“John Brennan Colluded with Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump” (And Protect Others)


In light of the more recent revelations that Obama spied on American citizens illegally in a blatant violation of our 4th amendment right, and then the FBI gave that data to private corporations, that are completely ignored by the mainstream media in lieu of #fakenews #russiagate, it’s worth considering the musings of the Twitter feed of NavyJack @USNJack. Listed as an ‘oath keeper, NRA Patron, and US Navy Veteran, this thread details the goings on behind the article “Special Report:  John Brennan Colluded with Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump” by George Neumayr of The American Spectator.  Hillary Clinton was not supposed to lose. That she did means that the loose ends of treachery left behind by prior administrations have no one to cover them up now. Leftover Obama appointees are doing their best to roadblock the truth from exposure, but when laid bare, the evidence of anti-American/treasonous activity is too much to ignore. The question is…how long will those who claim to be “journalists” keep reporting fake news for either a dollar or to save their lives?  The readout below is enough to fear for America’s future. That our media covers it up when they are supposed to inform us of it seems scarier.

“This story is true. However, Brennan’s efforts and influence cannot be viewed in a vacuum.

The White House (Rice) was collecting transcripts & reporting on Trump’s activities for a full year before Brennan got his tip from Estonia.


Fusion GPS had been paid by the GOP and was developing the “opposition research” a full six months before this “tip” surfaced.

Prior to the investment from a GOP PAC (Rubio), Fusion GPS received most if its revenue lobbying for Russia to rollback US sanctions.

Fusion had developed an extensive list of wealthy Russian businessmen and politicians to keep this money flowing.

Fusion, using its Russian connections initiated what we now call #RussiaGate.

Leveraging Russian spies on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Fusion caused much of the initial ‘Trump chatter’ picked up by our Intel community.

This is the same group that Obama kicked out of the country three weeks prior to Trump’s inauguration.

Obama and the media stated that these “Russian spies were involved in a concerted effort to interfere in this year’s presidential election.”


What they failed to tell you is that Fusion GPS was using these people to try to find dirt on Trump. What Obama failed to tell you was that Fusion had initially been paid by the GOP for this effort and after Trump secured the GOP nomination, a Hillary PAC started paying the bill.

What Obama failed to tell you is that in June of 2016, James Comey offered the financial & counter-intelligence resources of the FBI to assist with the effort against Trump. What Obama failed to tell you is that Comey had already discussed the “chatter” with Brennan.


Brennan, Comey & McCabe conspired to use the intel they knew was phony to convince the FISA court to authorize the collection of phone and email communications from key associates of Donald Trump.

Both Brennan and Comey were aware of the data collection efforts against Trump being conducted by the White House (Rice/Rhodes).

They were also aware that Evelyn Farias had become the “go-between” for transfer of their legally collected intel against Trump to Podesta and the Hillary campaign.

It was this White House to Hillary mode of transmission that accidentally caused the inclusion of the “DNC insider” theft of server files to find its way into the anti-Trump Russian “Dossier”.

The DNC had notified Rice of the anti-Clinton moles with in the DNC that copied files & later couriered to Wikileaks


This information was included in the reports that Rice was compiling and leaking to Fusion GPS.

By the end of the week, Seth Rich was murdered.

Comey enlisted the help of his friend Chris Steele (former MI6) in the UK to assist with the campaign against Trump.


He never notified the FISA Court that his counter-intel investigation against Trump was relying on fake intel that he was responsible for creating thru his longstanding relationship with Steel.

The FISA court was told that the “intel” the FBI and CIA had presented to obtain their warrant was merely collected through normal surveillance activities.

The court had no idea that real Russian spies had been used by Fusion, Brennan and Comey to generate the false allegations against Trump and his associates.

The FISA court was never told that surveillance of Trump and (especially Flynn) had been conducted, leaked to both the Hillary campaign and Fusion GPS and were used to make the “Dossier” appear more credible.

The entire timeline of events is available here. Please RT+ download and share.

We all know why Hillary and Obama wanted to make sure Trump never set foot in the White House. The motivation for Brennan was two-fold.

First, Brennan is a fanatical supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. In this capacity he worked with Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton to overthrow Egypt and install a Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi. They armed al Qaeda in Libya to create the uprising that led to the US air campaign that enabled al Qaeda in Libya (Ansar al Sharia) to overthrow the Government of Muammar Gaddafi.


They then exported the al Qaeda fighters and weapons to Northern Syria, via Turkey to start the uprising against Bashar al-Assad. There was never any organic uprising in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak. He was overthrown by a color revolution paid for and sponsored by the CIA and US State Dept.

He had to be removed because he had outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for terrorist activities. The same fate, for the same reasons would soon face Gadhafi. Assad knew he was next. He enlisted the support of Russia to help him fight off the CIA backed al Qaeda fighters.

With Russia’s help, Assad was able to hold his own against the CIA backed al Qaeda fighters imported to Syria from Libya. Obama, the CIA and Hillary Clinton decided to up the ante. Al Qaeda in Iraq was defeated under President Bush.

Their leaders and best fighters were incarcerated at Camp Bucca and other American Military prisons in Iraq. The decision was made to release these terrorist by the Obama administration.

They became what we now call ISIS. The Director of the DIA, Gen Flynn watched and recorded these event carefully. He opposed the use of ISIS to create a second military front against Assad in Syria. He included this opposing view in his reports to the ODNI.

Before he retired from active duty, Gen Flynn received authorization to declassify many of these reports. The ODNI failed to recognize the significance of these declassifications. As soon as Flynn was fully separated, he commenced a campaign against Obama, Brennan and Clinton.

He did interview after interview on al Jazeera, RT and even FoxNews telling the world about how Obama had not only created ISIS, but allowed them to capture key US Military arms depots in Iraq in hopes that this ISIS army could be steered to create a second front against Assad.

Flynn was now a marked man in the eyes of John Brennan. Listen to an interview Flynn did on RT.

This is part of the same series of RT interviews that have been used by the FBI and CIA as “evidence” that Flynn was being paid by the Russians and colluding against the United States. This is they “money trail” they talk about on CNN, NBC and all the other corrupt media.

Flynn went on a Russian news station and armed with the declassified reports, spilled the beans about Obama creating ISIS to the World.

There is a second, even more sinister reason that Brennan could not allow Trump or Flynn to ever enter the White House. It is one of the darkest secrets our Government holds.

The CIA allowed the 911 hijackers into the US over the fierce objections of the US State Dept. The Visas for Al Qaeda program was established by John Brennen.

Donald Trump knew the secret of 911 from Gen Flynn. Donald Trump told the World that he would expose this secret. Donald Trump had to be stopped, at any cost. No matter what it took. No matter who would have to be discredited or die in the process.

Never forget Michael Hastings.

Now you know about the enduring bond between the US Intelligence Agencies and the al Qaeda “Freedom Fighters” in Afghanistan.

  • A bond to the very organization then led by Osama bin Laden.
  • A bond that formed the basis of US anti-Russian activities long after the fall of the Soviet Union.
  • A bond that has cost thousands upon thousands of American lives, both military and civilian.

In its most recent form, this bond provided the pathway for the political arm of al Qaeda to once again gain prominence. The political arm of al Qaeda is known as “The Muslim Brotherhood”


You know that:

  • Under Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood was embraced around the globe.
  • The CIA Annex GRS was prohibited from attempting to save Stevens, but eventually disobeyed orders and went anyway.
  • Mohamed Morsi was installed as President of Egypt in June 2012 by a CIA/State Dept led color revolution
  • the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood was Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, commonly known in the US as “The Blind Sheikh”
  • The Blind Sheikh was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
  • The Clinton State Dept wanted to facilitate his release from prison in order to help President Morsi fulfil a promise.
  • Morsi promised the people of Egypt that the Blind Sheikh would be returned if he were to be elected.
  • Officials in New York State blocked the release of the Blind Sheikh by the State Dept.
  • A terrorist cell named the Rahman Brigade was sent by Morsi to Benghazi to kidnap an American.
  • Our Dept of State removed the security detail from Ambassador Stevens days before this event.
  • The CIA Annex GRS was prohibited from attempting to save Stevens, but eventually disobeyed orders and went anyway.
  • All of this was covered up by those who wanted to protect the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama.

Imagine the outcry from the American people if they had ever found out that Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt that the US had installed by overthrowing Mubarak was responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Obama would have been finished. He would have lost the election to Romney. Anyone associated with the Muslim Brotherhood would not have a political future.

Significant figures in both the GOP and the DNC would see their careers ended and power stripped. People like Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

You know that:

  • The fall of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was done by the CIA and State Dept arming al Qaeda fighters. Ansar al Sharia.
  • Once Gaddafi was toppled, the CIA in Benghazi was stockpiling weapons and shipping them to Syria (via Turkey) with al Qaeda fighters to start the “revolution” in Syria against Assad.
  • once again, our politicians started labeling these al Qaeda terrorists as “freedom fighters”
  • Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the main supporters of this revolution.
  • Assad called on Russia to help fend off these terrorists.
  • Obama reactivated al Qaeda in Iraq to start a second front against Assad.
  • We facilitated their leaders and their best fighters release from prison.
  • We supplied them with arms.
  • Today, al Qaeda in Iraq is called ISIS and that thousands of innocent civilians have died around the globe because of them.
  • Gen Flynn tried to expose Obama’s treason.
  • Gen Flynn found a friend in Donald Trump.
  • Candidate Trump vowed to defeat ISIS and expose the US political leaders that facilitated al Qaeda’s political wing The Muslim Brotherhood.

Candidate Trump also promised to expose the truth about 911 and the truth about Benghazi. This is the reason for #DeepState. This is why all of the #DeepState conspirators are joined by this one organization. They are not the GOP or the DNC. They are not liberals or conservatives.  They are joined in their treason by their support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I know this is a lot to absorb. I know it is hard to accept that the bond formed by our CIA and al Qaeda during the Afghanistan war with Russia could survive the thousands of US servicemen and women that have died fighting al Qaeda. The thousands of US civilians that have perished because of al Qaeda. The millions worldwide that have perished because of ISIS/al Qaeda, but it is true.


President Trump is trying to end this carnage. He is surrounded by enemies. He is surrounded by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. So is Secretary Tillerson. Members of his cabinet want to continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood fighters in Syria to topple Assad. The recent sarin gas incident was most likely caused by an Assad standard munition striking an al Qaeda chemical weapons warehouse. Immediately those who support the al Qaeda “freedom fighters” used the incident to convince President Trump to launch an attack against Assad. An attack against the very Assad airbase that was close to finally defeating the al Qaeda “freedom fighters” in Syria. Trump won’t be fooled again.


Now before we conclude tonight’s thread, I want to pass along a few names: Dina Powell John McCain Lindsey Graham Nikki Haley Valerie Jarrett Hillary Clinton Dianne Feinstein John Brennan HR McMasters Paul Ryan Keith Ellison Saudi Prince Bandar The Bush Family Recep Tayyip Erdoğan”

Good Night and Good Luck

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