The Clooney Twins: It Takes a Globalist Village

Clooneys handlers

The Clooney Twins: It Takes a Globalist Village

The UN Frankenbaby announcement arrived. Yes, Amal Clooney is supposedly pregnant with George Clooney’s twins. Actually if she is pregnant, which is highly doubtful, these kids belong to their globalist handlers of the UN. Vartan Gregorian, George Soros and the others who financially support George Clooney through his “humanitarian” projects as well as provide many of Amal Clooney’s “clients” probably mandated these “designer twins” as part of the marriage by the UN as the symbolic merger of radical Islam and the radical leftist ideology designed to destroy the west. The Clooneys have hidden behind their “humanitarian” platform to enrich themselves financially and politically pushing their nation building while spreading radical Islam as they sell out those for whom they claim to fight for a long time. Now, as their “UN SuperPower Couple” title eludes them, their “humanitarian” fraud has been exposed, and the millions spent by their handlers to ensure their global rule has been for naught, they’re providing custom made babies to the UN to perpetrate their future hate and elitism.


After Brits voted down Brexit and the coronation of Hillary was complete, squashing worldwide populist uprisings and reinforcing the need for a UN global governance of which the Clooneys would be a part remained the crowning achievement to decades of planning to overthrow the west by the likes of George Soros and Vartan Gregorian .  Vartan Gregorian of the Carnegie Corporation/Foundation and George Soros of the “Open Society Foundation” are two prominent 1% globalists behind the manufactured refugee crisis created via nation building to shame sovereign countries into opening their borders to unlimited migration of Muslims from Middle Eastern nations while using the public education systems of western nations to “normalize” radical Islam while denouncing Christianity.  They use “humanitarian” UN doctrines such as the “Responsibility to Protect” to destabilize regions where “human rights” are violated to increase their power and wealth at the extent of the poor people in said countries. They are evil to their core, and the Clooneys are their pop culture “human rights” representatives. The only “human rights” about which they care are theirs…and their bank accounts.

The lesser known of the two, Iranian Muslim Vartan Gregorian, was the first non-native American citizen to become President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  As such, while Mr. Carnegie’s primary aim was to benefit the people of the United States, Mr. Gregorian opened up the wealth flow straight to the hotbed of cronyism in the form of “humanitarianism” to the Clooney “humanitarianism” base known as Africa.  Currently “this area of Corporation grant making focuses on selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa.” Coincidentally, he serves on a few boards to help streamline the Muslim influx of America.  The idea is to smooth over the radical ideology they support that runs completely contradictory to western values.  Please note, then, that Gregorian is not an assimilated Muslim.  According to a book review by the Middle East Forum, his book Islam: A Mosaic, Not a Monolith “establishes the Islamist goal of world domination.”  A chapter of the book, “Islamism: Liberation Politics,” quotes Ayatollah Khomeini: “Islam does not conquer. Islam wants all countries to become george-vartan-armeniaMuslim, of themselves.” Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is quoted stating it “is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”  Gregorian himself recommends for Muslims a system he calls “theo-democracy,” which he defines as “a divine democratic government” that, according to the book review, “would have a limited popular sovereignty under the suzerainty of Allah.” Mr. Gregorian has been very involved in shaping the image of Muslims since the September 11th attacks.  WND reported  Gregorian is closely tied to the Muslim leaders behind the controversial Islamic cultural center to be built near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. Gregorian also serves on the board of the Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum. The museum is reportedly working with the American Society for Muslim Advancement, whose leaders are behind the mosque, to ensure the future museum will represent the voices of American Muslims.  The Cordoba Initiative, which is behind the proposed mosque to be built about two blocks from the area referred to as Ground Zero, has, with Gregorian at its helm, the Carnegie Corporation at the top of the list of society supporters on the Islamic group’s website.

As for public education, Gregorian’s influence financially and philosophically go much deeper. Mr. Obama’s mentor, domestic Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers received $49.2 million in startup capital for an education-reform project from Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the Qatar Foundation, which, as reported in 2012, has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and was started by the former Emir of Qatar and founder of Al Jazeera news network, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. Qatar has gained access to America’s K-12 students through other education programs as well. For example, Qatar Foundation International’s “flagship” Arabic Language and Culture program is offered in several US schools and districts. In addition, Gregorian is an integral part of “Connect All Schools”, through which Qatar invested $5 million to teach not just Arabic in American public schools but to clean up radical Islam’s image.

For example, at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, DC, students connected with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Syria for a lesson that examined “how the media in the U.S. stereotypes Muslims in a negative light.” Note the “image cleanup” involves American changing their tune, not Islam doing anything about its radicalism. In an effort to alert these schools to the fact that Qatar is a “pernicious sponsor of Islamic terror,” Col. Allen West, Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Center for Security Policy, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, recently joined with several others to start the Qatar Awareness Campaign.  According to the group: “Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar has leveraged its relationships with violent jihadi groups to its own benefit, and to the detriment of the United States and her allies.”  In addition to the Connect All Schools initiative, Qatar has gained access to America’s K-12 students to push their message.

In addition, former National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach seemed to use the NEA to “propagandize for the Obama administration’s wishful thinking about Islam”. Leach saw Obama’s much-vaunted Cairo speech as the blueprint for what the NEH should be doing, as he made clear in this fawning address to the Carnegie Corporation, and numerous Endowment initiatives followed, including the Bridging Cultures initiative and the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf. Scott Johnson of Powerline notes, “Consider the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf that Leach foisted on the Endowment, with the support of a $1.2 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation. Carnegie is an organization run by Vartan Gregorian, under whose leadership Carnegie has become deeply invested in Islam-related initiatives”. Leach thus converted the NEH into a vehicle of propaganda because, upon further review, an NEH source familiar with the project has explained that the grant was awarded by Carnegie to the NEH with the unwritten (but completely understood) provision that there were to be “no books or voices critical of Islam and the dangerous Islamist tendencies within Islam.” When asked about the exclusion, NEH political flack Eva Caldera stated those books were already “widely available.”


It is no surprise that Mr. Gregorian was one of the first university Presidents to expel a student for using “hate speech” when expressing his right to “free” speech.  A drunken student yelled some nasty names at some other kids. The school deemed them “unsafe”, so the school felt the need to “balance free speech against freedom of fear”. No, that is not how the first amendment was designed to work. It was not designed to protect ears from offensive language. However anything that works to get the first amendment of our Constitution to fall takes precedent. Mr. Gregorian was upset by news reports that suggested the student had been expelled because he violated university regulations governing speech. Gregorian said the rules proscribed behavior, not words, therefore it was fine. He was quite judicial with his language when he stated, “The day that Brown denies any student freedom of speech is the day that I give up my presidency of the university.”  He did not give up his presidency when he should have, then, because he did deny a student’s right to free speech as protected by the first amendment.  That is very subjective language and a subjective interpretation of that language used to kick that kid out of school. This was in 1991. Look where we are now.  We live in an era of “safe zones” from “hate speech” on higher education campuses. Gregorian started this trend as President of Brown University and continues it when he censors reading content through the power of the purse where his education grants are concerned.common-core5

The last point regarding Gregorian’s Islamafication “contribution” to education involves Pearson Education which designs “education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners”. This company has the biggest contracts with the Gates Foundation to provide textbooks for the Common Core curriculum and its contents. Since the Common Core curriculum was designed by 12 politicians and special interests, not local school boards, parents, educators, and education specialists, Pearson is the perfect fit for this crony contract to push Islam, and it does as a pillar of the Common Core Social Studies Standards. In addition, Pearson is listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange with the Libyan Investment Authority as its largest financial contributor, holding 26 million shares. According to the Financial Times, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Lockerbee bomber Saif al-Islam and more than five Gaddafi family members own shares. The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood are invested in Pearson Education through the Libyan Investment Authority. Yes, the Lockerbee bomber, a client of Amal Clooney’s, has a vested interest in the future of America’s children.

Not many people are aware of just how much influence Mr. Gregorian and his ideology play in George Clooney’s “humanitarian” work.  In November of 2015, Clooney visited a café in Scotland to promote “Social Bite”, a business endeavor to “help the homeless”. A question among fans was for a western nation why Scotland? Why not the U.S. or U.K. or a place where Clooney lives?  The answer? First off, Carnegie was born in Scotland.  Secondly, Clooney’s “humanitarianism” is always a front to advance the agenda of his handlers while enriching them with money “donated” to their causes. One of the main backers of this endeavor was the Hunter Foundation .  Two primary board members of the Hunter Foundation are Sir Tom Hunter, entrepreneur and philanthropist who received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2013 and, yes, Vartan Gregorian.  After discussions with Vartan Gregorian, and getting a large investment from him, Sir Tom Hunter found himself on board with the globalists when he “set a cause and a method which has resulted in the foundation donating in excess of £50m to supporting, educational and entrepreneurial projects in Scotland and sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with former President Bill Clinton through the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative.”  “Sustainable development” in “Sub Saharan Africa” with money from Vartan Gregorian?  Where have we heard that before? It is worth nothing, then, that after breaking down the math, only about 25% of the “profits” from Social Bite went to the Scottish homeless. The rest? “Administrative costs” and “Africa”.

Clooney was last in Scotland “professionally” in July of 2005 for Tom Hunter’s Live 8  Bob Geldof, Clooney BFF Bono the coalition of NGOs and  church groups that comprised “Make Poverty History” asked us to “believe that (Bush and Blair) (could) be won over to the cause of the poor and oppressed” to justify “helping” in Africa.  Geldof  “hailed the pre-(G8) summit announcement that there would be a debt forgiveness package for some countries in sub-Saharan Africa as a ‘victory for millions,’ claiming, ‘Tomorrow 280 million Africans will wake up for the first time in their lives without owing you or me a penny’”.  Wrong. Even the World socialists understood what a scam all of this “humanitarianism for Africa” was about when they declared, “What nonsense! In the first instance, Africa’s poor do not owe ‘you and me’ anything. Their debts are to major corporations, financial institutions, imperialist governments and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. None of these contemplate any measures to seriously alleviate Africa’s plight because they are intent on perpetuating the exploitation of the continent.” Exactly.

Furthermore, Michael Chussodovsky, a Canadian economist and contributor to “The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order” states, For each dollar of ‘debt cancellation’ to the international financial institutions, the G8 will reduce the flow of foreign aid to these countries.  In other words, the foreign aid earmarked to finance much needed social programs will now go directly into the coffers of the IMF and the World Bank.”  So what was being promoted around the world as a “humanitarian effort” to help some of the poorest countries on the planet was actually an exercise in paying off international financial institutions for aid they had previously lent these nations, while guaranteeing the reduction of the same amount in future funding for these very programs.  Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Classy.  This is to what Clooney’s “humanitarian” missions amount. What, exactly, has gotten better in the African countries in which Clooney and his handlers “help”?  That said, remember who Hunter said inspired him to enter into this type of “philanthropy”:  Vartan Gregorian investor of the “Social Bite” project and co-founder of George and Amal Clooney’s first “humanitarian” directive as a couple-the “100 Lives Initiative” launched in 2014.


The mission statement for the “100 Lives” initiative/ the “Aurora Prize” reads as if it will benefit the descendants of those who perished during the Armenian Genocide.  On March 11th, 2015, Armenian Weekly stated:

“On March 10, the ‘100 LIVES’ initiative, which aims to celebrate survivors of the Armenian Genocide and support efforts to keep the legacy of gratitude alive, was launched in New York.  The initiative is led by a group of Diasporan Armenians including President of Carnegie Corporation Vartan Gregorian and entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan.  The project aims to uncover and recount stories about survivors and their saviors, which will be collected through academic research, personal accounts, and story submissions by the public to the website.”

A noble cause, however, by the second year of its existence, it turned into a push for the “open borders”  supported by Gregorian.  If it would have been simply an homage to the victims of the genocide, perhaps the Clooneys would have shown up for the first remembrance in 2015 instead of the Kardashians.  A year was needed to set up this whopper of a fake news story.  In 2016 George Clooney showed up with Vartan

Gregorian, John Prendergast, of Soros’s Center for American ‘Progress'”, Russian oligarch Ruben Vardanyan, and other globalists with “Yazidi refugee” Nadia Murand at the “Autora Dialogues” to discuss genocide the push for open borders.  Consider the panelists invited to speak and their discussion topics.  First? “The Global State of the Humanitarian Issue”.  Former United Nations special representative of the Secretary-General on Human Rights Defenders and Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member Hina Jilani believes that despite the skepticism that exists toward the United Nations today, its authority and mandate must be reinforced. “Countries that are members of the UN sometimes try to compete with the UN and weaken it, and I think that is a mistake. We need a central authority that has sense and that no particular country dominates”.  “Central authority”?  Global governance.  Right.


Second panel?  “Saving the World’s Refugees, Syria and Beyondkeynoted by Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member and brainchild behind the “Responsibility to Protect” Gareth Evans.  The distinguished panel discussed “the root causes of forced migration, assess what can be learnt from history, and discuss the ways in which the humanitarian community can work in collaboration with institutions to

address these issues”.  Moderating the panel was Gillian Sorensen, board member of the International Rescue Committee and senior advisor at the United Nations FoundationAs an American, Sorensen noted that all Americans “were refugees at one point.” No. We were not all “refugees at one point”. I have never been a refugee. Nor were my parents. Nor were my grandparents I am a citizen of a sovereign nation but a descendant of immigrants.  I am not nor have I ever been a “refugee”.  This is completely intentionally false and misleading rhetoric…fake news.

The last panel, “Shining a Light on the Crisis”, was the most notable one as it dealt with, in line with the DNC leaks revelations, the role the media plays “in covering humanitarian crises and shaping the public’s opinion about them (fake news).”  The discussion was moderated by Ted Koppel, a prominent U.S. journalist and a senior contributor the CBS Sunday Morning News. Much of the discussion centered on the evolving media landscape and the role that social media plays in the way humanitarian crises around the world get reported. In a world where traditional media’s authority is waning, it is becoming more difficult to aggregate the various points of view and create an objective, verifiable reality. According to Koppel, journalists used to be the “gatekeepers” through which all information had to pass, but “unfiltered information spreading through social media without anyone verifying the facts poses real danger.”  Translated this means that the “real” news can get through to the people directly without the big conglomerate media spin as dictated by entities such as the DNC. The “100 Lives” initiative has morphed from a charity to commemorate the Armenian Genocide into a UN propaganda machine to push open borders which is not surprising once one understands the ideologies supported by co-founder Vartan Gregorian.

The other anti west, pro Islam agent behind the Clooneys is George Soros, the billionaire Nazi sympathizer who made the bulk of his fortune destabilizing economies of various regions of the world and then “rebuilding” them after buying cheap when the currency crashed.  Soros has declared that destroying America would be the culmination of his life’s work.   As with Gregorian, Islamophobia as “hate speech” to suppress the first amendment and the “refugee crisis” to facilitate the fall of nations via the “Responsibility to Protect” provides “humanitarian” cover for him to continue this trend throughout the world.  Soros’s ties to the Clooneys seem to run much deeper than Gregorian’s although the effects are still the same.

Puppet Master

Destruction of our first amendment remains paramount to undermining our Constitutional rights and thus our sovereignty, so as with Gregorian, Soros uses “Islamophobia” do accomplish it.  In 2011, Soros started “opposition research” on certain critics of radical Islam. The 2011 document, entitled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse,” lamented that progressive groups and members of the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community lacked “high quality opposition research to combat anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance.  To close that gap, the Open Society Foundation sought to provide a $200,000 grant to the Center for American Progress, which was founded in 2003 by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The CAP project, called the Examining Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project, set out to engage progressives and journalists to raise awareness about the critics of radical Islam. OSF did fund CAP’s project. Its 2011 tax filings show that it gave CAP the $200,000 grant as well as two others totaling $500,000.”  Reads very much like paying the press to “control the narrative” via “fakenews”.


CAP then issued a 132 page report titled Fear, Inc.:  The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America.  This publication’s stated objective was to “expose and marginalize the influence of the ‘sinister’, ‘hateful’, ‘purposely deceptive’, ‘bigoted’, and ‘racist’ individual groups that, according to CAP, are part of an “Islamophobia network in America”.  These include what CAP describes as ‘misinformation experts’, ‘anti-Muslim bigot’, ‘political players’, ‘right wing media’, ‘religious right zealots’, and ‘radical ideologues’ who intentionally ‘mischaracterize Islam’, ‘peddle hate and fear of Muslims’ and ‘rave about the overhyped dangers’ of Sharia, so as to ‘fan the flames of Islamophobia’.  As with other “socially just” language, interpretation of these terms is completely subjective meaning they can be used against anyone at anytime for any reason and pushed as ‘fake news”. This idea takes the whole language manipulation of the whole “conservatives hate everyone” mantra of the Good Night and Good Luck years and now expands it to anyone who questions, especially after 9/11 amid the “refugee” crisis with the rise of ISIS, created by the vacuum left behind in the Middle East when the “Responsibility to Protect” was implemented, unvetted Muslims in their neighborhoods.

The 2011 Islam push in the U.S. continued with Soros ramping up his involvement on college campuses. As with Gregorian who uses his position of authority in higher education to silence free speech and to manipulate public education curriculums, Soros dumps large sums of money into spreading his ideologies on college campuses. He financially backed the Social Science Research Council, along with the Edward R. Murrow (think Good Night and Good Luck) College of Communication at Washington State University, with a  $50,000 from the Open Society Institute as one of the groups behind a new course on Islam designed for journalists which tries to minimize the impact and importance of ”jihad” by comparing it to the number of murders in America each year. That same course claims ”right-wing activists” tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism and does not mention examples of Islamic attacks on press freedom. That fits with a theme for liberal financier Soros, who has spent more than $52 million on “influencing” the media. In about 30 pages of text with links to other reports and articles, journalists can go through and read about the history of Islam, Muslims in America, and how to cover stories on Islam. Besides learning basic facts about Muslims and their history, the course adds ways to put ”jihad” into perspective, attack conservatives, and provide a list of liberal groups that can be contacted for expert advice and quotes.” He literally funds the teaching of “fake news” on college campuses to push his anti-west ideologies.

Gregorian and Soros are also proponents of the “Responsibility to Protect”. With Gregorian on the advisory board that originally founded this initiative, the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty first defined the Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by Obama, as a “set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of ‘war crimes’ ‘genocide’. ‘crimes against humanity’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’.” Yes, the “Responsibility to Protect” means that this global governing body can declare the sovereignty of a nation null and invade where they see fit if what they can deem what they see happening as “genocide” or “crimes against humanity”, including Israel and the United States.  Gregorian helped develop it; Soros helped fund it:

“Philanthropist billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.  The Responsibility to Protect doctrine has been described by its founders and proponents, including Soros, as promoting global governance while allowing the international community to penetrate a nation state’s borders under certain conditions…(it is a) set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege, but a responsibility. According to the principle, any state’s sovereignty can be overrun, including with the use of military force, if the international community decides it must act to halt what it determines to be genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity or ethnic cleansing.”

The completely subjective nature of these terms could prove even more problematic.  As WND reported, “The term ‘war crimes’ has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC” to justify “humanitarian interventions” as laid out in Tony Blair’s 1999 Manifesto titled “The Doctrine of the International Community”. Incidentally, the ICC was established in 2002 by George Soros and Lord Mark Malloch-Brown in order to turn The Hague into, per Princess Mabel of the Dutch Royal Family in 2007, “the New World Orders’s international capital for justice” to prosecute the “human rights violators” taken out as a result of the interventions brought on by the R2P doctrine. It is not a wonder that Amal Clooney eventually becomes the public face of the ICC.

This support of the “R2P” works in conjunction with another Gregorian platform designed to destroy the west-illegal immigration, amnesty, “Syrian refugees”, the “migrant crisis”-whatever term works.  Just understand that as the borders are erased using the UN “humanitarian” “Responsibility to Protect” Act to enrich their bank accounts, they then use the chaos they have created as a cover to push the west into forcibly accepting Muslim “refugees” as a UN sanctioned “human right”.  Soros admitted he is behind the “migrant crisis” after being called out by the Presidents of Hungary and the Czech Republic, so, too, is Gregorian, a pro-open borders advocate. In fact, the article ” Rich Immigrants are Behind $18 Million to Force Passage of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens this Year” establishes Soros and Vartan as the two primary backers of amnesty.  We already know of Soros and his plan, but this one goes farther to establish that, “Another foundation committing millions to the pro-amnesty effort is the Carnegie Corporation which has made rewards for illegal immigration one of its top projects. Carnegie openly touts its decision to be a central organizing leader to pull foundations together in a consortium to ensure amnesty and increased future immigration. The open-borders leadership was begun at Carnegie under its new president, Vartan Gregorian.” This is not conjecture. It is happening in real time all around the world.

Nation building, the “refugee crisis”, selective censorship of free speech, infiltration of education to brainwash their ideologies into upcoming generations…The Clooney “marriage” represented the joining of this radical Islam and radical leftist ideology as the face of the New World Order. Almost every single one of their “human rights” and “humanitarian” efforts ties to either Gregorian or Soros. Let’s just cover a few keeping the ideological beliefs of Soros and Gregorian in mind. Clooney’s first “humanitarian” mission was in Darfur which became the beta test for the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine and the ICC.  When the Sudanese government fought back against attacks by rebel groups, Soros’s “Human Rights Watch” accused the government of “crimes against humanity” and the ICC followed up with an arrest warrant in 2008 for President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, the first time the ICC had indicted a sitting Head of State.  The argument is not whether Bashir is guilty or not. The argument is Clooney and Soros either manufacture or exacerbate these types of situations to merit toppling governments to nation build.  This led to Clooney’s ‘Save Darfur” rally in 2006 with sales of a DVD donated to the International Rescue Committee.

Clooneys Milliband Soros IRC

The International Rescue Committee “traces its origins to the International Relief Association (IRA), founded in 1931 in Germany by two left-wing factions, the Communist Party Opposition (KPO) and the Socialist Workers Party (SAP)”. Makes sense that it is currently heavily financed to the tune of over $500 million  by Nazi sympathizer Soros and used to push his “open society” as “humanitarian refugee” issue.  Following the September 11th attacks, the IRC “undertook an advocacy campaign to reverse the U.S. government’s slowdown in refugee resettlement.” In 2013 the IRC with newly appointed President Ed Milliband gave their top honor to, yes, George Soros In early 2016,  “humanitarians” George and Amal Clooney lunched with President and CEO David Miliband  in Los Angeles before meeting with “Syrian refugee families” a few months later in Berlin for propaganda pushing after photo ops with Chancellor Merkel after lunching in Los Angeles.  In addition the Soros backed IRC announced a joint partnership with Clooney’s Gregorian backed “100 Lives” to “fund a research program that will enable the IRC to provide vital assistance in the form of reliable and accountable cash distribution to those affected by the conflict in Syria”. Perhaps this “Cash First Roadmap” , combined with Ed Milliband’s $600,000 annual salary as President for the “non-profit”, is the reason for the fraud investigation. It is listed as a “yearlong campaign which will propose a methodology to identify the country-level barriers to wider cash transfer programming but also inform the means to address them”. The IRC, which currently “deploys cash assistance to more than 113,000 beneficiaries in 19 countries, will use the Roadmap to further increase its capacity to implement cash programming, and shift focus away from the provision of less-effective, in-kind assistance”. They’re not even trying to hide their “charity” as a possible money laundering scheme anymore.  Soros and Gregorian use Clooney to then influence messaging through Hollywood.  Instead of hosing a pre-Oscar party this year, the United Talent Agency is hosting a “refugee event” sponsored by, yes, the IRC.  Human trafficking is big business in pedophilic Hollywood . So is cheap labor.  It is very easy to support such anti-human rights behavior when one of Hollywood’s top spokesmen works with a Nazi sympathizer who funds many Hollywood projects via Participant Media, affiliated with David Brock’s Media Matters which is housed in Soros’s CAP, to manipulate a “humanitarian” activity to push for open borders and the destruction of sovereign nations.

After joining forces with Soros through the Darfur and IRC initiatives, George Clooney solidified his role as a Soros “humanitarian propagandist” with the Enough Project, which was co-founded by the Soros Center for American Progress and the International Crisis Group.  The ICG was founded by Carnegie Endowment for Peace Morton Abramowitz and former World Bank Vice President Mark Malloch Brown, of the formerly mentioned ICC, and financed by Soros’s Open Society.  Also on the ICG Board? Gareth Evans of the “Responsibility to Protect”. The Enough Project exists as the primary “humanitarian” avenue for the elites to facilitate the R2P to invade countries of their choosing for financial gain and nation building while the ICC prosecutes those they have taken out of power.  Look at the areas in which it “helps”.  First? South Sudan.  Clooney was on hand in Sudan for the same event cloaked as a great show of “democracy” with the “independence referendum”. He told fabulous stories of watching an elderly woman voting for the first time ever because “democracy” this and “democracy” that, which was laughable considering how he really feels about true “democracy”.  In any event, the split occurred procuring Sudan’s oil for the elites as an area of the world successful balkanized.

However, “The Chinese have started to expand their oil production so expect to hear louder cries of outrage from the likes of Enough Project about various crimes and even ‘genocide’ in South Sudan followed by demands for more foreign military intervention in the country” which we have with the 2016 announcement of Clooney’s new venture “The Sentry”.  This endeavor, co-founded by Clooney and “activist” John Prendergast, co-founder of Soros’s CAP and Clooney’s “Enough Project”, found that South Sudanese leaders are “making massive profits as the country is beset by civil war.”  Right. Clooney, Prendergast, and Soros facilitated the invasion and destruction of South Sudan for financial gain. The problem? The wrong people are getting the money. “The simple fact is they’re stealing the money to fund their militias to attack and kill one another,” said Clooney at a news conference marking the release of the report. “The evidence is thorough, it is detailed and it is irrefutable. It involves arms dealers, international lawyers, international banks, international real estate, and it is because of these international actors that we are also able to provide solutions to help end this criminal behavior to protect innocent civilians.” This is coming from a guy who is funded by a billionaire who purposely dismantles economies of sovereign nations for political control and financial enrichment, lives of the “baskets of deporables” be damned, whose wife’s uncle is one of the biggest arms dealers in the world, and whose handlers are some of the biggest warmongers on the planet …from Bosnia to Libya to Yugoslavia to Syria to the Ukraine + Armenia with Russia…several areas in which the Clooneys are currently involved as “humanitarians”…are areas where they have positioned themselves to agitate Putin into World War III.


Note the language of “The Sentry” has shifted from genocide in Africa to “Following the money that funds atrocities and crimes against humanity in order to track and analyze how armed conflict and atrocities are financed, sustained, and monetized, The Sentry uses open source data collection, field research, and state-of-the-art network data analysis technology, and works in partnership with local and international civil society organizations, journalists, and governments”. If “The Sentry” is so concerned about following the money that funds atrocities and crimes against humanity, it sentrywould start with Soros and Gregorian.  However it starts with…Australia?  Really?  Of course….Already noted related to Australia is George’s association with Australian Gareth Evans, the brains behind the “R2P”. Clooney’s September 12th press conference covered the last two years of “crimes against humanity” in Australia. Know what happened in Australia two years ago?  The “boats stopped”.  The Australian version of a “conservative right wing” party took over, led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and stopped the “boats” of unvetted illegal immigrants from unloading. The argument here is that Clooney and company are working to publicly shame Australia as a result.

All these ties to corruption are surely just coincidental and George in no way condones them…even though he continues to support and advocate for it as “humanitarian” leading to a “Darfur fundraising” event in Italy just after the following events:  the Democrat Convention, the DNC leaks which outed Clooney as the corrupt fellow he is, the seemingly traitorous-towards-Amal actions of Assange, the Brexit vote, Austrian re-vote, and Merkel’s plunging favorability ratings. It had to be coincidence that on July 31, 2016, the same day as this fundraiser, Nancy Pelosi flew a bunch of democrats to Italy to discuss the “refugee” crisis and to complain about Trump.  It is not possible that the political event was followed by drinks with the “humanitarian” Clooneys to explain why they were all in Italy?  Prendergast was there. Valerie Jarrett, longtime Clooney friend and Iranian Muslim who promised to bring the United States to its knees during Obama’s second term, was also seen in several of the online shots sipping alcohol from an expensive flute wearing a designer beige suit. “Control the narrative”.

Based on the players involved, the “narrative control” we have come to expect from Clooney and his handlers and the aligning of ideologies between Clooney’s radical anti-west leftism and his hander’s radical anti-west Islam, assuming this “marriage” is not just a political arrangement to agenda push is not a stretch.  Much speculation arose when George announced his engagement to Lebanese Muslim “human rights” attorney Amal Clooney in 2014.  The PR version of this relationship does not match weddingthe timeline. Their handlers like to push Amal as a “poor refugee’ who would be God knows where if Britain had not taken her family when they “fled war torn Lebanon”. Where would the world be if Amal Clooney had not been let into Britain? George Clooney might have never found love!  This “poor refugee” from “war torn Lebanon” is a journalistic stretch at least and fake news at most.  Was there a civil war? Yes.  Did she come to the UK destitute and work her way up from poverty? All signs point to no. Her family was considered well off in Lebanon: “a government minister and the founder of Lebanon’s airline were among their relatives, and they settled in a comfortable home in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire”. Gerard’s Cross, was named the second richest town in England by The Telegraph in 2013, the year she appeared on the Clooney PR scene.  Consider the high school she attended, Dr. Challoner’s, is a private school where the tuition runs currently as “£4322 for a junior term and £6970 for a senior Term”.  From there she went to St. Hugh’s, an Oxford college, from where she graduated in 2000.  St Hugh’s was sued in 2013 for choosing applicants based on their ability to pay, meaning the school only takes students from wealthy families.  The school did not deny this. It seems Amal has enjoyed the 1% lifestyle afforded to her in the west for most, if not all, of her life. That narrative dead.


Without going into depth regarding Amal’s associations with Soros, which can be traced here, suffice it to say that the majority of “her” cases have ties to him as do the “humanitarian” endeavors to which she has attached her name. These endeavors did not materialize until after the “wedding”.  However, Amal’s affiliation with Soros goes back to her days at NYU School of Law where she worked as a student law clerk  in the offices of current Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who appeared before the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, a left-wing group funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute.  In fact, Soros recommended her for SCOTUS. Her rulings suggest that she “sides with those who believe that foreign case law should at least be considered” as Sotomayor rules heavily in favor of Soros’s “open borders society” over national sovereignties.

In 2005, the same year Clooney seemed “chosen” to represent the UN “humanitarian efforts” in Sudan, Amal Alamuddin became part of a United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon which was established to prosecute those responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri.  One of the executive ziad-money-launderercommittee members for the STL was George Soros. The nepotism factor works here, too. Amal’s uncle. Franco-Lebanese Arms dealer Ziad Takieddine did business with Hariri through France in a deal that went awry and ended up with Hariri dead.  Flash forward to 2016 where there was verification that the “document in which Libyan leader (Qaddafi) pledges to donate £42million to bring former French President (Sarkozy) to power is genuine meaning claims that the 61-year-old former president of France was in the pay of the former Libyan dictator, and then turned against him during the Arab Spring revolution of 2011”. Amal’s uncle, Ziad Takeddine, was the go-between France and Libya negotiating these deals.  This revelation has huge significance, especially in Britain, because “it was the RAF who assisted the French airforce in bombing Gaddafi’s dictatorship into oblivion…. Prime Minister David Cameron has always claimed the UK went to war against Gaddafi for purely humanitarian reasons”.  Turns out they did not as this development suggests Mr. Sarkozy may have wanted Gaddafi killed in 2011 because he feared evidence of their ‘financial arrangement’ being made public.  Remember the Clooneys supported the “Responsibility to Protect” Act which allowed the UN to overthrow Qaddafi as the “humanitarian” crisis Cameron and Sarkozy claimed it was. Surely they knew nothing of this agreement in which her uncle was a major player?

Coincidentally, Amal came to represent two of Qaddafi’s human rights violating henchmen.  Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi , Lockerbie bomber, terrorist, and son of Qaddafi, found not only his death sentenced overturned but his release given due to a kind word or two from Mrs. Clooney.  Then there is Gaddafi’s partner, Abdullah Senussi. For Britain, he will long be remembered for his involvement in the 1988

Lockerbie bombing in which 270 people were killed. The French will remember him for his role in masterminding the bombing of a French airliner over Niger in 1989 in which 170 people were killed. That led to a 1999 case in which he was convicted in absentia in France. He has been unable to travel abroad freely since then. His council has asked for a trial in the Hague at Soros’s court with Amal Clooney representing these terrorists with ties to her uncle, claiming their “human rights” were violated, ignoring the innocent women and children they both killed.

At some point, Amal worked at the Soros sponsored International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, another area he helped to balkanize:  “(Soros) spent up to $100 million on activists campaigning against the president of Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic. After NATO’s “victory”, Soros gave money to the United Nations’ new International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and paid for training for its judges and prosecutor. He also paid two American law faculties to help the prosecutor find evidence against Serbia’s suspected war criminals — and Milosevic.” Unfortunately, long after Milosevic died, in March of 2016, this same Tribunal exonerated him.  As long as the regime Soros wants overthrown comes to fruition, it matters not who is unfairly blamed or if democracy suffers.

Same goes with Amal’s representation and George’s public support for former Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. George Soros is currently the one of top financial backers and overall supporter of the rebels in the Ukraine fighting against Putin. He told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, “I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now” for “democracy”…er…oil as “Ukraine has vast supplies of oil and natural gas.  Energen, a natural gas utility, could be a prime developer of Ukraine’s fossil fuel reserves.  Soros owns nearly two million 0170ae705eff56ce5c0f910814d2e655953bbf9307shares of that company.” In addition, Timoshenko has crony ties to the Clintons.  Viktor Pinchuk, steel magnate, 54, ranked by Forbes Magazine among the richest men in the world.”teamed up with Tymoshenko in the mid-1990s to found Commonwealth, a firm that imported much-needed natural gas from the energy-rich Central Asian states to Ukraine. But the alliance was short-lived: Tymoshenko soon ditched Pinchuk and set up an energy trading firm of her own.”  Later on, in 2004, she became prime minister to Viktor Yushcenko.  In 2013, Maria Danilova of Tablet mag called Pinchuk a “bridge to the west”, so it should shock no one that in December of 2013 “Mr. Democracy” Clooney recorded a video message to protect his best interests claiming to support the Ukraine’s protestors, condemning violent coloney-timoshenkocrackdowns on protestors, as well as the ongoing detention of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, client to his…whatever Amal was at the time. In March of 2014, just before the engagement announcement, George was seen wearing a T-shirt supporting her in January of 2014 during The Monuments Men press junket.  In February of 2015, she was released via Clooney “public shaming”.

Another cherry picked case that she can again claim to be pro “freedom of expression” is that of jailed Azerbaijan “journalist” Khadija Ismayilova . On January 16, Amal “offered her services” to Ismayilova.  Clooney said she would serve as co-counsel on the ECHR case with the Media Legal Defence Initiative, a British charitable organization with ties to Soros’s Open Society Initiative. This, however, was news to Khadijia’s legal team:  “Throwing a twist in the tale, the government-aligned Trend news agency, however, cited Ismayilova’s two Azerbaijani lawyers, Fakhraddin Mehdiyev and Fariz Namazli, as saying they know nothing about Clooney’s involvement in the case. They could not be reached for confirmation of the report.”  Public “shaming” eventually led to her release.

Perhaps no other case symbolizes the marriage between the elites, the Clooneys, and their quest for control regardless of the fact via “public shaming” then that of Mohamed Nasheed and the Maldives. On April 7th 2015, it was announced that Amal would be part of Nasheed’s legal team in his “ongoing arbitrary detention” or the public shaming for his release because the facts of the case prove that he has no case.   First, Amal Clooney’s claim that Nasheed was unlawfully imprisoned is a lie. The supposedly “lover of democracy” basically arrested a chief judge after he passed a ruling Nasheed did not like. According to “A Wrong Kind of Green”, “Just as other Soros / NED-installed regimes began to violate the constitutions of their respective nations, including Georgia and Ukraine, Nasheed was no different. On December 10, 2010, the Maldivian Supreme Court ruled that Nasheed’s cabinet ministers could not serve without the approval of parliament. Nasheed responded by declaring the Maldivian courts were controlled by supporters of ex-president Gayoom and on January 16, 2012, Nasheed ordered the military to arrest Abdulla Mohammed, the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court.” The Soros/NED global glitterati, including the Soros-funded “Democracy Now” program hosted by Amy Goodman and partly-funded by Soros, featured Nasheed close adviser and communications assistant British national Paul Roberts on an interview, in which Nasheed’s successor was described as a thug and who was trying to re-assume power. Of course, the Soros propaganda program made no mention of Nasheed’s repeated violations of the Maldivian constitution. Neither would his eventual “lawyer”.


There stood Amal on April 9th in Washington D.C. with two of her Soros buddies in Congress, Patrick Leahy and  John McCain, after the United States Senate unanimously adopted “a bipartisan resolution calling on the Maldivian government to redress the ‘injustice’ of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s imprisonment.  The resolution – which expresses the sense of the senate and is not enforceable – was submitted in November by a coalition of 13 senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties after a UN rights panel declared Nasheed’s terrorism conviction illegal and politically motivated.  No doubt if checked, one would find these 13 senators all had associations with McCain Clooney Genserthe same handlers. Regardless, once again the Maldives stood firm. The public pressure, lobbying and “shaming” continued with lawmakers moving up the ranks to Secretary of State John Kerry with a letter dated April 12th which stated: “We would urge the administration to consider all of the options at its disposal, which might be effective in influencing the government’s behavior,” McCain said.  Yes, we know. The Maldives did not cave and demanded his return. As a result,“conservative” Prime Minister  Cameron and the UK government granted Nasheed asylum.   Amal Clooney, junior barrister, winner of no cases in court, leader of no cases until she got married with a public platform to bully these tiny nations, supposed “human rights” defender, used a Goebelized press of “fake news” to “apply pressure” to get Nasheed “released”, mocking the outcomes of a democratic process that did not meet her handlers needs.  Her handlers got their Soros/Muslim backed guy, and she got pap walks in designer duds.  Win-win.

Armenia collage

Then there is her attempted defense of censorship.  On October 15th, 2015, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found fault with Amal’s arguments to convict a man who denied the Armenian Genocide occurred, thus thwarting the globalists attempt to establish a line between “free” vs “hate” speech while turning sovereign nations governing power over to the ICC.  In the Perinçek v. Switzerland case, “the Second Section decided that the Swiss government violated Perinçek’s right of expression when it punished him on the grounds that he had violated the Swiss Penal Code by denying the Armenian genocide….In this verdict, the Grand Chamber pointed out that ‘unlike the international criminal courts, it had no competence to make legally binding pronouncements on whether the massacres and mass deportations suffered by the Armenian people could be characterized as genocide.”  If she truly wanted to support “free speech” for all, she and her husband should have used this platform to stand for his right to say such words and then correct him accordingly.  However, this loss was a blow to Amal as the unfavorable outcome adversely impacted their aforementioned “100 Lives” initiative.


Amal then went on a speaking tour in the Gulf region where she could have spoken against actual human rights violations, free speech crackdowns, and women’s oppression.  Instead, she used them platforms to push fake news. She blamed the “…three Rs responsible for the crackdown on freedom of speech in today’s world — royalty, rulers and religion. The state needs to understand that stifling criticism can have serious repercussions.”  Which case in the Gulf, land of human rights oppression, did she bring up to defend this? Nasheed. She beseeched them to meet criticism of their ruling systems “with dialogue, not prison terms”, and that “protests

be met with ‘crowd control’, not bullets’.  She even went so far as to say “tweets should be met with tweets, not prison terms”.  It should shock no one, then, that the Soros leaks reveal that he is one of the biggest pushes behind “criminal justice reform” in the U.S. not for “fairness” or “equality” but votes.  She also stated, “Line should not be drawn between freedom of speech and secession but between freedom of speech and inciting violence. There can be debates about changing governments and changing territories as long as they don’t call for violence.” Funny. Neither she nor her husband spoke out against the George Soros funded Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements that have destroyed private property, shut down businesses, and killed cops.  Nor have they spoken out post-election against the violence nationwide brought on as a result of the Soros/Clinton “Purple Revolution” including the hate speech and vitriol spewed by many of Clooney’s Hollywood associates. As for “freedom of speech” where Amal was concerned, she had a tight grip on what parts of this speech the public got to hear. Of a 28 minute speech, only six minutes were released.

Amal also does her part as a Muslim to push “Islamophobia” and “Xenophobia” as “hate speech” in many of her cases.  Al Jazeera journalist Mohammed Fahmy was arrested on December 29, 2013 for conspiring against the Egyptian government with the Muslim Brotherhood. On June 23, 2014 Fahmy was sentenced to jail for 7 years for

conspiracy of working with terrorist groups.  On November 24, 2014-two months after the wedding-Amal began “assisting” on the case. On Jan 1, 2015 he was granted new case.  On August 29, 2015, Fahmy was sentenced to three years in prison for spreading false news; Amal then brought the international press to shame Egypt into pardoning him. George took it to the Toronto Film Festival where he was promoting the box office bomb “Our Brand is Crisis”.  It worked.   Fahmy was “pardoned” on September 23. Two days after the pardon, the Islamophobia cries started:  “the Canadian government had little to do with Fahmy’s release.  Although ‘sheepish whimpers’—as

lawyer Amal Clooney characterized the government’s response—were made to secure his freedom, the government’s lack of action was evident from the start showcasing the flawed precedence of ideology over humanity.  The suggestion is simple:  citizenship by itself does not guarantee equal treatment and is instead judged on a hierarchy that naturally favors descendants of white Europeans who settled in Canada before multiculturalism took root. It is a dangerous precedent that justifies discrimination with the backing of government legislation. Whether the government would have been more vocal if the victim in question was an ‘old stock Canadian’ who worked for a conservative media outlet rather than a Mohamed Fahmy who headed the Egyptian Al Jazeera bureau is a question that unfortunately merits honest analysis.”  See? If he would have been a conservative, white, old, man, the government would have rushed to help him, it seems.  Forget whether he was guilty or not. “Pardoned” does not absolve guilt. Forget his possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which he seems to confirm at least his support for them on his Twitter account. Nope. Islamophobia.


Of course, both got on the Trump bashing bandwagon.  In May at the Cannes premiere of Money Monster, George took the cue from his handlers to whine about Trump’s supposed “xenophobia” in interviews, claiming that “there is not going to be a President Trump. That’s not gonna happen” because it is not who “we” are before getting on board with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Amal, also, turned her attention to Donald Trump, purposefully misquoting him while having the audacity to claim she understood “American values”.  Amal Clooney would not recognize an American value if it bit her. Interesting, then, that Democrats currently have a bill before Congress to criminalize any negative speech regarding Islam much like the one Clooney buddy Justin Trudeau is about to pass with “democrat” help in Canada. If passed, it would basically nullify our first amendment.  Control the narrative, control the world.

It’s not just through speech in which the Clooneys work for Gregorian and Soros to undermine the first amendment.  Clooney’s anti-Citizens United talking points come directly from the DNC. As he helped Clinton raise over $15 million dollars for her 2016 campaign via two fundraisers. George said he would not have to host such events if Citizens United was overturned by the Supreme Court. No, Clooney is not woefully misinformed. Neither is Mrs. Clinton. They know Citizens United was one case, not a law; however, he and Hillary stump for votes on this issue because if they get their way and eventually this ruling is “overturned”, it erodes more of the first amendment. Besides, their campaign cash–$1.2 billion spent on her losing campaign-will not be affected by such a ruling as much of it runs through “dark money” venues such as Soros’s CAP.

The “Enough Project” also has a financial interest in undermining the first amendment.  In April of 2014, pictures of Amal flaunting the almost $1 million “ethically mined diamond” hit the press with the PR hammering that “ethically mined diamond” point hard.  In 2014 the Enough Project released a report on war lordism and the mines of the Congo. The report indicated that due to the economic pressure of a provision of the US Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, control over the mines had passed out of the hands of the warlords and local militias.  This occurred via a provision that required any company using “conflict materials’ to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and

publish their supply chain to shame (that word again) them into using materials from which warlords and militias would not benefit thus loosening their control over the locals in the area.  A theoretically noble request, this ‘humanitarian” cause actually hurts the locals more than helps while the rich get richer. The villagers in the Congo call this provision “Obama’s Law” which set off a chain of events that has propelled millions of miners and their families deeper into poverty.  This gave Clooney a chance to blackmail U.S. taxpayers with his “shame” in an op-ed in June of that year when he stated the, “US government must give the Treasury Department the resources it needs to follow the money enabling mass atrocities and enforce sanctions against complicit actors” but later he admitted regarding his debacle in Sudan, “Over the last decade, US taxpayers have contributed billions of dollars to Sudan for humanitarian Band-Aids and for peacekeepers in a land where there is no peace”. Billions? And nothing has changed? So where did all that money go? To the “correct” people.  Now he begs for more.

In addition to helping the rich get richer, this Congo mining expedition involved creating legislation to undermine U.S. sovereignty by weakening the first amendment,. So far, it has not worked.  On August 18, 2015, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reaffirmed that “both Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act and its implementing Conflict Minerals Rule issued by the SEC violate the First Amendment to the extent that they require issuers to state on their website and to report to the SEC that their products have “not been found to be ‘DRC conflict free’.” The court gave two reasons for this decision:

“First, even assuming that the government’s interest in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in the DRC is sufficient under the AMIdecision, the effectiveness of the government’s chosen means to achieve that end is speculative and conjectural, falling far short of that required under the First Amendment to compel speech. No congressional hearings were held on the likely impact of Section 1502 prior to its passing, and post-enactment hearings offered mixed evidence of the Rule’s effectiveness. Second, for Zauderer to apply, the compelled disclosures must be of “purely factual and uncontroversial information” about the product or service being offered. The required disclosures failed this requirement.”

No congressional hearings were held? “Compel speech?”  This is a very early indicator of their push to control speech via legislation on an international scale by circumventing Congress.

It is worth noting, then, that the “Enough Project” was holding in London the same time the Clooneys were in Cannes in May of 2015 a “Global Anti-Corruption Summit Could Be ‘Game-Changing’ for Africa” which had nothing to do with Africa.  The point of said summit was to address “corruption” but not the Clinton Foundation, Soros’s “dark money” funneled through CAP, nor the money Amal’s Uncle Ziad has hidden offshore as noted in the Panama Papers.  It focused on which areas needed invading via the “Responsibility to Protect” to procure resources for the 1% as a “humanitarian” effort. Secretary of State John Kerry, who at a commencement speech earlier that week told students to prepare for a “borderless world”, attended as did UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who advocated for Britain to remain in the E.U. and, after meeting Amal, referred to Nasheed as a “friend”.  The timing was not coincidental. As the Clooneys arrived in Cannes, the pro open border, pro globalist Soros crew of Clooney’s “humanitarian” Enough Project was in Muslim run London figuring out new ways to manipulate language to facilitate the UN takeover of sovereign nations. Again they act as a distraction….

Amal’s latest “human rights” crusade is the ultimate in open borders propaganda.  She is going to sue ISIS at the ICC for “crimes against humanity” with Nadia Murand as her token Christian “refugee”.  With no proof Nadia was even on that mountain the day the Yazidis were attacked and the Clooneys as the poster children for “fake news”, this entire case is questionable at best especially with the political motives behind it as yet another manufactured crisis to “shame” the world into dissolving its borders.  A quick look at the timeline of events shows again how Clooney and their handlers use tragedy for personal gain.  It culminates with Amal’s “spontaneous” visit to a Greek refugee camp with Nadia in September before pap walking in thousand dollar outfits in Manhattan with Nadia a few steps behind to

publicly “shame” the west for threatening to close their borders to “refugees”.  Then she and George marched into the UN like the power couple they were still expecting to be after November 8th, puffed out their chests as “humanitarians” for the 1% representing Soros’s IRC to push his open society as Obama pledged almost a HALF BILLION in taxpayer funds to their “Clooney Foundation for Justice”, led by former head of the Soros funded hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Obama redistributed  $500M of our earned money as “refugee aid” to the Clooneys to destroy our borders and provide cheap labor to their buddies. In addition, the media and public platform was there to help call for ousting Assad, something Amal has worked with the UN regarding for a long time…long before ISIS.

Of course, the results of November 8th shook the world almost as much as the Brexit outcome 6 months before it.  Think about how the world has rejected Clooney’s politics and Soros’s utopian vision of UN/one world rule.  They were resoundingly defeated in the midterm elections of 2014 in the United States. Not only was there a historic “sweep” with democrats losing local and state races across the country, but the GOP also elected women, minorities, and much younger candidates in, as The Huffington Post said, “a legislative body that has historically been matt-bevin-job-creatordominated by older, white men” including his homestate of Kentucky which “lost four of the five statewide constitutional offices (democrats) held coming into the election, including the governor’s office for just the second time since 1971”.  The primary reasons for this “sweep” involved opposition to Obamacare, the Islamic State insurgency, the border crisis—basically everything for which the Clooneys, Open Society Soros and Iranian Muslim Gregorian stand.  The trouncing of their politics is not just domestic, though. It is worldwide, especially regarding the manipulated “migrant crisis”.  In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) stepped in against the tide of “refugees”.  Denmark’s Danish People’s Party (DF) has been so successful that it now has the balance of power and has threatened to topple the government if it attempts to soften its stance on immigration. “Anti Islam” Wilders is expected to win the upcoming election and promptly request a vote to exit the EU. The Finns Party (PS) in Finland is essentially left-wing with its economic policies but is allied to a hardline stance on immigration.  In France, the Front National (FN) party stunned Europe with its rise to power which came about due to its concerns about high obamacareimmigration and home grown extremism. Marine Le Pen is on pace to win that upcoming election followed by a referendum for France to leave the EU. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Poland.  All rising against the globalists sponsored Muslim invasion of their countries. Even Clooney’s favorite spot on the planet, Italy, has seen the far right Northern League party make real strides against the socialist government due to the “migrant crisis” with a landslide 50% of the vote in regions of Veneto and Lombardy.  It also got 20% of the electorate in Tuscany, the left-wing heartland of the Democratic Party.   It has since started on the path to leave the EU.  Sweden is on the verge of collapse. Switzerland. Keep in mind Europe has watched these “refugees” erase their borders for many years now, long before they started erasing the U.S. border.  They know that the majority of those coming are not “women and children” but young, healthy men and only about half are from Syria. Most claim they are not fleeing because of war but for the “benefits” (welfare) the west has to offer.


June of 2016 proved the biggest hit for the Soros/Gregorain/Clooney brigade to that point.  First off, Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty, which per the Constitution  should have been a 8-0 decision against, came  to a 4-4 split, thus effectively ending it for 11 million illegals.  This came as a shock to the Soros crew as the Soros leaks revealed that they had banked on a victory.  Soros had, after all, applied pressure to “secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement” while Obama had the language “expanded” to include mass influx from Central America.  Then, in a historical Brexitreferendum, and to the dismay and amazement of the globalists who have run rampant over the laws of sovereign nations the last 20 years or so, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. This prompted the start of a public meltdown for Soros.  On Monday, December 28th, 2015, George Soros  publicly called on voters to “resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz” in an op-ed for The Guardian entitled “The Terrorists and Demagogues Want Us to be Scared. We Mustn’t Give In”. From there, as expected, he went on to condemn the non-existent “Islamophobia” of the likes of Cruz

and Trump and says we must “reaffirm our commitment to the principles of an open society”.  George and Amal, who claim to be “pro democracy” advocates, then used their public platforms at Cannes and elsewhere not to condemn terrorism or those who sought to undo the Brexit vote but to use it to label the “right wing” as “extremists”, who, at this rate, are anyone in the world who do not agree with their politics.


Hillary’s impending coronation was where the globalists would stop the populist uprisings and re-establish their dominance. Clooney had been selling out the economies, souls, and sovereignties of all the “little people” for whom he claimed to fight behind the scenes for almost two decades. It was his time, dammit, to get that ambassadorship or cabinet position he didn’t work to earn but paid to play.  He even went so far as to attempt to normalize radical Islam through pop culture by marrying the Muslim Brotherhood defending Amal thinking his PR could pull it off as “happily ever after” for a political position. A half-assed actor, he did not do well in selling this marriage on his press tours because anyone who has followed his career knows he has no interest in being married. Then her parents were adamant since day one that children would follow.  Many doubted that. He couldn’t sell the marriage. How was he going to sell a kid?  A year into the marriage, George was still not feeling it.  When asked about having kids almost a year into the marriage, he replied, “It hasn’t been high on my list.”  Rumblings of divorce were imminent.  Most of Clooney’s “relationships” last for two years. The timing was right on schedule. Perhaps

his “guys trip” to Jackson Hole, WY which just happened to coincide with the Economic Policy Symposium had something to do with him hanging in there? The babies had not been created yet. He still had time to get out.  Rande tried to re-establish themselves as “everyday American guys” on his Instagram account. They even stayed at a hotel with a gun shop!  As this trip played out, members of the Carnegie Foundation and World Bank happened to be in this same random location. He returned, the fetuses were implanted, and took.  Now, instead of adopting a bunch of unvetted Syrian refugee children that he is pushing on the rest of the world, he is selling out the lives of two innocent children all to hold onto his 1% lifestyle behind the gates of his mansions.

Did his Soros and Gregorian tell him he was going through with it? The election had not yet happened.  If they wanted to use this “marriage” as PR platform to push “Islam and the Leftism” as “Islam and the west’, a human created from George and Amal’s DNA symbolizes that perfectly. Not even Angelina Jolie has a kid with DNA from a guy with radical Islam ties.  The Clooneys have already copped to IVF, confirmed by Julie Chen of CBS.  That is very odd for George. Usually his rep Stan Rosenfield releases a statement one way or the other. Clooney is always in control of his public persona through his people. Not this time.  Leaks started with “family members in Lebanon”. Nothing from theEXCLUSIVE: **STRICTLY NO WEB UNTIL 5:15PM GMT 12 JAN 2017**PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY** George and Amal Clooney take a late afternoon walk near their house in Sonning with Amal's brother Samer Alamuddin. Clooney camp.  Then a staged  “bump” pap walk at their place in England followed.  Next they went to Davos and the World Economic Forum where they held a symposium for thecfj-twClooney Foundation for Justice” whose mission is to “advance justice in courtrooms, communities and classrooms around the world”. If that does not summarize the Soros/Gregorian agenda as described above, what does?  This symposium, by the way, had no press there.  Narrative control.  The pictures that were released showed George looking cfj-davosnon-plussed.  Post-election was supposed to be so different.  Amal and George were to have arrived with plans to save humanity from itself with proud “grandpa” Soros in the room looking on as Amal claimed to be 5 months pregnant with twins in this picture.  Theclooneys-in-davos-1 last day of the Davos conference was January 20th, Inauguration Day. The elites could have flown back to D.C. to watch Hillary’s swearing in and their agendas re-established, the Clooneys UN SuperPower Copule status solidified with the UN Frankentwins on their way clooneys-in-davos-3to solidify their legacy…instead Julie Chen makes the announcement on CBS while Soros rails against Trump from Davos.  Why Julie Chen? She’s married to Les Moonves of CBS who has David Rhodes as President of CBS News.  David is brother to Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to Obama, who sold the Iran Deal with a “marketing strategy (that) took advantage of the ‘absence of rational discourse’ and utilized outside groups, soros-davos-2017including Ploughshares”.   Ploughshares is in turn financed by Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Buffett Foundation, Gergorian’s Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation. Rhodes also tends to vacation in Lake Como with George Clooney.  This does not serve to quell the notion that the “marriage” and the “children” are political arrangements.


Just before the “official” announcement by Chen, a two day “family outing” occurred in Barcelona where Nick Clooney interviewed Amal. Remember when Nick and Nina Clooney were proud Americans and God fearing Catholics? Good times. Remember, they are from a family of actors.  “Fake” pays the bills.  Although, Nick is looking non-plussed in these pictures, not his usual jovial-with-the-press self.  After this, George was seen in Kentucky hawking his Casamigos tequila. No Amal.  Hisclooney-casamigos mother then reportedly gave a statement where she “gushed” that she and Nick were “told together” and that it would be “one of each”.  More “narrative crafting” at Chez Clooney? George must have missed the memo because in the interviews the week before he was due to receive some award at a French film festival that was led by child rapist Roman Polanski until a bunch of women protested, he declared, “I don’t know where this rumor comes from that we’re going to have a boy and a girl. We ourselves don’t know yet and don’t want to know,” he told the French outlet Paris Match (via People) in a new interview. He does realize he just threw his mother under the bus? It’s not like George to get his talking points wrong even the points themselves are inaccurate.  George never wanted kids. Still doesn’t.  No one expects George to have anything to do with these kids.  Many suspect they’re not even his. Was it his trade off for post election power which is now diminished? Who knows? We might not ever know. We do know that he is now free to go out with Rande solo whenever he wants now.

Three days before the awards ceremony, Amal stepped out in London supposedly almost 6 months pregnant with twins in an outfit that revealed not even the hint of a bump. Award night? TA DA! There’s a bump. Six months with twins? Uh…probably not. But we’ll get to hear all about her “radiance” and “glow”, I’m sure, as George gets up on the stage and pontificates the talking points provided to him at Davos which, at this rate, seem to be “demagogue”, “elitist”, “fascism”, and “fakenews” which is rich considering he is the poster child for ALL OF THESE.  Let’s wait for him to remind us of who “we” are….right…

Poor George…the world has rejected everything for which he stands and his cover has been blown. He will be remembered as a guy who sold his soul and the souls of two innocent children to pad his 1% life while destroying the lives of millions and the sovereignty of nations.  He should be tried with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

As Gregorian and Soros’s “Purple Revolution” hissy fit continues against Trump (it would have against whoever beat Hillary), as 56 groups with Soros ties appeared at the “Women’s March”, as their incessant non-grassroots protests with preprinted signs, prearranged chants, and schedules of events continue, the Clooneys attempt to divert with baby news as they contribute to the hissy fit behind the scenes whether it be at “refugee parties”

during Oscar week with the IRC or sending their buddies, like “The Fabulous Mr. Fox” co-star Meryl Streep, to bitch whine to the 99% about how ignorant they are. Berkley burns, buildings are destroyed, people are attacked all because they’re candidate lost. So much for all that preaching by Amal in the Gulf about using “words” and not “violence”. They are now the public faces of extremism.  1% losers. All of them. And it will only get worse in the upcoming weeks as their unconstitutional executive orders are reversed, our immigration laws are enforced, Article 50 gets triggered in the UK, and Wilders and LePen get remotely close to victory in Europe.  The great “human rights” “humanitarians” and their globalist handlers will do everything to retain their power for the future generation of Clooney UN Frankenbabies.  We must stay on guard.

For a more detailed analysis of George & Amal Clooney’s selling out of the west, read:

George Clooney Enemy of Democracy

Amal Clooney Enemy of Democracy 

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