George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy-The Clooney’s Education Initiatives

From “George Clooney: Enemy of Democracy”

Chapter 20:  The Clooney’s Education Initiatives

Now we know about Clooney and the “100 Lives” co-founders agendas, consider let’s look at the two “education” projects with which the Clooneys are involved.  The United World College in  Dilijan , Armenia is Vardanyan’s baby.  This is the school where the Amal Clooney Scholarship is applicable towards a “two year international baccalaureate program”. This school opened in 2013, coincidentally the same year Amal supposedly entered George’s life. This 2 year program costs about $70,000.  Why?  If the Clooneys are so concerned about “education” for the “disadvantaged”, why attach their names to a school only the 1% can afford?   Supposedly “The average fee paid by students at UWC Dilijan is less than 10% of the full fee, and many students pay nothing at all. The scholarships come from donations from the college’s supporters who believe in the vision of our Founders and the  UWC mission and wish to create a world-class centre of educational excellence in the region.”  There is no confirmation that Amal’s scholarship covers that whole amount or from where the money comes. The Clooneys never pay for anything out of pocket. They fundraise and/or demand the UN tax “rich” nations to pay for their ‘humanitarian” work as part of a forcible wealth redistribution scheme. So what gives?

This very well might tie to their globalization goals through education as with the common core curriculum.  Take this United World College, which has quite the UN sounding title.  Checking the “mission” statement, many of the UN approved terms used are also Common Core aligned:  “Sustainability”, “compassion”, “respect for the environment”, “idealism”, “diversity”, “peace”, “justice”…”social indoctrination”. All of these terms are, of course, keywords to the UN 2020 Agenda. There is nothing in the mission statement or on the “values” page about academics. The site continues, “That baccalaureate program again takes a holistic approach to educate the young mind not only in the curriculum, but tend to their emotional needs as well as inculcate a sense of internationalism in them”.  Emotional needs? “Internationalism”?  There is a difference between identifying as a citizen of a sovereign nation who part takes in a global economy. It is not the same as being a ‘global citizen” ruled by a global governing body.  Pushing this globalist agenda has made George very, very rich as well as his 1% handlers by forcibly redistributing the “wealth” of the 99% in the west to themselves via the UN while doing pretty much close to nothing for the environment or the “human rights” missions they claims to support. This “education” initiative in Armenia is just one more way to indoctrinate the UN agenda into children thousands of miles away from their families…because it takes a (UN) village with the parental role secondary.  In addition, there is the UWC school and then the “movement”.  The “movement’s” mission is to “make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.  Hmm..sounds ripe for a GEMS type situation.  Only time will tell as the first class did not start until August of 2014, the month before the wedding.

The other education initiative that the Clooneys, along with Selma Hayek and Richard Gere claim to be involved with is   Scholas Occurrentes, the initiative with Pope Francis that started on  August 14, 2013.  Interesting that anti-open borders Pope Benedict “retired” in 2013, the first pope to step down in 600 years, paving the way for pro-open borders Francis in 2013, the same year George “met’ Amal. The same year the Armenian school opened. Anyway, its mission is listed “To link schools and educative networks around the world by means of different types of pedagogical, sports and artistic proposals aimed at improving education and achieving inclusion of communities with fewer resources through an active commitment of all social stakeholders. The VISION of Scholas Occurrentes is ‘to transform the world into an inclusive and educative society’.”  Sounds a whole lot like the Armenian initiative, no? The website states, “We want to have 30% of the world’s population participating in this new concept of open-sided education, through the technological, sports and artistic revolution proposed by Scholas.”  Open sided education from an open borders pope working with open borders education at facilities with open border entertainment supporters as the face. One might argue that at least the Pope put his “money where his mouth is” when he agreed to take a few Syrian refugee families back to the Vatican from Lesbos.  The reality was shattered, though, when he left a Syrian Christian brother and sister duo behind in lieu of all Syrian Muslims.  “Important values”.


Lorena Bianchetti, one of the organizers of the event, said that “Important values can be transmitted by celebrities”, adding that the actors had agreed to be ambassadors for one of the foundation’s arts projects.  However, it was not clear from initial reports what the celebrities in attendance had actually done to merit the positions but, as the Soros leaks prove that he has tried and continues to attempt to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda, it is not so shocking that the atheist from a Catholic family and his Israeli hating Muslim bride who do his bidding every other time were chosen for this event. Explains the other “stars” involved, too, as they have close Clooney ties:   Selma Hayek was George’s co-star in “From Dusk to Dawn” and Richard Gere is the ex-husband of Clooney’s best friend’s wife, Cindy Crawford, who has been married to Casamigos co-

owner and Clooney best bud Rande Gerber for almost 20 years. .  These three attended a meeting at the Vatican to receive the “Olive Medal” for peace at a Vatican event.  Peace? Obviously the pope was not aware of  Clooney’s long history of warmongering for financial gain.   Anyway, they broke bread to, at least for the pope, promote Scholas Occurrentes, an “arts organization founded by Pope Francis that aims to bring together children from different backgrounds, with the hope of achieving peace and understanding”. Children? Since when is George Clooney an advocate for children? Since when he could use “the children” to command this very public platform to not only attempt to reinforce their fake “humanitarian” profiles but to push the open borders agenda while taking a seemingly veiled swipe at Donald Trump when he praised the “wonderful program” that enables “many different religions to speak of inclusion, because we know that hatred and fundamentalist attitudes are learned and inculcated” even though the Pope left the Syrian Christians behind. Leave it to Clooney to politicize a meeting with the Pope. Time will tell if this falls the way of other “education” initiatives of the elites…promise everything, deliver nothing, and pocket a whole lot of cash much like Bill Clinton and GEMS Education.


The DNC leaks revealed in the Clinton “pay to play” schemes that “former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from an entity dubbed GEMS Education, and that he was also named its “honorary chairman” from 2011 to 2014. Based in Dubai, GEMS is the world’s leading Sharia Laweducation center with a network of more than 100 schools across the Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  The company also seems to have contributed millions of dollars more to the Clinton Foundation itself. Daily Caller reports that Bill and Hillary’s joint tax returns “corroborate the former president’s role with GEMS.”  Counter-terrorism analyst and former intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin said of the Clinton’s relationship with GEMS, “Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda?”  Indeed. Then again, Bill was “honorary chairman” of an international Sharia Law education center during the same time the Islamafication of public education via the Common Core curriculum in the United States was taking place under Clooney co-horts Hillary, Obama and Vartan Gregorian.  These are the same types of questions asked when Clooney suddenly decided to get married because he met “the (Muslim) one”.  2014, the year Bill ended his “honorary chair” position, is the year of the great Clooney wedding.

The Clooneys “pro education” smokescreen is already starting to show cracks.  In June of 2016, Amal Clooney, she of an extreme life of privilege who never worked a real job in her life and who uses her current position to force her views on the world, hit up entrepreneurs in Monaco as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at a conference to beg the private sector for money for two “education” initiatives she and her husband are setting up with the UN, of course, for Syrian “refugee” children.  What these initiatives specifically entail is not known as of yet because “the educational side of this program has not been initiated because of lack of funds.” The woman got how big of an hourly raise for getting married and her husband is worth how much?  They can’t start it up themselves? In fact, have they put any cash up themselves? Probably not. The Clooneys are socialists. They hate free market capitalism. Only the crony capitalism that benefits the 1% via socialism to keep them rich is acceptable so this is quite a new development…begging capitalists for money.  Then again, as they plan on partnering with the UN, no doubt people like you and me will be forced to fund “education” for “Syrian refugee children”.  But is it really for “Syrian refugee children”? Of course not. Amal says, “the way the private sector can help is that, for instance, we could be designing a software programme that allows these

observers to input information in a more uniform manner, so that we can ultimately compare one trial to another and eventually get something like a justice index, where you can compare one court to another. And [that would mean] governments could no longer hide behind the courts to the extent that they do at the moment.” A justice index? Who determines the rational for this “justice index”? The UN? Her? What does that have to do with academically educating children? Nothing. It might go to the $70K/year school in Armenia using Amal’s subjective “justice index” to indoctrinate the kids into what is “fair”..what are “important values”….and what are “not” for “global citizens”.  George was not on hand to shill for their great upcoming UN Superpower Couple education endeavor…but her mommy was, and her blog was quick to inform us that this crusader for the downtrodden who hits up everyone else for money wore a GIAMBATTISTA VALL Floral-Cloqué Dress that cost a mere $2,650.


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