George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-The Year of the Wedding

From “George Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 11:  The Year of the Wedding 

In February of 2014, the entertainment media fawned all over the “smart and successful human rights attorney” and asked, “Has he met his match?” when Clooney took Amal to the White House, although she was not registered a guest, for a private screening of “The Monument’s Men”.  Behind the scenes, as Obama gave members of the Muslim Brotherhood positions of power in the White House, the Clooney/Alamuddin partnership facilitated the Muslim invasion of the west. CAP published a follow-up to Fear, Inc. in that same month titled Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America, which contends that “American Muslims in the United States have been targeted, profiled, or seen as suspect because of their faith” by a malevolent, well-funded “Islamophobia Network” whose views are “not indicative of mainstream American views.”  Notably, CAP has a high regard for such Islamist organizations as the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations, which Fear, Inc. describes as a “civil rights group” but countries such as the United Arab Emirates now list as a terrorist organization. CAP elaborated:

“Islamophobia in the United States takes many shapes and forms. It takes the form of a general climate of fear and anger toward American Muslims, as seen in the ‘civilization jihad’ narrative, the religious right’s rhetoric, and the biased media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. It comes out in cynical political efforts to capitalize on this climate of fear, as seen in state-level anti-Sharia bills introduced across the country and in far-right politicians’ grandstanding. And perhaps most dangerously, it manifests itself in institutional policies that view American Muslims as a threat, as seen in the FBI training manuals that profile Islam as a religion of violence.”

See what is happening here? As our immigration laws are not enforced to allow for the “humanitarian” resettlement of “illegal” “refugees” and as “amnesty”, although ruled illegal by two federal judges, has been pushed by the administration as “humanitarian”, our border has eroded as attacks on our soil by radical Muslim extremists have increased.  The same can be said throughout every country in Europe. While normal, rational thinking Americans and Europeans understand that not all Muslims are terrorists, it cannot be said that all these attacks were not done by radicalized Muslims.  Irrelevant, though, as the globalists have jumped on these attacks to push that ALL Americans–well, gun owning and Christian Bible belt “clingers”—conservatives–are Islamophobic. See how that narrative crafting works? Clooney, the Obama administration, and pop culture will do its part to help, too.  The evil “right” and/or “conservatives” in every country hate the rest of the world when in reality all they are attempting to do is what their elected leaders swore to do-protecting the innocent citizens of their sovereign nations from the evil that is being purposefully spread by UN operatives throughout the world for control. Hard to do when their leaders are a part of said UN operatives.


The coup for the Soros/Clooney merger occurred in September of 2014 when anti-Israeli, anti-west, defender of dictators and terrorists Amal Alamuddin/Alameddine became Clooney’s bride in a 3 day multi-million dollar public extravaganza that only members of the 1% could afford. Her Uncle Ziad, arms dealer to Libya, could not get released from jail in France to attend.   Clooney had found (or been assigned) his Huma.  With this marriage, Clooney brought Muslims and the use of Islamophobia as a weapon against Christian nations mainstream.  Just look at some of those invited to celebrate.   One was Walid Jumblatt , Progressive Socialist party leader and leader of the Druze

Walid Jamblatt

community in Lebanon of which the Alamuddins belong, who is no friend of the U.S. or Israel’s and uses his hate to push the west as “Islamophobic”. He says, “The U.S. always needs an enemy.  It comes and goes. Today it is Islam. According to this plan or ideology of the born-again Christians who formed an alliance with Zionism (Israel), Islam is the monster”. Another one invited who made it was Machnouk. Think a Lebanese Al Gore. No background in science of any kind but he sure will impose rules and regulations under the guise of “green” something or other make “green” for his global elite friends and himself.  Finally MP Marwan Hamade was invited, as well. Both Jumblatt and Hamade testified on behalf of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) Trial Chamber regarding the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. By the way… who is a lawyer for the STL? Amal Clooney.

Clooney’s political push of the platform for the global elites continued in 2014. Amal’s political leanings, however, were hushed. Her social media was deleted. Almost all references to her past before Clooney were wiped clean, as if she did not exist before 2013.  There was a good reason for that. If the dots were connected and she, her family, and her friends were outed as an anti-west Muslim with radical views, if their politics in general were revealed, the media would have had a harder time convincing the masses to embrace her as the latest pop culture icon, and her assimilation into our mainstream would not have been as smooth. However, the pop culture skulls of mush were sold a bag of goods in the “greatest human rights attorney of all time” as some sort of “bastion of feminism” who landed the “ultimate bachelor” when in reality what we got was a Soros/UN plant into our pop culture with mediocre at best lawyering skills to soften the masses to radical Muslim extremism.  While the masses are now distracted by her “feminism”, “humanitarianism” and “haute couture” fashion, really all she is doing is “assisting” on cases that benefit from her public forum to apply pressure to do the “right” thing by the globalists amid public outcries of support, not winning in a courtroom with facts and reason.  She shows up for a few days, the world is told how expensive her outfits are while restating her ghost “human rights attorney” dossier, she spews a few “humanitarian” logical fallacy talking points, and then moves on to whomever is put before her next. In between, she calls the paps for diva walks, dines at elite restaurants, fixes up one of their mega mansions, and/or travels the world to exotic locations on private jets leaving behind an epic carbon footprint while living the “humanitarian” dream as she distracts the public as a “Muslim pop culture icon” as the Muslim invasion continues worldwide.  Disagree with her false logic or call out his political beliefs and be hit with the latest microagression-Islamophobia.  Amal Clooney and her family represent everything the west is not and everything the west wishes not to be, and they are using the Hollywood propaganda machine to do it masterfully. Goebbels would be proud.

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