Social Justice Kills

Social Justice Kills


Enough. I have had enough “social justice” justified hate. It’s now killing our kids. Democrats need to get their justified hate under control or be recognized as the terror group they are.
Far too long “regular Americans” have been shamed into silence for supporting the sovereignty of our nation. Pre-Obama most of us were “regular Americans”. We had our political differences sure, but we were “Americans”. Then came the Obama regime. Any pro-American person became a “right wing nut job” regardless of prior political affiliation. Own a gun? RWNJ. Believe in God? RWNJ. Pro-life? RWNJ. Pre-Obama an individual could still believe in one or any of these three items and still consider themselves a democrat. No more. Now, in order to be a democrat, one must despise anything remotely pro-American, especially ANY Constitutional rights, partake in the active engagement of destroying it through “social justice”, and then using said “social justice” to justify hate because “Love Trumps Hate” is nothing more than projection, which democrats have mastered. They project their hate onto those of us they hate and call it “love” because the “right” kind of hate is for your own good and therefore, completely justified. They have public education, higher education, the news media and pop culture to help with this projection. After almost ten years of it, there are now 17 dead from a Florida high school shooting.

Immediately it started “GUN CONTROL NOW!”, “DO SOMETHING!”, “IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT!”, and “THE NRA HAS BLOOD ON IT’S HANDS!”. No….to all of this. NONE of these talking points are true. What do we know? We know the shooter, Nikolas De Jesus Cruz, was a disturbed individual. He had been expelled from this school the year before due to his instability. NOTHING was done about him then. Oh, sure…the school emailed the teachers telling them he was not allowed on campus with a backpack anymore. He surely wouldn’t bring a gun because “guns are bad” and schools are “gun free zones”, right? Of course not. Criminals don’t follow laws. That’s why they’re criminals. Mentally unstable people might be inclined to avoid laws, too. The only people affected negatively by gun laws are the responsible citizens and legal firearm owners who are left as targets because of them. If any of these teachers, who could lose their jobs if found bringing a gun to campus, had one and was trained in its usage, that kid might not have made it not only into the school but TO THE THIRD FLOOR. However, the left cares not about that. See…it’s not about the people or the children. It never is. It’s about the agenda. That’s the point of these immediate talking points…to disarm the populace. They’re easier to control that way.


Of course, covering these facts is imperative as is pushing the false talking points to perpetrate Trump/NRA/GOP hate. The information needs dissemination quickly and to as many in the populace as possible. That’s when they contact their pals in “social justice”-higher education, public education, pop culture and mass media-to pass on this “fakenews”. Fakenews is real. It’s not just the manipulation of a story to fit one’s audience. It also includes not reporting the actual news in order to cover for a political agenda but also flat out lying. Remember the truth is irrelevant as long as “social justice” prevails. Immediately after the shooting, if one perused the shooter’s social media, one found that he was a weapons nut, yes, but a registered Democrat who supported Antfia and sympathized with “The Resistance”. These last two “social justice” groups were formed after Trump’s loss to “combat the hate”…or something. What they’ve done is create hate and destruction almost everywhere they are found. That hate is okay, though, because it’s the “right kind” of hate…it’s “social justice” “Love Trumps Hate” hate. Perhaps this is why they never reported this information.
Then we got word late yesterday afternoon that Nikolas De Jesus Cruz was a member of a WHITE SUPREMACIST organization. No joke. Kind of like George Zimmerman was a ‘White Hispanic”. This information they pushed relentlessly. Obama and Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general who ran illegal weapons through Mexico that resulted in the “Fast and Furious” scandal that murdered Agent Brian Terry, took to Twitter to demand something be done about guns. CBS “reported” it. However, it did not take long for law enforcement to determine that this white supremacist link did not exist. The media outlets that “reported” it (which was almost all of them) were either punked by 4CHAN or fed a line of info by their political bosses because journalism is dead. They’re all activists now. That’s okay, though, because it pushes the (fake) “social justice” narrative that all Trump supporters are racist white supremacists…or something.


The “White Supremacist” angle wasn’t the only fakenews talking point to emerge from this tragedy. No, the “AR” in “AR” 15 does NOT stand for “Assault Rifle”. No, there have not been 18 school shootings in 2018. Then there are the actual facts the “social justice warriors” can’t afford to let us know. The shooter was a patient at a mental health clinic and “had been dealing with mental health issues” but had not been in treatment for over a year. The subject of mental illness is never discussed by the left after a tragedy like this because it does not push the correct “social justice” points. The FBI had this guy on their radar and did nothing about it. We will not hear that, either, because the FBI has been too busy chasing down false Russian collusion talking points for Hillary and Obama. Then, of course, there is the biggest issue. These public institutions of education are gun free zones. There is a loophole in the law that allows for them to exist. As such, any teacher who has a legal firearm and is licensed to carry if their state allows can be fired if discovered doing so. Therefore, no teacher is armed. Imagine if ONE teacher had a gun in Florida? No. We are not allowed to because the left cannot scream their “Trump isn’t doing enough!” and “GUN CONTROL NOW!” “social justice” mantras. Nothing gets accomplished and our kids are still sitting ducks due to community agitated “social justice”.

The school where I teach has had several instances on campus of late regarding people with or threatening to have weapons. Guns. Hatchets. Regardless, I teach in rooms with no windows and one door. If a madman (who normally are not legally available to own firearms or who obtain their firearms illegally) were to enter my room, my students and I have no way out and, more importantly, no way to defend ourselves. Several of these classrooms are in the basement meaning there is no cell reception, so we could not even call 9-1-1. If one of these individuals came to this “gun free zone”, and I am unarmed due to “social justice”, we could all be dead. My blood and the blood of my students would not be on the hands of the NRA, Trump, or any Republican. It would be on the hands of those who opt to keep me defenseless and weak while encouraging the “social justice” that normalizes the hate that leads to these sorts of events.


As a woman, I would think that the “social justice warriors” would want me to be able to defend myself. Nope. Gun control > my ovaries on the “social justice” hierarchy. What am I supposed to do? Wait for security. My ovaries are to wait for the patriarchy to come rescue my defenseless self. Wait…I thought the patriarchy was evil? Nope. Gun control > patriarchy > my ovaries. Once the patriarchy arrives, since we are a gun free zone, how, exactly, do they deal with the perp? Run them over with their scooter? They are supposed to hold them until the Bethlehem Cops arrive. Wait…THE COPS? I thought cops were the ultimate patriarchy what with their brutality and racism? Nope. Gun control > police brutality > the patriarchy > my ovaries. That seems to be the “social justice” hierarchy of disarming the population . But, “#metoo” or something. Seems quite….hypocritical.

Of course it does. Hypocrisy is thy name. The people screaming for “GUN CONTROL NOW!” “FOR THE CHILDREN” support the slaughter of babies at Planned Parenthood. Chuck Schumer high fived other democrats on the Senate floor when they defeated a bill to ban abortion at 20 weeks. The children? Please. They protect the illegals who kill our kids in drunk driving accidents, shoot at them on the streets of San Francisco, and rape them in stairwells in Idaho and bathrooms of public schools in Maryland. Planned Parenthood is “women’s health”. Illegals/Dreamers/Open Borders is “humane”. See something, say something, they said about Florida. Really? The Obama era taught us that if we ‘see something and say something’, we are misogynist, sexist, racist xenophobes. So what is it? Social justice or save the children? Can’t have both.

The bottom line? Republicans and the Trump administration are the ones protecting our rights and our citizens. Those who are not, mostly Democrats, project their hate onto us as “social justice” while their pals in education and the media help perpetrate their hate by spreading or making up their fakenews. Guns don’t kill. Social justice kills or, rather, those brought up on “social justice” do. Until the democrat party is official finished, it will not stop. What we need is #democratcontrolnow.

One thought on “Social Justice Kills

  1. I totally agree and the facts prove it. Mass-shooters target gun-free zones. They don’t like being shot at but they love shooting live human targets. Over and over, the lunatic left keep insisting on confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens. And over and over, gun-related crimes increase in restricted states and provinces. Canada blew millions on gun control but it was a huge failure. Even when registered guns are locked up and dismantled, crooks still break in and steal them. Only a strong defense against criminal use of guns will restrict crimes comitted with them.

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