The Clooneys: Vartan Gregorian-Islamic Trojan Horse

Vartan Gregorian: Islamic Trojan Horse


Evans, Soros, Podesta and Prendergast covered satellites, “human rights” and the “Responsibility to Protect” for “refugees” as victims of “regime change”. Vartan Gregorian, Ruben Vardanyan and Sir Tom Hunter are involved in these areas, too, but focus more on the “education” and “hate specch” via “Islamaphobia” areas.  There is a lot of overlap as all of these “humanitarian” organizations involve the same people, the same money, the same Newspeak, and the same outcome…to make them extremely wealthy.

Vartan Gregorian

Iranian Muslim Vartan Gregorian was the first non-native American citizen to become President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  While Mr. Carnegie’s primary aim was to benefit the people of the United States, Mr. Gregorian opened the wealth flow straight to the hotbed of African cronyism.  Currently, “this area of Corporation grant making focuses on selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Coincidentally, Gregorian served on the advisory board of the 2001 commission that originally founded the aforementioned “Responsibility to Protect” act.  As a “non-assimilated” Muslim, he also serves on a few prominent boards to help streamline the Muslim overthrow of America smoothing over their radical ideology that runs completely contradictory to western values through “Islamophobia”, the “refugee” crisis and “education”.  He is the former President of Brown University as well as having served in high ranking positions at several other ivy league schools and is very involved in the Common Core curriculum of public schools in the United States In fact, he was one of the first high ranking education officials to use the term “Islamophobia” in terms of “hate speech” to silence detractors while undermining the first amendment.

Vartan Gregorian 2

According to a book review by the Middle East Forum, Gregorian’s book Islam: A Mosaic, Not a Monolith “establishes the Islamist goal of world domination.”  A chapter of the book, “Islamism: Liberation Politics,” quotes Ayatollah Khomeini: “Islam does not conquer. Islam wants all countries to become Muslim, of themselves.” Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is quoted stating it “is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”  Gregorian himself recommends for Muslims a system he calls “theo-democracy,” which he defines as “a divine democratic government” that, according to the book review, “would have a limited popular sovereignty under the suzerainty of Allah.” Mr. Gregorian is thus very involved in shaping the image of Muslims in American especially since the September 11th attacks.  WND reported  Gregorian is closely tied to the Muslim leaders behind the controversial Islamic cultural center to be built near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. Gregorian also serves on the board of the Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum. The museum is reportedly working with the American Society for Muslim Advancement, whose leaders are behind the mosque, to ensure the future museum will represent the voices of American Muslims.  The Cordoba Initiative, which is behind the proposed mosque to be built about two blocks from the area referred to as Ground Zero, has the Carnegie Corporation, of which Gregorian is President, at the top of the list of society supporters on the Islamic group’s website. When asked about his involvement in these endeavors, he usually replies with some politically correct statement that promotes globalization.  In reality what he is doing, and what his actions support, is shaming and silencing critics of Islam as he uses the “refugee crisis” to overrun the Christian majority populations of western nations.


One way Gregorian works to undermine the first amendment while silencing detractors is to identify  “Islamophobia” and deem it “hate speech”.  Although the term was coined in the 1990’s, “Islamophobia” did not become the focus of an active Muslim Brotherhood campaign until after 9/11.  Since that time, Islamist lobby organizations, including several headed by Vartan Gregorian, have pushed the notion that Americans are deeply prejudice against Muslims, even though FBI data on hate crimes show this not to be the case. In fact, “prejudicial crimes” against Muslims have actually shown to decrease since 9/11.  However, globalists never let facts get in the way of an agenda pushing opportunity. This “Islamophobia” was designed to primarily eliminate the free speech protections guaranteed by our first amendment by declaring any negative language directed towards Islam unprotected “hate speech”. According to Discover the Networks:  A Guide to the Political Left:

“The term ‘Islamophobia’ was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: ‘This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.’ In short, in its very origins, ‘Islamophobia’ was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.

This plan was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘General Strategic Goal for North America,’ by which the organization aimed to wage ‘a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.’ To implement this plan, the Brotherhood enlisted the help of 29 likeminded ‘organizations of our friends’ (one of which was IIIT), whose task would be to depict themselves as civil-rights groups speaking out on behalf of a Muslim American population that was allegedly besieged by outsiders who harbored an illogical, unfounded fear of them — i.e., by a society replete with ‘Islamophobia’.”

Islamaphobia Industry

While at Brown University, Mr. Gregorian was one of the first university Presidents to expel a student for using “hate speech”.  A drunken student yelled some questionable names at some other kids. The school deemed the words “unsafe” and, as such, the school felt the need to “balance free speech against freedom of fear”. No, that is not how the first amendment was designed to work. Mr. Gregorian was upset by news reports that suggested the student had been expelled because he violated university regulations governing speech. Gregorian said the rules proscribed behavior, not words, therefore it was fine. He was quite judicial with his language when he stated, “The day that Brown denies any student freedom of speech is the day that I give up my presidency of the university.”  He did not give up his presidency when he should have, then, because he did deny a student’s right to free speech as protected by the first amendment.  That is very subjective language and subjective interpretation of that language was used to kick that kid out of school. That was in 1991. Look where we are now.  We live in an era of “safe zones” from “hate speech” on higher education campuses. “Free speech” means “the speech which the left authorizes”.  Canada and the U.K. have passed bills criminalizing “Islamophobic hate speech”.

Similarly, Democrats in the U.S. are serious in using it to curtail our first amendment rights.  House Resolution 569 was introduced on December 17, 2015  with “its self-described purpose is ‘condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States’.” Democrats have been trying to ban what they deem hate speech and now plan to exploit Muslims to achieve their goals as an excuse to put in laws that damage or destroy the First Amendment. Their first priority when retaking the House in 2019 was to pass a speech restricting bill opposed by even the Anti Civil Liberties Union. The legislation “purports to reform campaign finance with a series of vague, sweeping measures that will act to chill speech when they don’t actively regulate or squelch it. HR 1 is called the For the People Act but would be more aptly titled The Be Careful What You Say, It Might Be Illegal Act.”  Of course, they use this an a opportunity to declare war on “big Citizen United type money” in politics in the form of donations and Super PACs, but as the Institute for Free Speech notes, “the bill affects a much broader array of ‘trade associations, unions, business groups and advocacy organizations, such as Planned Parenthood and the National Right to Life Committee’.” It would not affect “humanitarian” organizations that act as Super PAC’s like The Center for American “Progress” and Media Matters.

As for public education, Gregorian’s influence financially and philosophically go much deeper. Obama’s mentor, domestic Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, received $49.2 million in startup capital for an education-reform project from Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the Qatar Foundation, which, as reported in 2012, has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and was started by the former Emir of Qatar and founder of Al Jazeera news network, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. Qatar has gained access to America’s K-12 students through other education programs as well. For example, Qatar Foundation International’s “flagship” Arabic Language and Culture program is offered in several US schools and districts. In addition, Gregorian is an integral part of “Connect All Schools”, through which Qatar invested $5 million to teach not just Arabic in American public schools but to clean up radical Islam’s image.  For example, at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, DC, students connected with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Syria for a lesson that examined “how the media in the U.S. stereotypes Muslims in a negative light.” Note the “image cleanup” involves American changing their tune, not Islam doing anything about its radicalism. In an effort to alert these schools to the fact that Qatar is a “pernicious sponsor of Islamic terror,” Col. Allen West, Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Center for Security Policy, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, joined with several others to start the Qatar Awareness Campaign.  According to the group: “Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar has leveraged its relationships with violent jihadi groups to its own benefit, and to the detriment of the United States and her allies.”  Along with the Connect All Schools initiative, Gregorian has enabled Qatar’s access to America’s K-12 students to push their message.


In addition, former National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach  seemed to use the NEA to “propagandize for the Obama administration’s wishful thinking about Islam”. Leach saw Obama’s much-vaunted Cairo speech as the blueprint for what the NEH should be doing, as he made clear in this fawning address to the Carnegie Corporation, and numerous Endowment initiatives followed, including the Bridging Cultures initiative, and the Muslim Journeys  Bookshelf. Scott Johnson of Powerline notes, “Consider the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf that Leach foisted on the Endowment, with the support of a $1.2 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation. Carnegie is an organization run by Vartan Gregorian, under whose leadership Carnegie has become deeply invested in Islam-related initiatives”.  Leach thus converted the NEH into a vehicle of propaganda because, upon further review,  an NEH source familiar with the project has explained that the grant was awarded by Carnegie to the NEH with the unwritten (but completely understood) provision that there were to be “no books or voices critical of Islam and the dangerous Islamist tendencies within Islam.” Gregorian helps censor reading content through the power of the purse where his education grants are concerned. When asked about the exclusion, NEH political flack Eva Caldera stated those books were already “widely available.”  This banning of books fits well with how the left supports “free speech” as long as it is speech of which they approve.


The last point regarding Gregorian’s Islamafication “contribution” to education involves Pearson Education which designs “education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners”. This company has the biggest contracts with the Gates Foundation to provide textbooks for the Common Core curriculum and its contents. Since the Common Core curriculum was designed by 12 politicians and special interests, not local school boards, parents, educators, and education specialists, Pearson is the perfect fit for this crony contract to push Islam, and it does as a pillar of the Common Core Social Studies Standards. In addition, Pearson is listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange with the Libyan Investment Authority as its largest financial contributor, holding 26 million shares. According to the Financial Times, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam and more than five Gaddafi family members own shares. The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood are invested in Pearson Education through the Libyan Investment Authority. Oh…that son of Gaddafi? We know him as an affiliate of the Lockerbie bomber.  Yes a proven terrorist who has blown up innocent western women and children in a Scottish terror attack has a vested interest in the future of America’s children. Additionally, the lawyer who not only saved him from execution but eventually got him freed from prison for he could run for the leader of Libya in 2019 is none other than Amal Clooney.


Coincidentally (or not), George Soros embarked on “opposition research” during the Gregorian years on certain critics of radical Islam. A 2011 document entitled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse” lamented that progressive groups and members of the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community lacked “high quality opposition research to combat anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance”.  To close that gap, Soros’s Open Society Foundation sought to provide a grant to CAP.  The CAP project, called the “Examining Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project”, set out to engage progressives and journalists to raise awareness about the critics of radical Islam. OSF’s 2011 tax filings show that it “gave CAP a $200,000 grant as well as two others totaling $500,000.”  Also in 2011, CAP issued a 132 page report titled Fear, Inc.:  The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America.  This publication’s stated objective was to “expose and marginalize the influence of the ‘sinister’, ‘hateful’, ‘purposely deceptive’, ‘bigoted’, and ‘racist’ individual groups that, according to CAP, are part of an ‘Islamophobia network in America’.’  These include what CAP describes as ‘misinformation experts’, ‘anti-Muslim bigot’, ‘political players’, ‘right wing media’, ‘religious right zealots’, and ‘radical ideologues’ who intentionally ‘mischaracterize Islam’, ‘peddle hate and fear of Muslims’ and ‘rave about the overhyped dangers’ of Sharia, so as to ‘fan the flames of Islamophobia’.  As with other “socially just” language, interpretation of these terms is completely subjective meaning they can be used against anyone at any time for any reason. This definition as written covers anyone who questions, especially after 9/11, the influx of unvented “refugees” into their neighborhoods as they watched the rise of ISIS, which thrived in the vacuum left in Libya after the “Responsibility to Protect” enabled failed regime change by Madame Secretary Clinton and the Obama administration.  Established in 2013, by the end of Obama’s second term in December of 2016, the “JV team” had, according to CNN, “conducted or inspired more than 140 terrorist attacks in 29 countries other than Iraq and Syria, where its carnage has taken a much deadlier toll. Those attacks have killed at least 2,043 people and injured thousands more.”  This led to a “refugee crisis” that saw boatloads of Muslims leave Libya for the west where they demanded unlimited and unvetted entry to the nations in which they landed. No one could question their motives for fear of being charged with “Islamophobia” especially by media members who took money from Soros/Gregorian entities, including Gregorian’s daughter in law, Maggie Haberman of The New York Times.

Islamic Jhiad on Free Speech

The 2011 Islam push in the U.S. continued in a number of other ways. First off, in September, Soros looked to expand his operations in Egypt via the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, which is run in partnership with the Open Society Justice Initiative. The group sought to develop a national network of legal empowerment actors for referral of “public-interest law cases”. Such organizations in the past have helped represent Muslim Brotherhood leaders seeking election or more authority in the country. The EIPR was founded by Hossam Bahgat, who was at one time detained in Egypt as were the “Al Jazeera Three”, one of whom Amal Clooney eventually “represents”. Al Jazeera, the most popular “news” channel in the Arab world, plays a prominent role in the dissemination of propaganda for the Clooney agenda as it is owned by the Qatari government, a state sponsor of terror most notably ISIS  that supports of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide.  This same Qatar has been noted as a primary funding source for the Common Core curriculum with Gregorian’s blessing.  Additionally, many of Amal’s cases deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, and her mother was in 2011 a “journalist” for Al Jazeera. Spreading radical Muslim propaganda while demonizing the west, especially the United States and Israel, is the Clooney’s job through “pop culture”.  Soros and Gregorian do it though “education” and “media”. Consequently, the George Soros-funded Social Science Research Council, along with the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, received $50,000 from the Open Society Institute as one of the groups behind a new course on Islam designed for journalists which tries to minimize the impact and importance of  “jihad” by comparing it to the number of murders in America each year. Remember Edward R Murrow? He was the “journalist” hero of Clooney’s Good Night and Good Luck as Senator Joseph McCarthy was profiled as a radical Republican on a “witch hunt” looking for communists in the media and Hollywood that he thought were using pop culture to send communist messages to the public.  Amazing that, almost 70 years after McCarthy/Murrow and almost 15 years after the Participant Media backed Clooney hit piece, we find ourselves on the other side of a “witch hunt” against a sitting US President led by a now openly socialist “democrat” party, which is also endorsed by the Communist Party, that is funded and backed by almost everyone in Hollywood, with George Clooney for a time one of it’s political “leaders”.  In fact, eventually, the case will be made that the Clooneys are at the center of the ongoing episode in American history currently referred to as “Spygate” and “The Russian Collusion Hoax”.

That same course in keeping with Newspeak claims “right-wing activists” tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism and does not mention examples of Islamic attacks on press freedom. That fits with a theme for liberal financier Soros, who has spent more than $52 million on influencing the media. The Islamic course “also links to another Soros-funded entity, the well-financed Center for American Progress.” In about 30 pages of text with links to other reports and articles, journalists can go through and read about the history of Islam, Muslims in America, and how to cover stories on Islam. Besides learning basic facts about Muslims and their history, the course adds ways to put ”jihad into perspective, attack conservatives, and provide a list of liberal groups that can be contacted for expert advice and quotes.” The manipulation of the press/media and public education to formulate the west as intolerant Islamophobes who will not open their borders to help “refugees” as a modern day McCarthy witchhunt was well underway.

CAP published a follow-up to Fear, Inc. in that same month titled Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America, which contends that “American Muslims in the United States have been targeted, profiled, or seen as suspect because of their faith” by a malevolent, well-funded “Islamophobia Network” whose views are “not indicative of mainstream American views.”  Notably, CAP has a high regard for such Islamist organizations as the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations, which Fear, Inc. describes as a “civil rights group” but countries such as the United Arab Emirates now list as a terrorist organization. CAP elaborated:

“Islamophobia in the United States takes many shapes and forms. It takes the form of a general climate of fear and anger toward American Muslims, as seen in the ‘civilization jihad’ narrative, the religious right’s rhetoric, and the biased media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. It comes out in cynical political efforts to capitalize on this climate of fear, as seen in state-level anti-Sharia bills introduced across the country and in far-right politicians’ grandstanding. And perhaps most dangerously, it manifests itself in institutional policies that view American Muslims as a threat, as seen in the FBI training manuals that profile Islam as a religion of violence.”

Anti Sharia bills? Sharia law, the Islamic system of moral codes that govern all aspects of Muslim life, runs in direct contradiction to the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution. As Muslims get “elected” to office, Sharia Law is becoming mainstreamed with the likes of Jew hater Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, one of Obama’s “redistributed refugees” from Somalia. In fact, every Muslim who has been elected to office is a democrat (and the one GOP listed here is from CA, so he might as well be a democrat), and most achieved their positions under Obama’s “refugee resettlement” era. As our immigration laws were not enforced during the Obama era to allow for the “humanitarian” resettlement of “illegal” “refugees” and as “amnesty”, although ruled illegal by two federal judges, had been pushed by the Obama administration as “humanitarian”, our border eroded as attacks on our soil by radical Muslim extremists increased.  The same could be said throughout every country in Europe. While normal, rational thinking Americans and Europeans understand that not all Muslims are terrorists, it cannot be said that all these attacks were not done by radicalized Muslims.  Irrelevant, though, as the globalists have jumped on these attacks to push that ALL Americans–well, gun owning and Christian Bible belt “clingers”—conservatives–are Islamophobic. See how that Newspeak crafting works? This all lends more credibility to the “replacement population” agenda of Gregorian and Soros of which the Clooneys are the UN face.

This lends more credibility to the “replacement population” agenda of Gregorian and Soros of which the Clooneys are the UN face. In conjunction with their joint involvement with the UN’s Responsibility to Protect, Gregorian and Soros are also tied to the destruction of sovereign nations through illegal immigration, amnesty, “Syrian refugees”, the “migrant crisis”-whatever term works-…just understand that as borders are erased, these two are flooding areas with Muslims as “refugees”.  As Soros admitted he is behind the “migrant crisis” after being called out by the President of Hungary and the Czech Republic, so, too, is Gregorian, a pro-open borders advocate. In fact, the article ” Rich Immigrants are Behind $18 Million to Force Passage of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens this Year” establishes Soros and Vartan as the two primary backers of amnesty.  Most already know of Soros and his plan, but this one goes farther to establish that, “Another foundation committing millions to the pro-amnesty effort is the Carnegie Corporation which has made rewards for illegal immigration one of its top projects. Carnegie openly touts its decision to be a central organizing leader to pull foundations together in a consortium to ensure amnesty and increased future immigration. The open-borders leadership was begun at Carnegie under its new president, Vartan Gregorian.” This is not conjecture. It is happening in real time all around the world.  Clooney’s satellites keep tabs on regions of the world ripe for invasion, then he and his pals demand UN backed regime change so they can harvest resources, only to demand western nations open their borders so they can traffic the resulting “refugees” around the globe, educate them as they see fit in their schools, and run them for office at the local and state levels to legislate the rule of sovereign nations laws out of existence.

Qaddafi Muslims Europe

It has also emerged that Vartan Gregorian served on the advisory board of the 2001 commission that originally founded the “Responsibility to Protect” act which, as previously mentioned, is the UN doctrine that justifies invasion and regime change and has Soros a primary financial backer  The International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty first defined the Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by Obama, as a “set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of ‘war crimes’, ‘genocide’, ‘crimes against humanity’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’.” The problem is the completely subjective nature of these terms could prove even more problematic.  As WND reported, “The term ‘war crimes’ has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC, which applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in the Gaza Strip. There has been fear the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops.”  Yes, the “Responsibility to Protect” means that this global governing body can declare the sovereignty of a nation null and invade where they see fit if what they can deem what they see happening as “genocide” or “crimes against humanity”. Gregorian and Soros hate Israel, they are trying to destroy the west, and they are doing so through Newspeak in education and pop culture.  They are a dangerous duo and two of George and Amal Clooney’s primary handlers.


Soros and Gregorian indoctrinate the world with their evil via “humanitarian” initiatives. Take the metamorphosis of the “Aurora Prize” of the “100 Lives” initiative from one that focuses on the Armenian Genocide as a cover to push their open border agenda.  On March 11th, 2015, Armenian Weekly stated:

“On March 10, the ‘100 LIVES’ initiative, which aims to celebrate survivors of the Armenian Genocide and support efforts to keep the legacy of gratitude alive, was launched in New York.  The initiative is led by a group of Diasporan Armenians including President of Carnegie Corporation Vartan Gregorian and entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan.  The project aims to uncover and recount stories about survivors and their saviors, which will be collected through academic research, personal accounts, and story submissions by the public to the website.”


The pop culture face of this initiative is George Clooney who works closely with George Soros and John Podesta through a majority of his ‘humanitarian” efforts such as the “Enough” project. CAP member John Prendergast is another Soros connection to this initiative.  A Soros and Gregorian initiative seems odd for an event such as the Armenian Genocide.  This article says nothing about Islam, education or refugees.  It reads as if it will benefit either the descendants of those who perished or their memories somehow.  However, it does not turn out that way.  By 2016, the “100 Lives” initiative morphed into the “how to use a manufactured-by-the-UN ‘humanitarian’ crisis in Syria to destroy sovereign nations around the world for UN control” initiative.


Consider the panels that were held at the first “Aurora Dialogues”.  First? “The Global State of the Humanitarian Issue”.  Former United Nations special representative of the Secretary-General on Human Rights Defenders and Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member Hina Jilani believes that despite the skepticism that exists toward the United Nations today, its authority and mandate must be reinforced. “Countries that are members of the UN sometimes try to compete with the UN and weaken it, and I think that is a mistake. We need a central authority that has sense and that no particular country dominates”, she said. “Central authority”?  Global governance?  Right.

Second panel?  “Saving the World’s Refugees, Syria and Beyond” keynoted by Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member and brainchild behind the aforementioned “Responsibility to Protect” Gareth Evans.  The distinguished panel discussed “the root causes of forced migration, assess what can be learnt from history, and discuss the ways in which the humanitarian community can work in collaboration with institutions to address these issues”.  Moderating the panel was Gillian Sorensen, board member of the International Rescue Committee and senior advisor at the United Nations FoundationThe International Rescue Committee is a Soros backed “humanitarian” NGO led by Ed Miliband that pays people handsomely to take on the “refugees” they redistribute around the world.  The Clooneys are their top spokesperson.  As an American, Sorensen noted that all Americans “were refugees at one point.” NO. We were NOT all “refugees at one point”. I have NEVER been a refugee. Nor were my parents. Nor were my grandparents I am a CITIZEN of a SOVEREIGN nation but a descendant of immigrants.  I am not nor have I ever been a “refugee”.  This is completely false and misleading rhetoric.

Panel 3 was quite surprising as, to liberals, gender is a social construct but nevertheless was titled, “The Role of Women in the International Humanitarian Community”.  Other than to complain about “equality” instead of working to fix the problem as they think it exists without the help of “legislating” it as the globalists see fit, there was not really a whole lot to this.  The last panel, “Shining a Light on the Crisis”, was the most notable one as it dealt with, in line with the DNC leaks revelations, the role the media plays “in covering humanitarian crises and shaping the public’s opinion about them”.  The discussion was moderated by Ted Koppel, a prominent U.S. journalist and a senior contributor the CBS Sunday Morning News. Much of the discussion centered on the evolving media landscape and the role that social media plays in the way humanitarian crises around the world get reported. In a world where traditional media’s authority is waning, it is becoming more difficult to aggregate the various points of view and create an objective, verifiable reality. According to Koppel, journalists used to be the “gatekeepers” through which all information had to pass, but unfiltered information spreading through social media without anyone verifying the facts “poses real danger.”  Translated this means that the “real” news can get through to the people directly without the big conglomerate media spin as dictated by entities such as the DNC. Perhaps this was the reason for Koppel’s meltdown toward Sean Hannity almost a year later when he told Hannity he was “bad for America” and then only released a deceptively edited version of the interview leaving out all of the examples Hannity gave proving “Liberalism has failed” and “Journalism is dead”.  Perhaps that’s why Gregorian’s daughter-in-law Maggie Haberman of the NY Times, who is married to Dareh Gregorian the politics editor at the New York Daily News, has been relentless in her Trump attakcs.  Her father-in-law and Koppel outed themselves as “fake news” supporters in Yerevan the year before at “100 Lives” further proving the “100 Lives” initiative has morphed from a charity to commemorate the Armenian Genocide into a Vartan Gregorian UN propaganda machine, and they have their cohorts in the “mainstream media” to help.


When we think of Islam’s invasion of the west, Islam taking over our children in public schools, “Islamophobia” as a means for restricting speech, and the open borders push, the name George Soros is one we are not surprised to hear. However, Vartan Gregorian, his partner in many of these crimes, should be just as much a household name especially considering his high ranking position in the education field. Soon enough the next Aurora Prize will be awarded in Armenia at the next “100 Lives” initiative.  The Armenian Genocide will be the cover for the post Trump “reset” the globalists are attempting to put together as ISIS attacks across the globe from the Philippines to Manchester. Gregorian, Soros and Clooney will smile and wave from Yerevan as they sell us all out.  Pay attention.

UPDATE May 2018:

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