George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-The “100 Lives” Initiative

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy” 

Chapter 19: The “100 Lives” Initiative

The Clooneys took on their first joint task with what they consider one of the biggest genocide atrocities of the modern era-the systematic slaughter of Christians and Jews worldwide by radical Muslim extremists. -the Armenian Genocide that occurred between 1915 and 1923. Yes. The Clooneys want to fight genocide from 100 years ago because there seems to not be any happening in their backyards right now.  As with everything related to the Clooneys, the Armenian Genocide will prove a “humanitarian” and “human rights” cover to push the “islamophobia” mantra as way to “control speech” while pushing “open borders” via the “migrant crisis”.

On January 11, 2015. Los Angeles hosted the Golden Globes. The Clooneys made their first red carpet appearance as husband and wife. Almost immediately thereafter,  Amal  appeared on a case to prosecute the free speech victory of a man named Perineck.  This gentleman denied the Armenian Genocide occurred.  Ridiculous as the statement may be, true free speech involves speech in which not everyone agrees.  In Switzerland where this man, Perineck, made his proclamation, it is illegal to deny the Armenian genocide, so he was charged so he was charged with a speech violation. In a victory for free speech, he won.  According to Reuters:

“A Swiss court had fined the leader of the leftist Turkish Workers’ Party, Dogu Perincek, for having branded talk of an Armenian genocide ‘an international lie’ during a 2007 lecture tour in Switzerland”.  However, “the European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday in a case involving Switzerland…denying that mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 were genocide is not a criminal offence…The court, which upholds the 47-nation European Convention on Human Rights, said a Swiss law against genocide denial violated the principle of freedom of expression.”


Now why would a great “free speech” advocate take a case prosecuting freedom of expression? First, consider that most of Amal Clooney’s cases are family and/or terrorist related as this is who they are. As expected, familial ties are attached to this Armenian case, as well.  Harut Sassounian of The California Courier writes:

Since my last column, several readers have pointed out the little-known family link between Mrs. Clooney (Amal Ramzi Alamuddin) and ‘Papa’ Jakob Kuenzler, a Swiss missionary known as “the father of Armenian orphans.” Kuenzler and his wife had diligently aided the Armenian community in Ourfa for 25 years until the Genocide. Then in the 1920’s, the Kuenzlers began working for Near East Relief, evacuating thousands of Armenian orphans from Turkey to Ghazir, Lebanon, where Armenian girls wove the famous ‘White House rug’ which was donated to U.S. President Calvin Coolidge in 1925. The Kuenzlers’ daughter Ida married Najib Alamuddin, the cousin of Amal’s grandfather, Khalil Alamuddin.”

Armenia collage

In addition, one could argue that the Clooney alignment with this “100 Lives” initiative dealing specifically with the Armenian genocide might have accounted for this judgement.  However, as a “world famous Muslim ‘human rights’ attorney”, one might also argue that she could have used her huge public platform to defend free speech as it was intended, whether she agreed with it or not, while calling out the radical Islamists partaking in the modern day genocide of the slaughter of Christians worldwide the same as happened in Armenia many years ago.  No…none of that fits their narrative. The Clooneys advocate for “controlled speech” and use “Islamophobia” to push these speech restrictions in addition to using the modern day slaughter of Christians worldwide not to call out those facilitating the atrocities but to push for “open borders” of sovereign of nations.  They are using the exact platforms they claim to support to undermine the rights of citizens.


Ultimately, the high court ruled against Amal regarding her position on the Armenian Genocide case. She lost. Again. Perhaps that is why, after almost two years of promoting this event as their first joint “humanitarian issues” as husband and wife Amal failed to show.  Perhaps it “did what it was supposed to do” in attempting to show her as a Muslim download-1who cared about “her people” slaughtering Christians.  Regardless, with this loss, she failed not only their “humanitarian” cover but also failed to present to the winner the scholarship she supposedly established or, at least, to which she had her name attached. George presented it.


Aurora prizeNo light is being made of the atrocities any of the Armenian people suffered. However, they are not the focus here; the Clooneys are and how they seem to be using the event to justify pushing the globalist agenda of destroying the west, more specifically the U.S. and Israel.  Take this “Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity”, Clooney’s new pet project, defined as “a new global award that will be given annually to people who put themselves at risk to enable others to survive and thrive. Recipients will be recognized for the exceptional impact their actions have made to preserving human life or advancing humanitarian causes, despite the challenges that they have overcome.”  As with anything “human rights” related, language is important and usually completely subjective. In order to find out what it means, one must check into the backgrounds of the other three non-Clooney members of the “selection committee” on the initiative’s homepage.


Ellie WeiselFirst, there is Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor who witnessed atrocities most of us will hopefully never know; however, he is a liberal democrat. True to Clooney form, on November 6th, 2009 Weisel “blasted the tea party ‘anti-Semitism’ and Holocaust comparisons: ‘This kind of political hatred is indecent and disgusting’.” Who knows to what he was referring as the Tea Party deals with financial issues only. One can only assume, being a liberal academic, he believed the false narrative about the Tea Party crafted by the likes of Clooney to keep in step with the democrat party platform. However, as a Holocaust survivor and activist who sat next to Senator Ted Cruz at a meeting the day before being the guest of honor at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Congressional speech regarding the negative implications of the Iran nuclear deal, one would hope his eyes have been opened to the fact that conservatives are, indeed, his friends and democrats, including Clooney who thinks Iran which announced it would use said nuclear weapons on Israel and the U.S. and whose people shouted “Death to America! Death to Israel!” in the streets as one of the world’s largest sponsors of terrorism should have equal representation on the global stage, are not.  Regardless, Wiesel is going to be at this event next year, the first recipient of the award, and is a major player.


Then there is Hina Jilani, listed as “Former UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Human Rights Defenders”.  In 2009, Jilani partook in the UN fact finding mission on the Gaza conflict. Sound familiar? It should. It was the 2009 equivalent of the 2014 Israeli witch hunt position Amal turned down.  Israel rejected the seemingly blatant prejudicial outcomes while Hamas embraced them. This “human rights activist” hates Israel. So does Amal.  So does Vartan Gregorian, who is listed as “Co-founder, 100 Lives:  President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York”. Mr. Gregorian was the first non-Vartan Gregoriannative American citizen to become President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  As such, while Mr. Carnegie’s primary aim was to benefit the people of the United States, Mr. Gregorian opened up the wealth flow straight to the hotbed of cronyism in the form of “humanitarianism” to, yes, Africa.  Currently  “this area of Corporation grant making focuses on selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa.” Mr. Gregorian is top Muslim globalist who works in tandem with Soros to achieve global governance via “climate change” and the “islamofication” of the west through the Common Core curriculum in public schools.

Mr. Gregorian serves on a few boards to help streamline this Muslim influx of America.  As with George and Amal, the idea is to smooth over the radical image of those they support—not moderate Muslims but the ones who work actively against the west like the terrorists she defends and supports.  Please note, then, that Gregorian is not an assimilated Muslim.  According to a book review by the Middle East Forum, his book Islam: A Mosaic, Not a Monolith “establishes the Islamist goal of world domination.”  A chapter ofVartan Gregorian 2 the book, “Islamism: Liberation Politics,” quotes Ayatollah Khomeini: “Islam does not conquer. Islam wants all countries to become Muslim, of themselves.” Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is quoted stating it “is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”  Gregorian himself recommends for Muslims a system he calls “theo-democracy,” which he defines as “a divine democratic government” that, according to the book review, “would have a limited popular sovereignty under the suzerainty of Allah.” If Amal is being used to assimilate radical Islam through the masses via pop culture, Mr. Gregorian is doing it via the supposed “islamophobia” brought about by 9/11 and our public education system.


We hear the term Islamophobia used in conjunction with slander. The word was coined sometime ago and has been used frequently since 9/11; however, there have been no significant retaliations against Muslims in the United States since, but the media and Islamic groups acted as if there were. It gave them the perfect opportunity to set up the “refugee” scenario.  Mr. Gregorian is very involved in shaping the image of Muslims since the September 11th attacks.  WND reported  Gregorian is closely tied to the Muslim leaders behind the controversial Islamic cultural center to be built near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. Gregorian also serves on the board of the Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum. The museum is reportedly working with the American Society for Muslim Advancement, whose leaders are behind the mosque, to ensure the future museum will represent the voices of American Muslims.  The Cordoba Initiative, which is behind the proposed mosque to be built about two blocks from the area referred to as Ground Zero, has, with Gregorian at its helm, the Carnegie Corporation at the top of the list of society supporters on the Islamic group’s website.

Common Core CAIR

As for public education, his influence financially and philosophically go much deeper. Mr. Obama’s mentor, domestic Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers received $49.2 million in startup capital for an education-reform project from Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the Qatar Foundation, which, as reported in 2012, has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and was started by the former Emir of Qatar and founder of Al Jazeera news network, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. Qatar has gained access to America’s K-12 students through other education programs as well. For example, Qatar Foundation International’s “flagship” Arabic Language and Culture program is offered in several US schools and districts. In addition, Gregorian is an integral part of “Connect All Schools”, through which Qatar invested $5 million to teach not just Arabic in American public schools but to clean up radical Islam’s image.  For example, at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, DC, students connected with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Syria for a lessonimg_1587that examined “how the media in the U.S. stereotypes Muslims in a negative light.” Note the “image cleanup” involves American changing their tune, not Islam doing anything about its radicalism. In an effort to alert these schools to the fact that Qatar is a “pernicious sponsor of Islamic terror,” Col. Allen West, Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Center for Security Policy, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, recently joined with several others to start the Qatar Awareness Campaign.  According to the group: “Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar has leveraged its relationships with violent jihadi groups to its own benefit, and to the detriment of the United States and her allies.”  In addition to the Connect All Schools initiative, Qatar has gained access to America’s K-12 students to push their message. This guy who represents a major sponsor of world terror sponsors several major initiatives of Clooneys.  Telling.


In addition, former National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach  seemed to use the NEA to “propagandize for the Obama administration’s wishful thinking about Islam”. Leach saw Obama’s much-vaunted Cairo speech as the blueprint for what the NEH should be doing, as he made clear in this fawning address to the Carnegie Corporation, and numerous Endowment initiatives followed, including the Bridging Cultures initiative, and the Muslim Journeys  Bookshelf. Scott Johnson of Powerline notes, “Consider the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf that Leach foisted on the Endowment, with the support of a $1.2 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation. Carnegie is an organization run by Vartan Gregorian, under whose leadership Carnegie has become deeply invested in Islam-related initiatives”.  Leach thus converted the NEH into a vehicle of propaganda because, upon further review,  an NEH source familiar with the project has explained that the grant was awarded by Carnegie to the NEH with the unwritten (but completely understood) provision that there were to be “no books or voices critical of Islam and the dangerous Islamist tendencies within Islam.” When asked about the exclusion, NEH political flack Eva Caldera stated those books were already “widely available.”should-this-student-have-been-expelled-26-728

This banning of books fits well with how Clooney left supports “free speech” which is it is fine as long as it is speech of which they approve. It is no surprise that Mr. Gregorian was one of the first university Presidents to expel a student for using “hate speech” when expressing his right to “free” speech.  A drunken student yelled some nasty names at some other kids. The school deemed them “unsafe” and, as such, the school felt the need to “balance free speech against freedom of fear”. No, that is not how the first amendment was designed to work. It was not designed to protect ears from offensive language. However, as we know from studying the globalist agenda, anything that works to get the first amendment of our Constitution to fall takes precedent. Mr. Gregorian was upset by news reports that suggested the student had been expelled because he violated university regulations governing speech. Gregorian said the rules proscribed behavior, not words, therefore it was fine. He was quite judicial with his language when he stated, “”The day that Brown denies any student freedom of speech is the day that I give up my presidency of the university.”  He did not give up his presidency when he should have, then, because he did deny a student’s right to free speech as protected by the first amendment.  That is very subjective language and subjective interpretation of that language used to kick that kid out of school. This was in 1991. Look at where we are now.  We now live in an era of “safe zones” from “hate speech” on higher education campuses. Gregorian helped censor reading content through the power of the purse where his education grants are concerned, and he also did so when President of Brown University. “Free speech” means “the speech

which he authorizes” in true globalist fashion and now it looks like democrats in the U.S. are serious in using it to curtail our first amendment rights.  House Resolution 569 was introduced on December 17, 2015  with “its self-described purpose is ‘condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States’.” Democrats have been trying to ban what they deem hate speech and now plan to exploit Muslims to achieve their goals as an excuse to put in laws that damage or destroy the First Amendment. Where are the “Je Suis Clooneys” now? Railing against supposedly “xenophobic” Trump…by design.

George Clooney’s denouncing of the first amendment while pretending to care about “freedom” is nowhere more blatantly apparent then with the Sony Hack scandal. After the release of the first batch of emails, which showed Clooney as an incredibly insecure individual who worries a great deal about his public persona, he seized on the opportunity to try to re-establish himself as some sort of “leader” and bastion of “free speech”.  Again, his actions spoke louder than his words.  Clooney’s BFF Obama quickly blamed North Korea for the attack, leading him to renew his push for net neutrality which will, in essence, give the federal government control over the internet. Clooney has said nothing regarding Obama’s Wag the Dog proxy war with North Korea to do this. Instead, Clooney claimed to have drafted a petition to release “The Interview” that he supposedly circulated to the studio heads to have them sign as a show of solidarity for the first amendment; however, no one signed it. Turns out, there probably was not one. Many of the studio heads said they never saw it, but if they did, they say they would have signed it.  Clooney claims they are full of it, but when asked to name names, he declined.  His “petition” was used to save face with the American people that he cares about their values while remaining silent on Obama’s net neutrality push as his silence lends him credibility with the global elites. Clooney is fine with selling us out to communist North Korea if it means solidifying his global elite status.  He will sell us out to anything to make that happen, including Muslim extremism.


The last point regarding Gregorian’s Islamafication “contribution” to education involves Pearson Educationwhich designs “education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners”. This company has the biggest contracts with the Gates Foundation to provide textbooks for the Common Core curriculum and its contents. Since the Common Core curriculum was designed by 12 politicians and special interests, not local school boards, parents, educators, and education specialists, Pearson is the perfect fit for this crony contract to push Islam, and it does as a pillar of the Common Core Social Studies Standards. In addition, Pearson is listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange with the Libyan Investment Authority as its largest financial contributor, holding 26 million shares. According to the Financial Times, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam and more than five Gaddafi family members own shares. The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood are invested in Pearson Education through the Libyan Investment Authority. Oh…that son of Gaddafi? Amal is his lawyer. Yes…he has a vested interest in the future of America’s children.

It has also emerged that Vartan Gregorian served on the advisory board of the 2001 commission that originally founded the “Responsibility to Protect” act.  With Gregorian on the advisory board & Soros a primary financial backer, the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty first defined the Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by Obama, as a “set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of ‘war crimes’” ‘genocide’. ‘crimes against humanity’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’.” The problem is the completely subjective nature of these terms could prove even more problematic.  As WND reported, “The term ‘war crimes’ has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC, which applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in the Gaza Strip. There has been fear the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops.”  Yes, the “Responsibility to Protect” means that this global governing body can declare the sovereignty of a nation null and invade where they see fit if what they can deem what they see happening as “genocide” or “crimes against humanity”, including Israel and the U.S. Why not? Language. They are fabulous with it…and are using it every way they can to undermine US and Israeli sovereignty.  In fact, there is talk of the UN interfering in the democrat enabled water crisis in Flint, MI.  These are the people with whom the Clooneys associate.

Clooneys handlers

Another area that ties to the destruction of national sovereignties where Soros and Gregorian are concerned? Illegal immigration, amnesty, “Syrian refugees”, the “migrant crisis”-whatever term works-…just understand that as the borders are erased, these two are flooding the areas with Muslims as “refugees”.  As Soros admitted he is behind the “migrant crisis” after being called out by the President of Hungary and the Czech Republic, so, too, is Gregorian, a pro-open borders advocate. In fact, the article ” Rich Immigrants are Behind $18 Million to Force Passage of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens this Year” establishes Soros and Vartan as the two primary backers of amnesty.  We already know of Soros and his plan, but this one goes farther to establish that, “Another foundation committing millions to the pro-amnesty effort is the Carnegie Corporation which has made rewards for illegal immigration one of its top projects. Carnegie openly touts its decision to be a central organizing leader to pull foundations together in a consortium to ensure amnesty and increased future immigration. The open-borders leadership was begun at Carnegie under its new president, Vartan Gregorian.” This is not conjecture. It is happening in real time all around the world. It is probably why the two greatest “humanitarians” of all time have said nothing about the “genocide” of Christians worldwide by radical Muslim extremists worldwide. Those paying their bills are helping to relocate these “refugees” globally.  The Clooneys have, however, ramped up the security around their English estate including a fence and closed circuit television and had special “paparazzi” laws made for them in Italy.

Why the push, then, by the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Clooneys to help force Islamic Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 million Christians? First, reparations.  There would be a call for a redistribution of Turkey’s modern day wealth to another nation based on events from 100 years ago. If this precedent is set, one might argue it bodes well for Obama’s call for reparations for slavery in the U.S. meaning today’s generation of children will be responsible for paying off some ridiculously imposed financial debt, with a price imposed by a bunch of politicians, due to some dark stain on history hundreds of years ago. It is a ludicrous notion, but wealth distribution from the world to the global elites is a key component of their control.  In addition, if the genocide is recognized by Turkey then so must Israel recognize it. According to Steven Michael Jacobs in his book ModernGeorge Armenia 2016Genocide:  The Definitive Resource and Document Collection, “There is a deeper problem. Part of the conflict that Israel finds itself in results from the Israeli abuses of Palestinian human rights from 1948 on. Rather than addressing its own violations as a means of promoting peace within occupied areas and with neighboring countries, Israel continues to pursue the same polices. This leaves it in the position of having to make cynical foreign policy deals, such as the alliance with Turkey to harm Armenians.”  The argument here is that if Turkey is forced to recognize the genocide, the logic is so, then, too must Israel  This might then force Israel to admit to whatever “war crimes” violations they supposedly committed against Palestinians in the eyes of the UN all of these years which leaves them even more vulnerable to a U.N. “intervention” via the “Responsibility to Protect” or “Restrain the Veto”.  Who turned down a position on a panel to investigate these supposed “war crimes” i.e. “human rights violations” against Israel? Amal. Who was on a panel that did in 2009? Hina Jilani of Mr. Clooney’s “100 Lives Initiative”. Israel better watch themselves or the “Responsibility to Protect” might be used against them.

Another reason? Turkey is a NATO ally.  Turkey is also supposedly “helping” in the “fight” against ISIS, even though Turkey is a hotbed for terrorism.  Overall, Obama, who promised when he hit the campaign trail for re-election…remember that $15 million fundraiser at George’s house?…changed his mind when it came time to remember the atrocity on its 100th year anniversary. Mr. Obama “has not only failed to recognize the Armenian Genocide, but has actively blocked congressional legislation (H.Res.252, 111th Congress) to commemorate this atrocity and, through his Solicitor General, officially opposed efforts in the U.S. courts … to allow American citizens to pursue Genocide-era property claims”.  Maybe this would explain why the greatest “human rights humans against genocide who have ever lived” and even had this “100 Lives” foundation set up as a remembrance of this event skipped the festivities? Not a peep out of either one of them. There was noting politically or financially to gain. That windfall comes in 2016.  Now the Kardashians? They were on hand in Armenia to pay their respects.  Telling.


Before we get to the breakdown of the “100 Lives” foundation “mission” statement, let’s understand what has happened so far with regards to education where George Clooney is concerned…it has been usurped to undermine American exceptionalism, especially with regards to freedom of speech, while pushing Islam in the Common Core curriculum. As a noted Hillary Clinton supporter, it’s worth noting that the DNC leaks revealed the Clinton “pay to play” schemes where “former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from an entity dubbed GEMS Education, and that he was also named its ‘honorary chairman’ from 2011 to 2014. Based in Dubai, GEMS is the world’s leading Sharia Laweducation center with a network of more than 100 schools across the Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  The company also seems to have contributed millions of dollars more to the Clinton Foundation itself. Daily Caller reports that Bill and Hillary’s joint tax returns “corroborate the former president’s role with GEMS.”  Counter-terrorism analyst and former intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin said of the Clinton’s relationship with GEMS, “Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda?” Indeed. Then again, Bill was “honorary chairman” of an international Sharia Law education center during the same time the Islamafication of public education via the Common Core curriculum in the United States was starting under Clooney co-horts Hillary, Obama and Vartan Gregorian.  Seems like a “global indoctrination” via “the children”, no?


That said, watch the metamorphosis of the “100 Lives” initiative from one that focuses on the Armenian Genocide to using it as a cover for their globalist agendas.  On March 11th, 2015, Armenian Weekly stated:

“On March 10, the ‘100 LIVES’ initiative, which aims to celebrate survivors of the Armenian Genocide and support efforts to keep the legacy of gratitude alive, was launched in New York.  The initiative is led by a group of Diasporan Armenians including President of Carnegie Corporation Vartan Gregorian and entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan.  The project aims to uncover and recount stories about survivors and their saviors, which will be collected through academic research, personal accounts, and story submissions by the public to the website.”

This article says nothing about education or refugees.  It reads as if it will benefit either the descendants of those who perished or their memories somehow.  Fine.  It does not turn out that way. As for the “group of Armenians”, we have already seen for what they stand and their ties to Clooney some as far back as 2011.  Makes sense, then ,that by 2016, the “100 Lives” had morphed into the “how to use a manufactured-by-the-UN ‘humanitarian’ crisis in Syria to destroy sovereign nations around the world for UN control”.

Consider the panels that were held at the “Autora Dialogues”.

First? “The Global State of the Humanitarian Issue”.  Former United Nations special representative of the Secretary-General on Human Rights Defenders and Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member Hina Jilani believes that despite the skepticism that exists toward the United Nations today, its authority and mandate must be reinforced. “Countries that are members of the UN sometimes try to compete with the UN and weaken it, and I think that is a mistake. We need a central authority that has sense and that no particular country dominates”.  “Central authority”?  Global governance.  Right.

Second panel?  “Saving the World’s Refugees, Syria and Beyond”  keynoted by Aurora Prize Selection Committee Member and brainchild behind the “Responsibility to Protect” Gareth Evans.  The distinguished panel discussed “the root causes of forced migration, assess what can be learnt from history, and discuss the ways in which the humanitarian community can work in collaboration with institutions to address these issues”.  Moderating the panel was Gillian Sorensen, board member of the International Rescue Committee and senior advisor at the United Nations FoundationAs an American, Sorensen noted that all Americans “were refugees at one point.” NO. We were NOT all “refugees at one point”. I have NEVER been a refugee. Nor were my parents. Nor were my grandparents I am a CITIZEN of a SOVEREIGN nation but a descendant of immigrants.  I am not nor have I ever been a “refugee”.  This is completely false and misleading rhetoric.


Panel 3 is quite surprising as, to liberals, gender is a social construct but nevertheless is was titled, “The Role of Women in the International Humanitarian Community”.  Other than to complain about “equality” instead of working to fix the problem as they think it exists without the help of “legislating” it as the globalists see fit, there was not really a whole lot to see.  The last panel, “Shining a Light on the Crisis”, is the most notable one as it deals with, in lines with the DNC leaks revelations, the role the media plays “in covering humanitarian crises and shaping the public’s opinion about them.  The discussion was moderated by Ted Koppel, a prominent U.S. journalist and a senior contributor the CBSted-koppelSunday Morning News. Much of the discussion centered on the evolving media landscape and the role that social media plays in the way humanitarian crises around the world get reported. In a world where traditional media’s authority is waning, it is becoming more difficult to aggregate the various points of view and create an objective, verifiable reality. According to Koppel, journalists used to be the “gatekeepers” through which all information had to pass, but unfiltered information spreading through social media without anyone verifying the facts poses real danger.”  Translated this means that the “real” news can get through to the people directly without the big conglomerate media spin as dictated by entities such as the DNC. If it were not for the internet and this sort of “journalism”, people would be completely sold on George and Amal Clooney as a UN Supercouple and the Crony Clinton Killing Machine would never have come to light. The “100 Lives” initiative has morphed from a charity to commemorate the Armenian Genocide into a UN propaganda machine.

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