Trump Takes–and Thanks–Pennsylvania

Last week, I attended Donald Trump’s “Thank You” rally in Hershey, PA.  Admittedly, I was/am a Ted Cruz girl.   Once he left the primary and I realized non-conservative Trump still led the pack, I quickly jumped on the “Never Trump” bandwagon. Throughout the summer, though, and then once he got the official nomination in July, I switched to “Never Hillary” and did all I could to beat her. That proved quite easy to do with all the ammo from the last thirty years at my fingertips. I could work against her without ever mentioning Trump’s name.  I had no reason to openly support him. Then came election night. I, like many other grassroots conservatives with not so happy feelings about Trump, watched with cautious optimism the returns.  As the night wore on and the Hillary worshipping pundits faced the stark realization that she would lose, I, like many of my counterparts, laughed and, yes, cried as the entitled witch and her 1% cronies fell from high up on their perches.  I literally rolled on the floor clutching my stomach with laughter as Soros goon and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta attempted to explain what happened during the speech he gave after midnight because Hillary either could not be bothered, drank too much, or had a breakdown.  What made all of this even sweeter? My state of Pennsylvania not only sealed her loss but the county in which I reside turned red, too.  For all the time I spent since Obama’s re-election as a “keyboard warrior” arguing and informing, writing articles for grassroots publications, explaining conservatism as the pro-American light versus the global darkness known as socialism to the college freshmen I teach, a sense of vindication and relief washed over me the likes I truly thought I would not see again in my lifetime. Having lived through the Clintons in my 20’s, relief flooded me that my children would not be faced with living under a Clinton regime especially since the Obama regime is the only other one they have known.  Then I got to campus. The sense of doom felt anywhere I walked made me smile more.  A seminar titled “What Just Happened?” was held so faculty and students who so looked forward to “glass ceilings” shatter could commiserate. Only when I left camps the day after as I sat in my car did it hit me…Donald Trump would be President.  Good Lord…what had I done?


It pleases me to say that initially I found myself quite content. Trump hit back at critics, called Islamic terror out to its face, and started to assemble a cabinet that soothed some of my nerves. Then I went to his “Thank You” rally in Hershey, PA.  Over 10,000 people came to Chocolate Town U.S. A. to see the next President thank his voters for their support.  Quite humble considering the loser in this battle appeared in Manhattan around the same

time to thank (or apologize?) to her millionaire donors.  Trump’s swagger came forth but in a way that made the audience feel inclusive, not as hangers-on or ones to be led. He mocked the media, seated right in front of him, relentlessly. His tone became serious as he addressed the many issues the country faces as anti-west Obama leaves office.  One reason many came out to vote for him was the economy. Regardless of his personal achievements or failures as such, many who have suffered at the socialist economic policies of the Obama administration voted with the mindset of (1) Trump is not a lifetime politician and (2) he is a business guy. Therefore, the voters assume Trump would know and do the most about getting the country back on track financially.  At this rally, Trump mentioned the $1.2 BILLION dollars Hillary spent on her losing campaign. Trump, addressing the many kids in the audience, told them to take as a life lesson this…”if you can win with spending less, that’s a good thing”.  That is the mindset many in the audience “hope” will “change” this country for the better economically.


Another issue he addressed? Illegal immigration and “refugees”.  No issue exists with people coming here legally, he reiterated. Yes, vetting must occur of those who come from terrorist hotspots especially in light of recent events, he continued.  This should not be deemed “Islamophobic” but a safety measure to protect the lives of American citizens.  Our safety comes above all else.  Sure chants of “U.S.A.”, “Lock Her Up”, and “Build the Wall” reverberated throughout the building as he spoke on this topic, but overall the feeling proved not one of hate, as many on the left would have us believe, but one of reassurance for all American citizens. Yes, America and its legal citizens will come first.  Yes American can, and will, become great again.  And now not only is that okay, but it should be celebrated, actually. And you know what? It feels good…really good.

This girl who started out a Ted Cruz conservative, switched to the “Never Hillary” camp, celebrated Hillary’s loss, and then sat stunned as she realized that ensured a Trump victory can now say she supports the President elect. I might not agree with everything he says or does or the manner in which he does it. I might not benefit the most initially from whatever actions his administration puts forth, but I feel cautiously optimistic, especially after the Hershey rally, that he will fight for our sovereignty so that my kids might have a shot at continuing to rebuild America’s greatness in the future.


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