Dear College Students…

img_1522Dear College Students,

If your college promises “critical thinking” as an outcome but partakes in the intentional misleading use of these terms, you should ask for a refund. Consider:

  • The United States is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.
  • “Feelings” do not change “facts”.
  • There is no “democratic socialism”. Socialism is socialism. Yes, Hitler was a Nazi. Nazi comes from “National Socialist”. There is nothing “humanitarian” or “equal” about it.
  • “Illegal immigrant” vs “legal immigrant” vs “refugees” vs “amnesty” vs “immigration reform”. These terms are not interchangeable.
  • Working in a “global economy” is not the same as being a “global citizen”.
  • “Defunding” Planned Parenthood does not mean outlawing it.
  • “Abortion” is not “women’s health”.
  • There is no “pro choice”. You are either “pro abortion” or “pro life”. Try to tell someone you are “pro choice” and you “choose life”. You’ll be told that’s not an option. It’s not? Then what’s left?
  • “Gun control” relates to an individual’s ability to control a gun, not the government’s ability to decide who gets them or not.
  • “Trump Muslim ban” – This level of stupidity should demand a tuition refund for not teaching critical thinking as promised. It’s Obama’s, not Trumps. It’s not Muslims or they’d be over 40 countries on the list. It’s not a ban. No one is “banned” from coming in if they pass the extreme vetting.
  • “Muslim” and “Islam” are ideologies, not races. “Mexican”, “American” and “Italian” are nationalities not races.  Racism” is a term so overused it has no meaning anymore.
  • True “feminism” involved those who fought for the same rights the Constitution provided for men to apply to women. Today we have “feminazism”. You must hate men, hate yourselves, and be filled with hate while pretending to fight for rights you already have. No thanks.
  • “Hate speech” is not speech with which you disagree. It’s speech with which those in authority disagree. They’ll eventually get to silencing you.
  • “Free” anything is not “free”. Government does not create wealth. They steal it from hardworking taxpayers. This will be you when you graduate. That is if you can find a job because if everyone gets a “free” diploma, then none of them are worth anything.
  • Anything “green” relates to money. “Global warming” then “climate change” then “sustainability” and now it looks like we are moving onto “Climate stability”. This language has changed so many times because politicians created it, not scientists. The earth experiences cycles of global warming and global cooling. Most of Al Gore’s predictions fell flat. Of course the “climate changes”. It changes all the time. It’s called “weather” and “seasons”. No good with that one. “Green” = “cash” which most of your faculty probably decries when anyone other than them makes it.
  • “Religious freedom” is the freedom to worship as you see fit, including Christianity. It is not a method to bully Christians into ignoring their beliefs under the guise of “equality”.

There are probably more, but these are the big ones. The lesson here? THINK CRITICALLY.  Whenever a professor pontificates about politics, immediately research it yourself avoiding the fakenews outlets outed by Wikileaks, which are sources which your professors probably swear by like the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, PBS, NPR, and Chuck Todd and Meet the Press. Call it out. You have the same first amendment rights they do.  Provide the proof. The indoctrination is real, my friends.  Good luck. You’re going to need it.


A Conservative College Professor

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