Current Obama/Clinton Scandals

Vachel Lindsay tweet thread dated March 7, 2017:

1. A NEW SC. This development heralds a brand new stormfront coming toward the Houses of Clinton & Obama. But don’t forget that there are at least NINE other major storms swirling around the heads of these criminals. Feel free to add any I have omitted. Here’s my list.

2. Hillary Clinton ‘pay to play’ & Clinton Foundation. Agency: FBI. Location : Little Rock, Arkansas. Status: ongoing (started mid 2017)

3. Uranium One / Hillary Clinton/ Clinton Foundation /Obama. Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status: ongoing (since mid 2017)

4. Felony Leaks (at least 27). Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since mid 2017)

5. Illegal exoneration of Hillary Clinton/ Classified emails on private server/FOIA abuse etc. Agency : OIG. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since Jan 2017)

6. Probe into FISA/FISC abuse by FBI/DOJ in 2016. Agency: Congress – Nunes, Goodlatte, Grassley. Location: Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since May 2017)

7. Awan/Pakistani/Obama infiltration into Congress IT. Agency: OIG, then Congress, DOJ. Location: Washington, DC. Status: confidential (since early 2017)

8. FEC violations by Clinton Campaign / Hillary Clinton / DNC. Agency : FEC. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since Oct 2017)

9. DNC Hack/Leak / rigging of Bernie Sanders primary / Actions of DNC, Clinton Campaign. Agency: DOJ. Location: Washington, DC. Status : confidential/ likely ongoing (since mid 2017).

10. Investigation into Russian meddling in 2016 US election / Clinton/DNC Drumpf-Russia : OSC (Robert Mueller). Location : Washington, DC (international in scope). Status : ongoing (since May 2017).

11. I include Mueller’s SC, because to me it is obvious that apart from Russian meddling, the scope was always to investigate Team Trump BUT ALSO Clinton/ Obama. IMO all indications are that Obama/Clinton is now a big – if not THE – focus of his investigation.

12. Then there are all the investigations we DON’T know about. BTW: you guys still think Jeff Sessions is doing nothing? No comment.

13. Again, if I have missed anything, just add in replies. BUT you can see that Team Trump is on major offence – and has been for some time. Be careful not to get caught up in the weeds & 24/7 MSM distractions. is raging all around us. Buckle up! The end.

14. ADDENDUM : I’m adding this as a ‘possible/probable’ Obama linked investigation, as it happened so soon after the Hezbollah / Iran / Obama story broke in Politico. Again – DOJ (Sessions) (H/T RedPill1984)

March 7-> The DOJ prosecutor Sessions is referencing has been in place since around July/August/Sept (thereabouts) in 2017.



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