The Border: Not a “Manufactured Crisis”

Find below the list of specific examples that prove the need for a border wall is not a “manufactured crisis”. Child trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, the opioid crisis, rapes of our women and children, murder of our citizens, the return of long dormant fatal diseases….they are listed here. This list will change daily as I am sent links from all over the country detailing local crimes by illegals, so check back often so you are properly armed to deal with the ignorant leftists in life who are completely blinded to reason by their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump Proclaims January as Month Committed to Abolition of Human Trafficking


At the Border: 18 of the Biggest Busts of 2018  
Suspected Fentanyl Confiscated by Yuma Sector Border Patrol
  Large human trafficking bust ends at South Texas stash house adorned with 'Goddess of Death' shrine

US border agency says it’s made biggest-ever fentanyl bust

The deadly toll of human smuggling and trafficking in the US

Enough Fentanyl to Kill 4M Americans Seized by Border Patrol in California

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Checkpoint seizes $4.8M worth of Meth

Death toll in Mexico border town shootings rises to 24

Weapons and Drugs seized by Presidio CBP

El Chapo trial: Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán found guilty


FBI: 169 arrested in metro Atlanta Super Bowl sex trafficking sting, several children recovered

Border security expert: ‘The wall rescued this little boy’

“Faith Healer” of Oprah and the Clintons has been Arrested for Mass Murder & Trafficking Children & Selling their Babies

Grand Island has the most reported cases of human trafficking per capita in Nebraska.

President Trump Hosts Human Trafficking Summit at the White House (FNN)

BP Agents Arrest Sex Offender, MS-13 Gang Member

Texas Democrat Mark Benavides goes down on six counts of human trafficking

Fourth Defendant Sentenced For Role in Atlanta-Based Mexican Sex Trafficking Ring

Previously deported Mexican national charged in rape of young girl; indicted federally for illegal re-entry

Five Members of Mexican Sex Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Prison

Sentencing hearing begins for human trafficking ring that ran like ‘family business’ in Queens

Border Patrol Canine Detects Illegal Aliens in Trunk

Border Patrol Hinders Smuggling Attempts in the Rio Grande Valley

The Tsunamis and Child Trafficking


Border Patrol Agent Assaulted by Illegal Alien

Previously Deported 18 Street Gang Member Arrested

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