Gloria Found Her “Victim”!

It’s something to watch new media overtake old media as the old politicians who benefited most from old media try to outwit the average “citizen journalist” of the modern technological age.  The current Presidential race, however, is no laughing matter, and neither is the scope and depth of corruption being investigated, discovered, and disseminated worldwide regarding those involved with the Clinton/Globalist regime.  The more information “leaks” whether from Assange and Wikileaks, from the DNC, from Anonymous or just from “everyday citizens” who have learned how to manipulate Google to find the “real” info since, yes, Google is just as involved in the corruption as anyone else, the more desperate the Clinton campaign, her handlers, and the globalists get.  This is blatantly apparent now regarding the “Trump hates women” mantra, especially coming from Bill and Hillary Clinton who belong to the party of the Kennedys and Hollywood.

In the art of full disclosure, I am a registered Republican only because, in my state, I cannot vote in the primaries without being a member of a political party and then I can only vote to chose from one running in my party. Otherwise, I would register independent and let the chips fall.  No, I did not vote for Donald Trump nor his delegates. I supported the “free the delegate” mission at the convention and was non plussed at how the GOP brass handled that.  Yes, I think Trump is a blowhard.  Yes, I think he can be obnoxious.  Rapist? In the Bill Clinton sense of the word? No.  That is why I will vote for him.  I will do so with a clear conscience because as all of these “rogue” entities have served to prove…the fix was in for Hillary from all sides from the beginning. That Trump is still standing and still fighting is the true testament to his character.  Some say it’s just hubris and his ego.  Maybe that’s a part of it. The recent Podesta email leaks show ush, however, that everything about Hillary is manufactured, including a lot of the “scandals” her opponents happen to have “dumped ” on them.  Let’s just look at today’s developments as an example, shall we?

News coming across the wire is that famed “women’s rights advocated” Gloria Allred has “found” a new “accuser” against Donald Trump.  25 or so years ago, when women started coming out against Bill Clinton, the “mainstream” media had full control over how their stories were presented.  The answer? Not well.  Read all about the Clinton “War on Women” here.  Fast forward to today with a media which Wikileaks confirms what many of us knew-the media is a 4th branch of government. If Hitler and Goebbels were alive today, they would be very proud of this situation as they seemingly pioneered it on this scale.  Those in charge tell the media how to ‘spin’ what they ‘report’, they do and get favors in return (pay to play), the politicians expand their wealth and power, and the masses indoctrinated.  Women, rape, children…none of these matter to the elites, least of all the Clintons, just the power and wealth, and they have amassed much of it.

As Wikileaks started releasing John Podesta’s emails, pieces to the puzzle of what is about to happen today started to come together:


October 14, 2016 it’s discovered that the Clinton camp posted fake job ad on Craiglist in order to start some sort of set up:


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