Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am praying that you will be our next president. Of course I am!

When you are president, don’t make fun of our beliefs. Don’t tell us that we cling to our Bibles and our guns.

Don’t tell us that we don’t like people that don’t “look like” us. We ALL look different. Many of us LOVE each other, regardless of looking the same or different.

Don’t act like college is the end-all and be-all for ALL Americans. We all know some idiots with college degrees and some wise people without. And forget about “free” college for all. We are smart; we know that nothing is free. As a country, we cannot afford to PAY to indoctrinate all our young people to hate America and blame her for everything. To hate capitalism, the system that created the most wealth on earth in the shortest time ever. Our poor people are the richest poor people on earth. Don’t forget that.

When you are president, teach people that socialism is NOT compassion. To be free and self-sufficient is the greatest joy. To live responsibly in charge of our own lives. Living this way allows us to DO OUR BEST for others, and for the world.

Help us to understand that results DO matter. Intelligent people are making the laws in Washington. We can’t keep excusing them by saying, “Oh, that wasn’t their INTENTION.” Actually, it WAS and they KNOW what they are doing. It is way past time to drain the swamp.

Stand up with us for the National Anthem. We may tear up a little as we sing, seeing that beautiful flag and thinking about all the sacrifices made. We are filled with love and pride NOT because we think our country is perfect. But because we realize how fortunate we are to be born here or to be here now. We thank God, or Providence, or our lucky stars!

When you are president, don’t bully Americans. Don’t tell us that we are the enemy you are most proud of having.

We need to be united, like our name, the UNITED States of America.

Show us that to love America is cool, hip, even normal. That we should forgive her faults (both now and historically) with a gracious heart. But we will not be blind to those faults. Nor will we be blind to her enormous achievements in a relatively short time. We will study our true history AND look upon a bright future as we work to make her better, to make US better.

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