Democrat Shame: When the Argument is Lost

The Logical Fallacy of Appeal to Guilt / Appeal to Shame occurs when guilt or shame are used as a reason to believe in something. This is generally used in concert with another fallacy such as unsupported assertion or outright lie. Democrats use it religiously because none of their policies are based on actual facts.  Here are some headlines. Read the articles. Anyone with any ability to think critical could refute these “arguments” easily in relatively little time. As their shaming no longer works, note the outbursts get worse.


  • Exxon, Edelman, And How Shame Can Lead To Action On Climate
  • Climate shame: get back to the table
  • Jennifer Jacquet on the Power of Shame on Climate Change Action
  • This could be the best (and funniest) way to shame climate deniers yet


  • Furious Democrats repeatedly bellowed “shame!” in the US House of Representatives on Thursday as their Republican colleagues changed their votes at the last minute to defeat a pro-LGBT amendment.
  • Democrats try to shame GOP over White House Holocaust statement
  • Democrats’ sit-in in the U.S. House took a turn for the dramatic Wednesday night in the 10:00 p.m. hour, as Democrats shouted “shame, shame” at House Speaker Paul Ryan over the lack of votes on gun control measures.
  • To a packed house of Virginians crying “shame,”the Republican-controlled Privileges and Election Committee today refused to recognize attempts by Democrats on the Committee to move a redistricting amendment to the floor.
  • Shame on Democratic Senators who voted with Big Pharma!
  • SHAME: Meet The One Democrat Who Voted FOR Jeff Sessions
  • ‘GO BACK! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!’: Protestors Block Betsy DeVos From Entering DC School


  • Democrats ‘Shame’ Voters With Mailers
  • President Obama is now trying to shame men into voting for Hillary Clinton.


  • ‘Is there nothing that can shame you?’: Samantha Power criticises Syria, Russia and Iran over Aleppo
  • Shameon us all’ for failing to stop annihilation of eastern Aleppo, UN aid chief tells Security Council.
  • Netanyahu Hits Back at John Kerry After His ‘Shame’ of a Speech On Israel. And It’s Pure Fireworks
  • Time for Europe to end the refugee shame
  • We need to end Australia’s refugee shame. Now
  • Refugee Crisis: ‘Our Government should hang its head in shame’
  • George Clooney: “You can’t shame war criminals – we’ve learned that over the years. But you can shame banks and people
  • Amal Clooney has criticised the UN for its “shameful” response to ISIS as she launched plans to take on the barbaric terror group herself (to advocate for open borders/”refugee” resettlement)

(Non) Muslim Ban:

  • Chris Murphy (D-CT) said in an interview with Voxthat he is going to shame Republicans into joining the opposition to the ban, “I am going to do my best to shame Republicans into joining us to oppose this measure, but they control congress. Democrats can’t change this policy by ourselves. I’m going to make the case to them that this is terrible national security policy. This is objectionable from a moral standpoint, but it’s also going to get Americans killed.”
  • “Shame. Shame,” tweeted Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii. “I feel sick.”

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