March For Our Lives Propaganda

How fraudlent is the #MarchForOurLives #March4OurLives ? Consider the faces of the “movement” with their $500K donation are #georgeclooney and “human rights attorney” #amalclooney. They’re so upset about our #ChildrenUnderAttack that “we” need to #dosomething about my guns.
In fact, word on the street is that their twins #ellaclooney and #alexanderclooney are scheduled to be pimped out for their first public appearance at this anti American event to show “parental solidarity”. They, of course, will have armed security coming from their gated home.
As with all things leftist/Clooney, their hypocrisy is rank. Their politics have killed WAY more children than the legally owned guns of American citizens. Remember when the great “human rights” attorney Mrs. Clooney served as legal advisor to Bahrain’s monarch King Khalifa?
The watered-down Bassiouni Independent Commission of Inquiry “did not come close to fully articulating the extent of repression/subjugation faced by the island’s majority population at the hands of the royal family. It did, however, confirm the regime’s systemic use of torture.”
“The unelected ruling al-Khalifa family, with the help of invading Saudi troops & a lot of weapons, brutally suppressed the people in the wake of the Arab Spring as it violently put-down peaceful protests in Manama’s Pearl Roundabout in February – March 2011.”
Where did they get all of those weapons? Between 2009-20011 Sec of State #hillaryclinton okayed the sale of $630 million worth of arms to Bahrain’s military, up from $219 million from 2006-2008. Who’s a major arms dealer in the Middle East? Amal’s uncle Ziad Takieddine.
The Clinton/Obama admin armed the Bahrain regieme to silence any protests that mgiht result from Obama’s Arab Spring and then put #amalclooney on a “for show”panel to clear them of any wrongdoing it seems.This sure does smell of a Clinton pay-to-play scheme using Amal as PR cover
Just remember as they #MarchForOurLives for our guns that they facilitate, enbale and cover for the politicians and family members who get rich off the weapons sales that result in the systematic torture of citizens of entire nations including children. My gun has killed NO ONE.

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