George Clooney Enemy of Democracy: Who is George Soros?

George Clooney  Enemy of Democracy

Chapter 1:  Who is George Soros?

György Schwartz, better known to the world as George Soros, was born August 12, 1930 in Hungary.  Soros’ father, Tivadar, was an expert in Esperanto—a language invented in 1887 designed to be the first global language, free of any national identity.  The Schwartzs, who were non-practicing Jews, changed the family name to Soros in order to facilitate their assimilation into the Gentile population as the Nazis spread into Hungary during the 1930’s.  When Hitler’s henchman Adolf Eichmann arrived in Hungary to oversee the Holocaust of its Jews, George Soros ended up going on rounds with a man whose job was to confiscate property from the Jewish population.  Soros has repeatedly called 1944, the year “70% of Mr. Soros’ fellow Jews in Hungary, nearly a half-million human beings were killed the ‘best year of (his) life’”. Indeed the seeds for Soros’ sociopathic tendencies towards hated of nationalism-especially where “free” nations like Israel and the United States are concerned-seem to have been sown during these formative years.

The anti-nationalism seeds sown by Soros during World War II continued thereafter when he attended the London School of Economics, where one of his professors was fellow atheist and Hungarian Karl Popper. Two of Popper’s most influential teachings concerned “the open society,” which refers to a “test and evaluate” approach to social engineering. Regarding this “open society”, Roy Childs writes, “Since the Second World War, most of the Western democracies have followed Popper’s advice about piecemeal social engineering and democratic social reform, and it has gotten them into a grand mess”. This is especially true in Europe where these societies are currently collapsing, giving rise to the current nationalist and populist trends destroying the globalist utopia in lieu of stronger sovereign protections.

In 1956, Soros moved to New York City where he worked on Wall Street and started amassing his billion dollar fortune as a hedge fund operator. Soros was absolutely ruthless, amoral, and clever in his business dealings that quickly made him a fortune. His financial manipulations via “vulture capitalism”, not “free market capitalism”, affect the fates of nations, their currencies, and their citizens. One especially egregious example of his predatory speculation activities earned him the nickname “the man who broke the Bank of England”. Kyle-Anne Shiver of The American Thinker said, “Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. He broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically…almost overnight.” This is not the only time he has done this but it was the first time he did it to a major western nation.

Even though Soros is usually referred to by the liberal media as a “financier” or “philanthropist”, what Soros actually does is criminal and inhumane. He influences the balkanization of areas of the world ripe for the picking through market manipulation via his off-shore hedge fund, Quantum Funds , and then “saves” the people from the crisis that he helped create as a “human rights issue” via some sort of UN “humanitarian” intervention. Soros and his ilk have commandeered the use of the term “human rights” to facilitate the falls of Eastern Europe and Africa, most notably the Sudan and Darfur, first, followed by Western Europe and now North America. It is all part of his “social engineering” plan for an “open borders” society to be carried out by the UN. As Anne Bayefsky, of National Review, stated:

“Soros, logged as one of President Obama’s frequent White House guests, appreciates that a human-rights mantra, particularly when amplified with the U.N.’s global megaphone, is a formidable tool for manipulating public policy. A tool, mind you, and not a principle… He has brought together the unelected, unaccountable NGO claiming to represent ‘civil society’, the Democratic party and its sitting president, and the world’s chief global organization, each supportive of the others in a plethora of financial and personal interrelationships, and all sharing common goals: diminishing American power and mothballing the idea of unadulterated universal values… Soros’s view is the antithesis of human-rights protection. It directly contradicts the vision of common, inviolable rights and freedoms, which the visionaries who founded America, the United Nations, and Human Rights Watch understood.”

The hijacking/manipulation of the terms “human rights” and “humanitarian” is perhaps the most disgusting outcome of this method of operation.  The poor masses Soros and his minions claim to want to help are nothing more than a means to an end of increasing their own wealth and power as the poor get poorer and their living conditions worsen. People cannot be ruled if they are free and prosperous. They can be ruled when they are desperate and needy. In their world, the “human rights” allowed to the masses are only the ones the elites allow them to have and “humanitarian” infers only the elites can save them via the transfer of the world’s wealth and power to them.

Thus the 1990’s saw Soros increase his global hold on economics and politics. In 1997, Soros continued this destruction with the economies of Thailand and Malaysia.  At the time, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, called Soros “a villain, and a moron.”  Thai activist Weng Tojirakarn said, “We regard George Soros as a kind of Dracula. He sucks the blood from the people.”  Soros was also involved in the Balkanization of the former Yugoslavia.  The website Greek National Pride reported, “[Soros] was part of the full court press that dismantled Yugoslavia and caused trouble in Georgia, Ukraine and Myanmar [Burma].  Calling himself a philanthropist, Soros’ role is to tighten the ideological stranglehold of globalization and the New World Order while promoting his own financial gain.  He is without conscience; a (vulture) capitalist who functions with absolute amorality.” Recently, his native Hungary fined Soros 2.2 million dollars for “illegal market manipulation.”  Elizabeth Crum writes that “The Hungarian economy has been in a state of transition as the country seeks to become more financially stable and Westernized.  [Soros’] deliberately driving down the share price of its largest bank put Hungary’s economy into a wicked tailspin, one from which it is still trying to recover.” The recent push for “open borders”  via the “migrant crisis” as the means by which the elites are attempting to erase borders and use radical Islam and “xenophobia” to eliminate Christianity has Soros’s native country of Hungary declaring it will build a Trump-like wall to keep Soros-type globalist politics out of their sovereign nation.  As  more nations take this stance, Soros and the New World Order lose power…and their collective minds.

One area Soros has not been able to control is Russia.  In 1994 Soros triumphantly declared himself the world’s top communist when he stated in The New Republic that, “The former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire.” The Russia-gate scandal in 1999, engineered by Soros much in the same way he did with England, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hungary, almost collapsed the Russian economy.  Concerns over Russian currency devaluation ramped up when Soros “urged Russian economic leaders to devalue the ruble and introduce a currency pegged to the dollar or euro”.  As a result, “the Russian stock market went into a meltdown Thursday, causing a halt in trading for 35 minutes and prompting the local press to dub the day ‘Black Thursday’.” It was labeled by Rep. Jim Leach, then head of the House Banking Committee, to be “one of the greatest social robberies in human history.”  It did not cause a complete collapse, though. The “Soros Empire” replacing the “Soviet Empire” had to wait as Soros has “not been able to crackThe Russian Federation.  Russia’s political pragmatism and humanist value system rooted in a traditional, ‘nation-state’ culture most likely infuriates Soros”.  Damn nationalism blocking globalism again.  Soros has been trying to capture and kill-off for Russia for nearly a decade to no avail.

The Russian government realized the cancerous nature of Soros backed NGOs and took the proper preventative measures. In 2015, Putin effectively banned Soros from the country:  “Russian Prosecutor General’s Office issued a statement in which it recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as ‘undesirable groups’, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.  Prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security. They added that the Justice Ministry would be duly informed about these conclusions and would add the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organizations”. Per the DC Leaks , it proved a very wise move. The DC Leaks showed how dangerous the Open Society and George Soros were to the well-being and preservation of the Russian Federation and the Russian culture.

In a document from November 2012 entitled, “OSF [Open Society Foundation] Russia Strategic Planning Meeting Notes”, members of the OSF discussed how to “Identify joint priorities for OSF’s Russia activities in the coming year. How can we most effectively collaborate, considering the deteriorating political environment for our partners?” According to Zero Hedge, “The main revelation of the document minutes comes from the hope that Medvedev’s years as president would provide the NGOs the ‘opening’ they would need to finally break the Russian bear.  That all evaporated in 2012, when Vladimir Putin returned to the President’s office.  The OSF, clearly distraught and disappointed, begins to lay down the groundwork for how to challenge the Putin administration, in light of his very different approach to dealing with NGOs like the Open Society Foundation.” The DNC leaks further revealed, “The human rights context has greatly changed from 2006 to 2012: the Medvedev period allowed for a number of improvements and significant openings for NGOs. Amendments to the NGO law in 2006 led to campaigning on behalf of NGOs; many of our grantees benefited during this period. Surkov established ties with many groups that were willing to cooperate with the state and our partners served as experts in key processes like police reform. A space was created for modernization and for the inclusion of civil society during Medvedev’s term. However, pressure has come back very quickly in the short time that Putin has been back in power.” Putin’s election put not only Soros’s plan for world domination at risk.  Putin also has no trouble challenging Soros for the role of top communist which seems to hurt his ego.

Since Soros has not been able to topple Russia from within, he has his agents placed around the area attempting to bait Putin into war.  There are many in the Ukraine placed through an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-Nazi strong men.  Then there is Syria.  Russia and Turkey have fought with Syria against ISIS and the Obama/Soros backed “rebels” over a pipeline in Syria.  The Obama/Soros admin used all the political maneuvering they could manage to entice an invasion of Syria through UN channels as with the “Responsibility to Protect” in Libya.  It obviously has not worked.  Even the “Restrain the Veto” initiative which Amal Clooney presented before the UNGA with the press in tow to try to publicly shame countries into a UN invasion failed.  Thus Hillary Clinton promised to topple Asaad as a “humanitarian” mission after her “coronation”, so with her shocking loss, the threat of war eased.  Aleppo has been freed by Russia and Turkey.  A tentative peace deal has been established. Lives have been spared.  If it all holds, the “refugee” crisis can effectively rectify itself, thus ending “open borders” as “humanitarian”, there will be no war with Russia and Putin looks like a hero.  Other than “hacking” claims, Soros will have to find other ways to antagonizing Putin into war without GOP led American help.

These are just a few major areas of the world where we have seen the depravity of George Soros in actions. In fact, almost every area of conflict in the world today has his fingerprints on it.  However, he has a lot of help in enforcing his agenda.  Enabling war for profit while destroying economies to enrich himself as the UN takes over as a global ruling entity of the 1% is facilitated by many in the pop culture field but none more than George Clooney.  George Clooney is George Soros’s top propagandist.  Clooney is the modern day Goebbels to Soros as the modern day Hitler.  Almost every person in Clooney’s professional and personal life has deep ties to Soros and every part of the globalist agenda.  Take a look at everything else happening in the world around us.  It is not by chance. It is a direct result of their politics and manipulations.  However, their hold is loosening. Where will it wind up? We must trace a history of their relationship in hopes of figuring that out.

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