George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-Nasheed and the Maldives

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 14:  Nasheed and the Maldives


Perhaps no other case symbolizes the marriage between the elites, the Clooneys, and their quest for control regardless of the facts then that of Mohamed Nasheed and the Maldives. It covers regime change, “climate” and involves the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yes, Nasheed is Brotherhood backed.  He was “the 2008 presidential candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party and as such sought and received the endorsement of four other opposition parties, including the Saudi- and United Arab Emirates-financed Salafist Adhaalath (Justice) Party. Adhaalath is an ideological partner of the Muslim Brotherhoods of Egypt and Syria.”  The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the new Maldivian government parallels what occurred in Egypt, where Obama and Hillary had put the Muslim Brotherhood in power with billions of US taxpayer dollars after the vaulted Arab Spring. The same Muslim Brotherhood with whom the Egyptian journalist Amal supposedly represented were supposedly affiliated. The same Muslim Brotherhood with whom “close friend of Affleck” Huma Weiner, Hillary’s close aide, is affiliated, whose mother is a leader of the Muslim Sisterhood counterpart. The same Muslim Brotherhood which is rising in our own country, infiltrating our government at almost every level. The same Muslim Brotherhood whose Sharia, which runs in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution, is now the basis for law in Dearborn, Michigan but was thrown out in Garland, TX, and has had preemptive measures passed against it in many other cities as the cries of “Islamophobia” follow.  This is, again, with whom the Clooneys have aligned themselves for personal gain—radical Muslim extremists who intend to invade not assimilate.

In preparation for the first direct presidential election for the Maldives president in 2008, outside “’democracy manipulators’” descended on the Maldives, a country that had become popular with the globalists because of its geographical location for use in the “climate change” scheme as the Maldives is supposedly threatened by rising sea levels.  Nasheed was immediately embraced by the world’s glitterati community of NGOs and celebrities, including carbon tax-and-trade advocates and the crowd who gathered at the Sundance Film Festival to view a sycophantic film about Nasheed called The Island President.  Keep in mind that Sundance is owned by Soros via the Soros Documentary Fund which, in 2002, “was fully integrated into the Sundance Institute with a $4.6 million grant from the Open Society Foundations and renamed The Sundance Documentary Film Program… In 2009, the Open Society awarded Sundance with an additional $5 million grant to continue its documentary filmmaking efforts, singing its praises as it “raised awareness” for the “climate change” agenda. Nasheed promoted this “global warming” documentary entitled The Island President at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival where it won Best Documentary and, coincidentally, George Clooney was at the same time promoting The Ides of March.

Nasheed also pushed the correct “climate denier” talking points to brainwash the masses into thinking that only those horrible conservatives can read and understand science.  Anyone not on board or involved with the wealth redistribution scheme known as “climate change” is a ‘conservative climate denier” just as anyone who promotes citizens over illegals and sovereignty over UN rule is a “right wing extreme Islamophobe”. Last year  Nasheed said, “There is nothing Conservative about advocating for the destruction of the climate, and thus all we hold dear. This is not a credible Conservative standpoint: it is reckless and extreme…. A denialist, Conservative movement has no solutions to offer these countries and therefore risks irrelevancy.” Advocating for the destruction of the climate? Who does that? No one. We all have to live here.  “Denialist?” No one denies the climate changes. It has been changing for literally billions of years. It never stops changing. It is the “use the climate change agenda to destroy capitalism while forcefully redistributing global ‘wealth’ to the elites” mantra with which to take issue.  The whole point of the “climate change” scam is to establish a new form of global economics that eliminates free market capitalism admitted by Christiana Figueres  who heads up theU.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.  She said, “This is probably the


most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.  This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution”. The “green “ in “climate change” has always been about the cash not the environment. It is why we must be guilted into accepting it. John Kerry admitted that a few days ago when he said, “Public Shaming is ‘Most Powerful Weapon in Many Ways’ to Enforce World Climate Agreement”.  The Clooneys have mastered the art of public shaming to get what they want since their

Climate policy is economic policy

arguments are usually never valid. See Amal’s actual professional dossier or the DNC leaks which support the “climate change” scheme as they show George Soros paid Al Gore $30 million dollars to promote “global warming”.  See prior mentions of the Soros aligned Participant Media which produced Gore’s factually incorrect “An Inconvenient Truth” as well as Clooney’s “masterpieces”.  CONTROL. THE. NARRATIVE.

With that kind of money to go around, George Clooney long ago jumped on this bandwagon.  After the Haiti earthquake of 2013, he came out in true ad hominem attack mode with this gem: “Well it’s just a stupid argument,” Clooney told reporters. “If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine, you probably want to hang out with, check it up with the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?” The Academy Award winner added that while there is no way to know if global warming was responsible for the typhoon, denying the existence of climate change is “ridiculous.” Good puppet using the public shaming technique when facts cannot be argued to influence policy and outcomes. Good puppet using the public shaming technique when facts cannot be argued to influence policy and outcomes.  Amal uses this method of operation to get Nasheed released, mocking democracy, the rules of law of a sovereign nation, and the press along the way.

On April 7th 2015, it was announced that Amal would be part of Nasheed’s legal team in his “ongoing arbitrary detention” or the public shaming for his release because the facts of the case prove that he has no case.   First, Amal Clooney’s claim that Nasheed was unlawfully imprisoned is a lie. The supposedly “lover of democracy” basically arrested a chief judge after he passed a ruling Nasheed did not like. According to “A Wrong Kind of Green”, “Just as other Soros / NED-installed regimes began to violate the constitutions of their respective nations, including Georgia and Ukraine, Nasheed was no different. On December 10, 2010, the Maldivian Supreme Court ruled that Nasheed’s cabinet ministers could not serve without the approval of parliament. Nasheed responded by declaring the Maldivian courts were controlled by supporters of ex-president Gayoom and on January 16, 2012, Nasheed ordered the military to arrest Abdulla Mohammed, the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court.” The Soros/NED global glitterati, including the Soros-funded “Democracy Now” program hosted by Amy Goodman and partly-funded by Soros, featured Nasheed close adviser and communications assistant British national Paul Roberts on an interview, in which Nasheed’s successor was described as a thug and who was trying to re-assume power. Of course, the Soros propaganda program made no mention of Nasheed’s repeated violations of the Maldivian constitution. Neither would his eventual “lawyer”.

According to Hassan Saeed, who served as a special adviser under both (Nasheed) and President Mohammed Waheed:

7 February 2012, confronted with serious unrest over his illegal arrest of the chief judge, Nasheed resigned on his own volition and then, belatedly realizing what he had done, tried to claim it was a coup in order to court international sympathy and media coverage….An exhaustive report by the Commonwealth last month found there was no coup, and that in fact Nasheed resigned voluntarily. The inquiry took six months to compile and interviewed nearly 300 witnesses who gave more than 200 hours of statements. Nasheed’s accusation of a coup was reported around the world, but when the evidence didn’t stack up, large sections of the media chose to ignore an inconvenient truth. Crucially, at the time the report was published, its conclusions were also accepted by Nasheed.  In a recent speech to the Royal Commonwealth Society he claims that there was a “cover-up”. If so, the cover-up includes a professor of constitutional law from Canada, a senior judge with 25 years of experience from New Zealand, and a retired Supreme Court judge from Singapore, all of whom were on the inquiry panel…. The facts are that on 7 February 2012, confronted with serious unrest over his illegal arrest of the chief judge, Nasheed resigned on his own volition and then, belatedly realizing what he had done, tried to claim it was a coup in order to court international sympathy and media coverage.”

Later, Nasheed could not believe the trouncing his political party, the Maldavian Democratic Party (MDP) took in the Parliamentary polls the following election cycle in March of 2014.  He blamed low voter turnout.  Then in the fall, during the presidential elections, “The first round (of voting) saw Nasheed drub his opponents but left him short of an outright majority, which meant a run-off was necessary…A new first round produced a similar result, but Nasheed finally lost in the run-off to Abdullah Yameen, a half-brother of former dictator Gayoom. Nasheed surprised many by accepting defeat.”  Again he was dismayed that the international community did not support him not only during the coup but during the presidential loss. He was then said to be “biding his time”. For what one could only guess…unless they followed the politics and story of George and Amal Clooney and their ties to the Island President. The fall of 2014 not only saw Nasheed lose this election, it also saw the “world’s most famous bachelor” get married to the “greatest human rights attorney of all time” in a three day extravaganza which was used to solidify her carefully PR crafted non-existent resume and embellished biography. Perhaps he was ‘biding his time’ to make himself the international superstar he always dreamed on the heels of the Clooney name.  All signs point to yes. Why? JMP Verdant Communications.


JMP Communications is a public relations firm that “works with individuals and governments to enhance and protect their international reputations through effective and strategic engagement with the media.” One of their top clients for many years is Mohamed Nasheed. Founder Julia Pacetti, CEO and President, is “an expert media strategist, specializing in maximizing impact for current affairs and entertainment campaigns. She has deep expertise in executing media and public affairs strategies for projects that lie at the intersection of politics and entertainment…..Julia is the international media advisor to former President Mohamed Nasheed.” She was also the person who ferried Nasheed’s wife Laila when she visited Washington DC in April of 2015. Before founding JMP Verdant, Julia worked in publicity for Miramax Films/Harvey Weinstein, the guy who was executive producer of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and has given Lara Alameddine, Amal’s cousin, her first big budget director title with Money Maker starring, yes, George Clooney, for release later this year.

The other member of JMP Verdant is Paul Roberts, Chief Political and Communication Strategist.  He is listed as “a communications expert, specializing in strategy, framing and messaging. He has a particular interest in energy, environment and foreign policy issues, and extensive experience working in Asia-Pacific. He has provided advice to, and executed communications campaigns for, a range of prominent individuals and organizations, from Heads of Government to film stars; NGOs to multilateral organizations. As a reward for the role he played in bringing Nasheed to power as founder and managing editor of Minivan News from 2004-2008, Paul was chief communications advisor to Maldives President

Nasheed Roberts

Mohamed Nasheed for over three years (2008-2012), responsible for strategic communications and international media relations. He is the gentleman listed earlier as the one who referred to Nasheed’s successor as a thug in an interview with George Soros’s “Democracy Now”.  Paul helped create an exceptional international public profile for President Nasheed, and helped the President to win numerous international awards and recognition, such as: the UN’s “Champions of Earth”, Time’s “Hero of Environment”, Newsweek’s  “World’s Top 10 Leaders” and Foreign Policy’s “100 Thinkers of 2010”. Paul also orchestrated world-famous media events, including the Maldives underwater cabinet meeting, and spearheaded the country’s prominent international climate change advocacy. Paul acted as President Nasheed’s international spokesperson during and after the February 7, 2012 coup d”etat, alerting the international community to the true nature of the transfer of power. Paul remains President Nasheed’s Communications Advisor.”


Then there is Jared Genser, one of Amal’s closest co-workers. His work ethic portrays him as almost the male equivalent of her.  According to Hussain Faisal, author of “Questioning the Legitimacy of ‘Genser Justice’”, “He is in fact more of an activist and a lobbyist with a Harvard law degree than he is a legitimate lawyer. The methods employed by his own private brand of justice do not involve any courts. He has transformed the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary detention into an instrument of his success. He uses their verdict as a tool to put political pressure on the countries. In the case of the Maldives، he has called for economic sanctions، which would affect every house hold in the country. In effect، he is using friends in high places to wage economic warfare on the country”.


Replace “Harvard” with “Columbia”, keep in mind Amal’s albeit short history of “political pressure” to get her desired outcomes, and yes, they seem destined for each other.  Faisal goes on to say, “It is clear that People like Jared Genser، Amal Clooney، and Paul Roberts do not care what they do to free their client…. it stands to reason that their client is not innocent as they proclaim. He might not be the definition of a terrorist، subjective at best، under international law. However، he did violate the individual rights of a person. If Nasheed is let out of prison and pardoned، it would mean that he was innocent all along. It would also set a precedent whereby a sitting president can take the law into his own hands and use the military to detain anyone that irks him. This would also mean that extra judicial، arbitrary detention is a legitimate political tool”. Unfortunately we have seen this judicial activism not only via “international law” but recently in the U.S. regarding a variety of topics the past few years. “Democracy” is dying if it is not already dead. The Clooneys and their ilk have killed it. We are now ruled by a judicial activism based on the desires of the 1% who run their show.


Speaking of public relations, remember Amal’s mother, Baria Alamuddin, with Alison Bell runs Globell Communications.  According to their website, “Globell Communications has been leading the international communications training market for over 15 years and has collaborated with a number of the world’s leading PR Companies and their clients….Globell Communications’ desire is to improve international communications and

ensure all communication is effective in today’s fast-paced global environment.”  Take the former international media adviser to Nasheed + the chief communications advisor to Nasheed and add in an “internationally renowned human rights lawyer” who received the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award for excellence in entertainment law while at New York University School of Law and whose mother co-owns a PR firm that specialized in “ensur(ing) all communication is effective in today’s fast-paced global environment” and voila! Is it too far-fetched to think that this was her goal all along?  Did she plan to become the kind of “human rights” lawyer who picks clients according to their potential to be publicly exploited? Not really.  “Feminist” Amal could not change her last name to Clooney fast enough so she could start.

Immediately after the wedding, Amal started attaching her married name or getting her married name attached to cases her firm had long before she was Mrs. Clooney that could benefit from international shaming via the press. First up? The Elgin Marbles.  Then the Armenian Genocide “free speech” case, the eventual outcomes of which have both been discussed. She lost both very publicly which exposed not only her laughable lawyer skills but her inability to press shame a victory for the globalists. Nasheed, who attended the Toronto Film Festival in 2011 with George Clooney and was financially backed by some of the same people the Clooneys are, did not seem to care about her inability to lawyer as for him, like Amal, it is all about the public stage, not the actual law.  Nasheed let the February 22nd appeals deadline for his arrest pass simply because “he refused to enter the courtroom for the first hearing of his appeal case in protest because the hearing was not open to the public…Nasheed’s legal team had requested that the court hold an open and public hearing. However, only members of Nasheed’s legal team and family were allowed inside the courtroom, said Maldivian broadcasting company news. The news site, quoting sources, said Nasheed refused to enter the courtroom after the court turned down his request for an open hearing.”  What is the point of filing an appeal if there is no public stage on which to call attention to oneself?  He was going to take care of that.

While in Egypt shilling for “freedom of the press” with Mohammed Fahmy, Amal announced on international television that she would be in the Maldives to make sure all of the available media went, too.   As Amal continued her “human rights” quest for the Maldives President, even though the deadline for his chance to appeal had passed, it came to light that not only was she not involved in any of the legal process with this case as she had no jurisdiction over it, but she sat with the “common folk” in the courtroom, not with the “real” lawyers, further confirming her role as a glorified PR rep. One aspect of “democracy” the DNC leaks helped prove no longer exists is that of an impartial media. Press talking points from May 5th state Hillary is their candidate.  CNN is, indeed, the “Clinton News Network as the DNC fed CNN the questions they wanted to be asked in interviews.  POLITICO’s Ken Vogel emailed his stories to the DNC before publishing them. The DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories and discussing their relationship with NBC, MSNBC, CNN & how to get better treatment.  In fact, Chuck Todd is

mentioned by name in a few of the emails.  It is no surprise, then, that when Amal had this false narrative to push, she did it with Todd on “Meet the Press”.   He asked her whether she represented Mr. Nasheed in court to which she replied that she visited him in jail and “attended” a hearing for his alleged appeal to extend his appeal, which was denied, but stopped short of confirming his in-court representation. The whole event became another “Clooney clownshow”.  She did show up in outfits that cost more than most families on the island make in a year as it was clear their teams had predetermined to take the high profile media blitz route for maximum exposure to apply public pressure for his release while lending an international platform for his “cause”.  At least that was the consensus

Amal Maldives collage

of Ahmed Adheeb, the Vice President of the Maldives, who offered, “In the spirit of this approach of pressuring the government and courts through the media, he has chosen not to formerly appeal his conviction, even when he had the opportunity to do so. Indeed, his legal team led by Mrs. Clooney left the Maldives the day before the High Court announced the time for appeal had run its course, leaving in no doubt that their visit was purely for the purposes of publicity.”  And possibly to have publicly shamed the tiny island nation into releasing him for the Paris Climate talks. If that was the case, it proved another epic Amal professional fail as the request for an extension was denied. Indeed, the headlines lamented, “The Paris Summit is Missing One of the Great World Leaders on Climate . This article stated, “Amnesty International and the great human rights lawyer Amal Clooney are doing their best – but they’re up against thugs, pure and simple.” Great human rights lawyer. Paul Roberts. Thugs.  The talking point struggle is real.

Since Nasheed’s appeal deadline came and went, on what grounds did Amal think she would be able to secure her first “human rights” victory before the rebranding of husband as a “humanitarian” and “movie star” was to start in late January?  Illness.  This, it seems, is Amal’s method of operation since she cannot win based on facts and/or her lawyering skills.  Yulio Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s former prime minister, began treatment in Berlin’s Charite hospital for three slipped discs in March of 2014, just before the engagement announcement but after George was seen wearing a T-shirt supporting her in January of 2014 during The Monuments Men press junket.  Fahmy tried getting out with a hepatitis C diagnosis as well as treatment for a supposedly badly injured shoulder. Again, this was in March of 2014. Senussi supposedly had liver issues. Assange? He has been trying this “get out of jail due to illness” mantra for a while. First it was his heart and lungs in August of 2014 just before the wedding. Then it was his shoulder in 2015 as Amal was wrapping up her PR junket in the Maldives but before all her losing streak.  Poor Julian. Gloria Arroyo claimed to have a bone mineral disorder which required treatment abroad. The hospital arrest under which she currently resides supposedly is not cutting it. Arroyo’s lawyers said they contacted Amal about taking the case in early 2015, to which she agreed. Again, she can pick and choose her cases.  They are not “assigned” to her. She took Arroyo, she took Nasheed, she declined the UN hit piece on Israel, and she accepted her most recent case that of jailed journalist Khadija Ismayilova. If she is not sick now, it is almost guaranteed she will be soon.  In any event, Nasheed supposedly has horrible, ridiculous back issues that cannot be treated anywhere in the world but the U.K. which is where, coincidentally, Amal lives and to where his wife and daughters moved recently. The medical leave was eventually granted. Thus began the next phase of the Clooney clownshow.

Amal Princes Trust

On December 18th, 2015, George and Amal Clooney attended The Prince’s Trust with the likes of Pierce Brosnan. It went largely unreported, but those who did know of their attendance wondered why.  Could it be because later in the month,  an overwhelming majority of the European Union parliament endorsed a resolution urging member states to “to introduce restrictive measures in the form of targeted sanctions to freeze the assets abroad of certain members of the Maldivian government and their leading supporters in the Maldivian business community, and to impose travel bans on them.” Conjecture, sure, but look what occurs a month later when the next phase of the PR frenzy began on January

Amal Jared 2 jan 12 DC

12.  Amal showed up for pics in Washington D.C with her colleague Jared Genser as he dropped off a list “provided to the U.S. government for sanctions targets (which) is clear and detailed, based on independent reporting of NGOs and media.”  Media. This entire case is based on Wag the Dog type media promoted smoke and mirrors.  Our “press” is just as culpable.  On January 13, it was announced that “NBC Lands Amal Clooney Interview”.     Touted as her first sit down American interview, she was given a nationally televised public platform to spew her propaganda.  On January 14, her “In-Depth Interview” with

Cynthia McFadden aired. The next day she was on the Today show.  “The government has refused to allow him out to get that surgery abroad, which is where it would be appropriate for it to be dispensed. And even locally, he hasn’t been able to get to a hospital to get that done. So it’s a really concerning situation”, Amal told NBC News.  She also told them “democracy is dead” in the Maldives and that political repression, abuse of women, and

Democracy is Dead meme

Islamic jihadism are on the rise. This woman is beyond shameless.  Release her client or ISIS will attack? Actually it is quite the opposite. Ask Obama. He has said that a primary reason why people join ISIS is because they are poor and disenfranchised.  Her requested sanctions has the potential to send the Maldives economy into a tailspin which would, by Obama’s theory, cause Islamic jihadism to rise. The liberals cannot keep their lies in order. Coincidentally, this was the same day  “Freedom Now”, a US NGO, requested a travel ban and economic sanctions against the Maldives, a country which relies heavily on tourism for financial survival  and would hurt the poor, women, and children of the tiny island nation the most as tourism is a huge source of their livelihood. What about their “human rights”?

Nasheed was given clearance to leave the Maldives for 30 days to supposedly get his back treated in the U.K., even though Maldives Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon said the treatment required by Nasheed was minor, and that it could have easily been undertaken in the Maldives, but “It seems members of the opposition are intent in politicizing this situation”.  This proved quite a true statement. The sudden change of heart by the Maldivian government came amid “a flurry of high-level diplomatic activity involving neighboring India, Sri Lanka, and former colonial power Britain….None of the countries has commented publicly on what was discussed during the visits, but diplomatic sources told AFP that backroom maneuvering had contributed to the decision to allow Nasheed to travel”.  Background maneuvering? Who would have guessed?  Furthermore, “Hugo Swire,Britain’s Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, arrived in the

Maldivian capital on Saturday….By the time the ministerial duo returned to Colombo, President Yameen’s decision to release Nasheed at 12 noon last Saturday (January 16) had reached them. An over-enthusiastic Swire, who was privy to this, had then tweeted thanking the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister for ensuring ‘stability in the region.’ The tweet was to cause concerns at the highest levels of the Maldivian Government. It was cutting across what they were to announce via twitter on Saturday evening. A Male Foreign Ministry tweet said the Government had granted permission to Nasheed to travel ‘to UK to undergo surgery at his request.’ As a Male Foreign Ministry source, who spoke on grounds of anonymity, confessed, ‘What has stability in the region got to do with Nasheed undergoing surgery’?” She threatens ISIS attacks if he is not released, Swire threatens “stability in the region”….how would any of that change if he had medical attention for his back? They are threats to play on the public’s emotions, and sick ones at that, but ones that play into the Genser/Clooney playbook of mocking democracy for their desired outcomes.

The foreign ministry further said that it has now granted the concession “on the condition” that Mr. Nasheed return to the Maldives after the surgery to serve the remainder of his sentence.  It was not clear how that demand would be enforced since “Mr. Nasheed’s wife Laila and their two daughters have been living in London since the ex-president was hauled back to the prison island in July after being briefly released on house arrest.” Asked whether she expected Nasheed to return, the Maldives foreign minister was noncommittal. “It’s difficult to predict,” said Maumoon, who is the daughter of the politician who ruled the Maldives for 30 years until Nasheed was elected in 2008. “We have to see how events unfold.  He is a convicted criminal and he is serving a sentence for terrorism,” Maumoon added. “He is not being released. This is a specific clearance for a particular period of time.” She said that Nasheed is expected to fly back in 30 days if he does not have surgery, and 45 days if he has an operation. He can request an extension for medical reasons, she says.  If he refuses, the Maldives can request his extradition, but the British Secretary of State would have to sign off on it. British Prime Minister David

Nasheed Cameron  2

Cameron recently described Nasheed to the Guardian as his “new best friend.” Mamoun said the biggest reason for Nasheed to return to a country that has branded him a terrorist for having a judge arrested while he was president is to try to get the conviction overturned by the courts and re-enter politics. The next election is in 2018. Make no mistake that has been the point all along…not “medical treatment” but to have time to lobby for international governments to apply pressure to the tiny island nations to him clear him so he can run again, even though the people have made it clear they do not want him thus more mocking of democracy. Amal Clooney cannot win on her own merit and facts of a case, so she bullies to get her way.  Well…the money and powers that be behind her do. Her new last name can guarantee Entertainment Tonight will cover it, using manipulated language to for public sympathy from the low info voters.

The next day, January 17,  Amal was on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd  to discuss the topic in her 12-minute segment “a £1,111 Dolce & Gabbana dress, £105 Givenchy earrings and a pair of £690 black suede Prada boots, totaling nearly £2,000” while being billed “as media-savvy as her husband and knows how to use it to bring attention to global issues of which most Americans know nothing.” That is correct.  Bring attention. That is her job.  Then, since we are stupid, it is Amal’s job to spin through Hollywood how we are supposed to view the globalist agenda. We know George has been doing this for a long time.  On January 21 a press release was sent out announcing January 25th as the date Amal and Nasheed would hold a press conference in London just so the media would not miss it.

That same day, Nasheed arrived in London.  His lawyer awaited, arms outstretched, the paps obviously called to catch the “accomplished human rights attorney” greet her supposedly ailing client who was in dire need of medical attention. Just kidding! Nasheed all but skipped out of the airport.  It is also worth noting that on the way out of the airport,


the cameramen takes a spill here while filming Amal is  Jake Whitman, a NBC News producer, photojournalist and editor (the same NBC of Meet the PressThe Today Show, Cynthia McFadden & Nightline NewsNBC World News with Lester Holt that aired Amal’s PR blitz). We know now that NBC is in the tank for the Clinton campaign.  This guy was paid to fly to London to specifically follow her. She knows him by name.  Yes, the Goebbelizaion of our media is long past the point of return.

At the January 25th  press conference, throughout the discussion, Amal reiterated the need for targeted sanctions on Maldives regime leaders even though Nasheed was released for the medical treatment he supposedly so desperately needed. She said: “The case for sanctions is urgent. Even if President Nasheed is here with us, he has not been pardoned.  We must continue not just for President Nasheed but for all the people of the Maldives, who are victims of human rights abuse,” she added. They are? Where? Who are these

“victims of human rights abuses” in the Maldives? Why would she not represent them since they are the actual downtrodden folks?  The bigger issue here, though, is the continuing threat of economic sanctions to get her way.  This guy arrested a judge he did not like and was put in prison for it. If democracy is dead, Amal Clooney helped kill it.  She is throwing out not just democracy but the rule of law and the sovereignty of a nation.  Remember she is a big supporter of open borders, the Responsibility to Protect, and Restrain the Veto. She has no use for a nation’s sovereignty or its laws.  Neither does her husband.

Amal Jared Georffrey Mrs Nasheed
LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 05: (L-R) Geoffrey Robertson QC, Amal Clooney, Laila Ali and Jared Genser attend a press conference regarding the detention of Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives at Doughty Street Chambers on October 5, 2015 in London, England. Clooney is part of an international legal team seeking to release Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed after he was was jailed for 13 years. The UN have found Nasheed’s detention in violation of international Law. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

How far will she go to win? If her economic terrorism does not work, there is always a travel boycott.  “We haven’t come out and called for an all-out tourist boycott yet, but at the same time I don’t think we would exclude it. Tourists have the power of the purse,” she said recently. The Maldives, an island nation with virtually no natural resources, depends heavily on its world-famous upmarket tourism for much its revenue. The industry also employs a sizeable majority of its workforce. For someone who claims to care about “human rights” and whose husband is some supposed “humanitarian”, leaving the poor of a country to fend for themselves for their own personal gain seems quite the antithesis of that.  Ahmed Adheeb, the Vice President of the Maldives, said, “Now, in an attempt to punish both the democratically elected Government and people of the Maldives for merely enforcing their own laws Nasheed’s legal team are threatening to lobby for international sanctions. These would hurt not only those in the administration but, more painfully, the citizens of the Maldives who depend on the tourism industry for their livelihoods. They would have a whole nation suffer for the purposes of publicity and because the legal arguments in favor of Nasheed are untenable.”  In addition, the radical Islam jihad with which Amal claims to be concerned would happen as a result of her

sanctions, not in lieu of his release.  In a research paper, Iromi Dharmawardhane, a Senior Analyst with the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said “Jihadist activity and a radicalized community have been visibly growing in the past decade in the Maldives. Boycotting the tourism industry of Maldives will contribute to further radicalization of the country’s population, he warned.  The paper, published in the RSIS Commentary which identifies itself as a platform to provide timely and policy-relevant commentary and analysis of topical issues and contemporary developments, said the Maldives is a fertile ground for jihadist recruitment. The growth of jihadism in the Maldives is a serious security concern, particularly for India and other South Asian countries, it said. According to the expert, in order to counter Islamic fundamentalism, the Maldives needs help, not isolation. A boycott of its tourism industry would inflict great suffering on the already poor country, as tourism is its main industry and source of income, he added.

Nasheed Gov Meeting

As such, the Government of the Maldives rightfully criticized Nasheed for “exploiting” the terms of a 30-day medical release to embark on a “lobbying and media campaign abroad”. Nasheed has been “biding his time” for his chance in the spotlight for some time. Now was the time to grab it. Hours before the press conference, the foreign ministry said in a statement that since Nasheed’s arrival in London, “his party, aides and advisors had organized multiple meetings and media engagements with the sole aim of politicizing his trip. Nasheed’s ability to undergo this busy itinerary undermines the notion that his medical condition was grave enough to warrant treatment abroad”. The government also noted its “profound disappointment” that a “member of its London high commission was denied entry to Nasheed’s forthcoming press conference, despite a request many days in advance. This is in stark contrast to the unimpeded access given to the press conferences of Amal Clooney and Nasheed’s US advisers during their last visit to the Maldives”, it said. “This is not medical leave, but media leave,” foreign minister

was quoted as saying in the statement.“Mr. Nasheed’s PR advisers’ vetting of attendees at his press conference reveals, as many in the Maldives witnessed during his tenure as president, that he does not practice what he preaches when it comes to freedom of speech.” Neither do the Clooneys. Regardless, “The opportunity for Mr. Nasheed to clear his name remains in the Maldives, not in the TV studios of London or Los Angeles. The Supreme Court appeal in Mr Nasheed’s conviction will continue while he meets politicians and the media in London. We look forward to his return and wish him speedy recovery from his medical treatment.” His 30 days expired towards the end of February. By all accounts he is still in the U.K. and has not had surgery. So where is this case now? Making a mockery of democracy more every day.

George Hail Caser stupid face

Amal Clooney’s handlers now have all her major “career” events spun accordingly to coincide with any Hollywood event her husband has scheduled. Nasheed’s “release” followed the January 25th press conference that came just before the February 5th release of George’s Hail Caesar, a comedy produced by the Cohen brothers who, in August of 2014, a month before the wedding, signed a pro-Israel statement criticizing Hamas with 190 other members of the Hollywood community.  It must have been awkward when Amal

george  hc stuipd face

visited the set, if she ever did.  In any event, the movie tanked. It has the distinction of being the least commercially viable Cohen movie to date.  Scarlett Johannsen was nowhere to be round on the red carpet. It was the Amal show, including putting the appropriate public spin and pressure on the Maldives via the media.  Thus far it has not worked.  By all accounts he is still in the U.K., has not had surgery, and the Maldives have not caved.

Then, on April 6th the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives-dominated parliament “approved today amendments to the 2009 Privileges and Protection for Former Presidents Act to withdraw state benefits for ex-presidents convicted and sentenced to jail for a criminal offence committed during his presidency.”  Then, on April 8th, the Maldives government refused to extend Nasheed’s medical leave and ordered him to return to serve the remainder of his 13 year sentence.  A Maldives Correctional Service spokesman told pro-government website Avas that Nasheed’s request for medical leave extension was incomplete.  “Since the documents are incomplete and because we have doubts over their authenticity, we have asked Nasheed to return yesterday [Wednesday],” Hassan Ali said. Besides, Nasheed now wants his name cleared as the end game so he can run again in 2018.  What is a fame hungry girl with a large media platform but still with a horrible professional track record to do? Turn to Jared Gensler and their cronies in Congress to bully the tiny island nation into capitulation, thus mocking democracy and the sovereign laws of their nation.


There stood Jared and Amal on April 9th in Washington D.C. with Soros buddies Patrick Leahy and  John McCain after the United States senate unanimously adopted Thursday “a bipartisan resolution calling on the Maldivian government to redress the ‘injustice’ of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s imprisonment and release other political prisoners” because, as discussed with regards to all things “climate”, “The Maldives is “strategically important due to its location, which straddles major trade routes in the Indian Ocean.”  The resolution – which expresses the sense of the senate and is not enforceable – was submitted in November by a coalition of 13 senators from both the

McCain Clooney Genser

Republican and Democratic parties after a UN rights panel declared Nasheed’s terrorism conviction illegal and politically motivated.  No doubt if checked, one would find these 13 senators all had associations with the same handlers. Regardless, once again the Maldives stood firm saying, “The government has the utmost respect for the integrity of the US Senate and the dignity of the US government, but it is clear that the senate has considered

As a result,“conservative” Prime Minister  Cameron and the UK government granted Nasheed asylum.   Amal Clooney, junior barrister, winner of no cases in court, leader of no cases until she got married with a public platform to bully these tiny nations, supposed “human rights” defender, used a Goebelized press to “apply pressure” to get Nasheed “released”, mocking the outcomes of a democratic process that did not meet her handlers needs.  Her handlers got their guy, and she got pap walks in designer duds.  Win-win. social media, show Nasheed being pushed forward at quite a speed.

Soros’s “Democracy Now!” was quick to push the talking points.  Keep in mind as this story unfolds that the point has always been to force the Soros and Muslim Brotherhood backed Nasheed back into power. Further proof Amal allowed herself to be used to mock democracy and the rule of law of a sovereign nation?  Here is a link to video of Nasheedchair racing on June 6, 2016 in England.  The video “Showed the animated 49-year-old yelling to go faster as he hurtled by on a swivel chair – before being knocked out of the

race as another opponent smashed into him… Footage, which emerged on social media, show Nasheed being pushed forward at quite a speed.  The laughing politician appears caught up in the excitement as he clings to the seat of the chair with both hands”.  Sure.  “Back” problems so bad that he needed surgery clear across the globe.  Kudos to the Maldives standing up for democracy as the Clooneys and Cameron spit on it. Since then, John Podesta’s Group has been hired by the Maldives government for the monthly sum of $50,000 to “whitewash their crimes”.


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