George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-Mohammed Fahmy

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 13: Mohammed Fahmy

When the newfound media exposure and pop culture status that her three day wedding circus brought did not amount to immediate “victories” on the cases on which she began to “assist” after her “marriage” because the facts of these cases combined with her poor lawyering skills did not merit it, the shift veered to other ways to “win”.  Keep in mind that most of these cases also keep with the points for regime change for the globalists’ benefit via any of the three platforms discussed.  One regime change touched on was in Egypt which came on the heels of Obama’s great “Arab Spring” decree.  As noted, this change facilitated the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, which the people of Egypt eventually overthrew because they are a terrorist organization with ties to Hamas, confirmed by Article 2 of the Charter of Hamas, which reads:

“The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era. It is characterized by a profound understanding, by precise notions and by a complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all domains of life: views and beliefs, politics and economics, education and society, jurisprudence and rule, indoctrination and teaching, the arts and publications, the hidden and the evident, and all the other domains of life.”

This is important as we analyze the cases Amal takes on supporting terrorists after her marriage as the Brotherhood and Egypt play an important role in many of them.


Al Jazeera journalist Mohammed Fahmy was arrested on December 29, 2013 for conspiring against the Egyptian government with the Muslim Brotherhood. On June 23, 2014 Fahmy was sentenced to jail for 7 years for conspiracy of working with terrorist groups, among them the Muslim Brotherhood. Again, Amal’s chambers had the case but her name was not attached to it because she was not yet married. She was still establishing her “brand”.  On November 24, 2014-two months after the wedding-Amal began “assisting” on the case. On Jan 1, 2015 he was granted new case, and on February 2, Fahmy gave up his Egyptian citizenship paving the way to return to Canada, where he held dual citizenship in hopes of “in hopes of benefiting from the same decree through which Greste was released”. On a side note, someone else who holds dual citizenship with Canada? Lara Alameddine.

During a seeming lull in his case, it is important to note that in May of 2015 “The Iranian media was among the first to get the message when it said that the Gulf countries’ arms deals with France [think possibly Uncle Ziad] were meant to reward Paris for its role in the nuclear talks with [ “death to America” “death to Israel”] Iran and mark a new chapter in the relations between France and the GCC….Writing for the London-based newspaper Al Hayat [of which Amal’s mother Baria is the foreign editor], Mohammad Barhouma said that president Hollande’s attendance at the Riyadh summit was a meaningful move and can be seen as a prelude to the GCC leaders’ meeting with President Obama later this month in Camp David…Writing for Al HayatRanda Takieddine [related to Amal] said that Mr Hollande’s presence in Riyadh and the French arms deal with Qatar must not be regarded as a challenge to or rivalry with the US…France has a special importance to Gulf countries because its policy has usually been congruent with their interests in the region. President Hollande’s stance on Iran and Syria has brought him closer to the Gulf, as he has been openly critical of Iran’s role in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, and taken a hard line in the nuclear talks.” Here it seems someone with the same ties in the same line of work as Amal’s uncle was able to secure Iranian arms deals with France in return for their “support”.  More arms dealing as such where Egypt is concerned follows.

Amal Ziad Clients

Going forward, to August 29, 2015, Fahmy was sentenced to three years in prison for spreading false news; Amal then brought the international press to shame Egypt into pardoning him. George took it to the Toronto Film Festival where he was promoting the box office bomb “Our Brand is Crisis”.  It worked.   Fahmy was “pardoned” on September 23 because, as President El Sisi revealed, “the heavy sentences had a ‘very negative’ impact on Egypt’s reputation and that he wished they had never been put on trial.”  Clooney paparazzi clown shows will do that. However, there has been no such media fanfare as one might expect.  Could the reasoning involve that on the EXACT SAME DAY  the Egyptian journalist for which Amal prostituted her academic credentials to introduce the pop culture world to her brand of “human rights” was released, September 23, “Two French warships originally built for Russia, but not delivered because of the crisis


in Ukraine, will be sold to Egypt instead, the French government announced Wednesday…. A spokesman for the French government, Stéphane Le Foll, refused to elaborate on the price Egypt had agreed to pay. Mr. Hollande said only that France would “ensure the delivery of these ships without losing anything, while helping protect Egypt.” According to the short announcement, Holland “met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Wednesday and negotiated the ‘principle and terms of the purchase…. The two ships had originally been built for the Russian navy, but their sale was canceled in September 2014 because of Russia’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and mounting pressure from NATO for France to call off the sale’. ” Based on the information we know about their positions as puppets for Ukraine financier Soros and about Amal’s uncle as an arms dealer to the Middle East through France combined with albeit circumstantial evidence to support the assertion that that Amal has used his connections to get her on cases that are economically viable to her family, it bears noting that September of 2014 was the wedding.  Amal was put on the case in November.  Egypt was then awarded the contracts the day they handed Amal her first public victory.  It is not rocket science.  Two billion dollars is a big quid pro quo payoff.

Sticking with the “Islamophobia” script, two days after the pardon, the cries started:  “the Canadian government had little to do with Fahmy’s release.  Although ‘sheepish whimpers’—as lawyer Amal Clooney characterized the government’s response—were made to secure his freedom, the government’s lack of action was evident from the start showcasing the flawed precedence of ideology over humanity.  The suggestion is simple:  citizenship by itself does not guarantee equal treatment and is instead judged on a hierarchy that naturally favors descendants of white Europeans who settled in Canada before multiculturalism took root. It is a dangerous precedent that justifies discrimination with the backing of government legislation. Whether the government would have been more vocal if the victim in question was an ‘old stock Canadian’ who worked for a


conservative media outlet rather than a Mohamed Fahmy who headed the Egyptian Al Jazeera bureau is a question that unfortunately merits honest analysis.”  See? If he would have been a conservative, white, old, man, the government would have rushed to help him, it seems.  Forget whether he was guilty or not. “Pardoned” does not absolve guilt. Forget his possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which he seems to confirm at least his support for them on his Twitter account. Nope. Islamophobia. Oh…and the Egyptian citizenship he revoked to help further his release? On December 30th, 2015, Fahmy “sent an official request to Egypt’s foreign ministry asking that his Egyptian nationality be restored”. Fahmy renounced his Egyptian citizenship in February of 2015 but kept his Canadian citizenship in hopes of “benefitting from the same decree through which Greste was released”. Amal lobbied for Egypt to deport Fahmy to Canada which, under new laws set in place from President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, “allows for foreign convicts or suspects to be transferred to their country to serve their sentence or to be tried there.” He wanted to be a Canadian only to help clear his name. She asked to meet with Canadian foreign minister John Baird to move the process along. Remember her job is to bring public pressure, so he said no. No Clooney clownshow for Canada.  Eventually he was “pardoned “ by Egypt via the public pressure brought by the Amal Clooney clownshow, as formerly admitted by the Egyptian government, as his citizenship reinstated in June of 2016.

images (3)

The underlying cause for concern in this case, as if those reasons were not enough, shows us the first time we see in action the deplorable actions of a desperate lawyer in need of victory. Amal claimed that Egypt threatened to arrest her. She told The Guardian, “When I went to launch the report, first of all they stopped us from doing it in Cairo.  They said: ‘Does the report criticize the army, the judiciary, or the government?’ We said: ‘Well, yes.’ They said: ‘Well then, you’re risking arrest.’” However, Egypt denied this happened and demanded proof from Clooney the government issued that warning. “She should say exactly who said that,” said Interior Ministry Spokesman Abdel Latif.  “Why not specify from the start who told her that? We have nothing against her”.  Police General Hany Abdelatif told The Guardian that Egypt never listed her for arrest. Eventually she retracted her statement. Amal Clooney  lied to the international press about a phony threat of arrest by a national government to garner public sympathy for her cause.  She has turned into a security risk. But, hey, it got Fahmy a book deal and in it he will get to trash the west via the spin:  Louise Dennys, executive publisher at Penguin Random House Canada, who acquired world rights to the book, said, “Combined with his authoritative understanding of the region and worldwide consequences of the increasing violence, it provides a rare window onto the players and their personal and global ambitions, Western governments included,” she added. It would surprise who, exactly, if George optioned it for a movie and gave it “creative license”?

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