George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-Amal-Public Speaker

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 17:  Amal-Public Speaker

Since Amal’s legal career is publicly manipulated at best since she has no legitimate wins as a team and has never led one, and the role she so seemingly wishes to attain as the new Jackie-O of the fashion world has fallen flat, she seems to be repackaging herself as some sort of public speaker.  This started in the spring of 2015 when she “guest lectured” at Columbia University. About what we have no idea as the supporter of “free speech” and “transparent governments” had those attending her lecture submit to some sort of non-disclosure agreement. “We are under strict orders not to discuss her or anything about her class,” said a student who declined to give her name. A representative from the law school politely asked a reporter to leave.  The same occurred in the spring of 2016. In the spring of 2016 she took her “lecturing” skills from the classroom to the public, still with restrictions.


Next, Amal keynoted the 13th Annual WINGS Luncheon on Thursday, April 14th, 2016 in Dallas, TX.  The woman who defends terrorists and violators of human rights, especially those of women and homosexuals, was touted by an organization that does actual work with victims of sex trafficking as a “a perfect voice to advocate against a crime that is happening in our own backyard”.  Really? Because she has said nothing about the horrors of 1,400 White Children in Rotherdam raped by Muslim men from 1997 to 2013 in her “backyard” in England.  She also has said nothing about sex slaves in Muslim and Communist countries such as Cuba and China.  One would think as the ninth ranked most “influential Arab under 40”, she would use her very public platform to condemn the “human rights” violations of radical Muslim extremists groups and Sharia Law and its horrible treatment of women and gays.  This group also claims “Her recent work as of 2015 has been in the field of advocating for the protection of women against physical and sexual violence in combat zones”. Really? Where? With Qaddafi’s kid? The King of Bahrain? The Elgin Marbles? The Muslim Brotherhood leader’s kid in Ireland? The Egyptian journalist? Where? Although she claimed to support the “human rights” of those being trafficked for sex, according to writer Joanne Wolf, Amal raised other people’s money for this charity but

supposedly donated no money of her own.  Wolf stated, “Ironically, Amal could have contributed a million dollars herself, simply by forgoing a few phone-calls to Saks Fifth Avenue, but then there would be no publicity so scrap that idea.” The local papers did try to help push her “star power” claiming it pushed the luncheon to a $1 million tally; however, that fell short of the $1.1 million that Kevin Costner, a real movie star, brought in the prior year. She attended a “human rights” conference for a photo op. Period. The charade must be kept up in order for the “public pressure” in her politically motivated cases to work.  Either “New Friends New Life” is on the globalist payroll or they really have no clue and should be given one because having her on their roster destroys their credibility.

Amal had another chance to “fix” her public relations disasters with a couple of speaking engagements in the Gulf region.  Instead, she used it as a platform to undermine sovereignty, democracy, and free speech with her false narratives. Here she blamed the “…three Rs responsible for the crackdown on freedom of speech in today’s world — royalty, rulers and religion. The state needs to understand that stifling criticism can have serious repercussions.”  Which case in the Gulf, land of human rights oppression, did she bring up to defend his? Nasheed. She claimed to have “won” Nasheed’s case in defense of “free speech”.  However, she was not his legal counsel, his time to appeal had long expired, and he is only out due to falsification of a medical condition. He was not found “not guilty”. She mocks democracy at every turn. She also stated, “Line should not be drawn between freedom of speech and secession but between freedom of speech and inciting violence. There can be debates about changing governments and changing territories as long as they don’t call for violence.” Funny. Neither she nor her husband spoke out against the George Soros funded Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements that have destroyed private property, shut down businesses, and killed cops.  As for “freedom of speech”, Amal had a tight grip on what parts of this speech the public got to hear. Of a 28 minute speech, only six minutes were released.  Surely this has everything to do with the recent hack revelation that Soros’s Open Society Foundation have actively trained socialist MEPs in Europe to combat “populist” parties and shut down free speech?


From India, she moved onto the United Arab Emirates to speak before a large contingent of Gulf state leaders. This would have been the perfect opportunity to call out not the human rights violations of these nations, especially the “migrants” of which the Clooneys have grown so fond. The UAE is being investigated for its treatment of migrant workers building a multibillion dollar cultural hub.  According to the Guardian, “Contractors failed to pay wages for months at a time, did not renew work permits and residence visas, and refused to pay the end-of-service benefits to which workers were entitled, leaving them destitute”.  Did Amal address these human rights violations when she had the chance? Nope. Nor did she mention of the Orwellian surveillance laws in place in the Gulf or the war crimes Gulf States may be committing in Yemen.  Nor did she call out the mistreatment of gays and women under Sharia Law.  Instead, she beseeched them to meet criticism of their ruling systems “with dialogue, not prison terms”, and that “protests be met with ‘crowd control’, not bullets’.  She even went so far as to say “tweets should be met with tweets, not prison terms”.  It should shock no one, then, that the Soros leaks reveal that he is one of the biggest pushes behind “criminal justice reform” inthe U.S. not for “fairness” or “equality” but votes.

The Clooneys are not concerned with the human rights violations in these mostly Sharia run countries because their goal is to silence dissenters of open borders through cries of “islamophobia” and “xenophobia” especially where the “migrant crisis” is concerned specifically in the United States.  On Monday, December 28th, 2015, the Clooneys’ employer, George Soros , publically called on voters to “resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz” in an op-ed for The Guardian entitled “The Terrorists and Demagogues Want Us to be Scared. We Mustn’t Give In”. From there, as expected, he goes on to condemn the non-existent “Islamophobia” of the likes of Cruz and Trump and says we must “reaffirm our commitment to the principles of an open society”.  George and Amal then used their public platforms not to condemn terrorism or the genocide of Christians by Muslim extremists worldwide but to use it to label the “right wing extremists”, who, at this rate, are anyone in the world who do not agree with their globalists politics, and their “xenophobia” the real problem in order to push the “open borders” “open society” agenda.


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