Why Did They March?

Author, Dave Perkins

What was the Women’s March really about?

Let there be no misunderstanding —

This Women’s March thing was part and parcel of what will be a long and painful campaign by the left to paint President Donald J. Trump as a neanderthal throwback misogynist, or some other despised, contemptible deplorable-of-the-week.

The left is a group of groups (they are the EXPERTS at divisive identity politics), and each one will be taking shots in turn, so as not to disrupt the laser focus of the media. This week’s shot is from the feminists.

He will be called racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, and every other kind of bad guy in the book of bad guys, and it will last at least four years — and hopefully eight.

It’s not merely the grievance of the week.

We make a mistake when we look too hard at a particular group and try to diagnose its grievances, the cause for its action. I see a lot of well-meaning women on Facebook asking to be enlightened as to what the true purpose was of this national protest. What law has President Trump passed, what order has he signed, that takes away women’s rights? Has he repealed the 19th amendment? Signed an executive order to stop them driving or going to school? And they were pretty much incoherent in their complaints; there is, as yet, nothing to complain ABOUT, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of them complaining.

Of course the one, the ONLY, thing they’re truly worried about is abortion.


Abortion Rights. Let’s break it down.

Let’s spend just a moment on the feminist activists’ issue, and it IS only one issue, no matter what the activists try to tell you.

Abortion is the holy grail of feminism, and here’s why. The activists claim equality to men (superiority over them is God’s gift, of course, for those of us who believe that to be with child is a holy and sacred honor, but the activists reject that). And in the feminist activist mind there is only one kind of equality; the ability to have casual sex with no consequences.

Think about it before you rise up in outrage. In the feminist world view (part of Margaret Sanger’s legacy, among other contributors), women have a burden men don’t, namely the risk of pregnancy. Abortion is therefore a MUST if they are to have this mysterious equality, this ability to have casual sex with no consequences, for which the activists so envy men.

Without it, they have an “unfair burden” in the casual sex milieu.

And because it’s an unfair burden, abortion must not only be available to all, it must be FINANCIALLY within reach too, and therefore we MUST pay for it. We are paying, after all, for fairness itself. We are paying for EQUALITY. Who can argue with the goodness of that?

This is why they fight so hard for continuance of government funding. Without it, the burden remains on the majority of women, you see. The unfairness continues.

Abortion IS equality, in the view of the feminist activist.

Yes, birth control is the lesser moral necessity, but honestly, men having sex without birth control is one of the things the feminist activist is jealous of. Naturally, then, birth control will be a very minor star in the feminist activist sky; it’s mostly about abortion.

You are NOT equal. Victimhood garners more attention.

It is plain, and I think to all, that second class citizenship is in fact a relic in our country and not to be encouraged or tolerated (hence my puzzlement over how a feminist can vote for the same candidates as an Islamist, but that’s another post). And I think that day, culturally, is long gone.

A friend of mine quotes John Adams regularly about the manners and comportment of women being a prime indicator of the condition of their culture, and it’s true. Adams had Abigail, of course, and thus he had a very high standard, front and center in his life. His knowledge of history was broad and dense, and the connection he made between the conduct of women and the state of the culture is easy to see and understand.

Can you imagine what Adams would have to say about women dressed as vaginas, shooting the bird at passers-by and holding signs with pornographic insults to the president written on them?

The feminists have their week this week, uninterrupted by any other groups in the Democrat group of groups. They will coordinate, and each will have their turn. Environmentalists will ratchet up protests because they want billions spent on climate change. BLM actions will take place across America to remind everyone how racist our country is. Political spokesmodels (oops, I mean actors and musicians) will speak out at every awards show. There will be interview after interview of Democrats on TV, both politicians and activists, practicing the skill they’ve honed to perfection, grievance-mongering. It’s going to continue, nonstop, for four years minimum. Control of the public mindset will be viciously contested.

Take the high road? Or excel at street-brawling?

That is why it’s VITALLY important for Trump to fight back. That’s another cry I hear this week; “time to rise above it, stop fighting every point and every issue, cool the twitter jets, be presidential”, etc.


George W. Bush didn’t fight back. He was virtually driven out of office after a +90% rating. He lost congressional majorities in 2006 and he finished with a THIRTY PERCENT approval rating, giving Obama a free pass into office.

Trump has a gift. Not all of us can see what the heck it is or how it works, but the evidence is clear that he has it. LET HIM LOOSE to do his thing. He WINS by doing his thing. And heaven knows we CANNOT do it again like Bush did it. We HAVE to try the other way.

Get ready for four years of group by group onslaught.

What do they want? Complete annihilation of the Right. When do they want it? Now! THAT is what the “Women’s March” is really all about.

===> Coordinated adjustment of public opinion AGAINST Trump. <===

The left lost, but they don’t intend to lose again. They will pull out all the stops and do what they know how to do.


Don’t get confused about the topic; it will change week to week, month to month, year to year.

But it will always be a protest from one of the group of groups that is the Democrat party, to marginalize and finally silence us.

We’re not having any of it.

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