George Clooney Enemy of Democracy: Media Matters

George Clooney Enemy of Democracy

Chapter 2:  Media Matters

Forbes magazine says Soros has a net worth of $22 billion, making him the 7th richest person in America. The only hedge-fund manager ranked in Forbes’s top ten, Soros lives in Katonah, New York. He has been using much of the money to support the Democratic Party and organizations associated with it, most notably those housed under his Center for American Progress (CAP).  In 2002Soros and Morton Halperin, leader of Soros’ Open Society Institute, started discussions regarding the “Center for American Progress”, a think tank designed specifically for and with the help of Hillary Clinton to use the Democrat Party in the United States to advance the Soros-led and financed globalist takedown of the Constitution through “social justice” platforms such as “energy, national security, economic growth, immigration, education, and healthcare”.   Since the money is funneled into this “nonprofit”, it is not subject to Citizens United-type “get big money out of politics” laws, which is why Democrats have no trouble pushing for “campaign finance reform”.  At the time, Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, praised Soros for engineering the “privatization” of the Democratic Party through funding of the “527 ‘nonprofit’” political groups and bypassing what he called an incompetent Democratic Party apparatus.

In addition, Soros was convinced the Bush election victory in 2000 followed by a subsequent majority win in both houses of Congress two years later had everything to do with the GOP’s great media presence.  As such, “One of CAP’s chief priorities has been to carry out ‘rapid response’ to what it calls conservative ‘attacks’ in the media.”  To this end, CAP has always maintained numerous spokespeople, such as George Clooney, and “experts” ready to appear on short notice on national talk shows to debate or respond to conservative commentators.  Furthermore, Soros eventually realized, like Hitler, that the best way to control the vote besides fraud involved the manipulation of the masses via pop culture propaganda, so on May 3, 2004, CAP helped launch David Brock’s Media Matters for America to serve as a “ ‘watchdog’ organization monitoring ‘rightwing’ media for ethics violations and factual inaccuracies.  According to the NY Times, Brock conferred with Hillary Clinton, Senator Tom Daschle (a distinguished senior fellow with CAP) and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore about Media Matters before embarking on the project.” This is the same David Brock who directed the pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record and wrote “The Travelgate Cover-Up” for The American Spectator in June of 1994.  In it he referred to the couple’s “influence-peddling and sleazy deal-making” and claimed that “Screwing over the ‘little people’ is the Clintons’ prerogative.” He also put scare quotes around “strong moral compass” in reference to Hillary Clinton and referred to her and her husband’s desire to ensure that former employees “would be ruined, Arkansas-style.” Pushing “fake news” via Brock with Soros money seemed the best way to “sell” Hillary to a “deplorable” public.

In that same year, Participant Media was founded by Jeffrey Skoll, the former President of eBay, to fund feature films and documentaries that promote their social values (regardless of facts) while still being commercially viable.  It is not shocking to learn then that Participant Media is financed in part by Soros:  “That project then served as a consultant to Participant in creating its index, which received $4.2 million in combined financing from the Knight and Gates foundations and from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.”  Several popular yet intentionally factually incorrect films produced by this company to push the globalist agenda included the award-winning Hollywood darling Al Gore documentary on “global warming” entitled  An Inconvenient Truth.  According to the Soros DC Leaks, Gore received $30 million over three years to push this global warming hysteria, even forcing it as mandatory viewing in public middle schools to brainwash our children.

The first and biggest major Hollywood player at Participant Media was George Clooney.  Clooney first seems to have first landed on the Soros payroll with Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck as Participant Media endeavors.  Both movies pushed false media narratives, “fake news”, to drive the Soros-led globalist agenda.  Syriana was used in part to push the “Americans are Islamophobic” mantra.

Allan H. Ryskind, author of “Hollywood Traitors:  Blacklisted Screenwriters Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler”, observed:

“How many movies, for instance, show Americans bravely routing Islamic terrorists? How many films offer any justification for the harsh interrogation techniques or important internal security measures we have used to keep our country safe since 9/ 11? Almost none, of course…Take the film Syriana, for instance, for which George Clooney won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. A heroic Arab prince wants to end corruption and oppression, especially of women, and modernize his country. And wouldn’t you know it, the CIA obliterates him and his family with a remote-controlled missile. The film also features a wonderfully humane Pakistani who feels impelled by America’s heinous policies to become a suicide bomber and carries out a mission similar to the terrorist assault on the USS Cole. (Just for the record , the suicide bombers that severely damaged the Cole and murdered seventeen American sailors were directed by Osama bin Laden’s “idealistic” group, al Qaeda.)”

In exchange for selling America out, Clooney’s propaganda snagged him an Oscar and won him, Warner Brothers, and his and Grant Hezlov’s Section Eight Productions an award in 2006 from the Muslim Public Affairs Council which, “in an effort to promote positive and accurate portrayals of Islam and Muslims…each year recognizes voices of courage and conscience who are the best in their field”. They were honored for creating an “eye-opening portrait of politics, petroleum and power”.  The Islamafication of America via pop culture was underway with Clooney at the helm.

Meanwhile Good Night and Good Luck acted as a propaganda piece to paint the McCarthy era as one in which “paranoid conservatives” were on a “Communist witch hunt against Democrats” when in reality, McCarthy’s suspicion of Communists in Hollywood working against American interests was very real.  Clooney admitted as much in an interview with Salon during the press junket for the movie. According to  Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies by M. Stanton Evans:

“A second recent treatment of the Moss affair that deserves brief notice isn’t a scholarly work, but undoubtedly has done more to spread disinformation about the case than a dozen history books together. This is the George Clooney film Good Night and Good Luck, released in 2005, based on the 1954 confrontation between McCarthy and Edward R. Murrow (the title of the film is taken from Murrow’s habitual sign-off). This Clooney opus portrays McCarthy as a fearsome dragon and Murrow as the brave knight-errant who dared to slay him. In a mix of modern production methods and video clips taken from the archives, the movie affects to be a study in cinema verité, supposedly revealing the evil of McCarthy simply by showing him in action. The case of Annie Lee Moss is featured, as it was by Murrow himself back in the 1950s. It’s of interest that neither in the Clooney film nor in the original Murrow broadcast is there any evidence cited to indicate Moss was an innocent victim—the message being conveyed instead by video clips of Moss and of McClellan browbeating Cohn for allegedly treating her unfairly. In the case of the Murrow broadcast, when not all the relevant data were known, this was to some extent excusable (though had Murrow and Co. been the crack journalists they professed to be, they could have dug out the facts about Hattie Griffin and the like from the hearing transcripts). In the case of the Clooney film, there is no excuse whatever, as the truth about the case is fully available to anyone who bothers to review the voluminous SACB reports and archives of the Bureau. Amazingly, in a press interview about all this, Clooney made it clear he had been informed that Mrs. Moss was a Communist and that he didn’t deny it. Instead, he said, the real question stressed by Murrow and his colleagues, and therefore in the Clooney film, was that “they simply demand that she has a right to face her accuser.”19 We are thus informed, after fifty years of being told Mrs. Moss was not a Communist but a mistaken-identity victim, that wasn’t the point at all! It was, instead, her right to face her accuser. If Clooney was indeed aware of the copious evidence on the case, as he should have been in presuming to inform the world about it, he certainly disguised this knowledge in his movie. In the interests of historical truth, the data set forth above should at least have been alluded to, making it clear Mrs. Moss was in fact what Markward (and McCarthy) said, and not the victim of a mistaken-identity foul-up. But, of course, if Clooney had brought out these facts of record, he would have had no movie. Such information would have undercut the thesis of the film about the bullying and reckless lying of McCarthy.”

Perhaps Clooney still has some hard feelings towards McCarthy for calling his uncle Jose Ferrer before his committee back in the 1950’s.  In any event, remember this:  “Soros…appreciates that a human-rights mantra, particularly when amplified with the U.N.’s global megaphone, is a formidable tool for manipulating public policy. A tool, mind you, and not a principle… all sharing common goals: diminishing American power and mothballing the idea of unadulterated universal values”?  This movie did that.  It attempted to put the onus on modern-day conservatives as the enemy of “progress” to divert from those who are, indeed, working to erase our sovereignty in lieu of global ruling governance. It crafted “fake news” as truth.  Consequently, as with Syriana, in exchange for this propaganda piece, Clooney’s profile was raised significantly in Hollywood including several Academy Award nominations and other critical accolades. Makes sense, then, that this Participant Media/partially Soros financed film was the focus of the September 2005 Reel Progress film series in Washington D.C.  Reel Progress, established in March of 2005 on the heels of Participant Media, was a new progressive film series sponsored by the aforementioned Soros Center for American Progress with Clooney as a propaganda pushing cornerstone.

The same year Media Matters was launched with Clooney as a mouthpiece also brought forth the first documented meeting between Soros and Obama.  In June, the billionaire hosted a fundraiser for Obama’s U. S. Senate campaign at his New York home.  This is where Soros decided it would have been hard to push Republicans as evil, rich and white with Hillary as their nominee even with her ovaries, so he picked Obama as the alternative. With Obama as the first black President, the “historical” talking points of this election would guarantee a landside while the racial division his ethnicity could cause to promote agendas would be exploited as much as possible. Clooney eventually teamed up with Obama to help “build this” while reminding the world over the course of a decade that, indeed, Democrats are the party of racism when he constantly invoked Democrat George Wallace into his “America is racist” talking points. Soros, Clooney, Wallace…maybe it is something with the name “George”?

In addition, George’s dad, Nick, who held no political office whatsoever in his life, ran in 2004 as the lone Democrat for Congress in his Kentucky district.  As hard as George tried to infiltrate this highly conservative area with Soros progressivism, his dad lost, probably because the bulk of his fundraising came from Hollywood and Beverly Hills, not from the people who actually live there because, as we will soon discover, the term “democracy” only fits in Clooney’s vernacular when he and his handlers benefit from it, and Middle America is the antithesis of the 1% liberal enclaves of Manhattan and Hollywood.

Regardless, the “Perfect Storm” (pun intended) of Media Matters, Participant Media, Obama, and Clooney as the “King of Hollywood” were all meticulously planned to use Obama’s years in office to mold public perception as a prelude to the less enigmatic Hillary Clinton in 2016. Per a 67-page hacked file detailing the September 29-30, 2014 Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting in New York, President Obama was to use his executive action authority to bypass Congress during his final two years in office so that the “open society goals can be advanced despite the political forecast for the remainder of the president’s term, our grantees are actively involved in exploring the possibilities of executive action in areas of USP (Open Society Foundations’ U.S. Programs) concern, including racial profiling, the census, and voter registration”.  Basically, Obama was to executive order the Constitution out of existence while brainwashing the masses into believing America was evil, and then Soros and Clooney through Hillary would “rebuild” the nation into a UN run entity.

Obama used his “pen and phone” to push that plan full steam ahead until Hillary lost.  The warning signs were available long before her epic defeat, though. The hubris of Soros, Clooney, and their ilk cost them the election.  Media Matters shaped their narrative and pushed that hubris.  In a memo dated March 9th 2015, Media Matters says Hillary and the Clinton Foundation’s practice of taking large donations from repressive regimes did not count against her as a “pro woman” and “pro LGBT” candidate because she “speaks out” a lot. This “fake news” becomes a key component of Hillary’s messaging during the 2016 campaign.  She is heavily funded by  some of the worst human rights violating nations on the planet, especially towards the women and gays she claims to support, but because she is Hillary…and a democrat…that is okay. By the time this memo was written, Media Matters had morphed from monitoring “right wing news” to a full blown Hillary advocate.  According to Warren Todd Huston of Breitbart:

“A recent piece in National Journal reveals that Media Matters and two other far-left groups — American Bridge and Correct The Record — have all turned their organizations into Hillary advocates well before her announcement.

Media Matters has been the main purveyor of the leftist, Democratic message. Even National Journal, a left-leaning publication, notes that Media Matters easily programs the national media narrative: It is “often easy to trace Media Matters’ influence on a major news story… Regardless, it appears that Brock and company have assigned to themselves the duty of getting Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States.”

One angle Media Matters thought it had covered involved the background of Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin. That was until Vanity Fair decided to partake in some actual journalism and report on Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, including her time as an assistant editor at a publication called the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1996 until 2008 which leads to her family’s association with Abdullarh Omar Nasseef who, “In his early years as the patron of the Abedins’ journal, (Nasseef) was the secretary-general of the Muslim World League, which Andrew McCarthy, the former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted the ‘Blind Sheik’, Omar Abdel Rahman, in the wake of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, claims ‘has long been the Muslim Brotherhood’s principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology.’ This information can be verified with a simple Google search. It is not “fake news”.  However, Media Matters came out swinging with smear tactics parroted by the mainstream media to denounce “Right wing conspiracies” and “xenophobia”.  If the general public knew the depths of Hillary Clinton’s (and Clooney’s) ties to radical Islam and the pay to play schemes via the Clinton Foundation involved with these human rights abusing countries that hate the west, there was no way she would get elected. David Brock and Media Matters worked to make sure no one found out, pushing “fake news” to vilify anyone who got in their way.

One prime target of Media Matters, Project Veritas journalist James O’Keefe, produced an undercover video series titled “Rigging The Election”, an exposé they have  described as a “multi-part series which exposes the dark secrets at the highest levels of the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign.”  In this video, a PVA journalist exposes how his “pay for play with Robert Creamer landed him a meeting with Bradley Beychock, the President of Media Matters For America, an organization that has been attacking James O’Keefe for years. During the meeting, Beychock gave the PVA journalist a tour of their offices. He also proudly boasted about the Media Matters assault on conservative writer and political consultant Roger Stone.”  Bullying. Censorship. These are the actions in which Media Matters work to make Democrats palpable to the American people. Brock even went so far as to demand that Bernie Sanders stop “negative attacks” against Hillary during the Democrat primary.  Brock knew the DNC colluded with Hillary to  rigged  the primary against Sanders.  Sanders did not.  Brock did not need the popular Sanders smearing their already established candidate, “helping Karl Rove and his ilk do their general election dirty work.”  Sanders eventually got on board…after buying a new beach house.

Now that she lost, what becomes of Media Matters, David Brock, and George Clooney? Time will tell.  For now, Media Matters claims it will switch its focus to “fake news” online.  This, of course, means anything that does not fit the progressive narrative. It should shock no one then, that Clooney gave some sort of political diatribe about the Constitution, various Presidents and, yes, “fake news” at a screening of his latest Netflix venture “The White Helmets” in London with Amal. He declared it his job as a “public figure” to report the “facts”. The “facts”, of course, are the talking points fed to him.  Clooney keeps funneling money through various production companies from Participant to Section 8 and now he runs Soros cash through his Smokehouse Pictures which announced on the heels of Russia freeing of Aleppo from ISIS that it would produce The White Helmets, a documentary about the first responders in Syria. Remember the warmongering left will not get their war with Russia over Syrian oil with Trump, so propaganda is needed preserve Obama’s “legacy” in Syria, including the “refugee crisis”. Therefore this movie praises the White Helmets for their “humanitarian” missions to gain sympathy for the push to invade Syria, no doubt ignoring the truth. The White Helmets, aka “The Syrian Civil Defense Force”, are a west created NGO used as a propaganda tool to facilitate regime change.  Regime change for personal, financial and political gain is what the globalists do.  Clooney’s role is that of the major propaganda pusher in Hollywood.

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