Russia, Russia, Russia!

Trump gives a great unifying speech. All points deal with American citizens. No calling out of every special interest group known to man. Dems have to spend the next day backpedaling from the backlash over their blatant disregard for anything American by refusing to acknowledge anything or anyone in Trump’s speech including the wife of a SEAL killed in the recent Yemen raid.


Cue of the Jan Brady whine of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” Not surprising for several reasons:

1. The Shadow Government set up by Obama, Soros, and Jarrett just down the street from the White House in D.C. Only sitting President to not leave town. Why? His legacy is at stake because his “legacy” consisted of anti-Constitution, pro-globalist crap that would have never gotten passed legislatively. Hillary was supposed to get that done with her “charm” (threats) and “legal prowess/connections” (intimidation). SHE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO LOSE.

2. Syria. If Hilary were in office, we would be hip deep into a war with Russia though “humanitarian” efforts in Syria. The toppling of Assad as part of the UN’s “humanitarian” “Responsibility to Protect” policy was a major platform of Hillary’s foreign policy. They’ve set us up to take all of their “refugees” UNVETTED (which Trump fights to stop) as “humanitarian” for when they went in to topple the “brutal” dictator Asaad. Regardless of Asaad’s atrocities, the bottom line has been to invade to claim the oil and the pipeline that runs through Syria into Turkey that Russia currently claims.


3. Putin. Putin is the top communist. Soros wants to be the top communist. It’s a pissing match of epic proportions. Also, Putin does not play as part of a “global governing body” which is what the endgame with the Obama/Jarrett/Soros/Clinton nexus wants via the UN.


4. Populism. As we get closer to the Dutch elections, which “far right wing” candidate (because isn’t anyone who is puts their country and its citizens first one?) Wilders just might win and as LePen surges in France (which is why the EU took away her free speech immunity regarding her ISIS truth tweets the other day) the blueprint for one world governance by these jerks, the European Union, will just about cease to exist.


5. Trump. One can argue, quite easily, that he is the only person in the GOP field of 17 who can withstand this onslaught of attacks. From his time as CEO to his 40+years of dealing with the entertainment and pop culture media…he’s got the broadest of shoulders and experience to deal with it. A bulk of the 16 have been put around him…Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, etc…to watch, learn, and practice. The GOP needs that…badly.

6. Media. These whiners are rich, old, mostly white democrats from the 60’s and 70’s. So are the media outlets they use, including Hollywood. Neither one have any clue how to deal with “new media”. They really believe the same old same old will eventually bring forth the outcome they want because it’s worked for decades. Nope. It will not. All it does is (1) prove the collusion we all know exists and (2) make them look like whiny pissants, especially as Jarrett’s daughter is now employed at CNN to cover Trump’s State Department.


So…these cries of “Russian” everything won’t stop because (1) they want war with Russia, (2) Trump is our symbol of their fall from globalist power, and (3) they are old dogs who refuse to learn new tricks regarding the media messaging. If it seems they’re a majority, it’s because the old #fakenews media provide them a platform to flail about loudly like a group of toddlers throwing a tantrum. Eventually, like said toddlers, they’ll run out of energy and collapse. Might not be for a few years, so we have to stay on target.

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