George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-Clooney’s Scottish Spectacular

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 18: Clooney’s Scottish Spectacular


The same goes for George. Since the Italian wedding spectacular, his movie career has tanked with three major commercial flops. “Mr. Humanitarian” George Clooney has also done little to no philanthropic work compared to previous endeavors since the South Sudan split. However, he did in November of 2015 go to Scotland to hand out sandwiches to the homeless. Not really. He went for a photo op with ten locals to remind the world that he used to be “Mr. Everyman” and a supposed supporter of “humanitarian” causes….before heading off to a conference of rich 1% globalists to bring “awareness” to “the important impact charitable donations can have in making a difference in the world”, says John Prendergast, Not on Our Watch official and close friend of George Soros.  Anything “charitable” Clooney does is affiliated with Soros because he is a globalist. He is not now nor has ever been “Mr. Everyman”. As we will find, this endeavor does not help Scotland, it’s locals, nor the downtrodden. It is being used to push the decline of national borders and sovereignties via “humanitarianism” via the “refugee” crisis.


If, after all we have discovered about George Clooney’s “humanitarianism” in Africa, one finds it difficult to believe a sandwich shop owner in Scotland called Clooney’s people up one day to see if he would mind bringing “awareness” to the plight of the homeless there, that person would be wise to be skeptical.  Social Bite, the “a small sandwich shop in Edinburgh with the idea that we’d make whatever salary we need, donate all profits to charity, and commit to training and giving jobs to homeless people” has “reached out” to George Clooney to bring “awareness” to their “humanitarian” objectives.  The same “awareness” Clooney brought to the Sudan long enough for it to break free for him, Nespresso, and Soros’ brother to lay claim to the coffee fields, as others laid claim to the oil? The Sudan has since slid right back into civil war, and, except for the random op-ed penned by someone else and signed by him, Clooney has all but disappeared. His “awareness” is no longer needed there on such a grand scale so he now wants to bring his “awareness” to Scotland on a much smaller scale?. How noble. But for what cause? And, as with the subjective language of payment in the Sudan, how much is a “salary we need”?  As with all of other Clooney’s “humanitarian” endeavors, speculating requires analyzing the ties that those supporting the endeavor have to Clooney’s globalist puppets. It seems the reality of this trip for Clooney is to shill for the elites at the Scottish Business Awards supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland where attendees willing to pay £10,000 for a “platinum package” will get special access to him. One of the main backers of this endeavor is the Hunter Foundation .

One core principal of the Hunter Foundation is that “philanthropy is not a substitute for government investment.”  Yes, progressives, we know that government knows best how we should run our lives and spend our money. Not just any government, either, but “global” bodies like the UN who should determine how sovereign nations should be forced to operate. In any event, when asked about issues with which its foundation plans on dealing with in the future, notice the language of this statement: “In Rwanda, we’re also currently developing a hybrid social enterprise that blends capitalism and social benefit whereby we’re investing in a food oil manufacturing facility that will work with farmers (100,000+) to produce for the factory. Our profits will be reinvested for the common good but our co-investors are all firmly there for the profit; I guess it’s a Yunus+ model and it will be interesting to see how that develops.”  More about the “Yunus model” can be found here.  It works much like the cronyism involved in “humanitarian” economics as in it never does…at least not for the poor.  Perhaps that explains Mr. Yunus’ close ties to Mr. Soros who collapses economies for personal financial gain at the expense of the “little guy”?

Remember the subjective language used by the globalists to justify their looting of resources worldwide.  “Climate change” per the UN head has nothing to do with the environment but is being used to establish a new form of global economics that eliminates free market capitalism, turning the global economy over to the globalists with the citizens as their workers. “Hybrid social enterprise” that “blends capitalism and social benefit” is that.  All of the money made will go to “a food, oil manufacturing facility that will work with farmers…to produce for the ‘common good’”.


Then, as with Clooney’s “Sustainable Nespresso” whatever, “Our profits will be reinvested for the common good but our co-investors are all firmly there for the profit”.  See…profit is good for the elites, not the rest of us, for they know what is best for the “common good”, and  it is okay for them to profit from the rape of natural resources in Africa because they give enough back to the “Common good” or, in Clooney’s case “to lift farmers out of poverty “or in Social Bites case “we’d make whatever salary we need”.  Which is how much, exactly? How utterly subjective is that language? This looting of Africa has gone forever, and the rich get richer as the poor get poorer because it is “humanitarianism” disguised as a wealth redistribution scheme.

An Anti Obama March Is Held Ahead Of The President's Visit To South Africa
PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – JUNE 28: Anti-American demonstrators march through the streets while protesting against the official visit of U.S. President Barack Obama June 28, 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa. Organized by the Congress of South African Trade Unions, about 800 people marched through Pretoria to voice their opposition to Obama and U.S. policy in South Africa and around the world. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Two primary board members of the Hunter Foundation are Sir Tom Hunter, entrepreneur and philanthropist who received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2013 and, yes, Vartan Gregorian, see the “100 Lives” initiative.  After discussions with Vartan Gregorian, head of the Carnegie Foundation in New York, and getting a large investment from him, Sir Tom Hunter found himself on board with the globalists when he “set a cause and a method which has resulted in the foundation donating “in excess of £50m to supporting, educational and entrepreneurial projects in Scotland and sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with former President Bill Clinton through the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative.”  Aww…what a nice rich guy, until one analyzes the language. “Sustainable development” in “Suh Saharan Africa” with money from Vartan Gregorian?  Where have we heard that before?


As we ask with George, we, too, must ask Hunter why Africa? Are there not enough poor people in poverty in Scotland, the US, or other areas of the world that could use their financial help? Yes, there are, but neither have the resources available for exploitation that Africa does.   The book “The Looting Machine: Warlords, Oligarchs, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Theft of Africa’s Wealth” by Tom Burgis shows “great ambition, laying out the individual strands of the warp and woof of a huge tapestry of disparate individuals and business entities around the world systematically looting sub-Saharan Africa…. Many people loudly lament the steady injection into such nations of fruitless foreign aid and economic assistance. But the rewards of looting are so substantial that they provide huge incentives for maintaining the status quo. The aid flow into Africa, Burgis notes, is tiny compared with the value of the exploited resources flowing in the other direction…. So, the abuses will continue even if this or that shell corporation, corrupt African president or foreign robber baron is exposed, Burgis laments.”  Yes, the incentive is there for the globalists to perpetuate war, retaining the status quo in areas such as Sudan, for massive financial gain.  However, as long as what they are doing is deemed “humanitarian”, no one should EVER question it.


Keep that in mind when investigating some of the “beneficial projects” with which Tom Hunter has been affiliated where Africa is concerned. In September 2004, the “Make Poverty History” campaign was officially launched as the “UK mobilization of an international coalition, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (G-CAP), led by Oxfam International, Action Aid and DATA – the controversial Africa charity set up by U2 front man, Bono [one of George’s best friends] and multi-billionaires, George Soros [yes, that Soros], and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the world’s second richest person with a fortune of just under $50 billion.”  They could work to “Make Poverty History” by donating their own massive wealth, but that is not ever an option, it seems. Pay attention to the language here:  “ MPH’s policy demands on the UK government are fairly radical, especially its calls for “trade justice not free trade”, which would require G8 and EU countries, notably the


UK, to stop forcing through free market policies on poor countries as part of aid, trade deals or debt relief. MPH also says rich countries should immediately double aid by $50bn per year and finally meet 35-year old promises to spend 0.7 per cent of their national income in development aid. More and better aid, meanwhile, should be matched by cancellation of the “unpayable” debts of the world’s poorest countries through a “fair and transparent international process” that uses new money, not slashed aid budgets”  New money, stop “free market”, “erase debt”, “rich” countries should “immediately double” aid…end the capitalism upon which the U.S. economy is base in lieu of a new “wealth redistribution” based global economy.  Remember this is the goal of “Climate Change” and “Sustainability” via the U. N.


Clooney has been on board with this elimination of national sovereignty and pro global banking system in exchange for the 1% ruling the rest for a long time as already documented. This trip to Scotland is no different. His puppet masters told him to show up to agenda push. It is no surprise that his “sustainable” Nespresso campaign and this “sustainable” Scotland campaign both of which deal with redistribution of wealth to the globalists’ pet projects in Africa are being touted by Clooney just before the climate talks in Paris. The “green scheme” was a big payoff for him as it is  a huge part of the globalist wealth redistribution agenda.


It makes sense, then, that the last time, Clooney was in Scotland “professionally” was for Tom Hunter’s backed Live 8 in July of 2005, the same year Clooney was picked to head the “humanitarian” missions in Sudan.  Bob Geldof, Clooney BFF Bono the coalition of NGOs and  church groups that comprised “Make Poverty History” asked us to “believe that (Bush and Blair) (could) be won over to the cause of the poor and oppressed” to justify “helping” in Africa.  Geldof  “hailed the pre-(G8) summit announcement that there would be a debt forgiveness package for some countries in sub-Saharan Africa as a ‘victory for millions,’ claiming, ‘Tomorrow 280 million Africans will wake up for the first time in their lives without owing you or me a penny’”.  Wrong. Even the World socialists understood what a scam all of this “humanitarianism for Africa” was about when they declared,  “What nonsense! In the first instance, Africa’s poor do not owe ‘you and me’ anything. Their debts are to major corporations, financial institutions, imperialist governments and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. None of these contemplate any measures to seriously alleviate Africa’s plight because they are intent on perpetuating the exploitation of the continent.” Exactly.


Furthermore, Michael Chussodovsky, a Canadian economist and contributor to “The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order” states, “Most casual observers might assume that the money generated by corporate sponsors, DVD sales, performance royalties and direct contributions would be funneled into various charitable organizations aiding the poorest people of developing nations around the world.  They would be wrong. Instead, as Chussodovsky illustrates the money raised in almost every instance  is used to pay off the corporate creditors of indebted countries.  In effect, the entire focus of the money generated by Live8 was to provide direct funds to corporations that were ‘owed money’ by these impoverished nations.  What is even worse, according to Chussodovsky, is that” those same monetary amounts contributed by Live8 to these private corporations to provide more relief to them for the money they had lent to these impoverished nations was then deducted from the direct aid packages and social service programs formerly contributed by the G8 to these countries”.  As Chussodovsky also clearly states, For each dollar of ‘debt cancellation’ to the international financial institutions, the G8 will reduce the flow of foreign aid to these countries.  In other words, the foreign aid earmarked to finance much needed social programs will now go directly into the coffers of the IMF and the World Bank.”  So what was being promoted around the world as a “humanitarian effort” to help some of the poorest countries on the planet was actually an exercise in paying off international financial institutions for aid they had previously lent these nations, while guaranteeing the reduction of the same amount in future funding for these very programs.  Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Classy.  That said, remember who Hunter said inspired him to enter into this type of “philanthropy”:  Vartan Gregorian of the “100 Lives Initiative”.

All this begs the question:  why Scotland for this event? No…it is not because of these “socially just” sandwich shops. Please.  Social Bite was founded in 2012 to employ local homeless people and donates all profits to solving social problems at home and abroad. Noble. They do. There is no existence to prove otherwise. In this same year, Josh Littlejohn established the Scottish Business Awards, which is where George is going to give his keynote.  This is where the story falls apart a bit. Josh says he approached George in January of 2015 after recognizing George’s humanitarian work. However, his partner Alice Thompson, said in a separate interview it was she who persuaded George Clooney to come


to Scotland for “lunch.” Sure…lunch.  Consider further down in the article, Alice states that “Social Bite’s annual turnover is £1.5million and all the profits – around £5000 a month – are split between Shelter Scotland, Vision Eye Care Hospital in Bangladesh, MicroLoan Foundation in Malawi and Zambia, and the STV Appeal.” The monthly profits are 5,000/month, and only one quarter (1,250/month) goes to Scotland? The rest goes to….Africa ? Why does any of this money have to go to Africa? They pay their homeless employees a “living wage” and then say, “Oh you’ve made enough, so now we’re sending the rest to Africa”.  Are there no other poor people, children, and elderly in Scotland who could benefit from that? Of course, but the point is getting “regular” people to “donate” money to their “humanitarian” slush funds that line the elites pockets.  Keep in mind that Clooney as their “advocate” makes $20 million per movie, already made $40 million from Nespresso while owing 4 mansions around the globe, travels on private jets leaving behind an epic carbon footprint, has his Casamigos tequila manufactured in Mexico away fromsocial-biteU.S. taxes and a mandated minimum wage, and saying nothing much about the cheaper foreign workers brought in by Disney to replace the American ones to help offset the losses of films such as the commercial disaster known as Tomorrowland. Now all these poor legal citizens are out of jobs so corporate Disney can protect its profits. Tsk Tsk. BUT George is a ‘humanitarian” who donated $1,000 during his photo op to bring “awareness”social-bite-3to “social justice” issues worldwide (that in turn line his bank account).  As Obama says, “at some point you’ve made too much money”. You and me. Not the globalists. They will tell us when we have made enough.

Back to the “Why Scotland?” question… What political occurrences there matter to the globalists?  Because with Clooney it is all politics all the time.  Flashback to 2014. Scotland was to vote on whether to break from the U.K. to become an independent sovereign nationscotland-independence-scottish-not-britishagain. As one who forces the balkanization of nations worldwide from the Ukraine to Thailand to the Sudan as his form of “democracy”, one might assume Soros and the globalists would have been for this action; however, as he is a primary builder and financial backer of the E. U. as a “one world unified government” is their goal, no…they are against it.  Greece, Scotland, Catalonia..they cannot have these nationalist movements win because they will break up  their “global union” utopia.  Therefore, Soros warned of the dangers facing the currency if Scotland became independent. Speaking at an event in London, he told ITV News that Scotland would have a “very difficult relationship” with the rest of the UK if it tried to keep sterling (the British currency) and it “would not be practical” for Scotland to remain with the Bank of England.  However, he also warned it would be “inefficient and potentially dangerous” for Scotland to create its own currency, because “currencies can be attacked and speculated against. And when you have a weak currency, positions can be taken”. Warned? Sounds more like threatened. Speculating against currencies, making countries weak, and then being in a position to “take” them is how Soros makes his living.


Let’s keep this in mind, too, that this event is being sponsored by the Royal Scottish Bank, which announced that they would move their headquarters to London in the event of a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum.  Another threat.  Of course, the RSB is now under scrutiny for bad money practices which have been fleecing the exact clients they claimed they were trying to help. Sounds familiar.  The RBS, once a “colossus with a balance sheet nearly twice the size of the British economy, had deliberately pushed small businesses to bankruptcy so it could pick up their assets cheaply. For three years, the bank has vigorously denied the allegations about its Global Restructuring Group (GRG).  But the meeting at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) convinced McEwan outright denial was no longer an option, according to insiders. Now, they say, the 300-year-old lender is considering a compensation scheme for small firms – from tire makers to nursing home operators – which say GRG abused them or forced them out of business.   The cost to the bank, rescued during the financial crisis by British taxpayers, could run to billions of pounds.”  That is the Soros way. Cause chaos, cause collapse, swoop in to pick up the cheap pieces, and leave the taxpayer with the bill. This is for whom Clooney spoke while in Scotland.

Odd that Tom Hunter and “Mr. Democracy” Clooney, who had no trouble voicing his support for the Soros led rebellions in the Ukraine, Sudan, and elsewhere, had no opinion. The glaringly obvious explanation for that is the time of the referendum…September 2014. Wedding month.  Amal rescinded her position on the Israeli hit council for the UN supposedly to avoid bad publicity during wedding month. George had nothing to say about anything political during that month. They had a narrative to set. Announcing their stance on the pro globalist agenda was not in the cards when trying to establish public favor as the “greatest humanitarian power couple on earth”.

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