George Clooney Enemy of Democracy-Hope & Change

George Clooney Enemy of Democracy

Chapter 4:  2008 – Hope & Change

2008 found Clooney on the Presidential campaign trail. During this year, he confirmed to the pop culture base as decided by Soros in 2006 that Hillary would not be the nominee, calling her the “most polarizing figure in politics” while somehow hypocritically convincing the public “patriarchal” Republicans hated women while pushing the race baiting Obama. In a 2009 document marked “classified”, George Soros’ Open Society Institute, called the Obama presidency a:

“’make or break’ moment for ‘transformative change’ in immigration reform, ‘racial justice,’ and a myriad of other issues. ‘We are living in a ‘make or break’ moment for building open society in America. There is no need to wax eloquent about why. The factors were not all in play even just a year ago,’ Ann Beeson and Bill Vanderberg wrote in a document titled “Special Funding to Seize This Transformative Moment.”

Beeson and Vendenberg wrote, “OSI should provide funding to strengthen the capacity of national groups focused on specific issues – racial justice, LGBT equality, women’s rights, and immigrants’ rights – to develop an over-arching equality agenda.” A group they identify as being able to take a “lead role in this effort” is the National Council of La Raza.

The memo points to John Podesta and Andy Stern as leaders in the Unity 2009 effort. It states that both “are well-connected with the new Administration and on the Hill.”

Perhaps George’s willingness to push this “fundamental transformation” combined with his UN globalist push (and a good word from Clooney/Soros crony John Podesta) is why he was rewarded with the UN Messengers of Peace title on January 18th.

Clooney continued the “hope and change” push via the Soros backed “gay agenda” (as proven by the DNC leaks ) this same year as prop 8, the bill banning same sex marriage, passed in California. The “gay agenda” was never about “equality”. It was always intended for and has been used to undermine religious liberty in hopes of taking down the first amendment because if it falls, the rest of our rights fall. As stated, California was the “successful” beta test for the Soros takeover. As such, California should have been a no brainer to pass prop 8 between Clooney, Hollywood and San Francisco, thus setting the base for future legislation via “democracy”. However, that did not happen. The Prop 8 vote saw 52.24% of voters saying yes to this measure. Those who disagreed with the vote but believed in “democracy” requested a second vote, not a tyrannical override. Even then, the people of California voted for prop 8 a SECOND time. . Outraged, Clooney dutifully took on the role of campaigner to overturn this measure because, as a globalist puppet, he could care less about “democratic” election outcomes and the sovereignty of a nation and its people. Irate, Clooney fought to overrule the voices of the people and celebrated when the tyrannical Supreme Court overturned their millions of votes while belittling those who voted for it…twice. Keep in mind, this is not a commentary on whether gay marriage should be legal or not. It is a reflection on how those who claim to be “pro-democracy” are not. Those paying attention realized at this point that “Mr. Everyman American” who claimed to be “pro-democracy” was anything but on both counts. Clooney then continued to spew CAP talking points wherever he could including but not limited to: withdrawing troops from Iraq, a plan to implement “universal” health coverage for all, and “green jobs” that would combat “global warming”. As we will soon discover, “the green scheme” is not only a second part of the globalist “take down America” platform but a lucrative one for both Georges, as well.

2008 was also a benchmark in his personal life, although the public had no clue.  In August, talks began to have Clooney star in “Up in the Air”.  Daniel Dubiecki was a producer of this movie.  He is married to Lara Alameddine (an alternate spelling to Alamuddin).  Yes, she is related to Amal. No one knows when Clooney actually met Amal. The PR love story narrative says September of 2013.  He knew of her family long before that, though.  Amal’s other cousin, Raya Meddine (she shortened the name professionally) joined “The Young and the Restless” in this year, too.  There were at least two members of Amal’s family in Hollywood this year—Obama’s election year—and one of their husbands worked closely with Clooney. As a side, there is this shot from “Rana”’s Twitter account dated September 30th, 2014, wedding weekend as well as a more recent screenshot expressing her disdain for Israel:

(click link at top to view screenshots in text)

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