George Clooney Enemy of Democracy-Egypt, Islamophobia, and the Responsibility to Protect

George Clooney Enemy of Democracy

Chapter 6: Egypt, Islamophobia, and the Responsibility to Protect

2011 saw Clooney continue on with the full Soros press, gearing up for the 2012 election year. First off, Clooney’s The Ides of March was released. In it, every single CAP talking point which had become an integral part of the Obama administration platform was reiterated by the democratic Presidential nominee played by Clooney from “fair share” to “fair shot” and , of course, all the Republican bashing the cast could muster. The Descendants also came out which contained any number of “green scheme” environmental references regarding the climate of Hawaii, Obama’s home state. As Clooney was appealing to the pop culture masses as “Mr. Everyman Democrat” who was working “for the people”, across the globe, his friends in Washington, who had already started putting members of the Muslim Brotherhood in power here and at the UN helped facilitate the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood via the vaunted “Arab Spring”. We know how “democracy” works for the globalists in the Middle East, though, so it is not surprising that the Brotherhood were forcibly put into power in Egypt as a minority: “On 11 February 2011 Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak would resign as president… After the revolution against Mubarak and a period of rule by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt.” That did not last long as tens of millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest the anti-gay, anti-woman, pro Sharia government and overthrew it. Morsi’s government “encountered fierce opposition from secularists and members of the military, and mass protests broke out against his rule in June 2013. On 3 July 2013, Morsi was deposed by a coup d’état led by the minister of defense, General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,” This has not gone over well with the those who support radical Muslim extremism.

Coincidentally (or not), Soros started “opposition research” on certain critics of radical Islam. The 2011 document, entitled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse,” lamented that progressive groups and members of the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community lacked “high quality opposition research to combat anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance. To close that gap, OSF sought to provide a $200,000 grant to CAP, which was founded in 2003 by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The CAP project, called the Examining Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project, set out to engage progressives and journalists to raise awareness about the critics of radical Islam. OSF did fund CAP’s project. Its 2011 tax filings show that it gave CAP the $200,000 grant as well as two others totaling $500,000.” Reads very much like paying the press to “control the narrative”. By all accounts “Islamophobia” was not an issue here or in Europe at the time. This is a set up to the planned invasion of Europe and the U.S. via the “refugee crisis” that Soros and his minions will come to manipulate later.

This “Islamophobia” was not only a setup for the open borders push we are seeing now. It was also set up to eliminate free speech and our first amendment. According to Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left:

“The term “Islamophobia” was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” In short, in its very origins, “Islamophobia” was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.

This plan was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Goal for North America,” by which the organization aimed to wage “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” To implement this plan, the Brotherhood enlisted the help of 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” (one of which was IIIT), whose task would be to depict themselves as civil-rights groups speaking out on behalf of a Muslim American population that was allegedly besieged by outsiders who harbored an illogical, unfounded fear of them — i.e., by a society replete with “Islamophobia.” ”

Although the term was coined in the 1990’s, “Islamophobia” did not become the focus of an active Brotherhood campaign until after 9/11. Since that time, Islamist lobby organizations, including several headed by Clooney co-hort Vartan Gregorian, and Muslim civil rights activists groups have pushed this notion that Americans are deeply prejudice against Muslims, even though FBI data on hate crimes show this not to be the case. In fact, “prejudicial crimes” against Muslims have actually shown to decrease since 9/11. The globalists never let facts get in the way of a good hate platform to agenda push, though.

Therefore, in 2011, CAP issued a 132 page report titled Fear, Inc.:  The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America.  This publication’s stated objective was to “expose and marginalize the influence of the ‘sinister’, ‘hateful’, ‘purposely deceptive’, ‘bigoted’, and ‘racist’ individual groups that, according to CAP, are part of an “Islamophobia network in America”.  These include what CAP describes as ‘misinformation experts’, ‘anti-Muslim bigot’, ‘political players’, ‘right wing media’, ‘religious right zealots’, and ‘radical ideologues’ who intentionally ‘mischaracterize Islam’, ‘peddle hate and fear of Muslims’ and ‘rave about the overhyped dangers’ of Sharia, so as to ‘fan the flames of Islamophobia’.  As with other “socially just” language, interpretation of these terms is completely subjective meaning they can be used against anyone at anytime for any reason. This idea takes the whole language manipulation of the whole “conservatives hate everyone” mantra of the Good Night and Good Luck years and now expands it to anyone who questions, especially after 9/11 amid the “refugee” crisis with the rise of ISIS, created by the vacuum left behind in the Middle East when the “R2P” was implemented, unvetted Muslims in their neighborhoods.

How does this tie to Clooney? Look at the family into which he married. In marrying Amal, Clooney has brought radical Islam  to the masses as acceptable. If it is good enough for him, “Mr. Everyman American”, then it should be good enough for us. As we will see, many of the cases Amal’s name is eventually tied to involves Muslim Brotherhood members, Soros, her family, or any combination thereof.  In addition, Amal’s mother, Baria Alamuddin, a Sunni Muslim and well-respected Al Jazeera journalist based in England speaks out very negatively against Israel while supporting Hamas and other such organizations even going so far as to refer to Yasser Arafat as a “family friend”.  In the Doha Debate in November 2009, she said of Israel: “The last thing I will ever do in my life is protect Israel or defend Israel. I’m Lebanese, I left my country, I live in the UK since… I left my beloved country since 1982, I live in the UK courtesy of an Israeli invasion of my country, and Israel still invades my country whenever it pleases. You think I defend Israel?… Israel should not have a nuclear weapon, they should get rid of nuclear weapons today.”

In addition, Baria owns the PR firm Globell Communications, which supposedly represents Amal, and explains the ease with which narratives regarding the Clooneys are created and formed in the media. She is also the foreign editor of al–Hayat, a Pan-Arab newspaper which is not above mocking the suffering of 9-11 victims with innumerable callous cartoons. A 2007 “Al-Hayat” sketch depicted Osama bin Laden grinning while making the “V” for victory sign with two fingers formed like the blazing Twin Towers. A 2002 cartoon showed legs shaped like an “11” chasing Uncle Sam and captioned “September.”  Another caricature showed a Muslim praying for the death of Americans. The prayer was portrayed as missiles, reading “Allah scatter them!” “Turn their wives into widows!” “Turn their children into orphans!”  Additionally, Al-Hayat Media Center (if affiliated) also publishes Dabiq, a slick magazine for ISIS recruiting & propaganda.  However, point out any of her politics and how they, she, and/or any of her family work directly against the west and expect calls of “racism” (even though it is an ideology not a race).

The 2011 Islam push in the U.S. continued with Soros and the UN in a number of ways. First off, in September of 2011, Soros looked to expand his operations in Egypt via the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, which is run in partnership with the Open Society Justice Initiative. The group seeks to develop a national network of legal empowerment actors for referral of public-interest law cases. Such organizations in the past have helped represent Muslim Brotherhood leaders seeking election or more authority in the country.  In addition, the George Soros-funded Social Science Research Council, along with the Edward R. Murrow (think Good Night and Good Luck) College of Communication at Washington State University, received $50,000 from the Open Society Institute as one of the groups behind a new course on Islam designed for journalists which tries to minimize the impact and importance of ”jihad” by comparing it to the number of murders in America each year.

That same course in keeping with language manipulation for narrative pushing claims ”right-wing activists” tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism and does not mention examples of Islamic attacks on press freedom. That fits with a theme for liberal financier Soros, who has spent more than $52 million on influencing the media. The Islamic course also links to another Soros-funded entity, the well-financed Center for American Progress.” In about 30 pages of text with links to other reports and articles, journalists can go through and read about the history of Islam, Muslims in America, and how to cover stories on Islam. Besides learning basic facts about Muslims and their history, the course adds ways to put ”jihad” into perspective, attack conservatives, and provide a list of liberal groups that can be contacted for expert advice and quotes.” The manipulation of the press/media to formulate the west as Islamophobes, especially in America by Soros based entities, has gone full throttle with the Clooneys who claim to be for “freedom of speech and freedom of the press”. As with “democracy”, no they are not…unless it suits their politics.

The cornerstone event of the UN/Soros plan to take over the world culminated this year when the “Responsibility to Protect” was used to overthrow Qaddafi, who has close ties  to Amal and her family.  President Obama appointed Clooney pal Samantha Power as Special Assistant to the President in the State Department and a Senior Director at the National Security Council and made Susan Rice ambassador to the UN. In 2011 Rice and Power led the argument inside the White House in favor of attacking Libya to “protect civilians”.  The UN decided Libya was not governing the way it liked, so it “erased” its borders and went to “help”. In return, they expected complete control of the country’s resources, most notably oil. Unfortunately, Libya has turned into a homebase of sorts for ISIS as the country has fallen apart and created a vacuum in which such groups can thrive.  Sounds much like the circumstances of another African nation with which Clooney had close ties-Sudan.  We know how that worked out. Libya seems on much the same course.

As the fall of Qaddafi was being arranged in Libya via Clooney’s politics, he was on hand in Sudan for the same event cloaked as a great show of “democracy” with the “independence referendum”. He told fabulous stories of watching an elderly woman voting for the first time ever because “democracy” this and “democracy” that, which was laughable considering how he really feels about true “democracy”.  In any event, the split occurred, and “On paper, independence might have ushered in a prosperous future. The South owns most of Sudan’s oil. It is also blessed with millions of hectares of fertile land around the vast Sudd swamp. Cows, worth $250-400 a head, outnumber people. For the humanitarians, this was a place to start from scratch and finally prove their case with their purest, most ambitious project to date: the creation of an entirely new country. The ministers’ prime focus seemed to be dividing up oil revenues among themselves. In 2011, several diplomats told me the government had stolen $14bn in oil money since 2005. That didn’t stop the south from attacking the north in 2012 and trying to steal what oil remained on the other side of the border ” Did Clooney, “Mr. Lover of Peace and Democracy” not think this through? Maybe. Maybe not. The oil, however, had been procured for the elites and later we will see how Clooney makes out financially as a result with regards to “sustainability”.  In addition, in October of 2011, CAP hosted a panel discussion on LGBT families for the Family Equity Council. By this time, activist judges across the country had starting overturning the votes of tens of millions of people, declaring gay marriage bans “unconstitutional”, because true democracy-and our Constitution-must fall for the elites to rule.  The three pillars of the globalist platform supported and pushed by Clooney for United States takedown was in full swing.

For his “real” profession in 2011, George Clooney was at the Toronto Film Festival promoting The Ides of March.  So, surely coincidentally, was Mohamed Nasheed, former Muslim Brotherhood backed President of the Maldives, to support Jon Shenk’s ‘The Island President’, which chronicled Nasheed’s campaign to fight “global warming”. Funny how by this time Amal’s relatives were in Hollywood, one co-produced a Clooney movie, and a future “human rights client” of “hers” managed to hang with George at a film festival. However, she has not appeared on the Clooney public radar yet. That would soon change, though, as the globalists needed a pop culture, public relations Muslim face to put on their Islamophobia platform.

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