through the technological, sports and artistic revolution proposed by Scholas.”  Open sided education from an open borders pope working with open borders education at facilities with open border entertainment supporters as the face. Remember, ‘Important values can be transmitted by celebrities,’ said one of the organizers, Lorena Bianchetti, adding that the actors had agreed to be ambassadors for one of the foundation’s arts projects. Who decides what values are “important”?  That becomes obvious.  By the way, more coincidence exists with  the other two stars who were at the Vatican with the Clooneys.  Richard Gere is Cindy Crawford’s ex-husband.  Cindy has been married to Casamigos co-owner and Clooney best bud Randee Gerber for almost 20 years.  The other celebrity, Salma Hayek, was Clooney’s co-star in ‘From Dusk Til Dawn”. How cozy!    Anyway, he’s the pope and he’s supposed to care about people, especially the poor and indignant. However, one might argue that, unlike the Clooneys, at least the Pope put his ‘money where his mouth is” when he agreed to take a few Syrian refugee families back to the Vatican from Lesbos.  The reality was shattered, though, when he left the Syrian Christian brother and sister duo behind in lieu of all Syrian Muslims.  “Important values”.

Next up in June, Amal Clooney, she of an extreme life of privilege who never worked a real job in her life and who uses her current position to force her views on the world, hit up entrepreneurs in Monaco as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at a conference to beg the private sector for money for two “education” initiatives she and her husband are setting up with the UN, of course, for Syrian “refugee” children.  What these initiatives specifically entail is not known as of yet because “the educational side of this program has not been initiated because of lack of funds.” The woman got how big of an hourly raise for getting married and her husband is worth how much?  They can’t start it up themselves? In fact, have they put any cash up themselves? Probably not. The Clooneys are socialists. They hate free market capitalism. Only the crony capitalism that benefits the 1% via socialism to keep them rich is acceptable so this is quite a new development…begging capitalists for money.  Then again, as they plan on partnering with the UN, no doubt people like you and me will be forced to fund “education” for “Syrian refugee children”.  But is it really for “Syrian refugee children”? Of course not. Amal says, “the way the private sector can help is that, for instance, we could be designing a software programme that allows these observers to input information in a more uniform manner, so that we can ultimately compare one trial to another and eventually get something like a justice index, where you can compare one court to another. And [that would mean] governments could no longer hide behind the courts to the extent that they do at the moment.” A justice index? And who, pray tell, determines the rational for this “justice index”? The UN? Her? And what does that have to do with educating children? It doesn’t. But, hey…want to bet some of it eventually goes to the $70K/year school in Armenia just for show?  I know…they can use Amal’s subjective “justice index” to indoctrinate the kids into what is “fair”..what are “important values”….and what are “not”.  By the way, George wasn’t on hand to shill for their great upcoming UN Superpower Couple education endeavor…but her mommy was. And her blog was quick to inform us that this crusader for the downtrodden who hits up everyone else for money wore a GIAMBATTISTA VALL Floral-Cloqué Dress that cost a mere $2,650. More on this as it comes to fruition.

How, then, in spite of all we know about these two…her family connections to ISIS, their support of radical Islam, their hate for Israel and the democratic west …are we to believe that Amal is now going to “represent” an ISIS survivor?  We can believe it because (1) she’s a famewhore, (2) she has no soul when it comes to “winning” and (3) it’s the perfect PR case for a restaging of their “humanitarian” facade. Remember, Amal only “represents” as in “brings the press”. She doesn’t actually ever DO anything to legally help her clients. Fear, manipulation, lies, mocking democracy…never is it legit. In any event, timing is always an issue for the Clooneys.  Let’s follow the timeline and just leave it at that for now, keeping in mind the end game is war in Syria and border disintegration:

  • May 5th– Just after the Armenia visit regarding education for Syrian children, Secretary of State John Kerry says Syria Better Start Removing Assad By Aug 1 or there will be “serious consequences”
  • The following week? Cannes with the crotch shot followed by the meeting with the Pope about education for Syrian children.
  • June 9th– announcement that Amal Clooney will represent ISIS survivor Nadia Murad and other Yazidi genocide victims
  • June 17th– Amal Clooney and Yazda-Deputy Executive Director Meet with UK Government (or at least the picture posted on Instagram was supposed to have given that impression). This guy’s name is listed as Ahmed Khudida Burjus which is odd only because up until at least April of this year Matthew Barber was executive director of Yazda  who had conducted research among the Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan and was living there when IS attempted their genocide of the minority. Matthew served as an advocate for the Yazidi community following the crisis 2014-1015. He is now a “branch director” working on his PhD at the University of Chicago. I initially have found nothing on this other guy including when he took over.  Something to ponder….
  • June 18th– Obama meets with the Prince of Saudi Arabia to discuss, among other events, Syria.
  • June 21st– Senate hearings where Nadia Murad (21), Amal’s latest victim, who is also a Yazidi victim of rape and enslavement who escaped captivity, told of her horrific experiences suffered at the hands of this terrorist group armed by the current administration and possibly Amal’s uncle and who fight alongside Amal’s relatives/descendants against Assad who the UN currently targets as its next destabilization-to-takeover project.

If this girl was not a Nobel Prize UN darling with a high public profile, Amal would probably have nothing to do with her.  Please understand, I mean to not make light of any of the horrors this girl faced. Actually, I’m sickened that the Clooneys are using her for personal gain.  It’s all part of the plan, though. Consider our administration will not admit that “radical Islamic” is a terror threat.  “The Clooneys:  Enemies of  Democracy” shows the timeline of how Clooney and his cronies have worked to make “Islamophobia” and “Xenophobia” a platform upon which to silence critics of unlimited, unvetted migration. In fact, the Obama administration wants to pass a law making it criminal to criticize Islam in order to ‘control the narrative”.  Note then that Amal sticks with just the Yazda in order to give the allusion she cares. “The European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the U.S. government and the U.K. House of Commons have all recognized that there is a genocide being perpetrated by IS against the Yazidis in Iraq,” Clooney said in a statement to Women in the World. “How can it be that the most serious crimes known to humanity are being carried out before our eyes but are not being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague?”  How can it be that a registered democrat who openly supported Hillary Clinton claimed allegiance to ISIS before walking into a gay nightclub in Orlando to slaughter 49 people, and it is instantly portrayed as the fault of “xenophobic” and “homophobic” Republicans?  “Narrative control”.  Never does Amal mention ISIS influence anywhere else in the world or the radical Islam that has hurt women and children in the west by “refugees” who have been allowed passage via the Clooneys “humanitarian open borders” push.  Anyone who second guesses this unvetted migrant push after events such as such as Rotherdam, the New Year’s Eve German assaults, the Swedish rapes, or the aforementioned rape of that disabled 5 year old girl in Idaho are deemed “xenophobes”.  How else might one guess this is all for show? Murad also said (or a publicist did), that Amal and George received me at their home and opened for me their hearts,” said Murad. “They listened passionately to my story, and Amal gifted me by representing my case. Amal gave me renewed hope by being my voice.”  Gifted her? Angel of Mercy.  Really…on what other “cases” is the unicorn currently working? This is a supposedly a DSC case.  Why was she at their home? What does George have to do with it? Nothing. It’s all for showShe is only making noise now because the media and public platform is there to help call for ousting Assad, something she has worked with the UN regarding for a long time…long before ISIS….while providing an opportunity for the great “humanitarians” to make their mark.  I truly hope I’m wrong and will be happy to eat crow if August 1st comes and goes and the month of July isn’t spent with Amal pap walking to garner support for Assad’s removal.  Keep in mind, however, that as the elites in D.C. fawned all over this girl the day the drums renewed publicly for military intervention in Syria to stop ISIS, no one from the Obama administration showed up yesterday to Ted Cruz’s inquiry regarding the influx of the Muslim Brotherhood into our highest ranking government positions (see the larger Clooney piece) and the threat that is radical Islam. They all went back to the “xenophobe” name calling. It’s all about “controlling the narrative” for the perpetual war that globalists need to thrive. Sick.

In addition to all of that, this past week was supposed to be a huge week for the Clooneys and their globalist buddies. First off, Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty was before the Supreme Court and, with Justice Scalia dead and the likes of UN backed justices like Sotomayor and Kagan on the bench, the possibility for a “win” seemed better than ever, even though it per the Constitution, it should have been a 7-0 decision.  The decision came to a 4-4 split, thus effectively ending Obama’s amnesty for 11 million illegals as well as his halting of deportations and non-enforcement of our immigration laws.  Have no fear, the Department of “Justice” is “reviewing” the decision. Why? SCOTUS is the “law”, right? Obamacare? Gay Marriage? A SCOTUS victory for Obama would have completely eliminated our borders while automatically legalized ELEVEN MILLION UNVETTED illegals, key for November, and paved the way for the North American Union, much like the European Union which had its own death knell this week.

In a historical referendum, and to the dismay and amazement of the globalists who have run rampant over our Constitution the last 20 years or so, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. George usually likes to refer to such an event as “democracy in action”, much like, say, the South Sudan vote in 2012.  As such, the EU could conceivably fall. This has caused globalists like George Soros to have public meltdowns of epic proportions.  The EU was the model “superstate” for the few “superstates” the globalists have worked on fusing together for most of my lifetime.  Makes ruling easier as a few large bodies instead of many small ones.  As of now, nine other countries have called for similar types of referendums, forcing the elites of the EU to publicly reveal their long held plan of eliminating sovereign nations to create one superstate. The “open borders society” these globalists have pursued “politically” for decades took a huge hit twice in the same day last week, and not a word from Mr. Democracy.  The Clooneys were seen out once this week  and the timing of said PR event can be related to these decisions. Their pap event was in Italy the night before these two decisions, all “loved up and on vacation” at a ‘romantic dinner”…with about 30 other people. However, it was not everywhere all over the news. I don’t even know if it hit her style blog yet. I believe there was a whole story written about the “success of Obama’s amnesty at SCOTUS” combined with the “People of Britain having spoken in support of open borders” to portray the Clooneys as some sort of advocates for “humanitarian globalism” planned to coincide with their smiling faces of celebration as the pics were held off until the day AFTER the referendums. Instead, this story went into seemingly limited release, focused heavily on her outfit (of course) and mentioned the papal visit again.  They have not been heard from since. One would think that “Mr. Democracy” would be staging press conferences chastising those evil 1% globalists calling for a Brexit do-over as a champion of the “little guy”.  HAHAHAHA…of course not. This is a guy who said the people of California got Prop 8 wrong…twice…and then celebrated when five unelected justices overturned the votes of tens of millions of people to fit the Soros gay agenda. He did the same when SCOTUS rewrote Obamacare from the bench (which is illegal) forcing us all into that. Besides, the leader of the “re-vote” brigade is none other than Mr. Soros. George would never think of selling out his sugar daddy. In the meantime, the 1% puppets in the media, as orchestrated, threw cries of “xenophobia” and “racist” at those who voted to leave….

As I’ve said, George Clooney has been in on the willful destruction of the west and it’s values for at least almost two decades now. The rest of the summer will be interesting with these two. Be sure to keep an eye on “Assad must go for the children!” in Syria because…ISIS…or something…and his support for globalist Hillary Clinton, grandmother of ISIS, Common Core, and for whom Soros’s Center for American “Progress” was created.  Imagine the July 4th celebration in Italy he has every year and what must be going through both their minds as they sit watching the fireworks in Italy pretending to give a shit.  He’s also supposed to head to Rio for the Olympics. Zika isn’t a thing. Well it’s about as big a thing as Ebola…needed to push for “emergency funds”.  Many people aren’t aware that of the $1.1 billion dollars in the budget for Zika funding, Obama already planned on pulling over $500 million of it to fund his UN Climate Agenda that Congress would not.  Never mind because today Senate Democrats voted against the bill to fund it.  If they really were “for the children”, passing this bill should have been a no-brainer. George Clooney only says he goes to dangerous places. In reality, he just sticks for the pre-arranged photo ops.

Once the summer is over, I’ve researched this more, and we see how the August 1st Syria “red line” plays out, I’ll update the big piece with pics, more links, etc.  Until then, enjoy your summer!







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