U.K. Elections:  GOP Take Note

U.K. Elections:  GOP Take Note

What happened in Britain overnight is happening here. They got lucky for now. Will we? Pay attention.

Brexit wins the vote. Globalists meltdown. Theresa May becomes PM to the chagrin of Conservatives. As homeland secretary she enabled the open borders & Muslim influx for which many who voted Brexit wanted ended. She was, for the sake of this post, a RINO.

Labour, the U.K. equivalent of democrats, started dragging their feet. Lawsuits, etc. Those who voted Brexit wanted May to trigger Article 50, which legally started the process. Reluctantly she did.

Over the course of the year after the vote, post Brexit economic outlooks proved the doomsday scenario naysayers false giving support to the U.K. leaving the “single market” of the EU. They’d be in charge of their own economy. The EU, without U.K. funding, would be seriously damaged.

Switch to the US. Watch the pattern. Hillary lost. Trump won. Globalist meltdown. Democrats drag their feet with lawsuits, all things Russia….meanwhile the RINOS in our Senate hold up Trump’s agenda. Globalist funds poor into special elections in deep red areas hoping for a “foothold” somewhere. So far they’ve lost them all. However recently $23M poured into Ossoff in Georgia.

In the last few months, May, whether intentionally to thwart Brexit or through sheer hubris, avoided debates, did not put forth a clear manifesto, and went so far to side with Sadiq Khan against Trump in seemingly pro “free movement” statements after the horrific terror attacks in Manchester and London. “Free movement” in the EU is the equivalent of open borders here. It’s a main reason people voted for Brexit….to put controls on unlimited immigration.

As a result, the people seemed to have revolted against what appeared to be her unwillingness to push forth with re-establishing UK sovereignty. Could be. Internal polling shows a different analysis or that there is at least more to it. Both parties increased voter turnout. There was no “Tory flip”. Labour’s increase was higher percentage wise. Why? The youth vote. They have government run propaganda schools with globalist influence like we do at secondary and university levels. 70% of the eligible youth vote participated, and a majority of them voted for anti-Semitic, pro open borders, never-had-a-real-job-forcible wealth-redistribution to the 1% Marxist Jeremy Corbyn. He’s their Bernie Sanders. They even look alike. Education indoctrination + pop culture = this brainwashed outcome. Rewind to last week with Hillary’s ridiculous commencement speeches and Obama & Trudeau’s “bro hug” at the “diner” where they discussed community organizing our children….

Another issue were UKIP voters. Think of them as our “tea party”…Americans who wanted their country back. Not necessarily democrat or republican. Once the Brexit vote was over, the party sort of floundered. It was assumed UKIP voters would converge around the Tories this election to knockout Labour. That didn’t happen. By all accounts the vote split. This is what happens, and should happen, when the elites of a party think voters will “fall in line”. Country over party is the Tea party/UKIP motto. Democrats & RINOS? Party over country always.

This morning Labour, in true democrat style, are claiming victory through loss. Somehow, they say, the “mandate” shifted. The BBC (their CNN) and other “press” push this. They’re saying even if May gets a majority with Northern Ireland that the vote shows a mandate AGAINST Brexit. This is, they think, their “foothold”. I just explained why it’s not. It REINFORCES Brexit. THEY LOST AGAIN. So did democrats here but they still prance about like they run the show. They can because many in the Tory/GOP enable them/are on their side and/or just don’t want “outsider” Trump to succeed. They need to have this U.K. Election thrown in their faces every time a Trump agenda piece is stalled. Right now that’s Obamacare repeal. If they Ignore their voters, they’ll pay the price in not being re-elected. Meanwhile the globalists/Labour/democrats continue full throttle towards our kids using them to push their agenda. Just take a look at the anti-American pro globalist terrorist NSA leaker Reality Winner TO WHOM THE OBAMA ADMINSTRATION GAVE SECURITY CLEARANCE.  That sort of action, along with Muslim/immigrant population replacement, will silence our sovereignty. It almost worked yesterday in Britain. Here Bernie would have beaten Hillary if not for DNC rigging. He very well could have beaten Trump especially with the enthusiasm “feel the bern” socialism has on college campuses. It will work here eventually if the GOP doesn’t get it together. Question is…do they want to? Just the smallest victory will be used for 2018 momentum. They’re looking to Ossoff in GA right now.

I don’t know what will happen in the U.K. I know who’s behind undermining the democratic process there….same people doing it here. Contact your GOP senators and tell them to pass Trump’s agenda now. If they’re not RINOS, tell them to use it to influence their RINO colleagues. The globalists won’t be outdone by the lowly 99%. They have the funds and time to wait Trump out. They’re trying their damnedest to get him out now because the more of Obama’s agenda he dismantles, the more of the Constitution he and his team re-establish, the harder it will be to undo. We have to finish them off. Now. Otherwise we will have an outcome like the U.K. last night which might be too much for us to overcome.


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