George Clooney Enemy of Democracy-2009-2010 Sudan & the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

George Clooney Enemy of Democracy

Chapter 5: 2009-2010 Sudan & the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

2009-2010 found Clooney busy with his Hollywood projects including Men Who Stare At Goats, Mr. Fantastic Fox and the aforementioned, critically acclaimed Up in the Air and just as busy for the globalists politically. In January, Clooney worked the “humanitarian” cause for those affected by the Haiti earthquake with his “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon.  As with most of the money donated, whether forcibly through taxes paid to the UN or voluntarily, most of the money did not make it there. All that money got “fair-shared” per Nick Harvey at New Internationalist Magazine, “And while billions of dollars have undoubtedly managed to filter through, a lack of interaction between NGOs and locals means very little of it ends up in Haitian hands. Studies have shown that only 2.3 per cent of reconstruction aid went to Haitian firms. Haitians have, in many ways, simply been excluded from the rebuilding of their own country”.  This past March, Haitian activists protested outside of the Clinton Foundation in NY over “billions of dollars” that went missing.  Where did it all go? It bears mentioning that in 2011, Clooney shilled for the Clinton Foundation.  It has since been revealed that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a slush fund for political favors. “Humanitarian” indeed.

However, the better part of the year saw “Humanitarian” Clooney stumping for support for the independence referendum in Sudan for “democracy”. During this time, CAP broadened their conquest map in Africa through the “Enough” initiative from Sudan/Darfur with the Satellite Sentinel Project which, “Through the use of satellite imagery, SSP provides an early warning system to deter mass atrocities by focusing world attention and generating rapid responses on human rights and human security concerns”.  It also just so happens that in August of 2009 Soros was a shareholder in DigitalGlobal, the company Clooney uses to maintain his satellite project. Clooney eventually gets his kickbacks, though, through “climate change”.  Hypocritical Hollywood pushes the “green scheme” agenda for political and personal favors, as discovered in this undercover video by James O’Keefe,  while maintaining mega mansions around the world, including air conditioning, to which they travel on private jets, and others like Clooney use gas powered boats to get to their villas in Italy.  They do not practice what they preach as the “green scheme” is not about the environment green but cash green.

Soros is a major player in the green scheme as the DNC leaks proved.  First he paid Al Gore all that money to push the faux climate data.  Then Soros made a lot of money off the taxpayer funded trillion-dollar federal stimulus via “climate change”,  “in the first quarter of 2009, Mr. Soros went on a stock-buying spree in companies that ultimately benefited from the federal stimulus, including twelve alternative energy and utility companies… these twelve, and other timely investments in renewable energy, Soros’ green tab exceeds $11 BILLION of stimulus money.”  Fast forward to this year as the Obama administration’s war on coal rages onward in favor of “sustainability”/cronyism.  Soros, after driving down the price of coal, bought $2 million/1.5 million shares of coal stock so that when it goes up again, will make a financial killing after bankrupting what is left of the middle class whose electricity rates will become increasingly hard to pay. Clooney will, too, with his “sustainability” endeavors cloaked as “humanitarianism” in Africa as we will see later.  Clooney and Soros believe that money is evil…unless it is theirs…and they are going to make a lot of it in the Sudan and the US as a result of “the green scheme” if they have their way.

Speaking of “evil money”, during this time, two of Clooney’s cohorts, John Podesta of the “Enough” project and Ruben Vardanyan of the “100 Lives” initiative, and Viktor Pinchuk , who tried to use the influential Americans he met through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to free Yulia Tymoshenko, Amal Clooney’s eventual client, from jail, were involved in Hillary Clinton’s $35M Skolkovo deal, where they in essence sold US technology to the Russian military.  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton “spearheaded U.S. involvement in a Russian government technology initiative called Skolkovo.  The Russian government’s stated goal for Skolkovo, touted as ‘innovation city”, was to be the Russian equivalent of American’s Silicon Valley.  Skolkovo housed more than 30,000 workers in state of the art facilities under Kremlin control. Despite the FBI and the US Army warning that Skolkovo could be used by Russia to accelerate its military technological capabilities, Hillary Clinton’s state department and her campaign manager developed alarming relationships with Kremlin controlled entities.”  Keep in mind, another ‘role’ served by Podesta is as a Clinton lobbyist for Sberrbank CIB USA Inc, a subsidiary of Russia’s largest bank, and his Podesta Group was hired by the Alliance for Shared Values, part of the Islamic Gulen movement, a religious and social movement led by Fethullah Gulen, the man on whom Turkey’s Erdogan blamed the recent coup attempt, who now resides in Pennsylvania. Somehow two co-founders of the joint Clooney flagship “charity” initiative is also tied to the area where the Clooneys are trying to re-establish their “humanitarian” brand—Armenia which is geopolitically important to both Russia and Turkey and, coincidentally, the focus of Clooney’s “100 Lives” initiative with Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan, who was an advisory board member for Skolkovo from 2012-2014.  Now let’s check some of the timeline bullet points for this Podesta/Russia transaction:

June 3, 2010    Russian Oligarch Ruben Vardanyan joined the board.

Jan 11 2011     Public announcement that Podesta was joining the Joule Unlimited Board of Directors

March 11, 2011 Klein Ltd Files corporate registration papers in Bermuda, with two Senior Wakefield Quin employees, Nicholas J Hoskins and Marlies Smith, as officers. Hoskins is associated with Troika Dialog and IPOC entities controlled by Russian oligarchs Ruben Vardanyan and Reinman.  Smith is corporate secretary for Vimpelocm, run by Freidman and Pinchuk.  The registration documents make clear the company’s sole purpose is to make charitable contributions.

2011-2012       Klein Ltd makes $23 million in contributions to the US based charity the Sea Change Foundation.  Sea Change, in turn, makes $1.75 million in contributions to the Center for American Progress (where “Enough” is housed) during the same time. Sea Change had never contributed to CAP before.

Sep 23, 2011   It is announced that Rusanano will make an approximately $35 million investment to Joule Unlimited, which is a subsidiary of Joule Global Holdings NV

Dec 13, 2011   Rusanano’s board authorizes Anatoly Chubais to serve concurrently on the boards of both Joule Global Holdings, and Joule Global Foundation.

Feb 2, 2012     Joule Unlimited elects Anatoly Chubais to its Board of Directors.

Dec 2013         Podesta resigns from Joule boards.
Feb 21, 2014   Podesta financial disclosures signed. Does not list Joule Stichting on his disclosure.

The project has since denigrated rapidly:

“Today, precious little of that buzz remains. The political will and, more importantly, the financial capacity to encourage technological innovation are gone. Gone too is Medvedev himself, these days practically invisible outside Russia and eclipsed inside it, with President Vladimir Putin firmly back in the driver’s seat. Skolkovo was raided by anti-corruption agents in April 2013, after which several figureheads on the project were accused of misappropriation of funds. Although officials deny that the investigations were politically motivated, Skolkovo has tumbled down the government’s priority list: This year, the incubator was ordered to cut costs by 20 to 40 percent.”

Podesta oversaw this entire seemingly money laundering event under the guise of “charity” that was backed by Putin right hand man Ruben Vardanyan, Clooney sure is good at bringing on money launderers to help with his ‘charities”.

Also during the 2009/2010 time period, CAP also increased their hate rhetoric against Israel.  In recent years, ThinkProgress has sparked controversy for its attacks on defenders of Israel and on critics of hardline Islamist ideology or “Islamaphobes”.  For example, in 2010 a ThinkProgress posting by CAP policy analyst Matt Duss denounced an Israeli raid on a Free Gaza Movement flotilla that was challenging Israel’s blockade of Gaza, a raid that resulted in the deaths of nine anti-Israel militants: “Like segregation in the American South, the siege of Gaza (and the entire Israeli occupation, for that matter) is a moral abomination that should be intolerable to anyone claiming progressive values.” CAP writer Eric Alterman, for his part, accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of campaigning for a U.S. invasion of Iran, and ThinkProgress national-security reporter Eli Clifton wrote: “It would appear that AIPAC is now using the same escalating measures against Iran that were used before the invasion of Iraq.”  Soros hates Israel and the U.S. The Soros DC Leaks confirmed was a major contributor to anti-Israel and anti-Zionist causes. Take, for instance, Adalah :

“The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, received a $400,000 grant in 2014-15 and 14 additional grants since 2001 totaling $2,688,561. The recently released document under the banner of the Movement for Black Lives, labeling Israel as an “apartheid state” and accusing Israel of committing “genocide” against Arabs, is the handiwork of Nadia Ben-Youssef, Adalah’s US representative, which the document lists as an “author and contributor.”

Incidentally, according to NGO Monitor, Adalah’s promotion of BDS directly contravenes the stated policies of its funder, the New Israel Fund (NIF). NIF’s position on BDS states that it “will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs.” Nevertheless, from 2008-2015, NIF donated $1,975,826 to Adalah.

And, lo and behold, NIF is also listed as a recipient of Soros’ support, 9 grants totaling $837,500 since 2009. One of these grants, for $60,000, was given in 2015 to the Herman Schwartz Human Rights Law Fellowship, to “strengthen the capacities of young Palestinian legal professionals in legal advocacy by undertaking an LL.M. degree in human rights law in the US along with internships opportunities in Israel.”

Keep this rhetoric in mind when Clooney eventually marries.

Coincidentally, the mainstreaming of radical Islam in America was well underway as Obama appointed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to high-ranking government positions, and Brotherhood affiliated Huma Weiner became engaged to New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner in 2009.  Huma Weiner, a top advisor to Hillary Clinton and a pro-open borders advocate, is the daughter of Sahela Mahmood Abedin, a “sociologist known for her strong advocacy of Sharia. A member of the Muslim Sisterhood (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood‘s division for women), Saleha is also a board member of the International Islamic Council for  Da’wa and Relief . This pro-Hamas entity is part of the Union of Good, which the U.S. government has formally designated as an international terrorist organization led by the Muslim Brotherhood luminary Yusuf al- Qaradawi.”

Rumors abounded at that time that Clooney tried to romance her. He denied it. However, his rep Stan Rosenfield did confirm they had met in 2008, the same year Lara Alameddine and Rana Meddine appeared on the scene.  After a relatively short engagement, 2010 brought the wedding of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Billed as a “marriage of political minds”, one cannot help but see the parallels between this marriage and that of the Clooneys a few years later. As with Clooney, Weiner was billed as the playboy destined to never find “the one”. According to the NY Daily News, “Weiner, a longtime bachelor linked to several local beauties, said last week that he’s ready to leave his single days behind. ‘I’m over the moon,’ he said.” Sound familiar? Even their “getting a first date” stories will prove eerily similar:  “’He spoke of how they met and how she at first rejected him but that his determination would not let up,’ a source said”, almost identical to the Clooney story. Huma and Amal both wore an Oscar De la Renta gowns. Both couples have a large age difference (the Weiners is 12 years; Clooneys 14).  Both were married by a far left progressive politicians (the Weiners by Bill Clinton; the Clooneys by Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni).  Keeping in mind who he married, one might wonder if Clooney was Soros’ first choice.


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