Who is Robert Mueller?

Tweet thread from Saul Montes-Bradley listed as “Once a consultant to the UNDP, became an airline executive and financial analyst (among other things). Now an author and researcher living in Virginia.” with his perspective on Mueller:

(1) Your logic is just fine. I must tell you that the hysterical rumbling about Mueller is sometimes incomprehensible to me. There are several reasons for that.

(2) First, people forget who put Mueller where he is now. He was not appointed by Obama. He did not parachute from Mars. He did not pop up after a rain. He was appointed less than a year ago by the Trump administration.

(3) Who appointed him? Rod Rosenstein, sinse the AG had recused himself from this matter.

(4) And who the crap is Rod Rosenstein? The Deputy AG nominated by TRUMP on January 31, 2017 (The Senate approved the nomination on April 25, 2017. His first action was to have this asswipe fired:

(5) A carreer DoJ guy, he had this to say: “Political affiliation is irrelevant to my work. Our goals of preventing crime and protecting national security … We also need to be role models.”

(6) And then came Mueller’s appointment, after Mueller had an interview with the boss, who was also considering him to replace Comey…Get it?

(7) At that time all the libturds were celebrating the appoinment. My comment on June 9th was laconic: [The Democrats] will rue the they they demanded [the Spacial Counsel]

(8) I have seen NOTHING since to make me change my mind, and much to reinforce the original impression. The only exeption is the Calvary of Gen. Flynn, of which more anon, which started BEFORE the Special Counsel was appointed. WAY BEFORE.

(9) Despite the incessant cackling of inkshitters I trust no further than I can berp, let alone fart, I can see NOTHING in Muellers actions to make me change my mind. On the contrary.

(10) He has brough so far 18 indictments (remember that Gen. Flynn was never indicted, he entered a plea which is now under review). 4 Trump advisors, 13 Russians , 3 Russian companies, 1 Mexifornian, and 1 London shyster.

(11) In the hundreds of pages in the indictments there is NOT ONE REFERENCE to collusion between the Trump campaign or administration and any kind of vodka drinking entity. NO ONE. But!

(12) on of those “trump advisors” was indicted for illegal work with a DEMOCRAT money laundering machine. Others go from BS process crimes to nothing. Does Podesta ring a bell? Yep. Bubba indicted, too, and shop closed.

(13) There are other things I came to know about Mueller. Like how he cannot stand this guy:

(14) I am told how, as FBI Director, he would take reports from Andy’s underlings while he made him wait outside because he “did not trust the weasel.” Andy should be worried. VERY WORRIED.

(15) So I am not worried about the Special Counsel. By the time Mueller is done, the Russia Canard will be exposed for the ton of chickenshit we know it to be, some injustices will be redresse(16d and, as I said so many months ago…

(16) … the Dimms will rue the day they ever demanded it as the shop for massive quantities of butthurt cream. I told you in December. Look for May for some interesting action. FINIS.


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