George Clooney Enemy of Democracy-Enter Amal

From George Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy  

Chapter 8: Enter Amal

What do we know about Amal Clooney? Yes, the PR dossier claims she is a strong, fierce, independent international “human rights” lawyer who snagged one of the most notorious bachelors of all time.  However, that statement is incredibly misleading depending on language interpretation. While difficult to prove as her entire past seems wiped from the internet, almost as if she were born in 2013 when she hit Clooney’s scene, there are a few deductions one can make after connecting the dots between her caseload and her family, most notably that this is an arranged marriage to facilitate the final step towards global rule by the UN, specifically by George Soros via “Islamophobia” and “controlled speech”, and that Amal and her family are NOT our friends.

Amal Ramzi Alamuddin (Alameddine) was supposedly born in Beirut, Lebanon in February of 1978. When she was two, her family supposedly fled the “war torn” area and arrived in London, England as “refugees”.  This idea that she is some “poor refugee” from “war torn Lebanon” is a journalistic stretch at best. Was there a civil war? Yes.  Did she come to the UK destitute and work her way up from poverty? All signs point to no. Her family was considered well off in Lebanon: “a government minister and the founder of Lebanon’s airline were among their relatives, and they settled in a comfortable home in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire”. Gerard’s Cross, was named the second richest town in England by The Telegraph in 2013, the year she appeared on the Clooney PR scene.  Consider the high school she attended, Dr. Challoner’s, is a private school where the tuition runs currently as “£4322 for a junior term and £6970 for a senior Term”.  From there she went to St. Hugh’s, an Oxford college, from where she graduated in 2000.  St Hugh’s was sued in 2013 for choosing applicants based on their ability to pay, meaning the school only takes students from wealthy families.  The school did not deny this. It seems Amal has enjoyed the 1% lifestyle afforded to her in the west for most, if not all, of her life.

In 2001, Amal entered the NYU School of Law where she received the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award for excellence in entertainment law. How apropos. Eventually, she clerked at the International Court of Justice, which becomes important later where the “Responsibility to Protect” and “Restrain the Veto” initiatives promoting the elimination of national borders for UN governance. For one semester while at NYU, she worked as a student law clerk  in the offices of current Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, which provides us

Clooneys Sotomayor

with an early connection of Amal to Soros and the “open borders” push.  Sotomayor appeared before the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, a left-wing group funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute.  In fact, Soros recommended her for SCOTUS. Accordingly, Sotomayor wrote the foreword for The International Judge whereaccording to an analyst on the Foreign Policy magazine website, “Sotomayor took what seems to be a positive view toward the construction of international courts and legal institutions.” Her rulings suggest that she “sides with those who believe that foreign case law should at least be considered” as Sotomayor rules heavily in favor of Soros’s “open borders society” over national sovereignties.  This might be due to their ideological commonalities in putting the 1% globalists over citizens of sovereign nations. It might also be due to the money George Soros throws at impending immigration rulings to help tilt the result to his liking such as the recent SCOTUS ruling involving Obama’s illegal executive amnesty:  ““Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas,” the memo notes. A “favorable ruling” from the Court would have upheld President Obama’s executive order, a scenario which the organization was preparing for, according to the memo.  No doubt they were expecting a position outcome based on the money spent and the death of Justice Scalia.

Amal supposedly completed her studies in 2002 and passed the New York State Bar the same year. She then supposedly worked in corporate law at Sullivan and Cromwell in NYC before heading back to the International Court of Justice in 2004. Here she worked under Judge Vladen S. Vereshchetin from Russia and Judge Nabil Elaraby from Egypt who eventually became the Arab League chief where he urged Arab countries to take a “’firm stand’ against Israel’s demand for Palestinians to recognize it as a Jewish State.  Elaraby also supported the overthrow of Mubarak in lieu of the Muslim Brotherhood backed Morsi, and normalized relations with Iran because, according to him, “Iran is not the enemy.” Telling as many of the cases Amal attaches her name to later on are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. It is safe to say, however, that Amal Clooney is nothing that her PR dossier says. She is as anti-Israel, anti-west, pro-UN/1% rule as the globalists who control Clooney.

In 2005, the same year Clooney seemed “chosen” to represent the UN “humanitarian efforts” in Sudan, Amal Alamuddin became part of a United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon which was established to prosecute those responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri. Was this due to her fabulous lawyering skills? Questionable as she had no discernable professional track record on which to base her position.  However, one of the executive committee members for the STL was George Soros and nepotism runs deep with Amal, especially where her Uncle Ziad is concerned. Franco-Lebanese Arms dealer Ziad Takieddine did business with Hariri through France in a deal that went awry and ended up with Hariri dead.  As such, “On 13 December 2005, the Government of the Lebanese Republic requested the United Nations to establish a tribunal of an international character to try all those who are alleged responsible for the attack of 14 February 2005 in Beirut that killed the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and 22 others”. Getting his niece on a UN sponsored panel supported by Soros that focused on the death of a specific individual with whom he did business was one way to get “justice” while sending a message, but what message as she was relatively inexperienced and not well known?

To understand how many of Amal’s early cases stem from nepotism, one must know more background on her arms dealer uncle Ziad Takieddinea Franco-Lebanese businessman who has been implicated in some of the nation’s biggest arms scandals.  In addition to the one already mentioned, he was, according to Etienne Rouillon of Vice News, “an alleged middleman in the Karachi affair, a series of kickbacks connected to submarine contracts between France and Pakistan. The contracts allegedly financed the 1995 presidential campaign of former prime minister Édouard Balladur. Sarkozy was budget minister and Balladur’s spokesman at the time of the Karachi affair, and was investigated for his role in the affair.  Arfi described Takieddine as a businessman leaving behind numerous traces of unofficial dealings between France and Libya”.  Telling considering the current state of Libya/Benghazi. “What we discovered is that the man we thought was tied to one era and one scandal — the Balladur era and the Karachi scandal — became more and more professional as time went on,” Arfi said. “From the mid ’90s to the Sarkozy presidential election, he became the common thread [through all the scandals] that exposed the dark side of Sarkozyism…Mr. Takieddine was supposed to receive 350 million euros in secret commission fees,” Arfi told VICE News. “But Chirac stopped the deal from going ahead, prompting the need for a new business El Dorado… which turned out to be Libya”.  According to Mediapart, members of the Chirac administration — including Sarkozy’s team — helped Takieddine “win contracts with the Libyan regime,” then under the control of Qaddafi. In addition, Takieddine had an alleged role in a reported transfer of 50 million euros from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign.  However, in March of 2011, as Sarkozy was spearheading an international campaign to impose a no-fly zone over uprising-hit Libya, Gaddafi’s eldest son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi told Euronews TV that his father had indeed financed Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign, lamenting, “He’s disappointed us,” said Saif al-Islam Gaddafi before declaring, “Give us back our money.” Eventually Saif-al-Islam, Lockerbee bomber/terrorist, became a client of Ziad’s niece, Amal.

In addition to family retribution, Washington planned on using the STL against Lebanon and Syria for regime change (via the “Responsibility to Protect”) or voluntary subordination (via “Restrain the Veto”).  Although such invasions would be presented as “humanitarian” to protect the “human rights” of the innocent civilians, that is not the case. If it were, these same people would use their public platforms to call out ISIS and those responsible for the murder of thousands of other Lebanese over time. Instead Baria Alamuddin, Amal’s mother, who worked as a journalist for many years for the Qatar based, Hamas funded Al Jazeera network, was on Frost Over the World in June of 2007, “to offer her opinion on the (Lebanon) tribunal and whether it will offer closure for the Lebanese, and possibly vindication for Syria, or whether a decision taken by an outside force rather than an internal consensus could just result in more problems for Lebanon.” No mention that her legal eagle daughter was part of that tribunal for which she advocated her own version of the “responsibility to protect” via “outside force”.

Flash forward to 2016 where there is now verification that the “document in which Libyan leader (Qaddafi) pledges to donate £42million to bring former French President (Sarkozy) to power is genuine meaning claims that the 61-year-old former president of France was in the pay of the former Libyan dictator, and then turned against him during the Arab Spring revolution of 2011”. Amal’s uncle, Ziad Takeddine, was the go-between France and Libya negotiating these deals.  This revelation has huge significance, especially in Britain, because “it was the RAF who assisted the French airforce in bombing Gaddafi’s dictatorship into oblivion…. Prime Minister David Cameron has always claimed the UK went to war against Gaddafi for purely humanitarian reasons”.  Turns out they did not as this development suggests Mr. Sarkozy may have wanted Gaddafi killed in 2011 because he feared evidence of their ‘financial arrangement’ being made public.  Remember the Clooneys supported the “Responsibility to Protect” Act which allowed the UN to overthrow Qaddafi as the “humanitarian” crisis Cameron and Sarkozy claimed it was. Surely they knew nothing of this agreement in which her uncle was a major player?  This has, of course, resulted in disaster for the country, Benghazi and the rise of ISIS.  In addition, the recently released final report from the House Select Committee on Benghazi reveals that not only did Obama and Hillary support taking out Gaddafi, they sent no one to help our guys when a pre-planned Al Qaeda attack on our embassy resulted in the death of four Americans.  Know who did attempt to help them? Gaddafi loyalists. Yes, those loyal to the guy the Obama admin deposed still managed to find a sense of humanity to help Americans under attack by terrorists.  Amal’s uncle brokered the arms deal that lead to it, meaning he is partially responsible for not only aiding the rise of ISIS but making money off it. This falls right in line with the Clooneys and their handlers/political partners as warmongers for financial and political gain as ‘humanitarians”.

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