CA vs the Rest of America

Tweet thread from Rising Serpant dated 3/7/18:

1. Trump and Jeff sessions together sued the government of California for its Sanctuary City policy. This was quickly followed by a collective loss of sphincter control by Jerry Brown and other CA politicians.

2. Kamala Harris who is preparing to run for president made sure she showed the people exactly whose side she is on.

3. In 1994 California passed Proposition 187. It was a ballot initiative designed to prohibit illegal aliens from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services. After voters passed the law by ballot referendum it was challenged in court.

4. The proposition was approved by a margin of 59% to 41%. Three days after the bill’s passage, Federal Judge W. Matthew Byrne issued a temporary restraining order against institution of the measure.

5. Judge Mariana Pfaelzer issued a permanent injunction of Proposition 187 in December 1994. Pfaelzer found the law to be unconstitutional on the basis that it infringed on the federal government’s exclusive jurisdiction over matters relating to immigration.

6. “California is powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate immigration. It is likewise powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate alien access to public benefits” Read this very carefully

7. During the US Senate election in California, 1994 campaign, the incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein (who some of you may have heard of) and Republican challenger Michael Huffington (Arianna Huffington’s ex husband) both adopted tough policies against illegal immigration. Both.

8. President Bill Clinton urged residence of California not to pass the proposition asking for time to work harder to find a solution “it is not wrong for you [Californians] to want to reduce illegal immigration,” The Dems are still working on this many years later

9. In the days leading up to the referendum Latinos organized rallies and protests. Many of these involved waving the Mexican flag. It controversial move even then. Does any of this seem familiar to you?

10. In 1994 California had approximately 1.3 million illegal immigrants of which approximately 300000 were children.

11. In 2014 that number is estimated at between 2.35 to 2.65 million. 6% of the state’s population is estimated to be illegal immigrants. In comparison to the National number of approximately 11 million this is almost 1/4 of the national population.

12. The former Governor Pete Wilson thanks he would support it even he then what he knows now. He was beaten after Proposition 187 failed to pass. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the only Republican governor after that

13. Some statistics for those who have no social life.

14. That brings me to a seriously honest question. Completely aside from the issue of illegal immigrants themselves. The whole basis of proposition 187 being rejected was that the judge decreed the state could not impose its own immigration laws.

15. So is Jerry Brown saying that they can right now? Would that have anything to do with the fact that in the years between the proposition being blocked and today, the Democrats have effectively engineered a demographic shift such that such a proposition would never pass now?

16. Regardless it seems to me that there was a legal precedent prohibiting the state from imposing its own interpretation immigration law. It’s specifically called upon the federal government to do so. So what is moonbeam complaining about?

17. California has now become a dystopian Utopia. It’s politicians seem to embrace and extol the virtues of rampant hepatitis A and injection drug use. It seems that the only law that is Faithfully followed is that there are no real laws.

18. This is going to be real interesting. They’re dealing with a guy who’s taming Kim Jong Un, moonbeam and rest of the sideshow don’t know what’s coming. Paradoxically I suspect Jerry Brown and his gang would listen to Kim Jong Un before they do Trump. -Fin.




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