The Clooney (Clinton) Foundation for “Justice”


The “Clooney Foundation for Justice” is now a thing.  The great “humanitarians” are opening a “school” in Lebanon, Amal’s place of birth supposedly, to help “educate” the “refugees’. Praise Allah!  Anyone paying attention from the beginning knows the Clooneys could care less about “democracy”, “human rights”, “education” or “children” and their definition of “justice” is completely subjective.  They care about their financial bottom line and pushing globalist politics.  Period.  The “little guy” and “children” are the least of their concerns but a means to an end.  The unlikely pairing of George Clooney with anything remotely related to kids, let alone education, as well as Amal’s “mothering” of Nadia Murand is analyzed in the last few chapters of “The Clooneys:  Enemies of Democracy” which are pasted below. A quick analysis of the “Clooney Foundation for Justice” follows.

Chapter 24:  The Clooney’s Education Initiatives

Now we know about Clooney and the “100 Lives” co-founders agendas, consider let’s look at the two “education” projects with which the Clooneys are involved.  The United World College in Dilijan , Armenia is Vardanyan’s baby.  This is the school where the Amal Clooney Scholarship is applicable towards a “two year international baccalaureate program”. This school opened in 2013, coincidentally the same year Amal supposedly entered George’s life. This 2 year program costs about $70,000.  Why?  If the Clooneys are so concerned about “education” for the “disadvantaged”, why attach their names to a school only the 1% can afford?   Supposedly “The average fee paid by students at UWC Dilijan is less than 10% of the full fee, and many students pay nothing at all. The scholarships come from donations from the college’s supporters who believe in the vision of our Founders and the  UWC mission and wish to create a world-class centre of educational excellence in the region.”  There is no confirmation that Amal’s scholarship covers that whole amount or from where the money comes. The Clooneys never pay for anything out of pocket. They fundraise and/or demand the UN tax “rich” nations to pay for their ‘humanitarian” work as part of a forcible wealth redistribution scheme. So what gives?


This very well might tie to their globalization goals through education as with the common core curriculum.  Take this United World College, which has quite the UN sounding title.  Checking the “mission” statement, many of the UN approved terms used are also Common Core aligned:  “Sustainability”, “compassion”, “respect for the environment”, “idealism”, “diversity”, “peace”, “justice”…”social indoctrination”. All of these terms are, of course, keywords to the UN 2020 Agenda. There is nothing in the mission statement or on the “values” page about academics. The site continues, “That baccalaureate program again takes a holistic approach to educate the young mind not only in the curriculum, but tend to their emotional needs as well as inculcate a sense of internationalism in them”.  Emotional needs? “Internationalism”?  There is a difference between identifying as a citizen of a sovereign nation who part takes in a global economy. It is not the same as being a ‘global citizen” ruled by a global governing body.  Pushing this globalist agenda has made George very, very rich as well as his 1% handlers by forcibly redistributing the “wealth” of the 99% in the west to themselves via the UN while doing pretty much close to nothing for the environment or the “human rights” missions they claims to support. This “education” initiative in Armenia is just one more way to indoctrinate the UN agenda into children thousands of miles away from their families…because it takes a (UN) village with the parental role secondary.  In addition, there is the UWC school and then the “movement”.  The “movement’s” mission is to “make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.  Hmm..sounds ripe for a GEMS type situation.  Only time will tell as the first class did not start until August of 2014, the month before the wedding.


The other education initiative that the Clooneys, along with Selma Hayek and Richard Gere claim to be involved with is   Scholas Occurrentes, the initiative with Pope Francis that started on  August 14, 2013.  Interesting that anti-open borders Pope Benedict “retired” in 2013, the first pope to step down in 600 years, paving the way for pro-open borders Francis in 2013, the same year George “met’ Amal. The same year the Armenian school opened. Anyway, its mission is listed “To link schools and educative networks around the world by means of different types of pedagogical,

sports and artistic proposals aimed at improving education and achieving inclusion of communities with fewer resources through an active commitment of all social stakeholders. The VISION of Scholas Occurrentes is ‘to transform the world into an inclusive and educative society’.”  Sounds a whole lot like the Armenian initiative, no? The website states, “We want to have 30% of the world’s population participating in this new concept of open-sided education, through the technological, sports and artistic revolution proposed by Scholas.”  Open sided education from an open borders pope working with open borders education at facilities with open border entertainment supporters as the face. One might argue that at least the Pope put his “money where his mouth is” when he agreed to take a few Syrian refugee families back to the Vatican from Lesbos.  The reality was shattered, though, when he left a Syrian Christian brother and sister duo behind in lieu of all Syrian Muslims.  “Important values”.

Pope goes Hollywood

Lorena Bianchetti, one of the organizers of the event, said that “Important values can be transmitted by celebrities”, adding that the actors had agreed to be ambassadors for one of the foundation’s arts projects.  However, it was not clear from initial reports what the celebrities in attendance had actually done to merit the positions but, as the Soros leaks prove that he has tried and continues to attempt to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda, it is not so shocking that the atheist from a Catholic family and his Israeli hating Muslim bride who do his bidding every other time were chosen for this event. Explains the other “stars” involved, too, as they have

close Clooney ties:   Selma Hayek was George’s co-star in “From Dusk to Dawn” and Richard Gere is the ex-husband of Clooney’s best friend’s wife, Cindy Crawford, who has been married to Casamigos co-owner and Clooney best bud Rande Gerber for almost 20 years. These three attended a meeting at the Vatican to receive the “Olive Medal” for peace at a Vatican event. Peace? Obviously the pope was not aware of Clooney’s long history of warmongering for financial gain. Anyway, they broke bread to, at least for the pope, promote Scholas Occurrentes, an “arts organization founded by Pope Francis that aims to bring together children from different backgrounds, with the hope of achieving peace and understanding”. Children? Since when is George Clooney an advocate for children?

Clooneys Pope 2

Since when he could use “the children” to command this very public platform to not only attempt to reinforce their fake “humanitarian” profiles but to push the open borders agenda while taking a seemingly veiled swipe at Donald Trump when he praised the “wonderful program” that enables “many different religions to speak of inclusion, because we know that hatred and fundamentalist attitudes are learned and inculcated” even though the Pope left the Syrian Christians behind. Leave it to Clooney to politicize a meeting with the Pope. Time will tell if this falls the way of other “education” initiatives of the elites…promise everything, deliver nothing, and pocket a whole lot of cash much like Bill Clinton and GEMS Education.


The DNC leaks revealed in the Clinton “pay to play” schemes that “former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from an entity dubbed GEMS Education, and that he was also named its “honorary chairman” from 2011 to 2014. Based in Dubai, GEMS is the world’s leading Sharia Law education center with a network of more than 100 schools across the Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  The company also seems to have contributed millions of dollars more to the Clinton Foundation itself. Daily Caller images (7).jpgreports that Bill and Hillary’s joint tax returns “corroborate the former president’s role with GEMS.”  Counter-terrorism analyst and former intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin said of the Clinton’s relationship with GEMS, “Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda?”  Indeed. Then again, Bill was “honorary chairman” of an international Sharia Law education center during the same time the Islamafication of public education via the Common Core curriculum in the United States was taking place under Clooney co-horts Hillary, Obama and Vartan Gregorian.  These are the same types of questions asked when Clooney suddenly decided to get married because he met “the (Muslim) one”.  2014, the year Bill ended his “honorary chair” position, is the year of the great Clooney wedding.

The Clooneys “pro education” smokescreen is already starting to show cracks.  In June of 2016, Amal Clooney, she of an extreme life of privilege who never worked a real job in her life and who uses her current position to force her views on the world, hit up entrepreneurs in Monaco as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at a conference to beg the private

amal-clooney-in-giambattista-valli-at-ey-world-entrepreneur-of-the-year-in-monaco-8sector for money for two “education” initiatives she and her husband are setting up with the UN, of course, for Syrian “refugee” children.  What these initiatives specifically entail is not known as of yet because “the educational side of this program has not been initiated because of lack of funds.” The woman got how big of an hourly raise for getting married and her husband is worth how much?  They can’t start it up themselves? In fact, have they put any cash up themselves? Probably not. The Clooneys are socialists. They hate free market capitalism. Only the crony capitalism that benefits the 1% via socialism to keep them rich is acceptable so this is quite a new development…begging capitalists for money.  Then again, as they plan on partnering with the UN, no doubt people like you and me will be forced to fund “education” for “Syrian refugee children”.  But is it really for “Syrian refugee children”? Of course not. Amal says, “the way the private sector can help is that, for instance, we could be designing a software programme that allows these observers to input information in a more uniform manner, so that we can ultimately compare one trial to another and eventually get something like a justice index, where you can compare one court to amal-clooney-in-giambattista-valli-at-ey-world-entrepreneur-of-the-year-in-monaco-10another. And [that would mean] governments could no longer hide behind the courts to the extent that they do at the moment.” A justice index? Who determines the rational for this “justice index”? The UN? Her? What does that have to do with academically educating children? Nothing. It might go to the $70K/year school in Armenia using Amal’s subjective “justice index” to indoctrinate the kids into what is “fair”..what are “important values”….and what are “not” for “global citizens”.  George was not on hand to shill for their great upcoming UN Superpower Couple education endeavor…but her mommy was, and her blog was quick to inform us that this crusader for the downtrodden who hits up everyone else for money wore a GIAMBATTISTA VALL Floral-Cloqué Dress that cost a mere $2,650.

Chapter 21:  Clooney “Democracy” Takes a Hit 

2016 was to be the relaunch of the Clooneys as “humanitarians” in their push to derail the worldwide collapse of their 1% politics. The opposite happened. See, Clooney famously stated in 2013 after Obama’s re-election about Obamacare, “People keep talking about how this has to be a great negotiation, but there isn’t any negotiating a law. We negotiate on all these other topics, but this was put into law, and [Obama] obamacarewas reelected on it. It was reaffirmed, it was passed through the Supreme Court — it’s a law. You don’t like it? Win an election. That’s how it works. That’s how the country works. But you don’t get to shut down the government because of it. That’s not how it works.”  There is no negotiating a law? Oh, my. Maybe not in tyrannical globalist 1% politics but there surely is in a constitutional republic. Then again, the 1% are not affected by Obamacare in any capacity as they have the time and money to get the care they deem best whenever and wherever they want, even if it means creating a huge carbon footprint as he did just before his wedding in September of 2014 when he took a private jet to Germany to see a private physician about back problems.  So his snarky advice was to win an election? People took it.  Win an election the opposition did—many of them. The politics that Clooney has shoved down our throats (but from which he himself is exempt) were resoundingly defeated in the midterm elections of 2014 in the United States. Not only was there a historic “sweep” with democrats losing local and state races across the country, but the GOP also elected women, minorities, and much younger candidates in, as The Huffington Post said, “a legislative body that has historically been dominated by older, white men”. The primary reasons for this “sweep” involved opposition to Obamacare, the Islamic State insurgency, the border crisis—basically the economy which has rapidly declined under Obama and national security which is non-existent in a “global citizen” world.  The icing on the proverbial cake that tempered Clooney’s hubris was when in matt-bevin-job-creatorNovember of 2014 his homestate of Kentucky “lost four of the five statewide constitutional offices they held coming into the election, including the governor’s office for just the second time since 1971”.  That governor, Matt Bevin, is a Tea Party candidate—the same Tea Party that sat in solidarity with Elie Weisel during Netanyahu’s speech against a nuclear Iran.  Clooney’s politics have been rejected soundly nationally and not just by “gun clinging Bible thumpers” but by American citizens who see what is happening to our country. It is no longer Democrat versus Republican. It is citizens versus globalists. By now, we know on which side Clooney resides.

The trouncing of his politics is not just domestic, though. It is worldwide, especially regarding the Soros orchestrated “migrant crisis”.  In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) has stepped in against the tide of “refugees”.  Denmark’s Danish People’s Party (DF) has been so successful that it now has the balance of power and has threatened to topple the government if it attempts to soften its stance on immigration. The Finns Party (PS) in Finland is essentially left-wing with its economic policies but is allied to a hardline stance on immigration.  In France, the Front National (FN) party stunned Europe with its rise to power which came about due to its concerns about high immigration and home grown extremism. Germany. Greece. Hungary (already noted as their Prime Minister called out Soros for orchestrating this “migrant crisis”).  Clooney’s favorite spot on the planet, Italy, has seen the far right Northern League party make real strides against the socialist government due to the “migrant crisis” with a landslide 50% of the vote in regions of Veneto and Lombardy.  It also got 20% of the electorate in Tuscany, the left-wing heartland of the Democratic Party.  The Netherlands. Sweden is on the verge of collapse. Switzerland. Keep in mind Europe has watched these “refugees” erase their borders for many years now, long before they started erasing the U.S. border.  They know that the majority of those coming are not “women and children” but young, healthy men and only about half are from Syria. Most claim they are not fleeing because of war but for the “benefits” the west has to offer, which is why they land in welfare states.


There is a reason why none of the rich Arab nations in the Middle East such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain are taking these “war refugees”.  They have denied them entry mostly due to fears of terrorism. Clooney’s 13697051_1025003457606531_6305453888819824_nbuddies do not want them and as Clooney’s beloved migrants arrive in his cherished Lake Como, it seems neither he, Amal, nor the other 1% residents want them:

 “The new pictures of migrants taking over Como’s main train station come a week after residents expressed concerns over the growing numbers of migrants camping as they wait to slip over the nearby border into Switzerland.

Swiss authorities have placed an effective shut down on their border to asylum seekers, meaning women, men and children have been forced to camp out in the glitzy Italian town.”

Before June, migrants were able to board a train in Como to cross the border into Switzerland where they would claim refuge or carry on to Germany.

However, as Swiss politicians fear an influx of migrants similar to Germany last year, they have cracked down on border entries.”

Nowhere is George seen telling Lake Como residents that they’re not “doing enough”.  In fact, “The Swiss Government announced plans yesterday to increase the speed of processing asylum seekers after two-thirds of the Swiss electorate voted for the plan in a recent referendum.”  It pays to be rich and know the problems they create can go away with a couple of greased palms.  Clooney does have special “privacy” laws written for himself and the Mrs. in Italy, and they have a gate and CCTV installed around their British mansion, so their biggest risk is probably a decrease in property values.  The rest of the world, however, is supposed to drop their borders, share their wealth, and allow the Muslim invasion to occur as a “humanitarian” effort or risk being called a “xenophobe”.

June of 2016 proved the biggest hit in the Clooney/Soros globalization push.  First off, Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty was before the Supreme Court and, with Justice Scalia dead and the likes of UN backed justices like Sotomayor and Kagan on the bench, the possibility for a “win” seemed better than ever, even though per the Constitution, it should have been a 8-0 decision.  The decision came to a 4-4 split, thus effectively ending Obama’s amnesty for 11 million illegals as well as his halting of deportations and non-enforcement of our immigration laws.  This came as a shock to the Soros crew as the Soros leaks revealed that they had banked on a victory.  Soros had, after all, applied pressure to “secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement” while Obama had the language “expanded” to include mass influx from Central America.  Have no fear, the Department of “Justice” is “reviewing” the decision. Why? SCOTUS is the “law”, right? Obamacare? Gay Marriage? Only when it suits the agenda.  A Clooney/Soros “Democratic” SCOTUS victory would have completely eliminated our borders while automatically legalizing ELEVEN MILLION UNVETTED illegals, key for November, and paved the way for the North American Union, much like the European Union which had its own death knell this week.


Then, in a historical referendum, and to the dismay and amazement of the globalists who have run rampant over the laws of sovereign nations the last 20 years or so, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. This “democracy in action”, much like, say, the South Sudan vote in 2012, could conceivably cause the collapsed of the vaunted European Union. This has caused globalists like George Soros to have public meltdowns of epic proportions.  The EU was the model “superstate” for the few “superstates” the globalists have worked on fusing together for most of the last 40 years.  Makes ruling easier as a few large bodies instead of many small ones.  As of now, nine other countries have called for similar types of referendums, forcing the elites of the EU to publicly reveal their long held plan of eliminating sovereign nations to create one superstate. The “open borders society” these globalists have pursued “politically” for decades took a huge hit twice in the same day last week, and not a word from Mr. Democracy.


It does seem that the PR spin was ready for the UN Supercouple to take the reigns with the expected victories in both cases, though, as an obviously staged pap event occurred in Italy the night before these two decisions, presenting the Clooneys as all “loved up and on vacation” at a “romantic dinner”…with about 30 other people.

However, it was not reported publicly until after both votes and with little fanfare. Was there a whole story written about the “success of Obama’s amnesty at SCOTUS” combined with the “People of Britain having spoken in support of open borders” to portray the Clooneys as some sort of advocates for “humanitarian globalism” planned to coincide with their smiling faces of celebration as the pics were held off until the day AFTER the referendums? Instead, this story went into seemingly limited release, focused heavily on her outfit (of course) and mentioned the papal visit again.  One would think that “Mr. Democracy” would be staging press conferences chastising those evil 1% globalists calling for a Brexit do-over as a champion of the “little guy”.  Of course not. This is a guy who said the people of California got Prop 8 wrong…twice…and then celebrated when five unelected justices overturned the votes of tens of millions of people to fit the Soros gay agenda. He did the same when SCOTUS rewrote Obamacare from the bench (which is illegal) forcing us all into that. Besides, the leader of the “re-vote” brigade is none other than Mr. Khan, who appeared with Amal’s buddy Prime Minister David Cameron at a “Vote Leave” rally, and Mr. Soros. George would never think of selling out his top sugar daddy. In the meantime, the 1% puppets in the media, as orchestrated, threw cries of “xenophobia” and “racist” at those who voted to leave….

The Clooneys are not concerned with the human rights violations in these mostly Sharia run countries because their goal is to import it to the Western world.  There are 88 Sharia courts in Amal’s base country of England, and it has started to infiltrate the U.S.  They accomplish this by silencing dissenters of open borders with cries of “islamophobia”, “racism” and “xenophobia”. This is why , on Monday, December 28th, 2015, the Clooneys’ employer, George Soros , publically called on voters to “resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz” in an op-ed forThe Guardian entitled “The Terrorists and Demagogues Want Us to be Scared. We Mustn’t Give In”. From there, as expected, he went on to condemn the non-existent “Islamophobia” of the likes of Cruz and Trump and says we must “reaffirm our commitment to the principles of an open society”.  George and Amal then used their public platforms not to condemn terrorism or the genocide of Christians by Muslim extremists worldwide but to use it to label the “right wing extremists”, who, at this rate, are anyone in the world who do not agree with their globalists politics, and their “xenophobia” the real problem in order to push the “open borders” “open society” agenda.

In between the Hail Caesar flop and the Cannes premiere of the Lara Alameddine co-produced Money Monster, George took the cue from his handler to whine about Trump’s supposed “xenophobia” in interviews, claiming that is not who “we” are before getting on board with the #imwithher Hillary Clinton campaign. Keep in mind that the current state of the Middle East, including the “refugee crisis” which exploded in just the past few years, was set up under Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of

State. Keep in mind that the current Libyan debacle is the cornerstone of Hillary’s foreign policy. Remember she blamed a YouTube video for the Benghazi attack and let an innocent film director sit in prison to take the fall. Talk about a free speech violation.  And, of course, there is the War on Women that is Bill Clinton.  This is who the Clooneys support. They helped Clinton raise over $15 million dollars for her campaign via two fundraisers, one in San Francisco hosted by an Iranian Muslim, Shervin Pishevar, and one at their house in Los Angeles where they charged $343K/couple.  Immediately public backlash commenced over the amounts being

thrown around by these 1%ers who pretend to be for the “little guy” while vilifying “big money in politics”. George said he would not have to host such events if Citizens United was overturned by the Supreme Court. No, Clooney is not woefully misinformed. Neither is Mrs. Clinton. They know Citizens United was one case, not a law; however, he and Hillary stump for votes on this issue because if they get their way and eventually this ruling is “overturned”, it erodes more of the first amendment which we have already seen the Clooneys try to undermine from “ethically mined diamonds” in the Congo to “Islamophobia” in the west to the gay agenda in the U.S. forcing religious institutions to violate their beliefs under the guise of “tolerance” and “equality”. The Clooneys hate our first amendment.

As such, Amal, too, turned her attention to Donald Trump, purposefully misquoting him while having the audacity to claim she understood “American values”.  Amal Clooney would recognize an American value if it bit her.

American values.png

Rick Wells of Constitution Rising states:

“She said, ‘If you actually look at what [Trump] specifically says in that now infamous speech about Muslims, he kept saying, ‘They only want jihad; they don’t believe in our way of life; they don’t respect our system…And when he says ‘they’… And, you know, you watch the media coverage afterwards and people should’ve been saying, ‘Do you mean the 1.5 billion people around the world who fit that description? Do you mean the people who are U.S. citizens, who are members of your military, the vast majority of whom are not extremist or violent in any way?’”

Actually he was describing foreigners coming into America, as you well know, Mrs. CAIR mouthpiece, not citizens and not military members, although Nidal Hasan made the point that they should be scrutinized. And most of those 1.5 billion people aren’t coming into the United States; for the small percentage who are, yes – he means them.

She didn’t feel compelled to ask if he meant the terrorists that blew up the airport in Brussels or killed 130 innocent people in Paris or 14 in San Bernardino or the service men in Chattanooga. She didn’t mention the argumentative, non-assimilating and threatening foreigners that we all have the unpleasant occasion to deal with, who demand that we cater to their wishes, including a separate legal and banking system, prayer times during the work day and other accommodations. She should be familiar with the ones who demand special considerations under the threat of legal action.

She also doesn’t bother to ask about the forced importation against our will of uncivilized foreigners and others who might be civilized but whose cultures are incompatible with our Constitution and therefore with the basic most premise for immigration.”

Of course she does not mention any of this. It does not fit the narrative. She and her husband have both claimed, falsely but true to their narrative, that Trump’s comments are “islamophobic” and “xenophobic”.  Interesting, then, that Democrats currently have a bill before Congress to criminalize any negative speech regarding Islam. If passed, Trump could be charged with the same type of crime as the gentleman Amal represented in Armenia. She does not support “free speech”. She supports “controlled speech”.


One aspect of “democracy” the DNC leaks helped prove no longer exists is that of an impartial media. Press talking points from May 5th state Hillary is their candidate.  CNN is, indeed, the “Clinton News Network as the DNC fed CNN the questions they


wanted to be asked in interviews.  POLITICO’s Ken Vogel emailed his stories to the DNC before publishing them. The DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories and discussing their relationship with NBC, MSNBC, CNN & how to get bettertreatment.  Back when Amal did her propaganda press tour with NBC for her great “human rights” work with former President of the Maldives Mohammed Nasheed, many wondered not only how or why this case garnered such attention in the US but why, when she got to Britain, she had her own NBC videographer/photographer who she called out by name walking out of the airport with her?  Now we know why. NBC is a propaganda network for the Clinton machine and the DNC.  In the DNC leaks, Chuck Todd specifically comes up, at one point asking

for “clearance” to comment on an “approved” talking point.   Later Julian Assange called Todd out for his “Sloppy journalism”.   Not so shocking now that both George and Amal appeared with him to push their falsified talking points and to push their hate for Trump, the first amendment, and, well, democracy. They have been trolling the world with their “control the narrative” talking points (at least Amal and her mother, “journalist” Baria Alamuddin have over in the Middle East).   It was during her Nasheed propaganda press junkets that Amal declared “Democracy is dead”. The Clooneys helped kill it.

Democracy is Dead meme

Then there is the proof that the DNC rigged the primary against Sanders to benefit Hillary, including using his religion against him.  Remember when George alluded support for Bernie? Did he mean it? Maybe.  Perhaps he’d signed his life away to

George Soros long ago in exchange for supporting this woman later as I have long deduced.  Then again, he more than likely knew the system was rigged and she would win. The greatest humanitarian supercouple on the planet cannot support a loser, can they? Of course not. Between Soros funds greasing the palms of Obama appointed judges to have common sense voter ID laws overturned in GOP states, busing in “refugees” illegally throughout the states where Voter ID laws have been overturned, the voter fraud already on the record to confirming its existence, and Hollywood and the media so far in the tank for her as the DNC leaks prove, she really cannot lose. It wouldn’t matter who her opponent is.  Democracy is dead?  Seems that way…and the Clooneys have led the charge.

This is why the relationship between Amal, Assange, Hillary, and Eric Schmidt of Google is so interesting.  She was Assange’s lawyer, now she backs Hillary as Assange attempts to bring Hillary down as Amal is super cozy White House helper Eric Schmidt.  Something must have happened when Clooney entered the picture because Assange’s tone soured quite a bit.  Just shy of one month before the great nuptials, Julian Assange released a book entitled “Google is Not What It Seems”.  In it, he

details the “special relationship” between Google, Hillary Clinton, and the State Department, much of which ties to all that we are finding out now.  In this extract, he focuses mostly on the relationship between Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen.  It ends with his critique of the Schmidt/Cohen book released in April of 2013 titled “The New Digital Age:  Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Businesses”.  By the time it came out, Assange:

“had formally sought and received political asylum from the government of Ecuador, and taken refuge in its embassy in London. At that point I had already spent nearly a year in the embassy under police surveillance, blocked from safe passage out of the UK. Online I noticed the press hum excitedly about Schmidt and Cohen’s book, giddily ignoring the explicit digital imperialism of the title and the conspicuous string of pre-publication endorsements from famous warmongers like Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Bill Hayden and Madeleine Albright on the back.   Billed as a visionary forecast of global technological change, the book failed to deliver—failed even to imagine a future, good or bad, substantially different to the present. The book was a simplistic fusion of Fukuyama “end of history” ideology—out of vogue since the 1990s—and faster mobile phones. It was padded out with DC shibboleths, State Department orthodoxies, and fawning grabs from Henry Kissinger. The scholarship was poor—even degenerate. It did not seem to fit the profile of Schmidt, that sharp, quiet man in my living room. But reading on I began to see that the book was not a serious attempt at future history. It was a love song from Google to official Washington. Google, a burgeoning digital superstate, was offering to be Washington’s geopolitical visionary.”

Her husband continued this narrative during the Money Monster press tour, starting on the red carpet in Cannes, especially with the recent election of the first Muslim as mayor of London. download Sadiq Khan is an open borders supporter who refers to himself as the “Muslim George Clooney”. He, too, has already jumped on the “Trump is xenophobic” bandwagon; however, his true colors are showing much more quickly.  Just a few days prior to the election, he referred to imagesmoderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms” and the day after getting elected, he threatened Trump to “let in Muslims, or they will attack America”.  Kahn has a long history of association with radical Muslims, but, like Amal, he claims it was only because of his “human rights” job. He has since declared that he is going to set up “online hate crime hubs” in “partnership” with social media firms.  Who decides what “crimes” or “language” is subjective? His handlers.

It is worth noting, then, that Soros’s “Enough Project” was holding in London the same time the Clooneys were in Cannes, a “Global Anti-Corruption Summit Could Be ‘Game-Changing’ for Africa” which, as discussed, probably has nothing to do with Africa and everything to do with agenda pushing. The point of said summit is to

address “corruption” but not the Clinton Foundation, Soros’s “dark money” funneled through CAP, nor the money Amal’s Uncle Ziad has hidden offshore as noted in the Panama Papers.  This more than likely means it will focus on which areas need invading via the “Responsibility to Protect” to procure resources for the 1% as a “humanitarian” effort. The pattern already exists.  In doing so, the push for an “open society” moves forward.  Secretary of State John Kerry, who at a commencement speech earlier this week told students to prepare for a “borderless world”, was scheduled to attend as was UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who advocated for Britain to remain in the E.U. and, after meeting Amal, referred to Nasheed as a “friend”.  The timing is not coincidental. As the Clooneys arrived in Cannes, Amal with her $3,000 purse and George in jeans and a T-shirt advertising his Casamigos Tequila, the pro open border, pro globalist Soros crew of Clooney’s “humanitarian” Enough Project was in Muslim run London figuring out new ways to manipulate language to facilitate the UN takeover of sovereign nations. Smoke and mirrors.

Once in Cannes, George, usually the center of attention at these types of film festival events, kept a really low profile.  The only seemingly staged “spontaneous” pap shots they got were at a restaurant far from the red carpet where he dined not with his friends or his co-stars but with Amal’s relatives and Up in the Air and Money MonsterAmal Dan Ring Cannes co-producers Daniel Dubiecki and Lara Alameddine with Amal in a $2,000 top and her “ethically mined diamond” on full display.  Then the moment came. Her highness took to the red carpet decked out in a $100K dress, prepared to take the world by storm.  She managed to get herself included in the cast photos wearing bright yellow to stand out as everyone was in black. However, true to form, she proved once again a PR fabrication. She tripped going up the steps, needing her man to help her get up and walk to the top, and once again attempted a crotch shot.  Classless, tasteless, and certainly detracted from the “UN Hollywood Superpower Couple” the headlines were pre-written to push.  Compared to Blake Lively, who showed up not only in the same dress but in a different color, pregnant, and solo, Amal looks the antithesis once again of the strong, independent, feminist her dossier claims to be.Amal vs Blake Cannes

Whether it be the “training exercise” mistaken as a possible ISIS attack outside the Clooneys 5 star hotel or some other issue, they high tailed it out of France the next day and by all accounts headed back to their newly refurbished $15 million compound in 013913cd5cc19adca561e0c2bd40fdf1a786b388f6Britain complete with gates and closed circuit television, missing the documentary Risk about Amal’s (former?) client Assange and, of course, Clinton Cash about which George knows a lot.  If they fled due to a possible ISIS attack to the walls and security Clooneys home collageof their mega mansion, as members of the 1%, that is not to be interpreted as Islamophobia, especially since Amal likes to pull the Muslim card when it suits her. While in England, George headed off to see his friend Richard Kind in his final Clooneys Kind West Endperformance on the West End as Amal appeared at a Google Zeitgeist event at the Grove Hotel in London with Eric Schmidt from Google. Knowing that the Clooneys believe in “controlling the narrative” and knowing that Google works intimately with the Obama administration to control it’s “narrative”, it is not surprising that Schmidt gave Amal airtime to claim she “beat Cherie Blair” and “won” Nasheed’s case.  At one point, Schmidt put her in her place and, great attorney and feminist she claims to be, she capitulated to the patriarchy, sat there and took it.

Chapter 22:  The “Refugee Crisis”


We know that the Clooneys, the Clintons, and the globalists are using the “refugee crisis” to facilitate the downfall of sovereign nations in exchange for a 1% global governance via the UN.  That the masses cannot see how remains a mystery.  “Human rights” and “humanitarianism” have been their siren calls to force their agenda onto the world because only an animal would be against these items, especially where women and children are concerned.  How often do we hear about the “women and children” fleeing the “war torn” Middle East or “the children” arriving at the border?  Then the pictures….always some pathetic looking child or children, much like the media manipulation with Bob Geldof’s “Feed Africa” push in the 1980’s…wealth redistribution. He is incredibly wealthy. Africa is still starving.  Same with this agenda. One look at what the Clooneys and Clintons support where women, children, and gays are concerned, and we see they are the enemy.


Hillary and George claim their huge support for women and gays makes Hillary the “humanitarian” choice for President. Wrong.  Hillary and the Clooneys have deep ties to Muslim extremist groups, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood, where women are treated like objects and gays even worse.  Obama’s vaulted “Arab Spring” which saw the Brotherhood forcibly put into power in many Middle Eastern nations the establishment of which began under Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State with close to $2 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer dollars, was not a progression to democracy but a regression to repression.  When the Muslim Brotherhood took over from the deposited Mubarak in Egypt, a Sharia Law compliant Constitution was immediately IMG_2055enforced.  Under Sharia Law, women have no power and are treated as mostly second class citizens.  According to “Sharia Law:  Islamic Sharia Law”, “A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage at age 9, a girl’s clitoris should be cut, and beat his wife for insubordination”.  Conversely a woman, “must have four male witnesses to prove a rape, cannot testify against her accused rapist, inherits only half of what a male heir inherits, cannot drive a car, and cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband” among other items.  These are the people “pro-women” Hillary and Obama and subsequently “human rights activist” George Clooney put into power.  Furthermore, in 2013, when the U.N. voted to ratify the declaration titled “End Violence Against Women” this same Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt released an official statement saying this declaration would “unravel the very fabric of the civilized world” where control, particularly over women, lies “firmly in the hands of men”.  There were ten points specifically which they did not want women to have as a result of this declaration:

  • Granting girls full sexual freedom, as well as the freedom to decide their own gender and the gender of their partners (i.e., choose to have normal or homo- sexual relationships), while raising the age of marriage.
  • Providing contraceptives for adolescent girls and training them to use those, while legalizing abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, in the name of sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Granting equal rights to adulterous wives and illegitimate sons resulting from adulterous relationships.
  • Granting equal rights to homosexuals, and providing protection and respect for prostitutes.
  • Giving wives full rights to file legal complaints against husbands accusing them of rape or sexual harassment
  • Equal inheritance (between men and women).
  • Replacing guardianship with partnership, and full sharing of roles within the family between men and women such as: spending, child care and home chores
  • Full equality in marriage legislation such as: allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, and abolition of polygamy, dowry, men taking charge of family spending, etc.
  • Removing the authority of divorce from husbands and placing it in the hands of judges, and sharing all property after divorce.
  • Cancelling the need for a husband’s consent in matters like: travel, work, or use of contraception.

This seems quite a contradictory platform to those claiming to be “human rights” activist specifically “for women”.  Then again, check out the Clinton Crime Syndicate to see the history of their personal “war on women”.  In any event, the Egyptian people saw thorough this charade, and in 2013 an Egyptian uprising saw over 20 million citizens march to overthrow the Brotherhood, Sharia Law, and the Obama/Clinton/Clooney agenda.  Jay Kekulow of Foxnews wrote,

“Against this backdrop of Sharia and jihad – and hidden behind the blanket news coverage of the Obama administration’s other scandals – the White House has decided to increase its financial support for the Muslim Brotherhood, quietly clearing the way for the U.S. to give Egypt $1.3 billion in military aid.

On May 10, the very day that Lois Lerner issued her contrived apology for the IRS targeting conservative groups, (remember this first amendment violation from earlier?) Secretary of State John Kerry formally waived – on national security grounds – statutory requirements that he certify that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government was ‘implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association, and religion, and due process of law’ before providing any further American military aid.

Think about this for a moment: The Obama administration threw the Mubarak regime (for all its flaws, a stalwart American ally that kept peace with Israel) under the bus ostensibly because of its human rights violations but is waiving human rights conditions to prop up a more brutal jihadist government”.

In addition, both Hillary Clinton and George Clooney pride themselves on being big supporters of “gay rights”, yet they fundraise for and support the political ideology that treats not only women as second class citizens but gays, too. In 2008, Brotherhood Executive Bureau member Mahmoud Ghozlan emphasized that homosexuality needed to be outlawed. Then Fahad Qureshi, who founded Islam Net and is considered an Islamic leader in Norway, told a large group of Sunni Muslims that, contrary to media claims that it is only “radicals” and “extremists” who support barbaric punishments for those who violate Sharia, regular Muslims support such things, including the “death penalty for homosexuals” and “stoning for adultery.” Yes, these are the politics that the Clintons and the Clooneys support behind the scenes while pushing “human rights” and “equality” to the pop culture masses.


The Clintons and Clooneys have already helped establish Sharia based forms of government here. They already have.  The Obama administration has many Muslim Brotherhood members in high ranking positions.Additionally, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), was her Deputy Chief of Staff.Abedin worked from 1996 to 2003 at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA), a journal of Islamic supremacism founded by al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. At the same time Abedin also worked for Hillary Clinton in different capacities.  Naseef hired Abedin’s father, the late Dr. Zyed Abedin, to oversee the JMMA in Saudi Arabia. As Andrew McCarthy notes, “[t]he journal was operated under the management of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a virulently anti-Semitic and sharia-supremacist organization. When Dr. Abedin died, editorial control of the journal passed to his wife, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin — Huma’s mother.”  Abedin’s mother was also a “sociologist known for her strong advocacy of Sharia. A member of the Muslim Sisterhood (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood‘s division for women). Saleha is also a board member of the International Islamic Council for  Da’wa and Relief . This pro-Hamas entity is part of the Union of Good, which the U.S. government has formally designated as an international terrorist organization led by the Muslim Brotherhood luminary Yusuf al- Qaradawi.” Remember that rumors abounded at that time that Clooney tried to romance Abedin. He denied it. However, his rep Stan Rosenfield did confirm they had met and Ben Affleck stated that she helped as a “consultant” on “Argo”.


Furthermore, several cities in the U.S. are now governed by Sharia Law. The first city to do so was Dearborn, MI. This has led to states such as Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama to pass legislation “banning sharia”, which “human rights activists” promptly declared “xenophobic” and/or “islamophobic”.The term “islamophobia” was coined in the 1990’s, and became the focus of an active Muslim Brotherhood campaign after 9/11 led by Islamist lobby organizations, including several headed by Clooney co-hort Vartan Gregorian, financial backer of Clooney’s “100 Lives and Aurora Prize” initiative. Gregorian and various Muslim civil rights activists groups have pushed the notion that Americans are deeply prejudice against Muslims. Clooney did, too, the other day when he said, “If you listen to the loudest voices out there today, you’d think we’re a country that hates Mexicans, hates Muslims”. These people do have the megaphone of the U.N. making them the “loudest voices out there” because FBI data on hate crimes show this not to be the case. In fact, “prejudicial crimes” against Muslims have actually shown to decrease since 9/11. The globalists never let facts get in the way to agenda push, though. The faux indignation their “loudest voices” cry currently regarding “xenophobia” overshadows the ideology behind the radical Islam they are thus protecting which has detrimental policies towards the women and gays they claim to support in the U.S. Amazing.

Further proof? Remember the “Beverly Hills Hotel” incident a few years ago when a few of the Hollywood elite, like Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres,  “discovered” that the Sultan of Brunei, who owns the hotel, abides by Sharia Law?  It seemed a bit shocking that more celebrity “gay right” and “glass ceiling” activists like George Clooney did not help out.  Clooney will get arrested for protesting “human right violations” in the Sudan but not put his neck out for a cause in his own backyard that supports gays while calling out actual “human right” violations? No. That will not happen. Why? He and his political ilk support it, fund it, and get it set up in countries around the world.


Michelangelo Signorile from the Huffington Post states, “A far more abhorrent connection with the sultan than a few hotels is the trade pact with Brunei (and other Pacific nations), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which President Obama has been doggedly pursuing since 2009. As noted by Curtis Ellis of the American Jobs Alliance, ‘on the very day Brunei was phasing in Sharia law, Obama’s chief trade negotiator Michael Froman was on Capitol Hill selling the TransPacific Partnership, which would bind the U.S. to Brunei and give the Islamic Sultanate special economic privileges.’”   The “war on women” and “homophobia”, are only platforms used to promote faux rage and hate here to win elections in the United States.

As for Hillary’s ovaries, yes, America is ready for a woman President, just not this one so tied to Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood, and radicals around the world who want us eliminated.  Clinton, Clooney and Obama like to tell us whenever they can that “That’s not who we are”. Correct. We are not Sharia compliant U.N. subjects, and Hillary’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law prove she does not represent “who we are”.  In addition to her personal aide Huma Abedin’s deep Brotherhood ties, according to Matthew Vadum, author of “Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Operative Arrested in Egypt” from 2013:

“The arrest of Gehad el-Haddad, a Muslim Brotherhood leader arrested by Egyptian authorities for inciting violence, was a sobering reminder not just of how close Hillary Clinton’s network is to the Brotherhood but also of the extent to which Islamist enemies of the United States has infiltrated the American political establishment. A mere month after Haddad quit his Clinton Foundation job for full-time employment with the Brotherhood, the now-deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received an invitation to deliver a major address at the Clinton Global Initiative, a high-profile project of the foundation. Those who support the Global War on Terror should bear in mind that Haddad’s experience at the Clinton Foundation gave him the know-how to help build the terror apparatus, police state, and other oppressive institutions that would be required to turn Egypt into a totalitarian theocracy, which is the Brotherhood’s goal.”

Furthermore, one of the biggest human rights violators in the world is Saudi Arabia; however, when given the opportunity to call them out, the Clooneys do not. Amal had the perfect opportunity do so in her UAE speech last week but no. She went on about Tweeting, instead. Why? The Saudis are huge financial contributors to Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the democrat party.


A few examples of the human rights violations committed by this nation enabled by the silence and payoffs to those who claim to support the oppressed:

  • In October 2014, three lawyers, Dr.  Abdulrahman al-Subaihi, Bander al-Nogaithan and Abdulrahman al-Rumaih , were sentenced to up to eight years in prison for using Twitter to criticize the Ministry of Justice.
  • In March 2015, Yemen’s Sunni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was forced into exile after a Shia-led insurgency. A Saudi Arabia-led coalition has responded with air strikes in order to reinstate Mr Hadi. It has since been accused of committing war crimes in the country.
  • Women who supported the Women2Drive campaign, launched in 2011 to challenge the ban on women driving vehicles, faced harassment and intimidation by the authorities. The government warned that women drivers would face arrest.
  • All public gatherings are prohibited under an order issued by the Interior Ministry in 2011. Those defy the ban face arrest, prosecution and imprisonment on charges such as “inciting people against the authorities”.
  • In March 2014, the Interior Ministry stated that authorities had deported over 370,000 foreign migrants and that 18,000 others were in detention. Thousands of workers were returned to Somalia and other states where they were at risk of human rights abuses, with large numbers also returned to Yemen, in order to open more jobs to Saudi Arabians. Many migrants reported that prior to their deportation they had been packed into overcrowded makeshift detention facilities where they received little food and water and were abused by guards.
  • Raif Badawi was sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison for using his liberal blog to criticize Saudi Arabia’s clerics. He has already received 50 lashes, which have reportedly left him in poor health.
  • Dawood al-Marhoon was arrested aged 17 for participating in an anti-government protest. After refusing to spy on his fellow protestors, he was tortured and forced to sign a blank document that would later contain his ‘confession’. At Dawood’s trial, the prosecution requested death by crucifixion while refusing him a lawyer.
  • Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was arrested in 2012 aged either 16 or 17 for participating in protests during the Arab spring. His sentence includes beheading and crucifixion. He is the nephew of a prominent government dissident.


Further proof of Hillary’s “human rights” hypocrisy via Saudi Arabia came with her “Email Scandal”.  The emails showed that as Secretary of State, “Hillary Clinton made weapons transfer to the Saudi government a ‘top priority,’ according to her closest military aide. These emails showed that her aides kept her well-informed of the approval process for a $29.4 billion sale in 2011 of up to 84 advanced F-15SA fighters, manufactured by Boeing, along with upgrades to the pre-existing Saudi fleet of 70 F-15 aircraft and munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance, and logistics. The deal was finalized on Christmas Eve 2011. Afterward, Jake Sullivan, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and now a senior policy adviser on her presidential campaign, sent her a celebratory email string topped with the chipper message: ‘FYI — good news.’  Said fighters were used in a brutal Saudi air campaign in Yemen which killed at least 2,800 civilians and could amount to war crimes. War crimes? Clooney also said in her statement the other day that the “the loudest voices out there today…. thinks that committing war crimes is the best way to make America great again”.  Seems that ways in voting for Hillary.


However, as she, her hubby, and Hillary run around as the “loudest voices” for putting illegals over citizens, none of them have offered to house any of these “refugees” in their mega mansion nor have they offered to fund any of them directly. Hillary has Clooneys English Manor Finished.JPGarmed secret service protection. George had special privacy laws made for him and Amal in Italy. He has a fence and CCTV at their English estate.  In addition, when George and Amal met with  “refugees” after their staged visit with Angela Merkel,it 3w559c0-bildwas not a refugee camp but in a nicely furnished politician’s office with handpicked “refugees”…conveniently a woman and a child…with Amal dressed in her thousandssyrian-refugees of dollars of haute couture, full blow out, and done face.  At least when Angelina Jolie plays the role, she dresses down and  appears in a camp, even if it is raining. Of course, as two of the “loudest voices out there”, the Clooney’s job is to “narrative craft”, which is to scream “xenophobia” if one should question mass influx of unvetted migrants into one’s country instead of protecting the “human rights” of those oppressed by said unvetted migrants such as the Rotherdam  in the UK where it

is estimated that 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by gangs of British-Pakistani men, that was covered up for fear of “giving oxygen” to racism and 2015 New Year’s Eve attacks in  Cologne, Germany where over 500 women reported being raped or sexually assaulted.


Sure….let’s listen to Hillary, the one “adult in the room”, who takes selfies with the Kardashians.


It is no surprise, then, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) , the George Soros backed/Clooney friend Ed Miliband run “humanitarian” organization currently under investigation for fraud, announced a joint partnership with the 100 LIVES to “fund a

Clooneys Milliband Soros IRC

research program that will enable the IRC to provide vital assistance in the form of reliable and accountable cash distribution to those affected by the conflict in Syria”. Perhaps this “Cash First Roadmap” is the reason for the fraud investigation. It is listed as a “yearlong campaign which will propose a methodology to identify the country-level barriers to wider cash transfer programming but also inform the means to address them”. The IRC, which currently “deploys cash assistance to more than 113,000 beneficiaries in 19 countries, will use the Roadmap to further increase its capacity to implement cash programming, and shift focus away from the provision of less-effective, in-kind assistance”. They’re not even trying to hide their charity as a possible money laundering scheme anymore.  Miliband is getting a six figure salary as untitled-5President of this non-profit. Anyway, remember the moderator for Gareth Evans’s panel at the Aurora Dialogues was Gillian Sorensen, board member of the International Rescue Committee and senior advisor at the United Nations FoundationShe made the ridiculous claim that all Americans “were refugees at one point” to advocate for open borders.

These “affected by the Syrian conflict” individuals are not necessarily Syrian and less than 1% Christian.  They are being dropped off by the busloads unvetted in rural areas whoseideaswasfoxnewslatinoin the U.S such as Montana and Idaho and, unlike immigrants of the early 20th century, are not  assimilating,thus ignoring our Constitution while supporting Sharia law, and they are nor working as a large majority go on taxpayer funded welfare.  The Clooneys support the IRC for their “refugee resettlement” agenda in the U.S which has imported Muslims to terrorize citizens in Minnesota and to use threats from

Obama appointed judges to keep citizens from speaking out about the rape of a five year old girl in Idaho at the hands of these Iraqi and Sudanese “children migrants” that Amal Clooney is going to claim she supports.  Haven’t heard about either? “Control the narrative”.

All these ties to corruption are surely just coincidental and George in no way condones them…even though he continues to support and advocate for it as “humanitarian” leading to the July 31 “Darfur fundraising” event in Italy.  Darfur. George has made nada a mention about it since the referendum.  Correction…he has, with Soros lackey13900233_1039089322864611_2493407488113671610_n(1) Prendergast, written to the US government begging for more taxpayer money to be sent to his “charities” to “help with the dire humanitarian crisis” there. No. Sorry.  This story is getting old. Use his own money or show itemized, detail reports as to where all of this taxpayer money has gone.  It’s certainly not to those in South Sudan.  Nespresso has the coffee, Clooney has a fat Nespresso contract, and Technoserve, of which Soros’s brother Paul was a board member, is making bank off their crony contract with Nespresso.  See?  All the “right” people made the money.  As this “Darfur fundraiser” was held on July 3113895277_535228436661301_6702886099554409620_n, reports were still coming that for as fast as migrants are being processed out of the Como area, more kept arriving.  They are setting up camp in the 1% region, and Mr. Democracy’s neighbors are NOT pleased.  This was also just after the Democrat Convention, the DNC leaks discuss the “refugee” crisis and to complain about Trump.  Valerie Jarrett is also seen in several of the online shots sipping alcohol from an expensive flute wearing a designer beige suit. You know Valerie Jarrett?  Longtime Clooney friend. Iranian Muslim who promised to bring the United States to its knees during Obama’s second term?  Haven’t heard about any? “Control the narrative”.


Chapter 23: The Yazidis & The Sentry 

How, then, in spite of all we know about these two…her family connections to ISIS, their support of radical Islam, their hate for Israel and the democratic west …are we to believe that Amal is now going to “represent” an ISIS survivor?  We can believe it because (1) she’s a famewhore, (2) she has no soul when it comes to “winning” and (3) it’s the perfect PR case for a restaging of their “humanitarian” facade. Remember, Amal only “represents” as in “brings the press”. She doesn’t actually ever DO anything to legally help her clients. Fear, manipulation, lies, mocking democracy…never is it legit. In any event, timing is always an issue for the Clooneys.  Nadia Mourad and the Yazidis fell into their laps. Let’s follow the timeline and just leave it at that for now, keeping in mind the end game is border disintegration:

August 2014:  Yazidi genocide


September 2014:  Clooney Wedding


December 15th 2015:  Nadia addresses the United Nations Security Council


January 2016:  Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognizes ISIS killing of religious minorities as genocide

February 15th 2016:  Nadia campaigns in the UK


March 2016:   John Kerry declares US recognizes Yazidi massacre as genocide

April 2016:   

Matthew Barber no longer Executive Director of Yazda; now Ahmed Kudida Burjus.  Matthew served as an advocate for the Yazidi community following the crisis 2014-1015. He is now a “branch director” working on his PhD at the University of Chicago.


14        European Parliament recognizes ISIS killing of religious minorities as  genocide

18        John Jones , Amal Clooney’s co-counsel at DSC, commits “suicide”


21        MPs defy Cameron; vote unanimously to classify the treatment of Yazidis and Christians by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as genocide

23        Nadia Murad speaks in Yerevan, Armenia


24        George Clooney &  his handlers hit the jackpot for their push open borders as “humanitarian” during the “100 Lives” event in Armenia.  With Nadia as a guest, they put on quite the show.

May 2016:  

12        Cannes Film Festival


28        Meeting with the Pope


June 2016:

9          announcement that Amal Clooney will represent ISIS survivor Nadia Murad and other Yazidi genocide victims

14        all the correct bullying done, Amal can now release her statement:  ““The European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the U.S. government and the U.K. House of Commons have all recognized that there is a genocide being perpetrated by IS against the Yazidis in Iraq,” said Amal, who is married to Hollywood actor George Clooney in a statement to New York Times. She added that it was difficult for her to understand how such a heinous crime was being committed before everyone’s eyes and the perpetrators were not being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.”  No…she understands.  The reason the U.S. and UK held off on declaring this a genocide is because they do not normally during times of war so that proper war crimes can be prosecuted by the courts. It is not for governments to be the prosecutor, the judge or indeed jury, unless, of course, one is trying to establish a global governance over the laws of sovereign nations.

17           UN Recognises Yazidi Genocide

17        Amal Clooney and Yazda-Deputy Executive Director Ahmed Khudida Burjus Meet with UK Government (or at least the picture posted on Instagram was supposed to have given that impression). Until at least April of this year Matthew Barber was executive director of Yazda  who had conducted research among the Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan and was living there when IS attempted their genocide of the minority.


21        Senate hearings with Nadia Murad

“During the testimony, Democratic Sen. Tom Carper (Del.) asked whether or not the U.S. should accept more refugees from the Middle East, something Donald Trump says needs to be halted.

“Every country has the right to protect itself and its borders,” Murad replied,“but the people who are escaping from the religious discrimination and genocide should not face closed doors.”


23        SCOTUS decision—Obama’s executive amnesty unconstitutional

23         Brexit wins in the UK

29       John Jones memorial at The Hague

July 2016:  

6          John Jones memorial London

9          Nadia calls on UK to take more refugees

August 2016 :   

21     Inquest rules John Jones death not a suicide

24        Nadia spoke at The University of Queensland, Australia where the UQ Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Director Professor Alex Bellamy said the horrific suffering of the Yazidi people at the hands of the so-called Islamic State should be a wakeup call to the world.  “We need to redouble efforts to fulfill the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and shield the world’s most vulnerable people from atrocity crimes,” he said.

And here we are.  The Responsibility to Protect, which gives the UN the authority to erase the borders of any sovereign nation as it sees fit if they can make anything close to a “humanitarian” claim as the reason, has entered the conversation just as Amal and her handlers seem to have gotten a grip on their massive losses in June.

If this girl was not a Nobel Prize UN darling with a high public profile, Amal would probably have nothing to do with her.Please understand, as with Elie Weisel, there is no intent to make light of any of the horrors this girl faced. Actually, it is sickening that the Clooneys are using her for personal gain.  It’s all part of the plan, though. Remember this is not about ISIS or radical Islam.  This is about facilitating the open borders/the destruction of sovereign nations narrative as “humanitarian”.  The Clooneys remain silent on the women and children raped and murdered by the “refugees” who have been allowed passage via the Clooneys politics.  Anyone who second guesses this unvetted migrant push after events such as such as Rotherdam, the New Year’s Eve German assaults, the Swedish rapes, or the aforementioned rape of that disabled 5 year old girl in Idaho are deemed “xenophobes”.  How else might one guess this is all for show? Murad also said (or a publicist did), that Amal and George received me at their home and opened for me their hearts. “They listened passionately to my story, and Amal gifted me by representing my case. Amal gave me renewed hope by being my voice.”  Gifted with her presence? Angel of Mercy. This is a supposedly a DSC case.  If so, why was she at their home and not at the office? What does George have to do with it? Nothing because it is all for showShe is only making noise now because the media and public platform is there to help call for ousting Assad, something she has worked with the UN regarding for a long time…long before ISIS….while pushing open borders for “refugees” as Murad’s case also provides an opportunity for the great “humanitarians” to make their mark. The trifecta. Amal managed to get the memo that photo ops with those who appear to be actual refugees might work better than staged appearances with the cost of her outfits updated on her fashion blog since she took a camera with her to Greece.


Keep in mind, however, that the same day the elites in D.C. fawned all over Nadia as she gave her testimony before the Senate was the same day the drums renewed publicly for military intervention in Syria to stop ISIS. No one from the Obama administration showed up the day before to Ted Cruz’s inquiry regarding the influx of the Muslim Brotherhood into our highest ranking government positions and the threat that is radical Islam. They all went back to the “xenophobe” name calling. It’s all about “controlling the narrative” for the perpetual war that globalists need to thrive. Sick.


As for George’s big press conference scheduled for Monday, September 12th in Washington D.C. regarding his project “The Sentry”, which is an initiative of the “Enough” project…remember these are all George Soros backed initiatives.  “Enough” is housed in Soros’s “Center for American ‘Progress’” which was designed to elect Hillary Clinton.  She helped in its creation.  The “Enough” Project’s s co-founders, John Prendergast and Gayle Smith, work for CAP/Soros.  This was established in 2006 to “seek to build leverage for peace and justice in Africa by helping to create real consequences for the perpetrators and facilitators of genocide and other mass atrocities” which it has not.  One could argue it’s all gotten worse.  In any event, everything the Clooneys do is for personal financial and political gain. EVERYTHING.  They do this through media and language manipulation. This is no different and why “The Sentry” was seemingly contrived.


Note the language of “The Sentry” has shifted from genocide in Africa to “Following the money that funds atrocities and crimes against humanity in order to track and analyze how armed conflict and atrocities are financed, sustained, and monetized, The Sentry uses open source data collection, field research, and state-of-the-art network data analysis technology, and works in partnership with local and international civil society organizations, journalists, and governments”.  Really. This is coming from a guy who is funded by a billionaire who purposely dismantles economies of sovereign nations for political control and financial enrichment, lives of the “baskets of deplorables” be damned, and whose wife’s uncle is one of the biggest arms dealers in the world.  Soros and Clinton are also two of the biggest warmongers on the planet…from Bosnia to Libya to Yugoslavia to Syria to the Ukraine + Armenia with Russia…two areas in which the Clooneys are currently involved as “humanitarians” are areas where Soros has positioned himself to agitate Putin into World War III.  If “The Sentry” is so concerned about following the money that funds atrocities and crimes against humanity, it would start with Soros.  However, The Sentry is a SOROS INITIATIVE designed not only to make George Clooney look good and to deflect from Soros but to help agenda push which is why the next question that any sane person should ask is…Australia?  Really?  Of course….

Already noted related to Australia is George’s association with Gareth Evans.  Evans is not only the founder of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, he is also one of Clooney’s handlers. He is also Australian.  This press conference September 12th will cover the last two years. Know what happened in Australia two years ago?  The “boats stopped”.  The Australian version of a “conservative right wing” party took over, led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and stopped the “boats” of unvetted illegal slide1immigrants. The argument here is that Clooney and company are working to publicly shame Australia as a result.  Again… public shaming is a part of their doctrine from “climate change” to “refugees” to “open borders” to “xenophobia”.  Then there are the other ties to Australia, most notably Amal’s cousin-in-law, Daniel Dubiecki, co-producer of Clooney’s “Money Monster” released this past summer, is Australian. Amal’s family has a large Australian presence.  Nadia’s visit to Australia in August was co-sponsored by the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.  In any event, expect a lot of chastising of the west, pushing of open borders, and denigration of Trump and his supporters.

The Clooney Foundation of Justice!


This brings us to the Gloablist Supercouple’s appearance at the UN in September.  Amal paraded Nadia around like a war trophy for photo ops at work.  However, when she was out with her on the streets of NYC for her daily $10K/outfit pap walk extravaganza Nadia was either M.I.A. or walking behind her, head down, in an outfit looked to have been purchased at a thrift shop.  In any event, as UN leaders took to the floor to bash Israel, promote globalism, especially “President” Obama, the Clooneys got ready for their great “humanitarian” push. First Amal took her token refugee to the UN floor where she, you guessed it, “shamed” the world:


I am ashamed as a supporter of the UN that States are failing to prevent or even to punish genocide because they find that their own interests get in the way.

I am ashamed as a lawyer that there is no justice being done and mereley a complain being made about it.

I am ashamed as a woman that girls like Nadia can have their bodies sold and used as battlefields.

I am ashamed as a human being that we ignore their cries for help”.

Again…this is the same woman who lobbied to not only save the Lockerbie bomber from execution but petitioned to have him released. His terrorism has killed a lot of innocent women and children. Regardless, she sat and posed like a concerned mommy for poor Nadia.  The media ate up her “strong feminism”,  pushed her great (non

existent) “human rights” record, and, of course, the haute couture.  And, of course, she and Nadia were interviewed on NBC.  See the chapter on the Nasheed case plus the DNC leaks for the reasoning behind that network specifically.


The next day, the self appointed UN Supercouple arrived, press in tow, holding hands only as awkwardly as they can. The elementary school type handholding continued at the conference table for all the world to see how ‘in love’ they were around their


second wedding anniversary.  President Obama, who pledged $500 million in taxpayer money back in 2014, used this “crisis” to again push for open borders while promising the US would take over 350,000 “refugees” next year,  stated that “private business” would put up an additional $650 million to help with not only the “resettlement” of “refugees” but also to build a school for “refugees” in Amal’s native Lebanon.  Almost immediately after, George Soros promised another $500 million.  The Clooneys are going to build a school in Lebanon.  One would think food, water, shelter…basic life necessities would preciptate this…but look back over the “100 Lives” initiative and the other two “education” initiatives to which the Clooneys have attached their names.  That’s $1.65 BILLION DOLLARS, much of it from US taxpayers, to push the open borders agenda because that is the bottom line.


Remember George Clooney has spent decades with the likes of George Soros, Vartan Gregorian, Ruben Vardanyan, the Clintons, the Obamas, and John Podesta. He has learned the art of uses or creating catastrophes for personal, financial, and political gain.  Here is how it works.  Nothing (or very little) ever comes out of their pockets. The money has, therefore, has to come from somewhere.  Where better then the world’s middle class? Redistributing their wealth to the third world while pocketing the rest as a matter of “humanitarian aid” as they work to erase borders for global governance has made the Clooneys very rich and their handlers very powerful.  For instance, Ed Milliband makes $600K/year as President of “Open Borders are the


Problem” George Soros’s International Rescue Committee “non-profit”.  They need to get the money from somewhere.  Amal said in Monacco earlier this year, and it states in their mission, that they have teamed up with “private” corporations to cover costs. Sure they have. This is how that works—Obama and Soros promise ONE BILLION (half taxpayer) dollars to the “CFJ”, they, in turn, funnel it to these “private” corporations as a bribe to employ these “refugees” at the expense of citizens, which they do for much less pay, as well as grease the palms of Senator/Governors to allow them to resettle there (like Patrick Lahey in Vermont, one of Amal’s favorites on the Hill).

That is probably what is going on here. Sounds much like the pay to play corruption of the Clinton Foundation, no? That would explain the timing. If Hilary wins/when she is coronated, the Clinton Foundation will have to relax a bit. Perhaps this “Clooney Foundation for Justice” is where they will funnel the corruption?  Their mission right now reads like an amalgam of the CGI, the “100 Lives”, and the others.  There is nothing new here. All globalist language, “libraries without borders”, etc.  It sounds like they don’t quite know what it is yet.  Obama stated, “Something called the Clooney Foundation for Justice – I don’t know what that is… They’re going to help children get an education,” Obama said, joking as he thanked other companies for helping in job placement, housing, financial services and health care. Obama’s address to the General Assembly earlier emphasized his continued support for globalization. Yes, we know. Sounds like a grand conspiracy? Look at some of the “private corporations” involved and how they tie to this agenda:

American Express    Illegals are big business for them:  “Offering credit to undocumented immigrants is controversial, and some lenders may choose not to do so for that reason. But it’s not illegal. There is no requirement that lenders verify a person’s citizenship or immigration status before issuing them credit, or check their Social Security number… For the banks that do business with undocumented immigrants, issuing them credit is often a matter of market share.” Jamie Dimon’s dad, Theodore, was executive vice president at Amex.  He joined his dad there after graduation.

CITIcheap loans to illegalsCitibank is quietly providing home loans to illegal aliens at better rates than they offer to citizens.”   Jamie Dimon moved here after leaving American Express.

GE Foundation GE is a big example the left likes to use as “the rich don’t pay taxes but illegals do”.  Participation as payoff?

HBO in bed with Soros from “Newsroom” “The episode for Monday, July 9 was a Tea Party bashing extravaganza filled with all sorts of smears of Tea Partiers, of Rep. Michele Bachmann (who correctly pegged the Muslim invasion in 2010) and all things conservative. During this same episode one of the characters favorably mentions Soros-funded Think Progress “to “Meet the Donors:  Does Money Talk?” bashing the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon – Worked at American Express, helped assemble the aforementioned Citigroup Inc, a big participant involved in the 2008 market crisis as one of the banks that was “too big to fail”:

Jamie Dimon, the bank’s CEO and Chairman, has faced a host of scandals in relation to his management of the megabank, including the loss of roughly $6 billion through the London branch of the bank — losses that Dimon was accused of hiding. A 300-page report by the U.S. Senate, investigating the “creative accounting” of JPMorgan, noted that the bank “hid losses, did not share information with its regulators, and misled the public” in what one banking regulator referred to as “make believe voodoo magic.” Stated bluntly in The New York Times, JPMorgan Chase, the largest derivatives dealer in the world, “is too big to regulate.”…

In the midst of the financial crisis in 2008, JPMorgan Chase became not only a major criminal, but also a prime beneficiary. ..JPMorgan Chase was using bailout money from the government to purchase other banks and companies. As one executive at the bank commented in regards to a $25 billion bailout from the government, “I think there are going to be some great opportunities for us to grow in this environment.” The banks repaid the bailout loans from other bailout funds they got from government, siphoning off taxpayer money back and forth and rewarding them for their risky behavior. One university study noted that banks with political access – whether through lobbying efforts or board membership on the Fed – were more likely to get bailout funds, and in bigger numbers, than other banks. Notably among the most politically connected banks were Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

According to a 2012 study by the International Monetary Fund and Bloomberg magazine, JPMorgan Chase continues to receive government support far beyond the bailouts, as it is a major recipient of corporate welfare and state subsidies. In fact, according to the study, the biggest bank in the world gets roughly $14 billion per year in state subsidies and welfare, largely helping “the bank pay big salaries and bonuses.”

Procter & Gamble Chief Human Resources Officer Mark F. Biegger signed the letter (pushing amnesty) announced plans to cut 5,700 jobs in 2012. (cheap labor)

Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) (cheap labor):

“However, a cursory inspection of the situation reveals that immigration reform is not a humanitarian cause for Zuckerberg, but one that stands to greatly benefit him personally by making his company more profitable at the expense of American workers.

Zuckerberg awarded himself a record $2.3 billion in compensation in 2012, while his company not only did not pay any taxes on over $1 billion in revenue, Facebook received major tax refunds from the state and federal governments. Many Republicans who oppose increased spending on welfare benefits for individuals have no problem supporting corporate welfare payouts to billionaire CEOs.  They do so with the understanding that some of this largesse will flow back into campaign coffers, and will grease the skids of corporate lobbying in D.C.

According to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks such issues as lobbying and campaign spending, Facebook has spent over $6.4 million lobbying the federal government in 2013 (spending $3.9 million in 2012), and its contribution to political candidates have increased eightfold between 2008 and 2012. Facebook has actively lobbied in support of S.744, which would raise the annual cap on H-1B nonimmigrant (temporary) guest workers from 65,000 to 180,000 and would eliminate the ceiling on green cards for foreign STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workers.

Facebook also lobbied in favor of House bill H.R. 2131, which would increase the available STEM visa pool so that companies such as Facebook could import more workers, thus displacing native workers and driving down overall wages. The obstacle to  passing a stand-alone STEM bill is that the Democratic Party will only agree to vote for it if it is combined with blanket amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens. This is the real motivation guiding Mark Zuckerberg’s “selfless” pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform…

It should come as no surprise that Zuckerberg would get something in return for pumping millions of dollars into D.C., and what he got was a key provision in S.744 that is commonly referred to as the “Facebook Loophole.”

Tech companies routinely use the H-1B visa program to employ foreign workers at a discount compared to U.S. workers. Under the current law, employers whose workforce includes 15 percent or more of H-1B workers (known as H-1B-dependent employers) must pay higher fees and wages. In order to hire more foreign tech workers without exceeding the 15 percent threshold, Facebook was able to persuade the authors of S.744 to exempt so-called “intending immigrants” (a newly created term for H-1B workers that an employer sponsors for a green card) when determining whether an employer is an H-1B-dependent employer. The green card application filed on behalf of an H-1B worker does not have to be meritorious or even approved by the government; it only has to be “pending.”

This so-called “Facebook loophole” guarantees Zuckerberg a nearly endless supply of cheaper high-tech labor and introduces additional hurdles for experienced U.S. tech workers to find employment. But S.744 also allows Facebook to legally bypass qualified American workers. In the original bill there was a provision that required employers to “attest” that they could not find a qualified domestic worker before hiring an H-1B. This restriction was very weak and easy to circumvent, but it at least allowed employers to be penalized for knowingly discriminating against American workers.Facebook was instrumental in securing the passage of an amendment that stripped out even these minimal protections.”


Twitter is now under Saudi control

“Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who in 2011 invested $300 million in the social network, now owns 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock, according to a new regulatory filing (pdf).  At nearly 5.2%, his stake in the company is now larger than that of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and newly re-minted CEO, whose 21.86 million shares give him 3.2% of the company, according to FactSet. (The prince previously had a stake of roughly 3%.)”

Uber primary investor is Iranian Muslim Shervin Pishevar host of the George Clooney fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in San Francisco.


“American company Chobani has decided to give 30% of jobs in Idaho to Middle Eastern refugees. Chobani, which is owned by a Turkish Muslim immigrant, has already given 30 percent of its 600 jobs in Twin Falls, Idaho to Middle Eastern refugees who recently resettled in the country, according to an exclusive report by World Net Daily.

Many people first heard about the Twin Falls refugee resettlement program when a five-year-old girl was raped at the hands of three refugee boys. More recently, a Muslim refugee molested a mentally retarded woman. Those stories led to a look at the wider conditions that led to refugee resettlement in the state of Idaho, a situation connected to the drive for cheap labor by the local food processing industry that Chobani is a major part of.

Although he’s hailed as an entrepreneur, in the era of globalism, big government and big business are intermeshed and the rise of Chobani is a prime example of this new reality. Hamdi Ulukaya has used local, state and federal resources of the United States government at every stage of his business growth.

Even since the $800,000 Small Business Administration loan that Ulukaya took out to open his first factory, Ulukaya’s love affair with oligarchy has only grown.

Ulukaya has made a number of appearances at CGI, including a one-on-one with Bill Clinton in 2015 where Al-Monitor reported that Ulukaya spoke about advancing refugee migration into the U.S. and around the world, saying that “writing checks is not enough.”

The Clooneys really want to be the Clintons. Or the Kennedys. Or the royals. They aren’t. They never will be. They are, however, just as corrupt, just as vain, and just as entitled.  They are exactly who they claim they’re not and who they claim you should hate. As Hillary Clinton’s coronation comes to fruition since the F.B.I. let her slide, the media protects her, and Hollywood shills for her regardless of her “war on women”, her support from countries that kill gays, her flip flopping on all major issues, her hate for our actual Constitutional rights, and her general disdain for “Super Predators”, “Basement Dwellers” and “Baskets of Deplorables” (which really leaves only the 1% left), we should be very afraid of the pay to play assignments the anti Israeli, anti west, pro Sharia Law/Muslim Brotherhood Clooneys will get.

The Clooneys and the globalists they represent, most notably George Soros and Vartan Gregorian,  are both driven by an insatiable lust for power and money and, in order to keep feeding their beast, capitalism ,  the Constitution, and U. S. sovereignty must fall and fallen they have. In the past fifteen years, George Clooney has been one of the globalists’ most prominent Hollywood political propagandists.  This is not a coincidence as they in some capacity finance almost every Clooney endeavor. Through the gay agenda, “climate change” and Islamophobia via the “migrant crisis”, they have secured the means by which the global elites will rule the world with the majority of its wealth as they lord over the rest of us while claiming to be supporters of “democracy”. The antithesis of “American values”, the Clooneys use their positions in pop culture to turn “free speech” into “controlled speech” in order propagate the globalist narrative, looking to destroy our sovereignty along the way.  As 2016 starts and the UN “power” couple press their “humanitarianism” hard as they flaunt their wealth while their politics destroy nations that result in the financial ruin, displacement, and death of thousands, remember it was “right wing extremists” who tried to warn everyone about the globalists and the Clooneys.  No one wanted to listen.




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